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Chapter 1153: The Death of Xia Yu

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Deep within the Heavenly River, when Mu Chen punched out, violent spiritual energy fluctuations instantly dispersed. The Great Heavenly King Celestial Body turned into light spots and dissipated.

As the top powers widened their eyes and looked at the light spots, they were filled with disbelief. “He… he has killed Xia Yu!”

Some of the top powers swallowed hard and looked at Mu Chen with fear. They shuddered at his action.

Xia Yu is the Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty, and he is Emperor Xia’s successor!

He is important to Emperor Xia, and if Emperor Xia knows that he has been killed, he will not take it lying down! Will Mu Chen be able to take Emperor Xia’s wrath? Apparently not…

Mu Chen looked indifferently at the headless corpse. He had not only blown off Xia Yu’s head, but his Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist had also destroyed Xia Yu’s Sovereign Sea…

He had killed Xia Yu.

Mu Chen knew that he would offend the Great Xia Dynasty by killing Xia Yu. However, he had to do so, as Xia Yu was ruthless. If he had let Xia Yu off, once Xia Yu found an opportunity, he would attack Mu Chen with a deadly blow like a venomous snake.

Moreover, Xia Yu was talented. Given some time and the Great Xia Dynasty’s resources, he would have stepped into Earthly Sovereign before long. Because of that, Mu Chen figured he might as well kill him. He would not want to have a future Earthly Sovereign eyeing him. Given all these considerations, Mu Chen had to be decisive and kill the successor of the Great Xia Dynasty.

I am now a great enemy of the Great Xia Dynasty.

As Mu Chen looked at the light spots, his eyes glittered. Emperor Xia was the overlord of part of the Tianluo Continent. If he were to attack Mu Chen, Mu Chen would be in great trouble. Fortunately, Mu Chen had Mandela to back him up, thus he was not afraid of him.

“Looks like I have to help Mandela find her actual body.” Mu Chen curled up his lips. Emperor Xia was an Upper Earthly Sovereign, and he most likely had extraordinary combat force. Since he had the Heavenly River Seal with him, a Middle Grade Sacred Object, Mandela might not win if she stepped in. Moreover, she had an enemy that she had to deal with, the Master of Saint Demon Palace.

To make sure that nothing went wrong, Mu Chen had to help Mandela find her actual body. Once she merged together with her actual body, her strength would return to Complete Earthly Sovereign. By then, she would be at the top in the entire Tianluo Continent. Moreover, although Mandela was his friend, he could not always expect her to clean up his messes for him. He had to do something for her in return. Thus, he had to help Mandela get her actual body back.

As Mu Chen thought of this, he lifted up his head and looked into the distance. The black royal seal, which was the imitation of the Heavenly River Seal, was hanging in the air. Mu Chen stretched out his hand and took it. He was interested in this treasure that could separate a person from their Sovereign Celestial Body. If he had not successfully displayed the Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist, he would have had to use the Divine Wind Fan to counter it.

Mu Chen held the black royal seal and probed it with his senses. He frowned as he realized that the spiritual energy in it had been used up. If he wanted to activate it, he would have to spend much time and spiritual energy on it.

He put the imitation Heavenly River Seal away. Although the spiritual energy had been used up, it was an extraordinary object. He might have use for it in the future. After he had put away the Heavenly River Seal, Mu Chen waved his hand, and a Golden Dragon Token Amulet appeared. It had belonged to Xia Yu.

He patted the Golden Dragon Token Amulet, and light beams rose up and hung before him. Clear Heavenly River Crystals were within the light beams. There were about eight of them. Those Heavenly River Crystals must have been found by Xia Yu.

“This guy is pretty efficient…” Mu Chen was shocked as he looked at the eight Heavenly River Crystals. He had to painstakingly set up spiritual arrays to obtain 13 Heavenly River Crystals, and Xia Yu had obtained many as well. In the end, Mu Chen benefited from Xia Yu’s efforts.

Mu Chen immediately put away the eight Heavenly River Crystals as the people looked at him covetously. He had a total of 21 Heavenly River Crystals now. Once he had gathered nine more, he would be able to receive the Low Rank Baptism of the Heavenly River.

After putting away his spoils, Mu Chen looked into the distance. Some people were moving toward him now that the aftermath of the fight had dispersed. Mu Chen could feel that they were coveting his spoils.

Although Mu Chen had won the fight, he had used up a great deal of spiritual energy. In order to conserve his spiritual energy, the Great Solar Undying Body had dissipated. Thus, the spiritual energy fluctuation exuded from Mu Chen’s body had weakened.

As some top powers noticed that Mu Chen had used up much of his spiritual energy, they started to move toward him in the hope of taking advantage of him. After all, the Heavenly River Seal and the Heavenly River Crystals were appealing.

Mu Chen glanced at these people with evil intentions and entered into the spiritual arrays that he had set up earlier. After he had entered the spiritual array, he flicked his fingers and activated the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array that was in the outer ring. Majestic spiritual energy burst out immediately, and a strong oppression swirled out.

When those who tried to go near Mu Chen noticed the horrifying spiritual array, they turned pale. They felt threatened by the array. “Mu Chen is truly amazing… he has set up such a powerful spiritual array. No wonder Xia Yu dared not enter earlier.”

“If Mu Chen had activated the spiritual array during the fight, Xia Yu would have been defeated much earlier.”

“Forget it. This fella is not to be trifled with. Let’s not offend him…”


When those top powers who had evil intentions saw it, they sighed and moved away. Mu Chen was extremely cautious, leaving no loopholes for them. When Mu Chen saw that they had retreated, he ignored them and sat cross-legged in the spiritual array and tried to get himself back in shape again.

When the top powers who had stayed on saw his actions, they started to leave. After all, they had to make good use of their time and search for Heavenly River Crystals. Should Mu Chen recover and create trouble for them, they would be in a sorry state.

After a few minutes, the area quietened down. The water in the river gushed down and wiped out the trails of the fierce fight that had taken place earlier.

On the other side of the Heavenly River.

When Xia Yu was killed, Zhu Yan squinted and walked away without saying a word, although he was surprised by the outcome.

Xiao Xiao looked at him and laughed. She said, “After I am done with my stuff, I will have some fun with you.” Although her laughter was seductive, Zhu Yan knew that the daughter of the Flame Emperor was angry with him for stopping her.

“I will wait for you.” Having said that, he nodded and left.

“Mu Chen is really amazing…” Su Qingyin lifted her head and smiled at Nine Nether as she toyed with a red scorpion in her hand. She looked grave at the same time. She had fought with Xia Yu before and knew how powerful he was. She did not have confidence that she was capable of killing Xia Yu, but Mu Chen had done so, and she was disturbed by it.

Nine Nether stared coldly at Su Qingyin, but she could not be bothered to talk to her.

“Hohoho, don’t worry. I will not get involved in such things. There are so many of you, and I am scared of you,” Su Qingyin said with a smile when she saw that Nine Nether looked unfriendly. She then waved at Nine Nether. After tapping her feet, she was carried away by a green light.

Nine Nether heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Su Qingyin had left. Su Qingyin was more powerful than she was. Although she could use the Summoning the Wind Technique to deal with her, she would have a hard time.

Fortunately, Mu Chen had won…

Nine Nether lifted up her head to look into the distance, and she smiled.

Garuda looked at the bronze mirror that was before him and saw the scene whereby Mu Chen smashed Xia Yu’s head. He then waved his sleeve and put away the bronze mirror. He looked nonchalant and said, “This guy is ruthless.”

Although he looked nonchalant, there were some fluctuations deep within him. He was surprised by Mu Chen’s combat force.

“If you create trouble for Mu Chen again, he will kill you!” Lin Jing beamed and held the black pearl with the ancient runes in her hand.

When Garuda heard it, he smiled. He crossed his fingers and said, “I will fight with him, and I will definitely kill him.”

Lin Jing raised her brows. She then stared at Garuda and said, “In that case, you will die as well.”

Garuda frowned, but he did not say another word. He simply shrugged and walked away.


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