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Chapter 1156 - The Unusual Hidden Scripture Pavilion

Several streaks of light flew out of the Heavenly Lake and stopped on a peak, revealing the silhouettes of Mu Chen’s party.

They appeared behind the Heavenly Lake and looking up ahead was a wide world that even Mu Chen vaguely felt a faint discernable pressure.

It wasn’t just one pressure, all of it made Mu Chen feel greatly pressured.

“If we continue to move, we should reach the Five Halls.” Mu Chen pointed up ahead and said to the girls. Aside from the Heavenly Emperor, the power in the Ancient Haven Palace would be split into Five Halls and Nine Mansions. They had already gone past the Nine Mansions, so they should be reaching the Five Halls next.

The Five Hall Masters were said to be the right-hand men of the Heavenly Emperor, all of them in the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm with the qualification to reach the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. If they were placed in the Great Thousand World today, they could be Overlords.

“The Five Hall Masters… The Fourth Hall Master died protecting the Northern Region and did not return, so the four other Hall Masters should have also fallen in the Ancient Haven Palace,” said Mu Chen.

Nine Nether nodded her head, “That means that the Fourth Hall Master’s treasures will be easier to obtain.”

Although the Hall Masters have all fallen, they should have set up defences to protect their own Halls with their strength, which could be troublesome for Mu Chen’s party to deal with.

“Where’s this Hidden Scripture Pavilion?” Lin Jing suddenly asked. She clearly knew about the Hidden Scripture Pavilion and also knew how important it was. After all, the Hidden Scripture Pavilion was definitely one of the reasons why the Ancient Haven Palace had grown so powerful that even their Martial Realm couldn’t underestimate it.

Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders. “The map from before is useless now and there isn’t any information about the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, either.”

He was also a little helpless, since the Ancient Haven Palace was filled with tattered Spiritual Arrays. There were some that were destroyed, while some still remained with the massive Spiritual Energy in the Ancient Haven Palace. All those Spiritual Arrays were definitely in the Scholar Grade, so even being damaged, they would still suffer if they carelessly walked in and tried to search for the Hidden Scripture Pavilion with all the hidden dangers lying around.

Lin Jing shook her head upon hearing his words, as she knew how difficult it was to find it.

“I know a little about the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.” Xiao Xiao suddenly spoke out.

“Oh?” Mu Chen and the rest immediately looked at her in surprise.

Xiao Xiao revealed a bewitching smile, “I heard from my father that there’s this Hidden Scripture Pavilion in the Ancient Haven Palace. It’s so unusual and hidden in the Ancient Haven Palace that only a few could enter, since the pavilion itself is a High Rank Saint Artifact.”

The hearts of Mu Chen and the rest trembled as they widened their eyes. The Hidden Scripture Pavilion was a High Rank Saint Artifact? That’s too unusual, even Mu Chen had not seen a High Rank Saint Artifact in his life.

One must know that even the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid from the Fourth Hall Master was only a Middle Rank Saint Artifact. As for High Rank Saint Artifacts, it’s something that even a Perfected Earth Sovereign would be attracted to.

“Then, what shall we do? If the Hidden Scripture Pavilion is a High Rank Saint Artifact and intends to hide, then I’m afraid that even we wouldn’t be able to find it.” Nine Nether pointed out. Such a powerful Saint Artifact wasn’t something that they could deal with.

Xiao Xiao smiled. “The Hidden Scripture Pavilion doesn’t possess any offensive abilities, but it’s unparalleled in terms of hiding. If it wants to hide, even a Heavenly Sovereign wouldn’t be able to find it.”

The eyelids of Mu Chen and the rest twitched. The Hidden Scripture Pavilion was truly mysterious and in terms of hiding, it probably exceeded some Heavenly Sovereigns.

If it wasn’t for the fact that it didn’t possess any offensive abilities, then it wouldn’t be just a High Rank Saint Artifact.

“If the hiding ability is as what you say, then it’s practically impossible for us to find it.” Mu Chen sighed. It looked like finding the evolution method to his Great Solar Undying Body wouldn’t be easy.

Xiao Xiao shook her head at his words. “Although the Hidden Scripture Pavilion is hard to find, it’s not impossible. After all, the Heavenly Emperor placed it in the Ancient Haven Palace not for storing alone.”

Mu Chen felt relieved in his heart. It’s all good as long as it’s not impossible. He had come to the Greatlaw Continent just for the evolution method and all his efforts for the past few years were all for today. No matter what, there’s no way he could give it up.

“Then, how should we find it?” Nine Nether looked at Xiao Xiao with expectations.

Xiao Xiao smiled. “Simple, we just need to pass through the test of the pavilion.”

“Test?” Mu Chen and the rest were stunned as they followed up, “What test?”

Xiao Xiao shook her head, since her words left the three of them shocked. “I’m not too sure what the test is, but I’m afraid that it had started the moment we entered the Ancient Haven Palace.”

“The Hidden Scripture Pavilion itself possesses intellect, so we must have been sensed by it when we came here. It might even be observing us right now.” Xiao Xiao raised her head into the sky.

The three of them felt a chill on their skin as they looked around. Although they couldn’t sense anything, they felt a little uneasy by Xiao Xiao’s words, as if there’s a pair of eyes staring at them.

“There would occasionally be outstanding disciples in the Ancient Haven Palace and the moment they obtain the acknowledgement of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, then they would be given an opportunity to enter.” Xiao Xiao smiled.

“That means that we need to perform for it to see? But what should we perform?” Lin Jing grew more interested as she spoke out.

“I’m not too sure regarding this factor. Some of the disciples that were acknowledged had comprehended something in their cultivation, while some had comprehension regarding a certain Divine Ability, or having a stunning performance… There were tons of ways to perform, but those with a higher status would require more performance from them. Naturally, their privileges would also be higher when they entered.”

Mu Chen and the rest exchanged a look, since no one expected the Hidden Scripture Pavilion to be so bizarre.

“Actually, it’s just fate. If we’re fated, we will be able to enter. But if we’re not, then I’m afraid that even if we got a Heavenly Sovereign here, that Heavenly Sovereign would still not be able to find it.” Xiao Xiao spread out her hands as she answered.

Mu Chen helplessly smiled. He didn’t possess the ability to invite a Heavenly Sovereign, so it looked like he would have to try by himself, for now.

“Since that’s the case, then we’ll just head for the Five Halls and see if we can obtain other opportunities.” Mu Chen was decisive and knowing that it wouldn’t be easy to enter the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, he had temporarily placed the idea in the back of his mind. After all, if the Hidden Scripture Pavilion intended to judge their performance, then they had to do something instead of waiting here.

The three ladies had no objections to his suggestion. After all, waiting here would definitely not grant them the acknowledgement of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

“Let’s go, then.” Seeing their response, Mu Chen tapped his feet and flew out first, towards the depths of the Ancient Haven Palace, with the three ladies closely following behind him.

The four of them swiftly travelled and they would occasionally come across damaged Spiritual Arrays, which they avoided under Mu Chen’s lead. Roughly ten-odd minutes later, Mu Chen sensed that the haziness around this area felt denser, it even affected his senses.

“There’s a Spiritual Array up ahead, but there’s no danger. If I have not guessed incorrectly, it might be the entrance of the Five Halls.” Although his senses were restricted, he could still sense the fluctuations.

The three ladies nodded their heads before the four of them flew out. They felt as if they passed through a membrane of water and the spatial laws around them had distorted.

Mu Chen did not panic when he felt the distorted spatial ripples. He took a glance behind him and noticed that the three ladies had already been separated.

The spatial fluctuation around him grew even more intense with light blossoming and countless sceneries forming before him.

Those sceneries were towering palaces with a suffocating pressure emanating from them, which made Mu Chen understand that those had to be the Five Halls.

Mu Chen calmed his mind as he looked at the sceneries that flashed before his eyes and imprinted them into his mind. Those sceneries were naturally from the Five Halls and if he could obtain some information, it would definitely be a great help to him.

Lights constantly flashed before Mu Chen’s eyes and suddenly, Mu Chen squinted his eyes at a scene.

It was a tattered hall that still looked majestic despite the destruction. However, Mu Chen’s attention wasn’t on the hall, but his gaze was fixated in the depths, at the crimson-jade lotus stage where a ten-odd foot-high bewitching flower was quietly placed.

Mu Chen looked at the black flower as joy flushed in his heart. That’s because he knew what it was at first glance…

That flower was Mandala’s main body, the Primordial Mandala Flower! 

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