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Chapter 1153 - Perfect Baptism

When the boundless lustre burst out from the Heavenly Lake beneath his feet, all of the attention was instantly directed over with shock as everyone looked at Mu Chen.

Some with keen senses had their eyes fixed on the Heavenly Lake beneath his feet. They could vaguely sense a powerful fluctuation swiftly spreading out from the depths of the Heavenly Lake.

“What is that?” Some of the spectators exclaimed in surprise as they looked at Mu Chen with doubt. Could it be caused by Mu Chen?

Garuda watched this with his eyelids twitching uncontrollably. He felt uneasy at this moment.

For the first time, Mu Chen gave him the feeling that the situation was going beyond his control.

Zhu Yan and Su Qingyin were also looking at Mu Chen with astonishment, while the three ladies felt pleasantly surprised, since they initially felt pity for Mu Chen. But judging from the looks of it now, Mu Chen had left a card up his sleeve.

“What is that?” It was a doubt that everyone puzzled over.

Under all the attention, the Heavenly Lake beneath Mu Chen’s feet boiled and everyone could see a boundless lustre piercing out of the Heavenly Lake. It was like a massive halo of light that appeared beneath Mu Chen’s feet.

The halo made everyone feel startled. It was a myriad feet in radius, making Mu Chen look tiny in comparison. But when the halo completely broke free from the Heavenly Lake, it swiftly shrunk to be a hundred-foot wide light sphere a few breaths later, floating before Mu Chen.

On the Heavenly Lake, everyone was startled as they looked at the light sphere before Mu Chen. A brief moment later, their faces suddenly changed and they could sense the fluctuation that belonged to the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake from that sphere.

But for some reason, the fluctuation from this sphere was so powerful that it made them feel their scalp going numb.

Even 99 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake were far inferior to this sphere.

“What is that?!” Everyone couldn’t help exclaiming out.

Mu Chen gently flicked his finger and lights started to appear in the sphere. They looked like fireflies dancing within, but everyone sensed that single one of them possessed a stunning fluctuation.

There were a total of 99 lights!

Everyone fixated their gaze on the sphere and when they saw the 99 lights, their gazes flickered as shock covered their faces.

If those 99 lights were the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake, wouldn’t the outer massive Spirit of the Heavenly Lake mean that Mu Chen had a total of 100?!

100 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake, that meant the Perfect Baptism!

When everyone had this thought flashing in their hearts, even people as powerful as Zhu Yan and Su Qingyin had their faces change as they looked at Mu Chen with solemn expressions. All of them only obtained 99 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake, so they knew how difficult it was to obtain the 100th. But the main factor was that they had no means of obtaining it at all!

But right now, Mu Chen had clearly obtained the 100th Spirit of the Heavenly Lake!

Garuda’s face turned dark as he clenched his fist in his sleeves to the point that his fists were producing cracking sounds as he looked at Mu Chen with a dark gaze. Initially, he thought that Mu Chen had messed up his Baptism, but who could have expected that not only did he not mess it up, he even surpassed everyone and obtained the 100th Spirit of the Heavenly Lake!

Although it was just one more than them, the level between the two was akin to a gulf. It was the difference between a Greater and Perfect Baptism.

“Mu Chen, this is the 100th Spirit of the Heavenly Lake?” The three ladies looked at this scene with shock and they couldn’t help popping the question.

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded his head, he had no intention of hiding, so he revealed the truth, “This is the 100th Spirit that I obtained after combining 99 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake. However, it was just my guess, but it looks like my luck is pretty good.”

So it turned out that this was how the 100th Spirit was obtained. Although it was easy for Mu Chen to say it, they knew that one would have to calmly figure this out before having the courage to do so, since there wouldn’t be any more time to gather another 99 Spirits.

Mu Chen’s action was undoubtedly a gamble. He was using the highest quality of the Greater Baptism to gamble for a Perfect Baptism that might not even be possible to obtain.

Everyone on the Heavenly Lake inwardly sighed as they berated themselves. Even if they knew this method, they also might not have the courage to do it.

“That Mu Chen is truly not simple.” Some of them looked at Mu Chen with revere in their gazes. It seemed like Mu Chen was truly extraordinary, since he could kill Xia Yu with his cultivation at the Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

It was so much so that even Zhu Yan deeply looked at Mu Chen with a vague feeling of fear. Although he wasn’t afraid of the current Mu Chen, he had a feeling that the next time they meet, Mu Chen might give him a shock or even surpass him.

Mu Chen paid no attention to all the attention directed at him and merely cast a glance at Garuda and smiled before ignoring him. He flicked his finger and the massive sphere soared into the horizon.

The sphere soared into the horizon before disappearing in the sight of everyone. Thereafter, a boundless lustre swept out from the sky.

The lustre was practically endless. It was so much so that the commotion had covered the entire sky, which made everyone dumbfounded.

The lustre had spread out high above the sky and roughly ten-odd breaths later, there were splashing noises that resounded. A mist gradually dissipated and a scene in the sky appeared in clear view by everyone.

When everyone saw the scene, everyone sucked in a cold breath.

“That… that’s…” Lin Jing and the rest raised their heads with shock covering their faces. Even Garuda had clenched his ten fingers together.

That’s because, at this moment, the horizon was covered in a sparkling lake that was so massive that the end couldn’t be seen. Looking from afar, they even felt that it was a massive and endless Heavenly Lake!

Compared to this Heavenly Lake, the lakes that were summoned by Zhu Yan and the rest were tiny in comparison.

Furthermore, there were crystals in the Heavenly Lake, sparkling with Spiritual Energies that only those in the Earth Sovereign Realm could refine.

Furthermore, there would be spiritual mist rising on the surface of the Heavenly Lake, turning into shapes of dragons, phoenixs, tigers and leopards with all sorts of roars and cries resounding.

“This… this is the legendary Perfect Baptism?” Everyone gradually recovered, but their faces were still covered with shock. What Mu Chen had triggered was not a creek, river or lake… but a Heavenly Lake!

Compared to this Heavenly Lake, the other Baptisms were pale in comparison.

“Mu Chen profited too much this time.” Even Lin Jing couldn’t help sighing, but she did not feel envy, she only felt happy for Mu Chen.

Even if the Heavenly Lake Baptism was precious, it’s nothing much to Lin Jing, who was used to seeing treasures.

Under all the envious gazes, Mu Chen raised his head and look at the massive Heavenly Lake and he couldn’t hold back from smiling. It looked like he had won this bet.

Since that’s the case, then let him experience how powerful this so-called “Perfect Baptism” was.

He spread his arms apart and a golden light burst out from his body. A massive silhouette appeared with a golden sun hovering behind its head, looking majestic and domineering.

When Mu Chen summoned his Great Solar Undying Body, it caused another commotion and many people alternated their gazes between Mu Chen and Garuda.

Evidently, they had no idea about the origin of Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body, but they could sense that it was somewhat similar to Garuda’s Sovereign Celestial Body, they might even be of the same origin!

While they were in the midst of shock, a river that was a myriad-foot long flowed down from the Heavenly Lake. It was akin to a dragon diving down as it encased Mu Chen.

The Perfect Baptism had begun.

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