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Chapter 1150 - Boiling Pot

Mu Chen shot out of the Heavenly Lake while standing on the Golden Dragon Plaque as he tsk’ed. That’s because the surface of the lake was extremely bustling and there were light silhouettes that constantly shot out from the Heavenly Lake.

“This is the Heavenly Lake’s Baptism?” When Mu Chen appeared, he looked at the surface of the lake and saw a silhouette on a plaque. That silhouette stomped on the plaque and a lustre burst out from the plaque with sparkles of light that soared into the sky with every single one of them containing a pure and powerful Spiritual Energy.

Those sparkles were the Heavenly Lake Crystals and judging from the amount, there should be roughly 20.

Judging from that amount, it should be the lowest grade of baptism.

But looking at the face of that silhouette, he was already clearly satisfied with it. After all, capturing the Heavenly Lake Crystals was so difficult that even Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns would have to rack their brains for it. So it was already tough for him to obtain 20.

When those crystals soared into the sky, they gathered and formed into a massive beam that connected the sky and the river, akin to a bridge between the two with that man standing on the centre of the bridge

Boundless lake water swept up and gathered above the man, forming into a vortex with pure and boundless Spiritual Energy that was compressed. A brief moment later, it had turned into rain and drizzled down.

The rain wasn’t ordinary rain. The drops appeared in an emerald colour that seemed to contain intense vitality and Spiritual Energy. Every single drop was comparable to a myriad drop of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

The man that triggered the baptism had joy on his face and had immediately brought out his Sovereign Celestial Body. He opened its hand and allowed the rain to drizzle on his Sovereign Celestial Body.

When the rain dropped onto his Sovereign Celestial Body, the raindrops fused with his Sovereign Celestial Body, which made it burst with a myriad foot of lustre and a powerful Spiritual Energy was being emitted as it rapidly expanded.

Furthermore, the surface of the Sovereign Celestial Body had a layer of emerald on it that looked like a veil, covering the entire Sovereign Celestial Body. However, although the veil was thin, Mu Chen knew that the Sovereign Celestial Body of that man would be strengthened by a fold due to the emerald lustre!

Furthermore, the man had also received the baptism. After a complete transformation, the surface of his body was also emitting a faint fluorescence since he had also been strengthened as well.

“Haha, truly worthy of the Heavenly Lake Baptism!” Sensing the changes of his Sovereign Celestial Body, the man couldn’t hold back his laughter with an ecstatic joy on his face. Evidently, he was extremely satisfied with the baptism.

There were many people that paid attention to him and when they saw the rise in his power, they had shock and excitement on their faces. The Baptism of the Heavenly Lake was truly extraordinary!

“Even the lowest grade of Baptism has such an effect?” Mu Chen was also a little astonished. Although the growth in the strength of that man was strong, it was mostly due to his weak foundation, so the effect was evident. But it was still only the lowest grade of baptism. There was still the Greater Baptism and the rumoured Perfect Baptism.

While Mu Chen was astonished, more pillars soared into the sky that were emitting torrential fluctuations as more people started to trigger their baptisms.

Those baptisms seemed to be of the lowest grade, but because of the difference in Heavenly Lake Crystals, there was some difference in the baptisms as well.

“Mhm? A Greater Baptism?” Looking at the innumerable pillars of baptisms, Mu Chen suddenly narrowed his eyes as he looked into the distance. There was a massive pillar that soared into the sky and the power of it was so powerful that it practically exceeded all the other baptisms, attracting countless astonished gazes.

Mu Chen looked at that silhouette and narrowed his eyes. That silhouette wasn’t unfamiliar to him. It was Qin Jingzhe, whom Mu Chen had previously encountered outside the Dragon Ascension Gate, who was ranked 5th.

There were 70 Heavenly Lake Crystals that flew out from his plaque, which basically exceeded everyone there.

With that amount, it was naturally the Greater Baptism.

The commotion it caused was also extremely spectacular. The boundless lustre had formed into a clear creek that descended from the sky and entered through his head.

Qin Jingzhe did not summon his Sovereign Celestial Body, but everyone could clearly sense that the sword intent emanating from his body was growing sharper to the point that at the end of it, even the space around him was sliced apart.

The sensation was as if the sword intent in his body was being nurtured by the creek.

When the last drop disappeared into Qin Jingzhe’s head, he opened his eyes and the sword intent shot out from his eyes, leaving a thousand-foot long sword mark on the lake down below.

The burst of Spiritual Energy fluctuation emanating from Qin Jingzhe’s body had reached a stunning degree, which was the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign!

“Qin Jingzhe broke through!” Many people exclaimed on the lake. In the past, Qin Jingzhe was merely at the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm; but at this moment, he had stepped into the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm!

Many people felt envious, since Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns were qualified to come into contact with the Earth Sovereign Realm. The moment he stepped through the threshold, then he would rise into the sky and become a powerhouse.

The difference between Sovereign Realm and Earth Sovereign Realm was akin to the heavens and earth.

Only those in the Earth Sovereign Realm could be claimed powerhouses in the Great Thousand World with the ability to roam around. Naturally, they could also become tyrants and establish their own sects in the Greatlaw Continent.

“This Heavenly Lake is truly worthy of being one of the foundations of the Ancient Haven Palace.” Even Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing.

“Mhm?” After he sighed, his eyes suddenly narrowed before looking at another direction. There were several silhouettes on the distant surface of the lake.

Those silhouettes appeared with dazzling golden lustres emanating from their Golden Dragon Plaques. At that moment, they had attracted all the attention that was on Qin Jingzhe.

Their eyes lit up as they looked with expectations.

That’s because those silhouettes represented the pinnacle of the younger generation in the Greatlaw Continent, Zhu Yan, Garuda and Su Qingyin.

At the same time, three silhouettes had also appeared in another corner, which were Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing and Nine Nether.

When they appeared, they attracted everyone’s attention, but they weren’t bothered about that. They only swept their glance around before focusing on Mu Chen.

Lin Jing waved her hand towards Mu Chen, but she did not approach. After all, she was about to trigger her baptism, so it was best that she kept her distance so that they wouldn’t interrupt each other.

Zhu Yan also deeply looked at Mu Chen, but did not speak. Su Qingyin on the other hand, was looking with interest.

As for Garuda, he smiled at Mu Chen with a warm expression. “Haha. So Brother Mu is here. There’s still not any news about Xia Yu, looks like he was killed by you. Truly formidable.”

Garuda’s speech had instantly attracted countless hissing voices as everyone looked at Mu Chen with disbelief.

Evidently, the news of Mu Chen and Xia Yu’s battle hadn’t been spread out.

“Xia Yu fell in the hands of Mu Chen? How is that possible?!” Everyone was so startled that even Qin Jingzhe, who had broken through to the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, was looking at Mu Chen with shock. He initially thought that he would be able to fight with Xia Yu with his breakthrough, but he never expected that Xia Yu would already be killed by Mu Chen.

“No… impossible!” In another corner, Xia Hong’s face turned pale and the experts of the Xia Empire beside him had their foreheads covered in beads of sweat as they looked at Mu Chen with shock in their eyes, akin to seeing a ghost.

They only knew that Xia Yu would make his move against Mu Chen, but none of them had expected that not only would Xia Yu not be able to deal with Mu Chen, he had even got killed by him.

Mu Chen remained composed as he glanced at Garuda. Although that fellow sounded shocked, he clearly had ill intentions with his words.

“If you’re interested, you can come and give it a try as well.” Mu Chen faintly said.

Garuda smiled. “Now is still not the best time. Furthermore, Brother Mu isn’t simple, since you were able to recruit such powerful helpers. Looks like the opportunity of our Greatlaw Continent will benefit others this time.”

As he spoke, he cast a glance at Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing, the meaning behind his words were clear.

Everyone had a change in their expression at his words as they looked at Mu Chen, Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing in fear.

“That fellow, what vicious intentions!” Nine Nether’s gaze turned cold as she furiously looked at Garuda. That fellow obviously wanted others to isolate Mu Chen from the Greatlaw Continent.

However, Mu Chen ignored those terrified gazes as he calmly smiled. “The Ancient Haven Palace was left behind by the predecessors. The Seniors of the Ancient Haven Palace died to protect the Great Thousand World against the Fiend Clans. So the things that they have left behind belongs to the Ancient Haven Palace. These opportunities are meant to be split amongst my Great Thousand World; otherwise, we’d be no different from the Fiend Clans.”

Mu Chen’s words caused everyone to be stunned, before all of them felt ashamed. That’s because Mu Chen’s words were for the greater good and if anyone dared to refute his words, then it would simply be splitting the Great Thousand World between those that were in support of the Fiend Clans and those who were not. Not to mention Garuda, even a Heavenly Sovereign wouldn’t dare to take up this boiling pot.

Everyone exchanged a look before they looked at Garuda’s face that was turning unsightly. Evidently, the latter was also greatly shocked by this boiling pot, which made everyone sigh, “That Mu Chen is truly vicious…”

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