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Chapter 1154 - Rise in Strength

The Heavenly Lake in the sky trembled. The descending river was akin to a massive dragon that had an unparalleled might that caused even space to crack.

The torrential Spiritual Energy shock wave was even more terrifying. The Sovereign Celestial Body stood in the air while Mu Chen stood on its head before he sat down with a calm expression. At this moment, the golden sun behind its head had started to slowly revolve.

The river that was akin to a dragon dived down under all the envious gazes and fell onto Mu Chen.

At that moment, he could sense an endless Spiritual Energy charging into his body from his head, causing his entire body to swell up at this moment.

That feeling was akin to having a dragon entering your body and wreaking havoc.

If that energy was controlled by someone, then Mu Chen would have already exploded by now.

But fortunately, no one was controlling it and the purity of it even exceeded Mu Chen’s imagination.

The boundless Spiritual Energy entered through his head before it rushed down, bringing along an intense pain for Mu Chen. However, Mu Chen could sense that be it his meridians, blood or flesh, there were fine sparkling traces.

Although they looked insignificant, Mu Chen could clearly sense the terrifying power that strengthened his flesh, meridians and bones.

At the same time, there were traces of black blood oozing from whether within or on the surface of his body.

Those were the hidden injuries that Mu Chen had suffered from all his battles, which were swiftly recovering at this moment.

Sensing the changes in his body, even Mu Chen, with his composure, felt ecstatic. The strength of his body was already extremely powerful, so it was tough for him to increase it. Even if he used some treasures, the effect would be extremely limited, aside from some absolutely rare treasures. But those treasures were things that even Earth Sovereigns would be drawn by. So even with the Great Havenlaw Domain as a backing, Mu Chen couldn’t afford them.

Fortunately, he realised that the Perfect Baptism could actually improve his physique, which made him feel happy.

Thus, he had triggered the Dragon-Phoenix Physique without any hesitation and a myriad feet of golden lustre burst out from his body. The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits that resided in his arms woke up and separated from Mu Chen’s body before entrenching themselves on his shoulders, allowing the Heavenly Lake’s Baptism to cleanse their bodies.

The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits became even more refined and the surface of their bodies even sparkled.

The river had also caused space to tremble and anyone could feel that the fluctuation emanating from Mu Chen’s body was swiftly growing more powerful.

Furthermore, the increase wasn’t only limited to Mu Chen himself, the chances for the Great Solar Undying Body was even more stunning as it had grown larger, surging with golden light that lit up the horizon within a myriad mile.

Everyone here could clearly feel the terrifying power coming from the Great Solar Undying Body that would even cause a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign’s expression to change.

Garuda was also embracing his Baptism, but compared to Mu Chen’s Perfect Baptism, his Baptism was pale in comparison.

Thus, his complexion was cold as he looked at the dazzling Great Solar Undying Body beneath Mu Chen’s feet and a dense killing intent flashed in his eyes.

He could sense that the power of Mu Chen’s Great Solar Undying Body was swiftly approaching his.

With the Perfect Baptism, Mu Chen’s increment in his strength was something that even left Garuda startled and, for the first time, he felt regret. If he had known of this, he would have forcefully made his move and kill Mu Chen earlier.

Right now, Mu Chen had already started to make him feel threatened.

However, there was nothing he could do. He could sense that although Mu Chen was accepting the Baptism, he was also paying attention to him and if he made a move against him, Mu Chen would be able to deal with him with the power of the Baptism.

“What a disaster.” Garuda took a deep breath as he squinted his eyes. His expression returned to being indifferent. Although it had gone a little beyond his expectations, it was still acceptable, since the difference between him and Mu Chen wasn’t something that could be covered with a Perfect Baptism. He would find an opportunity after this to swiftly kill Mu Chen.

As for now, Garuda had chosen to focus on accepting the Baptism. No matter what, the Baptism was also benefiting him.

When Garuda recalled his eyes, which were filled with killing intent, Mu Chen’s eyes slightly trembled. He really had been paying attention to Garuda. He knew Garuda was even tempted to make a move against him. If that’d happened, then Mu Chen would be able to borrow the power of the Baptism to annihilate Garuda.

But Garuda’s cautiousness had slightly exceeded Mu Chen’s expectations, since he managed to suppress the killing intent in his heart and remained silent to increase his strength.

“What a troublesome opponent.” Mu Chen sighed in his heart. Both the mentality and schemes of Garuda were things that he couldn’t underestimate.

But since Garuda had chosen to remain silent, then Mu Chen wouldn’t have to divert part of his attention and was able to fully accept the Baptism. He and Garuda would have a battle of life and death. He felt extremely threatened by the latter. Thus, he had to grasp all the opportunities he could get to increase his own strength.

Mu Chen slightly opened his eyes and glanced at the black Great Solar Undying Body beneath Garuda’s feet with a flash of light in his eyes.

If they clashed, Mu Chen would definitely not be able to hold an advantage.

After all, Garuda cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body for much longer than him and even the Saint Demonic Palace had nurtured him with a great many resources. Thus, one could see how much importance the Saint Demonic Emperor had placed on him.

Since Garuda had been in the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign for a long time, he had been searching for the opportunity to break through to the Earth Sovereign Realm, while Mu Chen was only at the Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. There was a gap between them which even Mu Chen had to admit about.

“I’m afraid that the battle between me and Garuda won’t be long and it won’t be easy to surpass Garuda. Furthermore, even if the two of us fight, neither of us will be able to obtain any advantage with our Sovereign Celestial Bodies.” Even if he had many trump cards with even the Wind God’s Fan, he wasn’t confident, since he didn’t believe that Garuda didn’t have a Saint Artifact. So if he wanted to defeat Garuda, then he would have to make preparations for it.

Mu Chen lowered his head to his Great Solar Undying Body and narrowed his eyes before closing them.

Instantly, the golden light from the Great Solar Undying Body stopped expanding and the strengthening of the Sovereign Celestial Body had also slowed down while Mu Chen quietly diverted the power of the Perfect Baptism over to somewhere else.

After doing this, he closed his eyes and a golden lustre burst from his body. The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits on his shoulder also unleashed a brilliant draconic roar and phoenix cry as his physique swiftly started to be strengthened by the Baptism.

Since he slowed down the improvement of his Great Solar Undying Body, then he would have to swiftly increase his own power. 

Thus, Mu Chen slowly opened his arms under the massive dragon river.

Boundless Spiritual Energy constantly fluctuated, which caused myriad waves to spread over the Heavenly Lake down below.

At this moment, practically everyone had triggered their Baptisms of all grades. However, because of Mu Chen’s Baptism, all the other Baptisms looked pitiful.

Aside from feeling depressed by Mu Chen’s Perfect Baptism, most of them were rather satisfied, since the Baptism had strengthened them, paving a way to their future cultivation.

As time passed, more people completed their Baptisms, while the Heavenly Lake gradually calmed down with a few that were still accepting their Baptisms.

Naturally, Mu Chen was included amongst them.

Nine Nether had completed her Baptism. She had reverted back to her original body; a massive Nine Netherworld Bird. The Nine Netherworld Bird’s wings were so massive that they covered the clouds and every flap would cause a current of Spiritual Energy with space distorting as well.

Visible shimmers could be seen on the Nine Netherworld Bird. Although they weren’t evident, it had still caused Nine Nether’s physique to rise to another level.

A pitch-black light swept out from the Nine Netherworld Bird before it started to shrink into a silhouette.

Nine Nether stood in the sky before she abruptly opened her eyes with flames blazing in them, along with a powerful Spiritual Energy pressure that burst out from her body.

Sensing the pressure, everyone’s expressions changed. She had stepped into the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm!

Clearly, after Qin Jingzhe, Nine Nether had also made her breakthrough with the help of the Greater Baptism into the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm!

After Nine Nether, Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, Zhu Yan, Su Qingyin and Garuda had also completed their Baptisms, but none of them made a breakthrough. That’s because, at their level, the next would be the Earth Sovereign Realm, which wasn’t an easy task to accomplish.

Thus, they could only accumulate to the point that they could try and break through.

Although they did not break through, anyone could sense that they had become even deeper and unfathomable with the help of the Baptism.

When Xiao Xiao and the rest finished their Baptisms, they immediately looked at Mu Chen’s direction as the scene in the sky started to fade before the last creek entered Mu Chen’s head.

It was also at this moment that Mu Chen had suddenly opened his eyes.

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