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Chapter 1159 - Cooperation

Violent Spiritual Energy wreaked havoc in the hall as light runes vaguely formed into the shape of a dragon that unleashed a deep draconic roar that trembled the entire hall.

“Nine Dragon God-Killing Array…” When Mu Chen looked at that familiar Spiritual Array, his eyes flickered with shock. He never expected that he would encounter this familiar Spiritual Array in the Second Hall.

Furthermore, it’s the completed version!

Mu Chen looked at the massive Spiritual Array that shrouded the entire hall and sighed in his heart. Compared to the Spiritual Array that he set up, it simply paled in comparison.

Even through the passage of time, all the runes were still lit up, emitting a subtle terrifying ripple.

“I’m afraid that even an Earth Sovereign couldn’t escape from this Nine Dragon God-Killing Array.” Mu Chen licked his lips. It looked like this completed Nine Dragon God-Killing Array should be closer to a High Rank Scholar Grade Spiritual Array.

Generally speaking, Middle Rank Scholar Grade Spiritual Arrays could deal with a Greater Earth Sovereign and the Second Hall Master was located at the centre of the entire array. With his strength and the aid of the Spiritual Array, probably even Perfected Earth Sovereigns similar to him would be suppressed if they came here.

But it was a pity that all these preparations were futile when the Monarch came.

As Mu Chen sighed at the completed Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, Su Qingyin’s gaze was fixed on him before she anxiously asked, “How is it?”

Mu Chen cast a glance at her and continued, “What do you mean ‘how’? You don’t really think that I can break through such a Spiritual Array, right?”

“Breaking is definitely impossible.” Su Qingyin did not have that sort of wishful thinking, since this Scholar Grade Spiritual Array was something that not even Greater Earth Sovereigns would dare to enter.

“Although this Spiritual Array is powerful, there isn’t anyone controlling it. And you are a Spiritual Array Master yourself, so I want you to try and see if you can open up a passage so that I can retrieve the Phoenix Insect.”

Mu Chen gently flicked his finger as he briefly pondered, before saying, “If that’s the case, then it’s not impossible.”

Since he had some insight towards the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, it’s possible for him to open up a passage.

“Really?” Su Qingyin revealed joy on her face. She initially wanted to try to ask and see if Mu Chen could open a passage, so she did not have too many expectations. After all, such a Spiritual Array was too high, even for Mu Chen’s insight towards Spiritual Arrays.

Evidently, Mu Chen’s reply had caused her to be overjoyed.

“I can give it a try, but why should I trust you?” Mu Chen nodded his head as he looked at Su Qingyin.

If she really obtained the Phoenix Insect, would she really recover the Spirit-Slaughtering Army? If Su Qingyin went against her words, then wouldn’t Mu Chen be working for naught?

After all, Su Qingyin was not Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing and the rest. Thus, Mu Chen had his doubts.

Su Qingyin wasn’t angered by Mu Chen’s doubt. She smiled. “My Teacher came from an Ancient Sect and this Phoenix Insect of the Second Hall Master comes from that sect. So only I know the information about it.

“Furthermore, what I said is not false. If you really want to restore the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, then you will need the Phoenix Insect to force out the power. Thus you will have to rely on me.

“Therefore, I believe you don’t have a reason to refuse this cooperation.” 

Su Qingyin looked at Mu Chen and the two of them exchanged looks, causing the atmosphere to slightly freeze before Mu Chen faintly smiled after a brief moment and nodded his head. “Okay.”

Just as Su Qingyin had said, if he wanted to restore the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, then he would have to cooperate with her. As to whether Su Qingyin would keep her promise, he could only walk step-by-step.

“Then, happy cooperation.” Su Qingyin smiled. She was evidently not afraid of Mu Chen declining her.

“I need some time.” Mu Chen did not delay. He turned and walked towards the Spiritual Array before closing his eyes. A spiritual lustre flickered on his fingertips before spiritual seals flew out and carefully integrated into the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array.

With his current insight, opening a passage in the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array that didn’t have anyone controlling it wasn’t hard. However, he wouldn’t be foolish enough to reveal that.

Revealing his trump cards without any purpose was not Mu Chen’s style.

“I’ll guard you.” Su Qingyin said. She retreated a few distances back and stood behind the gate, blocking anyone that would enter to disrupt Mu Chen.

Su Qingyin had no doubts regarding the slow process. After all, this was a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array and if Mu Chen could easily open it, then Su Qingyin would be the one to doubt.

Su Qingyin sat outside the azure-bronze gate and looked at Mu Chen’s silhouette before shifting her gaze towards the Second Hall Master’s majestic silhouette.

“Phoenix Insect…” Her gaze slightly flickered as she gently smiled with her eyes ablaze. If she could obtain this insect, and with the refining method of that sect, she would have the confidence to try her attempt at the Earth Sovereign Realm.

The two of them fell into silence and time passed.

Roughly half an hour later, Mu Chen finally opened his eyes and Su Qingyin swiftly walked up before she anxiously asked, “How is it?”

If Mu Chen couldn’t succeed, then she would have to give up on the Phoenix Insect. With her strength, it’s impossible for her to get past the Spiritual Array.

Under her anxious look, Mu Chen slightly smiled before he flicked his finger and a Spiritual Energy fluctuation came from the massive Spiritual Array before a passage slowly opened.

“Fortunately, I did not disappoint you.” Mu Chen smiled.

Su Qingyin instantly revealed joy on her face with excitement in her eyes as her ample chest heaved up and down.

“I need to maintain the passage, so you can only depend on yourself to get the Phoenix Insect.” Mu Chen gave Su Qingyin a smile.

There might be other traps in this hall that Mu Chen was unaware of. Therefore, he had no intention to test that and left them to Su Qingyin.

Su Qingyin naturally knew about this, but she did not decline, since Mu Chen had done the most important thing. Up next, it would be her responsibility to retrieve the Phoenix Insect.

“Then, I’ll have to trouble Brother Mu.” Su Qingyin decisively nodded her head before she stepped into the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array without any hesitation.

As she walked in, the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array fluctuated a little; but in the end, it did not unleash any attacks.

Su Qingyin carefully walked in; but fortunately, there wasn’t anything unexpected that occurred after she stepped in. She had smoothly come before the throne.

She looked at the majestic silhouette and couldn’t help feeling relieved. Thereafter, her face grew stern before she swiftly formed seals.

At the same time, she bit on her tongue and a mouthful of blood essence gushed out, forming into a crimson pellet with a fragrance emitting from it.

As the fragrance spread out, a red dot appeared on the Second Hall Master’s head that swiftly moved up before exiting through the blood hole.

It was a bewitching crimson bug with exquisite wings, akin to a phoenix; however, it was much smaller.

However, it had its eyes closed and huddled up, as if it was in a deep slumber. But it had flew based on its instincts towards the blood pellet and devoured it.

Su Qingyin opened her hand and the crimson light fell into her hand. She looked at the bewitching insect with excitement on her face.

She actually managed to obtain this precious Phoenix Insect so easily!

Although it had fallen into a deep slumber, she could still sense the terrifying power contained within its body.

Su Qingyin took a deep breath before carefully holding onto the Phoenix Insect, then she turned around.

“Miss Su, please wait.” Just when she was about to leave the Spiritual Array, Mu Chen’s voice had resounded.

Su Qingyin raised her head and she looked at Mu Chen, then smiled. “Brother Mu, I’ll definitely help you restore the Spirit-Slaughtering Army after I’m out.”

As she spoke, she did not stop and her face looked to be much at ease. With the Phoenix Insect, she wouldn’t have any opponent beneath the Earth Sovereign Realm as long as she used a little of its power, even if the insect was asleep.

If she was still fearful of Mu Chen before, then the fear no longer existed now.

Mu Chen looked as Su Qingyin walked over and helplessly smiled. Thereafter, he waved his hand and the passage of the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array slowly disappeared.

At the same time, a violent Spiritual Energy swept up in the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array and dragons formed from Spiritual Energy, staring at Su Qingyin.

Su Qingyin’s footsteps were paused as she looked at this Spiritual Array that had undergone a massive change with shock on her face.

“You… how can you control this array?” Su Qingyin’s gaze changed, filled with disbelief.

Evidently, the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array had been completely triggered, which was caused by Mu Chen. At this moment, Su Qingyin understood that Mu Chen was just putting up a show before.

Actually, when Mu Chen was opening the passage, he had already gained control of this array without her knowing.

Mu Chen did not answer in response to Su Qingyin’s shock, but looked at her with a smile and his gentle voice slowly resounded, “Miss Su, I wonder if you can help me restore the Spirit-Slaughtering Army now?”

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