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Chapter 1159: Increase in Strength

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The Heavenly River vibrated strangely, and the majestic lake that descended was like a dragon that swooped down, carrying an overwhelming power that even destroyed space under its impact.

The Spiritual Energy fluctuation was even more terrifying.

The Great Solar Undying Body stood high up in the air. Mu Chen also appeared in the Celestial Spirit Cover and then sat calmly. At this time, the golden color of the Great Solar Undying Body was slowly turning.


The dragon-like lake emitted an astounding light in front of their eyes, and Mu Chen was the first one who ran toward it. At this moment, he could feel an endless amount of spiritual energy rushing from the Celestial Spirit Cover into his body. Almost in an instant, his body swelled for a few full laps.

That feeling was like having a dragon rushing into the body and then tumbling around inside of it. If the terrifying spiritual energy at this time had been controlled by somebody, then Mu Chen’s body might have burst into bubbles of blood. Fortunately, the spiritual energy did not belong to anyone, and its purity was far beyond Mu Chen’s imagination.

The majestic spiritual energy entered directly from the top of his head and then came down madly. Wherever it passed, it immediately caused a sharp pain like being cut by a knife. But under the pain, Mu Chen was able to detect that, whether it was in his veins or in his flesh, there were glittering and translucent fine lines.

Those fine lines penetrated the veins, the flesh, and even the bones. It seemed insignificant, but Mu Chen could sense that these glittering and translucent fine lines had a terrifying endurance, and so his flesh, veins, and bones became more tenacious and powerful.

At the same time, whether it was the surface of his body or inside his body, black-colored blood permeated him and was washed out. Those were the impurities contained in Mu Chen’s body and the dark wounds that had been suffered during the battle. Those hidden wounds were quickly repaired at this moment.

Feeling the changes happening within his body, Mu Chen felt great. His current body was strong. For this level, it was already quite powerful. Therefore, it was more difficult to improve upon it. Even if using some natural treasures, the improvement was very limited. Even the strong people at Earthly Sovereign level would be attracted by these treasurers. Their value could not be described. Even with the support of Daluo Territory, Mu Chen did not dare to waste them on himself.

When he discovered this perfect level of the Heavenly River’s baptism improved his body, he was happy. Therefore, he immediately urged the Dragon-Phoenix Body without any hesitation, and suddenly, a golden light burst on the body. The real dragon, real phoenix spirit that lingered above his arms was also awakening at this time. It directly escaped Mu Chen’s body, squatted on his shoulders, and let the Heavenly River’s baptism wash it over and over again.

Under the scouring, the body of the real dragon, real phoenix spirit had become condensed. Moreover, a faint glittering and translucent light appeared on the body’s surface.

The bottomless lake water was constantly washing down. It shook the space, and under that scouring wash, anyone could feel that the fluctuation from Mu Chen’s body had begun to quickly become stronger.

Moreover, an upgrade was not only conducted on Mu Chen, but also on the Great Solar Undying Body. It became obviously more amazing, so the degree of elevation was even greater. The golden light was constantly surging on the enormous body, and the source of the golden light was constantly erupting, shining on the sky.

Everyone present was able to clearly feel the terrible power that came out of the Great Solar Undying Body. That kind of power, even for a strong person who had reached Complete Grade Nine, would make one have a sudden uncontrollable change of expression.

In the distance, Garuda was also accepting the Heavenly River’s baptism, but with Mu Chen’s perfect baptism, the baptism on his side seemed to be somewhat less attractive. Because of this, he stared coldly at Mu Chen and the Great Solar Undying Body under his feet. There was a strong intention to kill in his eyes because he was able to perceive that the power of the Great Solar Undying Body under Mu Chen’s feet was quickly approaching him.

With the perfect level of the Heavenly River’s baptism, Mu Chen’s upgrade even made Garuda shocked and angry, which made him feel regret for the first time. If he had known this before, he would have killed Mu Chen earlier.

The current Mu Chen had already made him feel a little threatened. However, no matter how much he regretted it, it didn’t matter now. Garuda could sense that although Mu Chen was accepting the baptism, he was still watching him secretly. Once he wanted to attack, Mu Chen would be able to use the power of the Heavenly River’s baptism to deal with him.

“What a curse.” Garuda took a deep breath and finally lowered his eyes. His expression also returned to indifference. Although this time he had been slightly careless, it did not matter. The difference between Mu Chen and him could not be compensated by a perfect Heavenly River baptism. When the next opportunity was found, he would inevitably use the thunder-like trick directly and completely obliterate Mu Chen. This advanced baptism, no matter what, was also strengthening for Garuda.

When Garuda took back his murderous gaze, Mu Chen closed his eyes slightly, as his eyes were also shivering somewhat. He was always guarding against Garuda. He even had the intention of provoking him. This could allow him to use the power of the Heavenly River’s baptism to attack Garuda.

However, Garuda’s cautiousness was still somewhat beyond Mu Chen’s expectation. He turned out to be able to suppress the intention to kill. Confronting his rapid growth, he chose to continue to tolerate his existence.

“What a tough opponent.” Mu Chen also sighed. Regardless of Garuda’s character or scheme, it was obviously not the same, and this could not be underestimated.

However, Garuda chose to be silent at this time. Mu Chen was also no longer distracted and began to fully accept the perfect baptism. There would be a life and death battle between him and Garuda, and the latter gave him the feeling of extreme danger, so he must also seize all the time and opportunity to improve his strength as much as possible.

Mu Chen opened his eyes slightly. From far away, he saw the black Great Solar Undying Body under Garuda’s feet, and there was a deep ray of light passing along its eyes.

His perception made him understand. When comparing the strength of the two Great Solar Undying Bodies and the degree of power of the spiritual energy, Garuda’s was still more powerful. In a head-on battle between the two, Mu Chen thought that he had no advantage.

After all, the time that Garuda had spent practicing this Great Solar Undying Body was definitely longer than the time Mu Chen had spent, and the Saint Demon Palace had cultivated Garuda using all their resources. This showed that the Saint Demon King valued him.

Garuda had reached Full Grade Nine a long time ago and was already looking for an opportunity to break through to the Earthly Sovereign level. Mu Chen currently had just reached Grade Nine. There was indeed a difference between the two, and even Mu Chen had to acknowledge it.

The battle with Garuda is probably not far away. I must continue to work hard on practicing the Great Solar Undying Body. Surpassing Garuda is not an easy task, and it would be impossible to gain absolute advantage if we battled each other now. Mu Chen changed his mind. He still had many undiscovered skills. He even had the Divine Wind Fan, but he could not believe that Garuda did not have any real sacred items, so if he wanted to defeat Garuda, he would have to prepare in advance.

Mu Chen looked down at the Great Solar Undying Body, and he hesitated for a while. He then closed his eyes decisively.

His mind was also moving, and at this time, the Great Solar Undying Body suddenly expanded continuously with golden light, but it actually stopped growing at this moment. The spiritual energy growing strong inside the Great Solar Undying Body also gradually slowed down at this time.

The vast strength coming from the perfect baptism was quietly locked in an inexplicable place by Mu Chen.

After doing this, Mu Chen closed his eyes again. His body was erupting in gold, and the real dragon, real phoenix that lingered on both shoulders was constantly groaning. His inner spiritual energy and his body were rapidly growing stronger under the power of the Heavenly River’s baptism.

After temporarily inhibiting the Great Solar Undying Body’s improvement rate, Mu Chen had to use his own strength to gain the upgrade at a faster rate. Like the dragon-like torrent, Mu Chen’s arms were slowly opening.

Above the Heavenly River, the spiritual energy was continuously engulfing, attracting the Heavenly River below, also rolling up in bottomless waves. At this moment, almost everyone had triggered the Heavenly River’s baptism. The baptisms were either great or small. However, after Mu Chen had a terrifying situation, all the other baptisms were somehow humbled in comparison.

However, apart from being depressed by Mu Chen’s perfect baptism, most people were extremely satisfied. This baptism was extremely great for their upgrade. Even with this, their future upgrades would also be a lot easier.

Over time, more and more baptisms were complete, so the vast and mighty Heavenly River began to gradually calm down. There were only a handful of high-level baptisms between heaven and earth.

Of course, there was also Mu Chen’s unique perfect baptism.


Nine Nether’s baptism also ended at this time, and she turned into her original form. A huge Nine Netherworld Bird fanned its cloud wings. Every time her wings spread, it would bring a Spiritual Torrent that would distort the space.

On Nine Netherworld Bird’s huge body, there were some radiant rays that could be seen by the naked eye. Although these lights were inconspicuous, they could upgrade Nine Nether’s body. The glory swept through her body and then began to shrink rapidly, finally turning into a slender shadow.

Nine Nether stood high up in the air. Her closed eyes suddenly opened, and there was a real crystal flame surging as a powerful spiritual energy broke out from her body.

Noticing the pressure of this spiritual energy, some strong people constantly changed their attitudes because this spiritual energy had already entered the full level of Grade Nine.

Obviously, after Qin’s horror, Nine Nether also used this baptism to make a breakthrough and had reached Complete Grade Nine.

After Nine Nether, Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, Zhu Yan, Garuda, and others had also completed their baptisms. However, they obviously did not have any breakthroughs, because based on their level, if they wanted to have a breakthrough, they would reach Earthly Sovereign Level.

That level was not easy to break through to, so what they needed to do now was to continue to accumulate. Only when they had accumulated to a certain level, would they dare to try to break through.

However, although there was no breakthrough for them, anyone could sense that at this time, Xiao Xiao and the others were obviously more unfathomable than before, now that they had accepted the baptism.

The moment Xiao Xiao and the others completed their baptisms, their focus immediately turned toward Mu Chen. This was because at this time, the Heavenly River, which was above the sky, began to gradually become illusory, and the last torrent washed down upon Mu Chen’s crown and vanished into him.

Mu Chen, too, slowly opened his eyes at this moment.

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