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Chapter 1155 - Imperfect?

At that moment when Mu Chen opened his eyes, it was as if a dazzling ray of light had appeared, covering the entire area. No one dared to look at it. All of them had chosen to avoid it. The source of the light was naturally Mu Chen’s eyes.

But at this moment, his eyes looked even blacker, as if there was a Heavenly Lake in the depths of his eyes, which looked extremely profound.

At this moment, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation suddenly dominated from Mu Chen’s body that swept out between the heavens and earth.

“This Spiritual Energy fluctuation… It should be the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm!” Many people had their eyes flickering when they sensed the Spiritual Energy fluctuation. It looked like Mu Chen had immediately broken through to the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm with the help of the Perfect Baptism.

But no one was surprised; on the contrary, they were somewhat puzzled. Why was the Perfect Baptism only at this level?

After all, they knew that Mu Chen had reached the pinnacle of the Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm from before and he only needed to spend some time to refine his Spiritual Energy to reach the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Thus, his current harvest made everyone feel disbelief.

“Oh, wait… Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy is still growing stronger!” While they were puzzled, they suddenly realised that the Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from Mu Chen’s body was still not stabilised and that it was still increasing.

Ripples of Spiritual Energy were spreading out akin to a powerful flood, swiftly climbing to the limits of the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm before making an attempt at the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

However, it had failed time and time again. It only touched the threshold of the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign.

But fortunately, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from Mu Chen’s body was way too tough. After the numerous failures, it finally stepped through that threshold and his Spiritual Energy spread out in the manner of a current. Mu Chen had finally stepped into the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm at this moment!

With the help of this Perfected Baptism, Mu Chen was directly raised from the Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm to the Perfected Ninth Grade!

“The Perfect Baptism is truly as rumoured.” Many people inwardly sighed in their hearts. Such a Baptism was equivalent to many years of cultivation.

However, none of them felt surprised by Mu Chen’s achievement. After all, it was the Perfect Baptism, regardless of anything.

While everyone was exclaiming about Mu Chen’s surge in strength, the three ladies lightly knitted their brows. Perhaps others would think that Mu Chen should be satisfied that he managed to rise by two levels in his cultivation, but they did not have the same view, since they saw how difficult it was for Mu Chen to make his breakthrough. He even barely managed to reach the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, which was caused by the insufficiency of Spiritual Energy.

This situation did not occur for Qin Jingzhe and Nine Nether and theirs were the Greater Baptism while Mu Chen was the Perfect Baptism! Since the Heavenly Lake’s Baptism could be one of the foundations of the Ancient Haven Palace, the Perfect Baptism was viewed with great importance. It was said that at that time, any disciple that could obtain the Perfect Baptism would undoubtedly be a major figure of the Ancient Haven Palace.

Thus, one could see how powerful the Perfect Baptism was.

So under their estimations, Mu Chen should have been able to enter the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm easily, but this situation had left them puzzled.

Furthermore… they looked at the Great Solar Undying Body beneath Mu Chen’s feet. Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body was emanating a golden lustre, akin to a great buddha and was looking mysterious, which had evidently undergone a great enhancement through the baptism.

However… that enhancement also wasn’t as they expected.

The three ladies exchanged a look. The Spiritual Energies of the Perfect Baptism did not allow Mu Chen to easily get through the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm nor did it greatly enhance his Sovereign Celestial Body. So where did all that Spiritual Energy go?

Or was the Perfect Baptism weakened through the passage of time?

If that’s the case, then Mu Chen would lose out too much.

The three ladies sighed, feeling pity for Mu Chen. Initially, he would’ve been able to reach the level of Zhu Yan and Garuda with the help of the Perfect Baptism. But looking at this now, it seemed that it was all gone.

Although Mu Chen had also barely stepped into the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, there was also a difference in strength in the same level. Take Qin Jingzhe, for example, if he fought with Garuda, the outcome would end with Qin Jingzhe being crushed.

Evidently, Mu Chen couldn’t be judged by ordinary means. When he was in the Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, he could kill Xia Yu, who was in the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. Now, as a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign, he would have nothing to fear, even if he encountered someone that was at the peak of the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

But now, it would be a little more troublesome for him to do so.

As the three ladies sighed, the powerful Spiritual Energy emanating from Mu Chen’s body swiftly retracted and the Great Solar Undying Body faded away.

Mu Chen lowered his head at the Great Solar Undying Body with a calm expression, without any disappointment on his face.

As someone that went through the Perfect Baptism, he was naturally clear that the strength of his Great Solar Undying Body should rise to a higher level.

“Haha, looks like your luck isn’t too good.” A mockery suddenly sounded over and Mu Chen saw Garuda looking at him with his hands placed behind his back. Evidently, the latter could sense that Mu Chen’s Perfect Baptism wasn’t perfect.

“Yeah.” Mu Chen nodded his head calmly in response to Garuda’s mockery.

When Garuda saw Mu Chen’s calm expression, he lightly smiled. “What a pity. Initially, I thought that there would be an intense battle between us, but looking at it now, you failed to grasp the opportunity well.”

Mu Chen’s Perfect Baptism wasn’t perfect and even if his strength rose, Garuda could feel that there’s still a gap between him and Mu Chen.

He had been in the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm for years and through the polishing of time, he had been accumulating his foundation while Mu Chen was only considered to be someone that had just barely stepped into the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm with a weaker foundation than him.

Thus, Garuda was confident that he would still be the one emerging victorious if they fought.

Mu Chen stared at Garuda before nodding his head with a smile a brief moment later. “What a pity indeed.”

When his calm voice was heard by Garuda’s ears, Garuda’s smile slowly retracted as he looked at Mu Chen with his eyes narrowed. Could it be that fellow was too disappointed?

However, Garuda was not an ordinary figure, so he quickly recovered before he nodded his head at Mu Chen with a smile. “Hope that you can still maintain your calm when I destroy your Great Solar Undying Body.”

“Sure.” Mu Chen showed another smile but this time, there was another meaning hidden behind his smile.

Seeing Mu Chen’s smile, Garuda’s eyelids uncontrollably twitched. For some reason, he felt uneasy in his heart.

“A brat that has just stepped into the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm with a weaker foundation, means and Sovereign Celestial Body can’t compare to me. Do you still want to flip the tables around? What a façade. If you’re trying to make me fall in doubt and ruin my mentality, you’re simply dreaming!” Garuda took a deep breath with waves in his heart as he took a deep look at Mu Chen before waving his hand and turned into a streak of light, leaving the Heavenly Lake.

When Garuda left, the Heavenly Lake broke out into another commotion once again and everyone started to leave. After all, the Heavenly Lake was merely an appetiser to this trip in the Heavenly Lake. There’s still the living quarters of the five Hall Masters and the legendary Heavenly Emperor.

If they could obtain one of their inheritances, then they would definitely have a spot in the powerhouses of the Great Thousand World.

Zhu Yan also took a glance at Mu Chen and Xiao Xiao, which the latter had noticed. She lazily looked back at him with indifference.

Zhu Yan did not speak, but his eyes were ablaze with fighting intent before he stomped his feet, turning into a fireball as he left.

Su Qingyin gave Mu Chen a smile, looking at him with interest. But in the end, she waved her hand and left.

As everyone left, Mu Chen appeared beside the ladies and raised his head to look in the depths of the Ancient Haven Palace with a smile. “Let’s go. The Heavenly Lake’s Baptism has ended, let us continue our journey.”

His objective this time was the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. The evolution method of his Great Solar Undying Body should be in there.

At that time, it would also be the life and death battle between him and Garuda.

Mu Chen looked in the direction that Garuda left in and the corner of his lips rose into a smile with his eyes flashing.

In order to deal with you, I have even prepared myself to this degree. I hope that you will not disappoint me at that time.

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