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Chapter 1151: The Heavenly River Seal

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Rapid spiritual energy shockwaves raged in the Heavenly River. The shockwaves inflicted fear on those who had just stepped into the Peak of Grade Nine, as they knew that they would die if they were hit by the shockwaves. They could see the power of Mu Chen’s combat force, even though he had just stepped into Grade Nine…

The top powers were amazed. They lifted up their heads and looked at the fierce fight. Two huge Sovereign Celestial Bodies with majestic spiritual energy were attacking each other as the horrifying spiritual energy blows whizzed out.

This level of attack was earth-shattering, and it used up a great deal of spiritual energy. When Xia Yu realized that he could not defeat Mu Chen speedily, he had changed tactics by using up the spiritual energy. He was after all, a Complete Grade Nine and was only a step away from Earthly Sovereign. His spiritual energy was richer than Mu Chen’s. He believed that as long as he could persist, Mu Chen’s spiritual energy would soon be used up.

He had planned it well, but as the fierce fight continued, he realized that the Great Solar Undying Body remained bright. Its spiritual energy was like an endless ocean. Mu Chen’s spiritual energy was overflowing and was not inferior to his.

“How can this be!” Xia Yu turned pale. He did not know that Mu Chen had incorporated the Undying Flame into his spiritual energy so that he could enjoy a continuous flow of spiritual energy. Xia Yu had made the wrong move in trying to dry up Mu Chen’s spiritual energy.

This guy’s Sovereign Celestial Body is too powerful. His physique and Celestial Body are amazing. If I want to kill him, I have to separate him from his Celestial Body and kill them individually!

Xia Yu was an extraordinary person. He had found a way to turn the tables. Mu Chen was able to contend with him, even though he had just stepped into Grade Nine, due to his mysterious Celestial Body. As long as he could separate Mu Chen from his mysterious Celestial Body, Xia Yu believed that he would be able to kill Mu Chen. However, he was hesitant about it, as he had intended to use the means on Garuda. If he used it now, Garuda would find out and be alerted.

After hesitating for a while, Xia Yu decided to go ahead with it. As long as he could capture Mu Chen and find out the cultivation method for the mysterious Celestial Body, it would be worth it.


After Xia Yu had made up his mind, he looked viciously at Mu Chen. He bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. The blood gathered before him, and a dim light exuded from it.

When the dim light appeared, it speedily spread out and formed a black royal seal. Mountains and rivers were carved on it, and as a rich energy exuded from it, the space cracked, as it was unable to bear its weight.

Many top powers shouted as they saw the black royal seal. “Is that… the national treasure of the Great Xia Dynasty, the Heavenly River Seal?”

“How can it be? The Heavenly River Seal is a Middle Grade Sacred Object, and only the Earthly Sovereigns can activate it. Only Emperor Xia has it. How could he possibly have given it to Xia Yu? If it has been stolen, the Great Xia Dynasty will be in deep trouble!” Some of the top powers could not believe it.

After pondering for a while, some top powers, who were observant and experienced, said, “That is not the real Heavenly River Seal! It must be the mini Heavenly River Seal that Xia Yu has cultivated. I have heard that there is a restriction to the number of times it can be used. Its power is comparable to a Lower Sacred Object!”

“Even if this is an imitation, it is powerful. Xia Yu seems determined to kill Mu Chen. He has even used this trump card,” someone exclaimed. This move was apparently Xia Yu’s trump card, but he had decided to use it on Mu Chen.

Mu Chen looked at the black royal seal and turned grave. So, is this the imitation of the Great Xia Dynasty’s national treasure, the Heavenly River Seal?

Xia Yu had indeed some trump cards!

“You should be proud of yourself that you are able to make me use this!” Xia Yu looked at Mu Chen somberly. In the next instant, he formed a seal with his hands. The black seal shook, and the runes on its surface came to life. The cry of a nation could be heard, and it seemed to hold the power of the universe.

“Heavenly River Seal, Heavenly River Barrier!”

Xia Yu flicked his fingers on the royal seal, and there were buzzing sounds. The top powers then saw the picture on the royal seal shoot out and form a shapeless barrier. It came down from the heavens and covered the Great Solar Undying Body.

When the barrier moved over him, Mu Chen noticed that he had lost touch with the Great Solar Undying Body. His spiritual energy immediately weakened. Mu Chen turned grave. The barrier had come too suddenly, and although he was on guard, the barrier had gone past his defenses and had covered the Great Solar Undying Body.

Is this sacred object specially made to deal with the Sovereign Celestial Body? Mu Chen was shocked. This was the first time that he had encountered such a sacred object. The Heavenly River Seal was indeed powerful. One could use it to seal up the opponent’s Sovereign Celestial Body and have the upper hand.

No wonder Emperor Xia was so reputable in Tianluo Continent. He had such a powerful sacred object… the imitation was powerful enough. One could not imagine the power of the genuine Heavenly River Seal.

“Mu Chen, it is now too late for regrets!” Xia Yu said as he looked at Mu Chen, who was looking somber. There was no escape for Mu Chen now.

Light flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes. Although the situation had changed, he was not alarmed. The Heavenly River Seal was indeed powerful, but he had the Divine Wind Fan. He could use it to counter the Heavenly River Barrier.

However, Mu Chen did not do it immediately. After all, the Divine Wind Fan was his trump card, and he had no intention of using it. He wanted to use it to deal with Garuda.


While Mu Chen was still thinking, Xia Yu had struck. He stomped his feet, and spiritual light burst out from his Great Heavenly King Celestial Body. Vast spiritual energy flowed into Xia Yu’s body, and he expanded and looked like a small giant. Spiritual runes protruded from his body, and there was a horrifying fluctuation.


Xia Yu slowly clenched his fists, and there was a grating sound. He looked at Mu Chen and smiled viciously. Mu Chen had lost the power from his Sovereign Celestial Body, but Xia Yu could tap into his Great Heavenly King Celestial Body. This had caused a great disparity in the amount strength between the two of them.

The winner had emerged.


Xia Yu smiled viciously and shot up. He turned into a streamer and shot toward Mu Chen. Afterimages were formed along the way, and he was so fast that there were screeching sounds.

“Heavenly King Punch!” Xia Yu shouted. He punched out, and a vast spiritual energy spurted out. He was now like a sun with horrifying spiritual energy suppression. A face with authority like a Heavenly King appeared above the sun.

Horrifying oppression came down on Mu Chen, causing prickly pain. The spirits of the real dragon and real phoenix squirmed around and roared. Apparently, they had sensed danger. If Mu Chen was hit by the punch, he would be seriously injured, even though he had a strong physique.

The top powers looked on with pity as they saw that Mu Chen would be killed.

The Heavenly King Punch was coming near Mu Chen, and death was knocking on his door. His eyes narrowed but surprisingly, he stayed put and did not move away.

“Are you too stunned!” Xia Yu mocked him when he saw it.

Mu Chen ignored him and felt the breath of death coming to him. He slowly shut his eyes as though he would no longer retaliate.

“He has given up.” Many top powers sighed. After Mu Chen had lost his Sovereign Celestial Body, he should know that he was unable to contend with Xia Yu.

Just as they were having such thoughts, Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes. His dark eyes appeared bloodshot. An indescribable killing intent gathered crazily in Mu Chen’s body. Once again, he felt the breath of death under Xia Yu’s destructive punch. The only way to turn the tables in a deadly situation was to find a way out of the impasse!

Mu Chen clenched his fists, and immense killing intent burst out from his body. It seemed to have turned the water in the Heavenly River red. Mu Chen lifted up his fists and slowly punched out. Although it was a simple punch, the water in the Heavenly River exploded at the punch.

The Sacrifice Self to be Spellbound aura shot up to the sky.

Sacrifice my demonic body and destroy the past and the present!

Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist!

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