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Chapter 1149 - The Hundredth Heavenly Lake Crystal

Several Spiritual Arrays appeared in the Heavenly Lake, which were emitting extremely violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations, sweeping up huge waves with Mu Chen sitting in the Spiritual Arrays. His eyes slowly opened with a flicker of light in the depths of his pitch-black eyes. The surrounding Spiritual Energy around him was also akin to an awakened dragon and the ferocity was shocking.

“My Spiritual Energy has improved.” Sensing the strengthened Spiritual Energy around him, Mu Chen slightly smiled. His previous battle with Xia Yu allowed his Spiritual Energy to improve. Right now, he was already at the pinnacle of the Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, which was an unexpected surprise.

As he recovered to the peak, Mu Chen stood up and looked around. The traces of battle had already disappeared without anyone there. It looked like those people that were trying to fish for benefits had all retreated.

However, those fellows were pretty quick with their feet. If they were slightly slower, Mu Chen wouldn’t mind getting an easy harvest out of them.

“Time is pressing. I should grasp the amount of time I have to capture Heavenly Lake Crystals.” Mu Chen wasn’t too bothered about those fellows, so he composed himself. Right now, the Baptism of the Heavenly Lake was the main event and he absolutely couldn’t give up on it.

Thinking about this, Mu Chen once again placed his heart on the Spiritual Arrays before he started to cultivate. After spending nearly half an hour, only then did he pat his hands with satisfaction.

Spiritual Arrays were constantly amplified around him and the might of them even made Mu Chen, himself, startled. According to his estimations, even a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign would suffer a fatal blow upon entering this trap.

Laying out the traps properly, Mu Chen set up another Spirit Convergence Array in the centre of the Spiritual Arrays. Furthermore, this Spirit Convergence Array was stronger than the previous one and the effect of it was even stronger.

Finishing all these, only then did Mu Chen retreat and hide his own Spiritual Energy fluctuation with the help of a Spiritual Array.

Thus… the game of fishing started all over again.

In the massive Heavenly Lake, the liveliness of here could be seen with silhouettes streaking across as they searched for the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake.

In the beginning, everyone had belittled the might of the Spirits; thus, they paid a great price for it. Some unfortunate fellows even suffered the destruction of their plaques and were killed, reduced to ashes.

Thereafter, after knowing how troublesome the Spirits were, anyone that hadn’t reach the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign would choose to join forces with others to hunt for Spirits.

However, the method’s efficiency was low and there would also be a problem of distribution. This was a headache to them and, in the end, there might even be a slaughter amongst them.

Regarding those powerful enough to hunt for the Spirits by themselves, they entered the depths of the Heavenly Lake, searching all around. When they first discovered the Spirits, a battle broke out amongst them, which lifted waves that were myriad feet high.

The entire Heavenly Lake flared and time swiftly passed…

The Nine Dragon God-Killing Array roared in the fortress of arrays where a huge dragon soared, turning into boundless lustre and struck against those Spirits. Instantly, those Spirits felt a heavy impact and their lustres dimmed before being reduced into their original form, crystals.

Mu Chen stretched his hand out and held onto those Spirits with a smile appearing on his face.

After an entire day of fishing, he had already gotten 62 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake!

According to Mu Chen’s speculation, he could definitely be ranked amongst the top three with that number. Although he managed to obtain such an amount with the help of Spiritual Arrays, Mu Chen didn’t believe that Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, Zhu Yan and Garuda didn’t have anything up their sleeves. Thus, he wasn’t overconfident enough to think that he’s the first.

“With 62 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake, I should be able to obtain the Greater Baptism.” Mu Chen pondered as he licked his lips. Although he could obtain the Greater Baptism, which he was already satisfied with it, who didn’t wish to have the best? With the aid of Spiritual Arrays, he could try and see if he could aim for 100 Spirits to obtain the Perfect Baptism.

“Let’s give it a try, then.” Mu Chen waved his sleeve, triggering the fortress of Spiritual Arrays.

Another day passed with boundless Spiritual Energy surging in the fortress of Spiritual Arrays. Ripples of attacks endlessly targeted the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake that was trapped within and every attack would cause the glow around the Spirit to dim down a little.

Mu Chen stood outside the Spiritual Array, looking at the Spirit of Heavenly Lake that was swiftly dimming. Even with his composure, he couldn’t hide the joy on his face.

That’s because he had already obtained 99 Heavenly Lake Crystals and the one inside the Spiritual Array would be the 100th one!

It was rumoured that with 100 Heavenly Lake Crystals, he would be able to trigger the Perfect Baptism of the Heavenly Lake!

“The Perfected Heavenly Lake Baptism doesn’t seem so tough.” Mu Chen smiled but his brows slightly knitted when the smile appeared, since he could vaguely feel that something was amiss. That’s because he felt that the Perfected Heavenly Lake Baptism didn’t seem to be as difficult as expected.

Although he had made use of Spiritual Arrays, Mu Chen didn’t believe that with the foundation of the Ancient Haven Palace in the ancient times, the elites wouldn’t have such thoughts.

But why were there so few amongst the disciples that could obtain the Perfect Baptism of the Heavenly Lake? 

Mu Chen knitted his brows as he pondered. But he didn’t have the luxury of time to think about it. In any case, he would further decide after obtaining the 100th Heavenly Lake Crystal. Thus, he calmed himself and triggered the Spiritual Array to launch constant attacks.

After a long while, the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake finally dimmed down and was turned into a Heavenly Lake Crystal before falling down into Mu Chen’s hand.

After obtaining the 100th Heavenly Lake Crystal, Mu Chen had immediately patted towards the Golden Dragon Plaque beneath his feet.

The Heavenly Lake Crystals were extremely profound and could only be placed in the Golden Dragon Plaque. Furthermore, he also required the plaque to trigger the Heavenly Lake Baptism. As long as he placed the 100th Heavenly Lake Crystal within, then he should be able to trigger the Heavenly Lake Baptism.

The Heavenly Lake Crystal flew towards the Golden Dragon Plaque, but at that moment, something unexpected occurred. The Heavenly Lake Crystal wasn’t able to enter the plaque. On the contrary, the plaque had rejected it and it returned to Mu Chen’s hand.

“This…?” Mu Chen was stunned by this reaction as he looked at the Golden Dragon Plaque beneath his feet with shock. Clearly, he had no idea why the 100th Heavenly Lake Crystal was rejected.

“Truly, there’s a problem.” Mu Chen quickly recovered from his shock with his brows knitted. If he couldn’t place the 100th Heavenly Lake Crystal into the Golden Dragon Plaque, then he would only be able to activate the Greater Baptism.

Generally speaking, the Golden Dragon Plaque shouldn’t have such a reaction. Could it be that it’s not the true 100th Heavenly Lake Crystal? If that’s not the case then where did the 100th Heavenly Lake Crystal come from?

Mu Chen pondered and a brief moment later, he suddenly stomped his foot and the Golden Dragon Plaque trembled. Instantly, ten-odd lumps of light flew and hovered before Mu Chen, they were the 99 Heavenly Lake Crystals that Mu Chen had captured.

Mu Chen stretched his hand out and his Spiritual Energy formed into a lump of light that enveloped the 99 Crystals.

Mu Chen fixed his eyes on the Heavenly Lake Crystals and examined the finest changes between them. He believed that there was a way to obtain that 100th Crystal, it’s just that he hadn’t found it yet.

The 99 Heavenly Lake Crystals quietly floated without any movements.

Mu Chen’s face couldn’t help becoming unsightly. Could it be that the so-called “Perfect Baptism” didn’t exist? Or was it because the Ancient Haven Palace no longer existed, so there’s a flaw in the Heavenly Lake’s Baptism as well?

Suddenly, the Heavenly Lake trembled and a peculiar fluctuation appeared above the Heavenly Lake.

Sensing the fluctuation, Mu Chen instantly narrowed his eyes. That’s the fluctuation of the Heavenly Lake Baptism.

It looked like someone had triggered the baptism.

When the first baptism was triggered, an endless peculiar fluctuation started to spread out around the Heavenly Lake as more people triggered the baptism as well.

When the Heavenly Lake’s Baptism constantly appeared, Mu Chen could sense the buoyancy that emanated from the Heavenly Lake, as if it wanted to start expelling those within.

“Time’s almost up.” Mu Chen understood what was going on. It looked like the Heavenly Lake was about to close soon.

But he had yet to obtain the 100 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake! Could it be that he had to settle with the Greater Baptism?

Mu Chen tightly pulsed his lips as he looked at the 99 Heavenly Lake Crystals before him. In the next moment, his eyes slightly narrowed.

“This is…” Mu Chen knitted his brows because he realised that when those Heavenly Lake Crystals touched each other, there were some Heavenly Lake Crystals that lit up a little, while some dimmed a little…

Judging from this, it was as if the Heavenly Lake Crystals had devoured the power in the other Heavenly Lake Crystals.

The changes were so small that even Mu Chen could only vaguely sense it.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered and after a brief while, only then did he mutter, “Could it be… devouring?”

Could it be that the 100th Heavenly Lake Crystal was not something that he should capture, but appear amongst the 99 Heavenly Lake Crystals?

“Should I give it a gamble?” Mu Chen’s face indefinitely changed because if he guessed incorrectly, then it would mean all of his efforts going to waste. After all, he did not have the luxury of time to start all over again.

Even Mu Chen had hesitated before this choice.

However, Mu Chen was not an indecisive person. His gaze swiftly turned resolute. The difference between a Greater and Perfect Baptism was not just a level. If he could obtain the latter, then it would be greatly beneficial for when he broke through to the Earth Sovereign Realm in the future.

Since that’s the case, then let’s give it a gamble!

Mu Chen cut off all his hesitation and left his imprint on those 99 Heavenly Lake Crystals before waving his sleeve.

The 99 Heavenly Lake Crystals flew out and when they came in contact with the Heavenly Lake’s lake water, they started to devour Spiritual Energy and in just a brief moment, all 99 of them were emitting a dazzling lustre.

The 99 Heavenly Lake Crystals turned back into the form of Spirits and every single one of them flickered like stars, appearing within the fortress of Spiritual Arrays.

When the 99 Spirits appeared at the same time, the boundless Spiritual Energy even made Mu Chen stunned.

After finishing all of this, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and soared into the sky, then flew towards the edge of the Heavenly Lake. There was no longer any purpose for him to stay here and if what he guessed was correct, then he should be able to get the Spirits back since he had left his imprint on them.

If what he had guessed was wrong, then he would only obtain a Lesser Baptism, which would spell all his efforts for nought.

This time, let’s take a gamble!

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