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Chapter 1158 - Phoenix Insect

The purple-robed silhouette stood before the throne with a massive bearing dominating forth, causing the surrounding space to distort, which engulfed the entire hall in layers.

Mu Chen was encased by the pressure with his entire body tensed up. A golden lustre flowed onto the surface of his body with draconic roars and phoenix cries fluctuating in his body. His body had become as solid as steel at this moment.

Facing an unknown situation, even Mu Chen did not dare to treat this lightly. A tiny card left behind by such a great figure would cause him to pay a great price.

Using all his strength to resist, he looked at the purple-robed silhouette with shock flashing in the depth of his eyes. That’s because at that moment, he could sense a vague vitality.

Can it be that the Second Hall Master is still alive? But why does he look to be void of any consciousness?

Mu Chen furrowed his brows as he walked towards another location, facing the Second Hall Master. In this spot, he could clearly look at the Second Hall Master’s appearance.

It was also at this moment that Mu Chen’s face drastically changed as he sucked in a deep breath.

That’s because he saw that the Second Hall Master had his head slightly raised into the sky, his eyes staring with rage, which left Mu Chen in astonishment, since it wasn’t an expression solidified on his face. Furthermore, there was also a black blood hole in the centre of his brows.

The hole was roughly the size of a finger that looked insignificant. But Mu Chen knew that it was this finger that robbed the Second Hall Master of his life.

Mu Chen couldn’t gauge how powerful a Perfected Earth Sovereign was, but he knew that there weren’t many Perfected Earth Sovereigns in the Great Thousand World.

However, such an existence was instantly killed, so how powerful would that opponent be?

Mu Chen felt a chill on his skin as he raised his head towards the sky and his gaze froze at a location.

The horizon also had a similar black hole that looked insignificant. But when he saw that black hole, he felt a chill down his spine as an indescribable fear rose in his heart.

At that moment, there were scenes flashing in Mu Chen’s mind. The Greatlaw Continent was invaded and an unimaginably powerful figure appeared before the Second Hall Master and made his move before the Heavenly Emperor could rush here.

That figure had merely pointed a finger and a blood hole had already appeared between the brows of the Second Hall Master, destroying his vitality in that instance.

Slaughtering a Perfected Earth Sovereign with a single finger.

Mu Chen took in a deep breath. With such terrifying strength, who else could achieve it aside from the Monarch that died with the Heavenly Emperor?

Furthermore, making a move before the Heavenly Emperor could get here, that proved how terrifying that existence was…

“The Fiend Clans… actually have such a terrifying existence. It’s no wonder why they could force the entire Great Thousand World to work together.” Mu Chen’s expression turned solemn. He could feel how powerful and terrifying the Fiend Clans were. They’re truly the great enemy of the Great Thousand World.

But even so, the Fiend Clans must still be preying on the Great Thousand World and waiting for an opportunity.

Mu Chen sighed in his heart, calming his emotions. The Fiend Clans were still far from his reach, since he’s still too weak at the moment.

Even such a powerhouse like the Second Hall Master was annihilated, probably only those in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm could fight such an existence.

Calming his emotions, Mu Chen shifted his gaze from the Second Hall Master onto this hall.

After all, his main objective here was not the Second Hall Master, but the Spirit-Slaughtering Army!

When Mu Chen shifted his gaze over, he discovered how massive this hall was. Previously, he was intimidated by the Second Hall Master’s silhouette and overlooked everything else.

There were 100 flights of stairs, circulated beneath the throne with heavily-armoured silhouettes behind the stairs.

When Mu Chen saw those silhouettes, his eyelids twitched and his heart raced with his eyes blazing.

More and more heavily black-armoured silhouettes appeared in his vision. It was an army that stood behind the Second Hall Master, akin to guards.

Roughly looking, there were five thousand heavily armoured silhouettes and even his vision couldn’t cover all of them. Those armours were engraved with crimson runes, as if they were engraved with blood, emitting a terrifying killing intent. All of them wielded heavy crimson halberds, as if they were encased with crimson aura.

Evidently, when the army still existed, they must have battled numerous times, there were even Earth Sovereigns that were annihilated by them.

Mu Chen’s gaze looked upon that army with blazing eyes and couldn’t help to clenching their fist with excitement. This was the army that he had been looking for, the Spirit-Slaughtering Army!

 However… Mu Chen’s excitement quickly died down as his Spiritual Energy perception spread out. He discovered that the Spirit-Slaughtering Army had traces of a peculiar fluctuation.

The Spirit-Slaughtering Army didn’t seem to have been completely annihilated.

Mu Chen’s face turned unsightly. If he couldn’t control the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, then he wouldn’t be able to retrieve Mandala’s main body.

“What should I do?” Mu Chen furrowed his brows. Generally speaking, if such an elite army had someone that died amongst them, the majority of them would trigger a secret art to strip their vitality, becoming an undying troop. This way, even in their death, they would still be part of the army.

Speaking from a certain degree, such a troop couldn’t be considered as living beings, so they had suffered the corrosion of the passage of time.

But why did Mu Chen feel that they were dead, judging from the fluctuation coming from them?

“That’s because there’s a trigger lacking in this troop.” As Mu Chen pondered, a peal of soft laughter resounded from his rear.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes before he slowly turned around and saw a slender silhouette, Su Qingyin.

Mu Chen never expected for her to come to the Second Palace. Mu Chen maintained a calm expression as he circulated the Spiritual Energy in his body. Although he and Su Qingyin couldn’t be considered as enemies, they weren’t allies either.

Seeing Mu Chen having his guard up, Su Qingyin smiled with her eyes narrowed. “Don’t be so nervous. I don’t want to fight you here. I wonder if we can cooperate.”

“Cooperate?” Mu Chen contracted his eyes.

“Your objective is that troop, right? Haha, you’re truly ambitious. Such a troop cannot be controlled by anyone.” Su Qingyin looked at Mu Chen with a profound meaning.

“That’s none of your business.” Mu Chen faintly smiled as he pursued, “You speak of the trigger, what do you mean?”

Su Qingyin casually smiled as she answered, “Although this troop hasn’t been completely annihilated, they have burnt their spirit when the Second Hall Master was killed, pouring their power into the Second Hall Master in hopes of saving his life. Therefore, if you want to control this army, you need to return their power.”

Mu Chen frowned. “If that was how one can preserve the life of a Perfected Earth Sovereign, then it’s too easy.”

Su Qingyin nodded her head. “If it’s just this, then it’s impossible. But the Second Hall Master has a Phoenix Insect, a rare Spiritual Insect. Such an insect can undergo the nirvana to restore the life of its master; however, it requires a large support of power.”

“Phoenix Insect?” Mu Chen’s heart trembled. Could it be that vitality that he felt from the Second Hall Master?

If that’s the case, then did the Second Hall Master have a chance of coming back to life?

“The Second Hall Master has already died and he will not come back.” As if she had guessed Mu Chen’s thoughts, Su Qingyin shook her head. “The attack that the Second Hall Master suffered was so great that it practically reduced everything in his body into ashes. Therefore, the Phoenix Insect will not be able to save him.”

She then turned to Mu Chen. “My objective is just the Phoenix Insect. As long as I obtain it, I will help you force out the energy that it absorbed from that troop, allowing you to obtain that troop.”

“Sure, we can cooperate.” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered as he continued, “What do you need me to do?”

No matter whether Su Qingyin was speaking the truth, he didn’t mind giving it an attempt. If this lady was lying to him, then he would definitely make her pay the price for it.

Su Qingyin couldn’t hold back her smile as she looked at the hall and flicked her finger. A beam of Spiritual Energy shot out.

When the Spiritual Energy shot into the hall, the entire hall trembled with resounding roars that enveloped the entire hall.

“I need your help in dissolving this Spiritual Array.” Seeing the terrifying Spiritual Array, Su Qingyin spoke with a grave expression.

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the massive Spiritual Array with a peculiar and shocked expression on his face as he realised that the Spiritual Array was extremely familiar.

It’s evidently a Nine Dragon God-Killing Array; however, it was in the complete form!

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