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Chapter 1155: Made a Scapegoat

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After Mu Chen shot out of the Heavenly River, he stepped on the Golden Dragon Token Amulet that was floating on the surface of the water and looked out. The area was bustling as people continuously dashed out from the water in the Heavenly River.

Is that the Baptism of the Heavenly River?

The moment Mu Chen appeared, he fixed his gaze on a person who was stepping on a Token Amulet. Light burst out from the Token Amulet, and light spots shot up into the sky. Each light spot contained pure and vast spiritual energy. Apparently, the light spots were the Heavenly River Crystals, and there were about 20 of them. Judging from the quantity, it should be a Low Rank Baptism of the Heavenly River.

The man looked pleased with this level of baptism. After all, it was difficult to obtain the Heavenly River Crystals. Even a Complete Grade Nine Sovereign would have to put in much effort to obtain 20 of them.

Buzz. Buzz.

The Heavenly River Crystals shot up into the sky and gathered together to form a large light beam. The light beam formed a bridge to connect the Heavenly River and the void. The man was standing on the bridge.

Swash! Swash!

A big wave curled up above the man and formed a large whirlpool. Vast pure spiritual energy was compressed in the whirlpool, and after it exploded, it turned into raindrops and rained down from the sky.

These were not ordinary raindrops. They were green in color and possessed great vitality and spiritual energy. Each drop was comparable to thousands of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid droplets.

The man who had triggered the Low Rank Baptism was elated. He immediately activated his Sovereign Celestial Body and opened his arms to allow the raindrops to scour his Sovereign Celestial Body.


The raindrops seeped into his Sovereign Celestial Body, and light burst out from it. His spiritual energy then increased at an amazing speed. Green light surfaced on the Sovereign Celestial Body and covered it up like a film. Although the film was thin, Mu Chen and the rest knew that this layer of green light had greatly enhanced the power of the man’s Sovereign Celestial Body!

After the man had received the baptism and was cleansed, his skin glowed, and his physique was enhanced.

“Hahaha, the Baptism of the Heavenly River is indeed amazing!” As the man perceived the changes in his Sovereign Celestial Body, he laughed aloud and was filled with joy. Apparently, he was pleased with the baptism.

Many top powers looked at him, and they were shocked at the increase of his power. They yearned to try it out as well! The Baptism of the Heavenly River was indeed remarkable!

A Low Rank Baptism has such a great effect! Mu Chen was shocked. They could see a great difference in the man’s power due to the man’s weak foundation. However, it was, after all, a Low Rank Baptism. There was still the High Rank Baptism and Perfect Baptism, though Mu Chen doubted the latter’s existence.

Boom! Boom!

More and more rays of light shot up into the sky, and there was a great commotion. More and more top powers started to trigger the Baptism of the Heavenly River. All the baptisms were Low Rank Baptisms, but due to the difference in the number of Heavenly River Crystals, there was still a difference in the power.

“Oh? Is there a High Rank Baptism?” As Mu Chen watched the numerous baptisms, his gaze suddenly froze. A large light beam shot up into the sky from afar, and it contained high energy. It surpassed the rest of the baptisms and attracted the attention of the people.

Mu Chen squinted to look at the man and found him familiar. He was Qin Jingzhe, whom Mu Chen had met before at the Dragon Entrance Gate. He used to be ranked number five on the List of Powerhouses.

Around 70 Heavenly River Crystals shot out from the Token Amulet that was under his feet. This quantity was more than the quantity that the rest of them possessed. This quantity would naturally trigger the High Rank Baptism that was yet to be seen.

When Qin Jingzhe triggered the baptism, the scene was majestic. Vast amounts of light turned into a stream. It cut across the sky and flowed into his head as the sound of water accompanied it.

Qin Jingzhe did not summon his Sovereign Celestial Body. However, everyone could tell that the sword sense that exuded from his body had become sharper. It was so sharp that it slashed apart the space that was around him. It seemed to be feeding the sword sense that was in his body. As the sword sense was scoured by the stream of water, it became sharper.

When the last drop of water entered Qin Jingzhe’s head, he opened his eyes. The sword aura shot out from his eyes and created a long sword mark on the ground. The spiritual energy fluctuation that burst out from Qin Jingzhe’s body was amazing. It had brought his level up to Complete Grade Nine!

“Qin Jingzhe has had a breakthrough!” Many top powers were shocked. Qin Jingzhe was at the Peak of Grade Nine previously, but now, he had stepped into Complete Grade Nine!

They were envious of him. Once he reached Complete Grade Nine, he would have the chance to get into the Earthly Sovereign-level. If he became an Earthly Sovereign, he would become a master and be well-known.

There was a disparity between Sovereign-level and Earthly Sovereign-level. Once one became a Sovereign in the Great Thousand World, he would be known as a top power. However, an Earthly Sovereign could become an overlord. He could set up his own sect and build his influence in the Tianluo Continent.

The Heavenly River was indeed the root of the Ancient Celestial Palace.

“Oh?” Mu Chen suddenly froze. He tilted his head and saw some people appearing on the surface of the water. The Golden Dragon Token Amulets under their feet were dazzling, and the top powers who were watching Qin Jingzhe shifted their gazes toward them.

When the top powers saw these people, they became excited and were filled with anticipation. They were the top powers among the younger generation in the Tianluo Continent. Zhu Yan, Garuda, and Su Qingyin were among them.

Three ladies appeared on the other side at the same time. They were Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether. When they appeared, they caught everyone’s attention. However, the ladies ignored the people and fixed their gazes on Mu Chen in the distance.

They waved at Mu Chen, but they did not go near him. After all, all of them wanted to trigger the Baptism of the Heavenly River, and it would be better to keep a distance from one another so that there would be no interference.

Zhu Yan looked at Mu Chen and did not say a word, but Su Qingyin looked on with interest. As for Garuda, he smiled as he looked at Mu Chen and said, “Hohoho, Brother Mu is here. I have heard nothing from Xia Yu. You must have killed him. You are so amazing.”

The people gasped when they heard what Garuda had said. They then looked at Mu Chen in disbelief. Apparently, not many people had heard about the fierce fight between Mu Chen and Xia Yu.

“Has Mu Chen killed Xia Yu? How can this be!?” The top powers were stunned. Even Qin Jingzhe, who had just stepped into Complete Grade Nine, looked shocked. He had thought of having a duel with Xia Yu after his breakthrough, but he had not expected Xia Yu to be killed by Mu Chen.

“No…impossible!” Xia Hong, who was on one side of the Heavenly River, looked ghastly pale. The top powers of the Great Xia Dynasty who were behind him broke out in a cold sweat. They were filled with fear when they looked at Mu Chen, as though they had seen a spirit. They knew that Xia Yu would be fighting Mu Chen at the Heavenly River. However, instead of killing Mu Chen, Xia Yu had been killed by him.

Mu Chen remained indifferent as the people stared at him. He glanced at Garuda and felt that he had ill intentions.

“If you are interested, you can try it for yourself,” Mu Chen said flatly.

Garuda smiled and said, “It is not a good time now. Moreover, you are not simple. You are able to get help from powerful people outside Tianluo Continent, and it looks like these people have benefitted from the Ancient Celestial Palace.” As he made such a comment, he glanced at Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing. What he meant was obvious.

When the top powers heard it, their expressions changed, and they looked warily at Mu Chen, Xiao Xiao, and Lin Jing.

“This guy is so evil!” Nine Nether turned cold. She looked angrily at Garuda, as she knew that he was trying to make the top powers isolate Mu Chen and treat him like an enemy of Tianluo Continent.

However, Mu Chen ignored the wary looks of the people. He simply smiled and said, “The Ancient Celestial Palace has been left behind by the people of old. The elders of the Ancient Celestial Palace passed on while protecting the Great Thousand World from the Extraterritorial Race. What they have left behind belongs to the Great Thousand World. Now, you have made use of the opportunities that they have left behind to sow discord in the Great Thousand World. Your behavior is no different from the Extraterritorial demons’.”

When the top powers heard what Mu Chen had said, they immediately felt ashamed of themselves. He had made a justifiable comment. Whoever dared to speak against him would be helping the Extraterritorial demons break up the Great Thousand World. Not only Garuda, but a Heavenly Sovereign would get himself into hot soup by doing so.

Some of the top powers looked at one another and then at Garuda, who had turned pale. They sighed, for Garuda had been made a scapegoat.

“Mu Chen is truly ruthless…”

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