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Chapter 1148: Battling Xia Yu

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Mu Chen growled coldly. He was wrapped within the majestic spiritual energy, which spread like waves.

In the distance, the strong men hurriedly avoided the waves, then looked at Mu Chen with rather startled stares.

They obviously had not expected that, in the face of such a figure as Xia Yu, Mu Chen would actually give such a simple and rude answer! In fact, he had shown no respect to Xia Yu at all, and Xia Yu was the Crown Prince of Great Xia Dynasty, who was a top figure and ranked fourth in the List of Powerhouses!

Among the young generation of the Tianluo Continent, few people could surpass Xia Yu. Moreover, Xia Yu’s reputation was not based on his status, but on his impressive battle experience. In the face of such figures, even Garuda and Su Qingyin would be cautious!

“This Mu Chen is too overbearing…” one of the strong people murmured in a low voice.

Although Mu Chen’s fame had grown recently, compared to Xia Yu, who was a renowned supreme talent, Mu Chen was clearly still lacking. More and more people started commented on Mu Chen as well…

“Yes, but it’s not easy to get there at such a young age. Mu Chen is still impressive.”

“Haha, since Mu Chen was able to obtain the identity of Disciple of the Golden Dragon, he must indeed be impressive. If this Xia Yu really wants to start a fight, I think his victory or defeat would be difficult to predict.”

“What a joke! How can this Mu Chen compare with Xia Yu? I think he found a flaw in the Dragon Entrance Gate and he got by on his good luck.”

As the murmurs spread in the distance, Xia Yu crossed his arms in front his chest and stood on the Golden Dragon Token Amulet. He stared at Mu Chen, the smile on his face disappearing little by little.

“It’s been a long time since I met a young man who dared to make such an arrogant fuss in front of me.” Xia Yu looked down at him and said nonchalantly.

“Well, now you have!” Mu Chen retorted uncaringly.

Xia Yu had picked on him with vicious means every time he had the opportunity. Im fact, had he not wanted to get the baptism of the Heavenly River as soon as possible, he would have attacked him already. Now that this guy was trying to snatch the Heavenly River Spirit Crystals, Mu Chen had decided to no longer take this lying down!

A chilling glint flashed in Xia Yu’s eyes, as he nodded and said, “Oh well, since you are determined to court death, I will grant your wish! Then, I will return your corpse to the Daluo Territory.”

Mu Chen smiled a fearless smile, then they began to exchange barbs, neither party backing down.

“It seems that the spiritual array around you gives you great confidence.” Xia Yu ridiculed him.

In his view, Mu Chen only dared to provoke him because he was surrounded by a spiritual array. Does this boy not know that, although the spiritual array is strong, someone has to step into its scope in order for it to be able to exert its power?

In the face of a spiritual array that was expertly arranged by a Spiritual Array Master, any sane person would not step into it stupidly. So, if Mu Chen wanted to goad him into entering the spiritual array, that was undoubtedly a gross miscalculation on his part!

In particular, the outermost spiritual array that had been arranged by Mu Chen caused even scared Mu Chen himself! If Xia Yu entered it, he knew that he would not have the confidence to easily break through it.

Facing Xia Yu’s mocking threats, Mu Chen’s mouth curved into a sarcastic smirk, “You have the courage to provoke, but yet you remain cowardly. You are a pitiful man.”

Upon hearing that, Xia Yu’s face turned cold. He stared at Mu Chen with a sharp knife-like glare, as if he wanted to cut him up into a thousand pieces!

However, Mu Chen did not pay any attention to him. Instead, he only smiled and said, “Since the Crown Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty is such a cowardly man, then I will suffer a few losses this time, lest others say that I bullied you with my spiritual array.”

After saying this, the Golden Dragon Token Amulet floated out and Mu Chen left the scope of spiritual arrays. As such, Mu Chen voluntarily gave up the spiritual array fortress, not because he was overly arrogant, but because he knew that Xia Yu simply did not have the courage to step into it.

As such, his staying would only drag out the time. As time was precious at the moment, Mu Chen decided that he must go and scramble to capture the Heavenly River Spirits in a race against the clock!

Moreover, it was indeed impossible for him to hold the spiritual arrays any longer. After all, if Xia Yu was to be backed into a corner, he might resort to using shady and ruthless means to deliberately tempt some Heavenly River Spirits to collide with the spiritual arrays, causing Mu Chen to face danger in the future. Instead of letting this happen, Mu Chen decided to take the initiative and put the spiritual array fortress in the rear to be on the lookout, thus preventing any changes in future circumstances.

“Tsk tsk, Mu Chen actually gave up the spiritual arrays! What confidence.” In the distance, one of the strong men saw this scene and exclaimed. After all, giving up his best means to face the enemy really required courage and self-confidence.

“Now, it seems that Xia Yu is being cowardly. As the Crown Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty, he is so hesitant! No wonder he cannot match up to Garuda and the rest.” someone in the crowd of onlookers shook his head and said.

Mu Chen’s actions had won him praise, as the crowd now despised Xia Yu. While Xia Yu was hearing the disparaging words from afar, his face turned green with rage. He had not realized that Mu Chen’s taking a step out could put him in such a low position!

If he had won the battle, people would be saying that he had won unfairly, and if he had lost, he would have been only a stepping-stone for Mu Chen. So, no matter what the outcome was, he seemed to have been doomed before the battle ever properly begun!

“How manipulative!” Xia Yu uttered, his face grim.

He was frustrated that he had fallen into Mu Chen’s manipulation. This boy was young, but cunning as a fox! It was no wonder that even Xia Hong had lost to this little punk!

Mu Chen smiled in response, as he could sense his opponent’s frustration. If you want me to give up a great mean of attack, you will have to pay a price in exchange!

However, although public opinion of him was unfavorable, Xia Yu was still an extraordinary person. He took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart, then looked at Mu Chen expressionlessly. In his eyes, there was a strong aura of murderous intent.

Xia Yu slowly dropped his arms, causing the vast spiritual power to suddenly burst out of his body like a volcano. At that moment, a domineering spiritual oppression spread throughout the entire space.

In the distance, many strong people could feel this spiritual pressure. This was the power of a true Complete Grade Nine! This Xia Yu clearly had the capability to aim for a breakthrough to become an Earthly Sovereign, so it looked like Mu Chen was in grave danger this time!

“I will show you that, in the face of absolute power, your attempts at manipulation are ridiculous!” Xia Yu’s face was cold, as he swung a vicious blow towards Mu Chen with his palm.


At the moment his palm landed, a vast spiritual power gathered and transformed into a dragon. An air of nobility radiated out from its massive body, as if it could dominate tens of thousands of people!

“Great Xia Dynasty, Imperial Ruler Divine Palm!” Xia Yu yelled, then dealt the blow, as his palm gathered the dragon aura of the Great Xia Dynasty.


The massive dragon then transformed into a palm of the dragon seal, as it shattered the space and descended upon Mu Chen. The aura of the Imperial Ruler that converged upon it was both noble and domineering.

Mu Chen raised his head to see that Xia Yu’s palm seems understated, so he commented, saying, “A mere tiny Dynasty dares to call himself the Imperial Ruler…”

Mu Chen’s face was calm as he spoke the words. He saw the Great Xia Dynasty as being just a dominion force, whose aura was still lacking.

Mu Chen clasped his palms together gently, causing a bright golden light to erupt from within his body, then surge outward. Everybody could see a real dragon’s and phoenix’s silhouettes appear behind Mu Chen, both soaring high and emitting impenetrable airs of majesty.

This was the majesty of the real dragon and phoenix, the kings of the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans! They were rulers of the Great Thousand World and were superior beings. Thus, their auras were much more majestic than the Great Xia Dynasty’s.

Within Mu Chen’s eyes, the real dragon and phoenix circled. Then, with a single blow, the spirit of the real dragon and phoenix roared and entangled around his palm, immediately transforming into golden light and charging out.


Two huge punches pierced the void, each emitting a noble majesty, then finally colliding with each other. As the two terrible forces clashed with each other, the spirit of the real dragon and phoenix surged out, locked in a violent battle with the Dragon of Imperial Ruler.

Boom boom boom!

The river shook, and Xia Yu’s face turned solemn, for he saw that the Dragon of Imperial Ruler had been weakened by the bite of the real dragon and phoenix spirit! Although his Dragon of Imperial Ruler was equally overbearing, it was clear that his spiritual aura and power were weaker than those auras of the real dragon and phoenix.

“I didn’t expect you to have the real spirit of the dragon and the Phoenix!” Xia Yu’s eyes turned cold, his gaze containing hints of greed. If he could just get his hands on the real dragon spirit, then devour it, it would certainly increase his combat effectiveness!

“This man must die today!” Xia Yu’s eyes were full of murderous intent, as he waved his sleeves and quickly withdrew the increasingly frail Dragon of Imperial Ruler. He then stamped his feet, causing the shimmering silhouette behind him to condense rapidly.

The silhouette was clothed in golden dragon robes and was wearing a crown, as if it was ruling over everyone. As such, it exuded a noble and invincible aura.

In the distance, many strong men looked at the silhouette, their pupils suddenly shrinking. One of them exclaimed in wonder…

“Is that the Imperial Ruler Celestial Body, which is on the List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies?”

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Vote with Power Stone Chapter 1149: Great Heavenly King Celestial Body

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A majestic sound swept out from the depths of the Heavenly River as the waves turned turbulent. A domineering Sovereign Celestial Body condensed behind Xia Yu, and as it huffed and puffed, rivers that carried the weight of mountains surged like water dragons.

A powerful oppression spread that caused people’s heads to tingle. Strong men in the distance watched with fear in their eyes because the massive silhouette was the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body practiced by Xia Yu. This Sovereign Celestial Body was ranked 45th on the List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies.

Such a highly ranked Sovereign Celestial Body, even among some of the powerful top forces, would become their key Celestial Body, and thus its power would be immense.

“Xia Yu is really worthy to be the Crown Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty. That Emperor Xia treats him so well that he gave him this!” Many strong people could not help but to be full of envy, as the value of this Sovereign Celestial Body was comparable to a true Super Power Art!

Amid many envious gazes, Xia Yu, who stood before the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body, looked at Mu Chen in front of him with a chilling gaze. When the Sovereign Celestial Body appeared, his own strength had also reached a rather alarming point.

Once he struck, he could destroy a Ninth Grade Sovereign at his peak effortlessly. Even a Complete Grade Nine would not dare to clash with him and would retreat instead.

Over the years, he had been through a lot of bloody battles, but even the more powerful opponents could only retreat in the face of the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body’s great power. After all, being able to rank 45th was a testament to the power of this Great Heavenly King Celestial Body.

Sensing the domineering aura radiating from the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body, even Mu Chen’s eyes could not help but narrow. From its momentum, indeed, it was far from the ordinary Sovereign Celestial Body that he had encountered before.

Xia Yu, who was able to rank fourth on Tianluo Continent’s List of Powerhouses, did have some extraordinary abilities. This man was a strong enemy, indeed.

In the distance, Xia Yu’s eyes were indifferent. Without any hesitation, he stomped his feet. The Great Heavenly King Celestial Body behind him stared at Mu Chen, locking onto him as a target.


The Great Heavenly King Celestial Body extended its massive palm as it covered the sun and sky, swinging towards Mu Chen.

There was nothing ingenious about this blow, for the power of it was strong enough to strike a Complete Grade Nine perfectly under such terrible force. The massive palm descended, and a vast expanse of water was oppressed, creating a vast vacuum.

Mu Chen looked up. The massive palm had covered 1,000 feet, almost blocking all his paths of retreat. However, his face was still calm, and there was no hint of panic.


He took a deep breath. Behind him, the space was in turbulence as the Sovereign Sea loomed. Amid many astonished glances, he then stepped out instead of retreating.


A strong and unparalleled spiritual energy surged out from the Sovereign Sea behind Mu Chen. The golden light bloomed between heaven and earth, and then someone saw a massive golden silhouette condense behind Mu Chen.

A sun was suspended behind that golden silhouette’s head. It did not have the domineering spirit of the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body, but it had a sense of mystery that was unfathomable.

As soon as the golden shadow appeared, it waved its giant golden palm, and vigorous and extremely powerful spiritual energy converged, turning into golden light that was tens of thousands of feet long. Finally, the golden palm struck out, clashing violently with the domineering Great Heavenly King Celestial Body’s palm.

Boom boom boom!

At the moment of impact, heaven and earth seemed to be shattered as deafening rumbling sounds reverberated. Countless water columns erupted out of the surrounding river water and soared towards the sky.

A frenzy of shockwaves raged, and the eyes of many strong men, who had been watching the battle in the distance, narrowed at this moment. They were somewhat horrified to see that the Sovereign Celestial Body which appeared behind Mu Chen was unscathed after blocking Xia Yu’s Great Heavenly King Celestial Body’s palm, which had used all his might.

“How is this possible?! What is the Sovereign Celestial Body that Mu Chen practices? I can’t believe it’s so strong!”

“If you look at its power, it seems that it is not inferior to the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body in any way. Mu Chen really has cards up his sleeve!”

“But why is this Sovereign Celestial Body so unfamiliar?”


Many powerful people couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment. After all, it was rare for a Sovereign Celestial Body to be comparable to the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body, because those who could transcend the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body were extremely rare. Even those top forces might not possess it.

Within the Heavenly River, the uproar continued as Xia Yu’s gaze was locked onto the Sovereign Celestial Body that appeared behind Mu Chen. His eyes were full of doubt and uncertainty. Although Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body was foreign, Xia Yu was vaguely familiar with it, as if he had seen it somewhere before.

“This Sovereign Celestial Body,” Xia Yu’s gaze flickered, and a sudden shock emerged in his heart. “It seems to be somewhat similar to the mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body that Garuda practiced.”

He had fought with Garuda, and of course he had seen the mysterious and powerful Sovereign Celestial Body that was not on the list of Sovereign Celestial Bodies, but whose power caused even Xia Yu to be envious.

He had been defeated by Garuda’s mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body, but now he saw Mu Chen using a similar Sovereign Celestial Body. However, Xia Yu was only a little suspicious, because while the Sovereign Celestial Body was somewhat similar to Garuda’s mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body, its aura was different.

“It shouldn’t be the same Sovereign Celestial Body!” Xia Yu’s face changed, and he finally suppressed this impossible idea. He did not believe that with Mu Chen’s ability and background, he would have a powerful Sovereign Celestial Body that even he would covet. Moreover, even if it was the same, Xia Yu was not afraid, for even the same Sovereign Celestial Body had a very different power in the hands of different people.

Was Mu Chen comparable to Garuda? This was obviously not possible in Xia Yu’s perception. Xia Yu’s doubts gradually dissipated. He looked at Mu Chen from afar, and the murderous intent in his eyes seemed to become more intense. “If this is your way to challenge my limits, then I can only tell you, I’m afraid this is not enough.”

“Let’s try it then.” Mu Chen’s voice remained nonchalant.

Xia Yu snorted coldly, his gaze growing sharper. In the next moment, he moved and appeared on the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body’s shoulders as he stomped his feet heavily.


Ripples of light radiated from beneath his feet, surging into the Sovereign Celestial Body.


The Great Heavenly King Celestial Body had strange lines of light surfacing on its huge body, and then it opened its mouth and emitted a strange growl. Sound waves emitted from its mouth, and every sound condensed and formed into divine seals about 100 feet in size.

The divine seals were overbearing, like the crown of the king, with a terrible power that could suppress mountains and rivers. Each of these seals was enough to kill a Ninth Grade Sovereign at his peak, and with such numbers coming together, even a Complete Grade Nine would fall under its attack if they were not careful.

“Heavenly King Undying Seal!” Xia Yu bellowed. The divine seals permeating the sky suddenly pierced through the void and surged towards Mu Chen like a rainstorm, attempting to envelop him.

Xia Yu’s eyes were dark. Over the years, he had killed countless Ninth Grade Sovereigns at their peak with this move, and even Complete Grade Nines had succumbed.

The Heavenly King Undying Seal was very mysterious, and even if it was destroyed, it would be immediately reshaped and would continue to attack. Unless it was destroyed in one fell swoop, no one could defeat it. It was obvious that it would be impossible for Mu Chen to do so at present.

Thus, Mu Chen would die!

Originally, Xia Yu would not easily use such tactics, even in the face of ordinary Complete Grade Nines, but Mu Chen’s methods were too strange, so Xia Yu decided to resort to such means.

The destructive fluctuations charged as they attempted to envelop Mu Chen. His gaze turned solemn, because he could feel that those divine seals seemed to possess a kind of endless fluctuation. Such an offensive attack, once one was shrouded in it, would never end, and the choice of forceful resistance would inevitably exhaust one to death.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered as he conjured up seals with one palm.


Suddenly, a golden sun rose within the Great Solar Undying Body and finally exploded into a golden torrent and swept out. The Great Solar Undying Body stretched out its massive hand. The golden torrent gathered together like lightning, and then quickly turned into a great golden wheel on which ancient runes were engraved. It was as if it had infinite power.

“Eight Solar Sky Wheel!” Mu Chen roared in his heart. Suddenly, endless golden light erupted on the gold wheel. Since he could not resist Xia Yu’s attack forcefully, then he would deflect it back. Let Xia Yu have a taste of his own medicine and see how it felt to be on the receiving end of his Heavenly King Undying Seals!


The divine seals bombarded the golden wheel, and suddenly the wheel reversed, as if even time had stopped. Xia Yu’s eyes suddenly shrank because he was shocked to see that the countless divine seals roaring towards Mu Chen had unexpectedly, suddenly turned around. With a more ferocious momentum, they charged back at him with an overwhelming aura!

“D*mn it!” Xia Yu’s face became green in an instant.

While Mu Chen rebounded Xia Yu’s offensive attack, in another part of the Heavenly River, Garuda, who was capturing a Heavenly River Spirit, looked up in their direction.

“Has he managed to summon eight suns already?” Garuda played with the Heavenly River Spirit crystal in his hand, and an emotionless smirk emerged on his face as he turned directly to the direction where Mu Chen was.

“Looks like it’s time to get rid of this person.”

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