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Chapter 1157 - The Second Hall

There was a crimson lotus stage in the depths of the damaged hall that still emitted a gentle lustre, looking extremely peculiar. But Mu Chen’s gaze was clearly not on the stage but the bewitching black flower.

The flower was ten-odd feet in size, covered with ancient runes and every single rune looked as if it was born from the heavens and earth, looking perfect.

However, looking at it clearly, one would realise that it’s not perfect. There was a broken bud that would make others feel pity for it. Mu Chen figured out that it must have been from when Mandala suffered heavy injuries, splitting her bud and sealed herself to escape the Ancient Haven Palace and kept her life.

At this moment, it was quietly lying on the lotus stage, as if it had fallen into a deep slumber. But Mu Chen could vaguely sense a terrifying fluctuation coming from the flower, as if it was deep and unfathomable, which made him inwardly smack his lips.

After sighing, Mu Chen revealed a smile of heavy relief. He never thought that he would find Mandala’s main body even before the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

But Mu Chen had composed himself as he observed the hall, remembering the terrain so that he could discover all the threats lying around.

The hall was quiet, filled with eerie white bones and traces of battle. Evidently, there was an intense battle that took place here.

The entire hall was quiet, but Mu Chen had innately felt a sense of danger under the silence.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes as he looked around before narrowing them after ten-odd breaths later. His gaze was directed towards those skeletons around the hall.

There were many skeletons lying around, but after Mu Chen examined them, he realised that the skeletons under those pillars weren’t lying in a mess; they had a seated posture. Although there weren’t any fluctuations coming from them, Mu Chen still vaguely felt a sense of danger.

Furthermore, their positions might seem a little messy but they were vaguely placed in an array formation. If Mu Chen had guessed correctly, there should be a Spiritual Array formed by those skeletons and that Spiritual Array would definitely be terrifying.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. Mandala had previously told him that she had suffered an assault that caused her heavy injuries. If the latter wanted to make a move, she would definitely have the intentions of pulling out the roots. Thus, Mandala had chosen to seal herself for self-preservation.

If he hadn’t guessed incorrectly, the array that was formed by the skeletons should be one of Mandala’s hopes. However, it had caused Mu Chen to bitterly smile, since the array had also obstructed his path.

He didn’t doubt that if he barged into the hall, he would suffer a fatal danger.

“This is troublesome, now.” According to his estimations, even if Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing joined forces, they might not be able to get through and bring Mandala’s main body out.

Mu Chen felt a headache. This was not the Heavenly Emperor’s Cemetery, so he couldn’t just send Mandala in or it would cause space to erupt.

“I must have some help from outside to succeed.” Mu Chen narrowed his eyes and a brief moment later, his heart trembled before a peculiar light flashed in his eyes.

External help… Mu Chen suddenly clenched his hand and an ancient token appeared, which was the Army Seal of the Second Hall Master that he bought from the auction!

It was a seal that belonged to the Second Hall Master’s Spirit-Slaughtering Army!

Mu Chen looked at this army seal and his heart leapt. Mandala told him that the Spirit-Slaughtering Army died after slaughtering lots of Earth Sovereigns, but the Second Hall Master must have preserved them with special means.

If he could use this Army Seal to command the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, then getting through this hall to bring out Mandala’s main body might not be impossible.

Furthermore, Mu Chen had a deeper thought. This might also be an opportunity for him to perform and let the Hidden Scripture Pavilion see.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. He had found Mandala’s main body from the previous scene, which was a little too much of a coincidence and Mu Chen believed that it might be the doing of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

That’s because the Hidden Scripture Pavilion wanted to see his performance and see if he could successfully take Mandala’s main body away.

If he succeeded, he might obtain the acknowledgement to enter the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

Naturally, if he failed, then he would lose both Mandala’s main body and the evolution method for the Great Solar Undying Body, which would definitely be a huge blow to him.

Thinking about it, Mu Chen’s face turned grave. If he lost the evolution method, then his Great Solar Undying Body would be stagnant, losing his advantage in the future. Losing Mandala’s main body would mean that the Xia Emperor would definitely not let him off so lightly.

With Mandala’s current strength, she could stop the Xia Emperor, but there’s still Lu Heng, the Saint Demonic Emperor of the Saint Demonic Palace, who also happened to be a sworn enemy of Mandala. So he couldn’t afford to fail!

Mu Chen clenched his fist and his face turned grave. Shortly after, he looked at the ancient hall which should be the location of the First Hall Master.

“Let’s go to the Second Hall Master and obtain the Spirit-Slaughtering Army with the seal.” Mu Chen immediately sensed the intense fluctuation of space around him and a few moments later, the scenery before him changed.

What appeared was a horizon covered in mist. Mu Chen was standing on a massive peak.

The peak was filled with majestic constructs with towering palaces emanating an ancient aura that filled the entire heavens and earth with desolation.

Mu Chen could see a majestic palace on the highest peak, which was a thousand feet in height, making anyone akin to it an ant before it with three prestigious words ‘The Second Hall’ on it.

The board was emitting a golden lustre that vaguely had a surge of boundless power, causing even space to fluctuate.

“So this is the Second Hall…” Mu Chen looked at the palace and couldn’t hold back his grin. Thereafter, he no longer hesitated and flew, turning into a streak of light and made his way towards the palace.

Naturally, Mu Chen had also spread out his Spiritual Energy perception to look for traps lying around. But fortunately, it was smooth for him, as if the traps had all been destroyed from the great battle.

A few minutes later, Mu Chen had appeared before the palace and realised that the azure-bronze gate was closed with a seal that was impossible to open, even with his strength.

Mu Chen knitted his brows and a brief moment later, his eyes wandered towards the board on the gate and the Golden Dragon Plaque appeared in his hand.

The plaque was emitting a golden lustre before it shot into the board and traces of light descended onto the tightly shut gate.

The azure-bronze gate finally, slowly opened, which made Mu Chen feel relieved. He tossed the Golden Dragon Plaque in his hand and sighed. In the Ancient Haven Palace, the identity plaques were truly important, which was required no matter where he went.

When the azure-bronze gate opened, a desolate aura blew out, which Mu Chen could hear the slaughtering sounds coming from it.

But when it was completely opened, Mu Chen recovered from the shock, but he briefly hesitated before taking a step into the Second Hall.

The hall was massive but at this moment, the hall that was once majestic looked to be in a mess with traces of battles lying around.

However, Mu Chen did not pay attention to that because the moment he stepped in, his eyes were focused on the end of it with shock flashing in his eyes.

He saw a golden throne with a purple-robed silhouette standing before the throne, emitting a domineering aura with a terrifying bearing that even suppressed the heavens and earth.

The bearing that blew over caused a drastic change in Mu Chen’s expression. He realised that the purple-robed silhouette was not an illusion. That silhouette actually existed!

Aside from the Second Hall Master, who else could possess such a bearing?!

Furthermore, what left Mu Chen shocked was that there were still traces of vitality coming from that silhouette! Could it be that the Second Hall Master did not die?!

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