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Chapter 1151 - Sensing

The commotion continued on the Heavenly Lake while Garuda’s face was slightly ugly and the surrounding gazes caused the corner of his eye to twitch.

He never thought that facing his scheming, not only did Mu Chen easily dissolve it, he even easily smeared a huge mess on him.

The Fiend Clans and the Great Thousand World were mortal enemies, to begin with, so any grudges would be considered small before that destructive danger.

So anything that was related to the Fiend Clans would be considered public enemies of the Great Thousand World.

Naturally, Mu Chen’s words wouldn’t really push Garuda to that spot, but it was sufficient to make him feel terrible.

“He deserves it!” When Nine Nether saw Garuda’s face, she felt great in her heart and she couldn’t hold back her laugher.

But although Garuda felt terrible, he’s not an ordinary person. He managed to quickly recover and disregarded all the mocking gazes as he deeply stared at Mu Chen. “Brother Mu’s tongue is truly sharp. However, I wonder how much of your strength is comparable to that mouth of yours?”

Although his tone was calm, anyone could sense the killing intent and chill in his words.

“Then, you would have to come and test it for yourself.” Mu Chen smiled casually.

The two of them exchanged a look with a chill exchanging between their eyes. They were filled with stunning killing intent, which made many spectators startled. Evidently, they were puzzled as to why the two of them would have such deep enmity between them.

“Hehe. If the two of you don’t want to fight, then don’t disturb us having our baptism.” When the bowstrings were fully stretched between the two, someone casually smiled and everyone noticed Su Qingyin looking at Mu Chen and Garuda. Although the two of them had triggered their killing intent, she could tell that Mu Chen and Garuda wouldn’t really fight here.

Disrupted by Su Qingyin’s voice, Garuda also recalled his killing intent and smiled. “Looks like we will have to deal with this in the future.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. “You’re welcome to at anytime.”

Seeing that the two of them decisively took a step back, Su Qingyin grinned before stretching her waist and controlled the plaque beneath her feet. Instantly, a boundless lustre swept out with crystals soaring into the sky.

A powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation that exceeded everyone swept out, which even caused Qin Jingzhe’s expression to change as he looked at those crystals and gulped down a mouthful of saliva. “That’s… 90 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake?”

On the Heavenly Lake, everyone couldn’t hide their shock. They were greatly startled by that amount.

The 90 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake were akin to stars as they shrouded around Su Qingyin. She lifted her hand and the Heavenly Lake beneath her feet violently revolved, forming into a vortex that was roughly a thousand feet wide, which was much stronger than Qin Jingzhe’s creek.

It looked like this was the Greater Baptism, but with that amount, Su Qingyin would clearly obtain a higher grade of the Greater Baptism.

A massive beam of light suddenly soared into the sky from the vortex and a spiritual light started to gather on the horizon. A few moments later, it formed into a sparkling river.

The river was ten-odd folds larger than Qin Jingzhe’s creek and the power contained within was evidently larger and much more purified.

The spectators looked on with envy. If they could obtain a baptism of that degree, then it would definitely be a true transformation for them.

The river coiled in the sky before descending. But facing this rare opportunity, Su Qingyin did not use it to refine her Sovereign Celestial Body. On the contrary, she looked down and a crimson light appeared, flashing on her forehead before a crimson silkworm cocoon slowly emerged.

As the sparkling river descended, the crimson cocoon was cleansed by it, devouring the river. It was akin to a bottomless abyss.

As more of the river was being devoured, ancient runes started to appear on the cocoon and cracks started to appear.

When the last drop fell, the crimson cocoon was already covered with cracks before it shattered with a crimson light flying out.

Under countless gazes, it was a crimson bewitching butterfly that flew out from the cocoon. It revolved around Su Qingyin in joy.

Every single time the butterfly flapped its wings, there was a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation that emanated from it and judging from that, it could be considered as a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign, which made them inwardly startled.

“This is… Su Qingyin’s Lifebond Spiritual Insect?” Mu Chen looked at the butterfly with astonishment. It was rumoured that every Insect Master would possess a Lifebond Spiritual Insect. But before those Spiritual Insects matured, they were extremely weak. But the moment they matured, then they would be able to evolve along with its master. Furthermore, it could also sacrifice itself in exchange for the master’s life.

With this Lifebond Spiritual Insect, it would be equivalent to having two lives.

Su Qingyin was truly decisive to actually give up using the baptism on herself and nurture her Lifebond Spiritual Insect. In the end, she even managed to let it mature.

With this Lifebond Spiritual Insect, Su Qingyin’s strength would definitely increase by a great amount. If she went to the Dragon Ascension Gate now, she might even be able to obtain the Golden Dragon Disciple’s status.

After Su Qingyin finished her baptism, Nine Nether also couldn’t hold back her excitement and triggered the plaque beneath her feet. 78 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake flew out and although it was inferior to Su Qingyin in terms of numbers, it had far exceeded Qin Jingzhe and could be considered as pretty good. Furthermore, it was also due to Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing’s help. Otherwise, with Nine Nether’s strength, her odds of dealing with Spirits of the Heavenly Lake wouldn’t be too high.

If Nine Nether’s amount was pretty good, then when Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing made their moves, practically everyone had their eyeballs popping out.

A dazzling lustre burst out from the Golden Dragon Plaques beneath the two girls and the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake flew out, revolving around them like a bunch of stars.

There were actually 99 with each of them!

It could be considered the peak of the Greater Baptism!

Mu Chen looked at the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake around them and fell into deep thought. It looked like Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing also didn’t have any method to obtain the 100th Spirit of the Heavenly Lake.

Naturally, he did not dare to claim that his method was the correct one, since he only wanted to give it a gamble…

When Zhu Yan and Garuda saw the number of Spirits around the two girls, they narrowed their eyes before they stomped their feet. Both of them had 99 Spirits as well!

A commotion broke out and everyone had their eyes reddened. 99 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake, that was practically the highest grade of Greater Baptism.

“But why do they only having 99?” Naturally, someone felt something was amiss. With their strength, if they could obtain 99 Spirits, how troublesome would it be just to get another one…?

With their pride, they would definitely be doing their best to obtain the last 100th Spirit to obtain the Perfect Baptism.

“Looks like the Perfect Baptism can’t be obtained with ordinary methods.” Everyone pondered and some of them understood what was going on. Only this reason fit the explanation for why Zhu Yan, Garuda, Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing were being limited to 99 Spirits.

While everyone was startled by the number of their Spirits, the Heavenly Lake beneath their feet formed into a massive vortex before a pillar of light soared into the sky.

Clouds gathered in the sky with light flickering. What appeared above Nine Nether was a creek that was roughly a hundred feet long. Although it was inferior to Su Qingyin, it still surpassed Qin Jingzhe.

Compared to Nine Nether, the other four caused an earth-shaking commotion, since the vortices beneath their feet reached a few thousand feet each, with a spiritual lustre that dominated out before forming into four lakes that were a few thousand feet.

Spiritual lustres gushed from those lakes. Those pure Spiritual Energies looked a little viscous, forming into a bridge of Spiritual Energy, looking extremely profound.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at the lake. Compared to that, Su Qingyin’s baptism could only be considered as a river, which was pale in comparison.

“This is the limit of the Greater Baptism? It’s actually so powerful!” Many people look with greed in their eyes. If they could obtain that level of baptism, then it would definitely be an indescribable increase in their strength.

However, facing those ferocious figures, no one dared to dip their hands in them.

“Why hasn’t Mu Chen made his move?” When the spectators were startled by the Great Baptisms, there were also some that noticed Mu Chen. The latter was also standing on his Golden Dragon Plaque; but for some reason, his Golden Dragon Plaque looked extremely dim.

“Brother Mu, why aren’t there any fluctuations from the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake coming from your Golden Dragon Plaque?” Garuda raised his head towards the massive lake before looking at Mu Chen.

The moment he spoke, everyone all looked at Mu Chen in puzzlement.

The three ladies were also looking at Mu Chen with worry in their eyes. That’s b because they had also sensed that there wasn’t any spiritual lustre coming from Mu Chen’s Golden Dragon Plaque. That meant that there weren’t any Spirits of the Heavenly Lake in his plaque!

Could it be that something happened when Mu Chen was collecting the Spirits?

Some people had this thought and they all felt joy in his misfortune. Especially Garuda, he wore a smile on the corner of his lips.

Facing their gazes, Mu Chen had ignored them and had gradually closed his eyes, quietly sensing the fluctuations deep in the Heavenly Lake.

However, his hands in his sleeves had gradually tightened into fists as he waited.

That’s because he wasn’t confident, it was only a guess. If he failed, then he would be losing too much in this baptism.

Time gradually flowed and Mu Chen had blocked out all the noises, sensing the flow of water in the depths of the Heavenly Lake.

As he waited, a peculiar sound came from the depths of the Heavenly Lake.

Mu Chen abruptly opened his eyes with an inconceivable joy flushing in his pupils.

That’s because, at this moment, he had finally sensed the imprint that he left in his Spirits of the Heavenly Lake!

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