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Chapter 1152 - Competing Celestial Bodies

The peculiar movements in the depths of the Heavenly Lake resulted in joy appearing on Mu Chen’s face. He could sense those imprints appearing in his senses.

But this time, the fluctuation from those imprints seemed to be different from before.

That’s because, this time, there weren’t 99 Spirits, only one!

But the fluctuation coming from that one caused Mu Chen’s heart to tremble. If the 99 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake were akin to stars in the sky, then the fluctuation of that one would be akin to a blazing sun that shone onto the world.

The changes had caused a smile to surface on the corner of Mu Chen’s lips. That meant that his guess was nearly accurate.

The so-called “100th Spirit of the Heavenly Lake” was truly not so easy to obtain.

While Mu Chen was feeling joy in his heart, the lakes above Zhu Yan, Garuda, Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing caused a huge commotion as they descended down, encasing them in the manner of a waterfall.

The waterfalls contained extremely purified energy. They were dense to the point that they could vaguely see flickering specks of dust.

The dust was formed from extremely condensed Spiritual Energy. Just a speck of dust would be equivalent to tens of thousands of drops of extremely purified Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

When the waterfall descended, Zhu Yan and the rest immediately summoned their Sovereign Celestial Bodies to accept the baptism.

Zhu Yan was the first to reveal his Sovereign Celestial Body. Boundless flames had gathered behind him, forming into a massive flaming silhouette a brief moment later. The tyranny of the flames even caused space to distort, making the silhouette look akin to a god of fire.

“That is Zhu Yan’s Divine Fire Celestial Body? It’s rumoured to be one of the treasured Sovereign Celestial Bodies of the Fire Spirit Clan. It is ranked as the 34th, even in the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies!” When Zhu Yan brought out his Sovereign Celestial Body, a commotion instantly rang out and everyone had greed in their eyes. A Sovereign Celestial Body of this ranking was something that even forces such as the Xia Empire didn’t possess.

Mu Chen stared at that Sovereign Celestial Body and couldn’t help being surprised. According to his estimation, this Sovereign Celestial Body could be comparable to his Great Solar Undying Body.

After all, the Great Solar Undying Body was terrifying in terms of potential, but at this moment, it is still in a foundation state. So in terms of ranking, it could only be in the 30s.

In the past, when Mu Chen was still weak, he could dominate the other elites with his Great Solar Undying Body. But as he slowly came in contact with those stronger opponents, the Sovereign Celestial Bodies that he met would also be stronger. So one could imagine that perhaps one day, he would encounter an opponent with a Sovereign Celestial Body much stronger than his own.

At that time, it might be his turn to be suppressed. So before such a situation appeared, he had to evolve his Great Solar Undying Body in this Ancient Haven Palace. Only with the evolution, could he maintain his absolute advantage.

Behind Lin Jing, there was also a burst of light that was extremely gentle, as if it could integrate with everything.

The light formed into a massive and graceful silhouette, emitting a jade-like lustre that looked like it could integrate with anything. The silhouette held onto a jade bottle with a vague astonishing fluctuation being emanated from it, as if there was something being nurtured within it.

When she summoned out her Sovereign Celestial Body, everyone was briefly stunned before they realised something and they took in deep cold breaths.

“What Lin Jing cultivated is the Divine Jade Celestial Body of the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies?!” Mu Chen’s heart jolted with shock on his face.

The Divine Jade Celestial Body wasn’t too famous in the Great Thousand World, but it wasn’t because it was weak. It was due to the requirement being too harsh and the resources that one would require was impossible, even if a top-tiered force was emptied out.

The Divine Jade Celestial Body wasn’t strong because of its ranking, but its ability to integrate with anything. As long as one managed to cultivate this Celestial Body, then they wouldn’t have to start from scratch if they decide to cultivate a higher Sovereign Celestial Body in the future. They only needed to use the Divine Jade Celestial Body as a foundation. In this manner, they would be able to cultivate their new Sovereign Celestial Body much faster and the might of it would also possess the pros of the two. Thus, it was extremely profound.

Therefore, even if the Divine Jade Celestial Body was only ranked 28th, its versatility was even stronger than the Top 10 Sovereign Celestial Bodies!

“Having a good father is too important.” Even Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing. Probably only a powerful figure such as the Martial Ancestor could provide Lin Jing with the resources to cultivate the Divine Jade Celestial Body.

Zhu Yan was clearly a little startled when the Divine Jade Celestial Body appeared, before he cast a deep look at Lin Jing. The foundation displayed by the latter even made him startled. Evidently, that girl also had to have a terrifying background that wouldn’t be any weaker than Xiao Xiao.

Garuda’s eyes darkened without any expression on his face. No one could see what he was thinking.

“I wonder, what is Xiao Xiao’s Sovereign Celestial Body?” While sensing the fluctuation in the depths of the Heavenly Lake, Mu Chen looked at Xiao Xiao once again. Her father was the famous Flame Emperor, so the Sovereign Celestial Body that he prepared for her was definitely extraordinary as well.

Even though the Martial Ancestor and Flame Emperor have not really seen each other, their daughters already had a competitive spirit between them.

Xiao Xiao closed her eyes and a rainbow lustre gushed out behind her, condensing into a massive silhouette, which was also a graceful figure. However, it had the lower body of a snake with flickering scales that dazzled the eyes of others.

“What Sovereign Celestial Body is that?” When the spectators saw that Sovereign Celestial Body, they were stunned. That’s because according to their knowledge, there didn’t seem to have been such a Sovereign Celestial Body amongst the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies.

Evidently, Xiao Xiao had cultivated a mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body that wasn’t amongst the rankings. But from the fluctuation that it was giving out, even Mu Chen felt a trace of danger coming from it. He felt that this mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body might not be inferior to his Great Solar Undying Body.

“Could it be a Sovereign Celestial Body that the Flame Emperor himself has invented? If that’s the case, then the Flame Emperor is simply too terrifying.” Mu Chen smacked his lips.

The commotion continued. There were many experts looking at Xiao Xiao’s mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body in doubt. However, since they had no idea about Xiao Xiao’s identity, they weren’t able to guess.

At this moment, Mu Chen was also looking at Garuda with a sharp gaze.

The latter had also turned around and faced him with killing intent flashing in his eyes before he lifted the corner of his lips and formed seals. Instantly, a boundless Spiritual Energy condensed behind him with an earth-shattering fluctuation spreading out, trembling space.

Everyone could see a massive sun rising with a massive seated silhouette overlooking the world with a boundless might rippling in the space.

Mu Chen looked at Garuda’s Great Solar Undying Body and his pupils uncontrollably contracted at this moment.

Judging from the looks of the surface, Garuda’s Great Solar Undying Body seemed similar to his; however, his Sovereign Celestial Body was golden, while Garuda’s was black.

Furthermore, the sun behind the back of Garuda’s Great Solar Undying Body was a revolving black sun, akin to a black hole that could devour anything in the world.

Although Mu Chen had also cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body, he walked the path of a king, while Garuda’s Great Solar Undying Body would be akin to the black hole that struck fear in others that looked at it.

The two were similar Great Solar Undying Bodies, but both of them walked two completely different paths.

But when Garuda summoned his Great Solar Undying Body, the Spiritual Energy around Mu Chen violently boiled with a lustre condensing behind him. His Great Solar Undying Body was about to be summoned out, even without his intent.

However, it was swiftly suppressed by him before he cast a deep glance at Garuda. For some reason, he had a feeling that between the two of them, one must be destroyed.

Only one can exist out of the two!

Garuda indifferently looked at Mu Chen as he lightly smiled. “After this Baptism, my Great Solar Undying Body will reach the peak. At that time, your Great Solar Undying Body will be mine to destroy.”

Mu Chen raised his eyelids and said, “I feel that your Great Solar Undying Body might become a whetstone for me, instead.”

“Oh? Why would I? To someone that has lost his Baptism?” Garuda smiled.

A smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face as he looked at Garuda. “You think that I lost my Baptism?”

Finishing his words, he slowly spread his arms out.

Garuda’s eyes narrowed but just when he was about to speak, his pupils suddenly narrowed. He could see that the Heavenly Lake beneath Mu Chen’s feet burst forth with a myriad lustre, as if there was a blazing sun swiftly rising from the Heavenly Lake!

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