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Chapter 1147 - Power of the Demonic Punch

Boundless killing intent burst forth from Mu Chen’s body in a manner of smoke that even swiftly dyed the lake water of the Heavenly Lake red, turning this place into a brutal battlefield.

When the spectators saw this, their faces uncontrollably changed, since they could sense their own blood boiling. The killing intent that surged in their hearts even caused them to slightly lose control.

“What tyrannical killing intent!” Sensing that, everyone’s hearts jolted before they swiftly retreated, fearing that they would be contaminated by the killing intent and lose their rationale.

“What did that Mu Chen cultivate? Why would his killing intent be so terrifying?!” They looked at Mu Chen with shock in their eyes.

“It’s a Divine Ability!” There were spectators that had their eyes turning red and they couldn’t help exclaiming out. Only a genuine Divine Ability would have such might that could even affect the spectators.

“He has actually cultivated a Divine Ability?” There were those that felt that it was unbelievable. Even if a Divine Ability was powerful, everyone knew that only Earth Sovereigns could cultivate them. Even if ordinary people got it, it would be impossible for them to cultivate it. Thus, when they saw Mu Chen executing a Divine Ability, their hearts trembled with shock.

Naturally, they weren’t the only ones being shocked. Even Xia Yu couldn’t help changing his expression when he sensed the killing intent before looking at Mu Chen with a trace of fear for the first time.

Their Xia Empire also had a Divine Ability and he had some knowledge about them. Thus, he knew how difficult it was for a Ninth Grade Sovereign to execute it.

Even he wasn’t able to cultivate one.

“This Mu Chen is truly talented. He has to be killed today!” Xia Yu gritted his teeth with a chill in his eyes. Killing intent surged in his heart. The talent and potential that Mu Chen had displayed made Xia Yu frightened. Even so, Mu Chen was already an enemy of the Xia Empire, so he could only kill Mu Chen so that he wouldn’t grow into a disaster!

“I’ll see how powerful this Divine Ability of yours is!” Xia Yu roared. At this moment, he had sealed Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body, which made Mu Chen be in his weakest state. Even if Mu Chen managed to execute a Sovereign Celestial Body, the power of it would be limited. On the contrary, he had the Emperor Celestial Body to amplify his strength, which could suppress Mu Chen.

The Emperor’s Fist, which was directed at Mu Chen, unleashed a myriad foot of lustre as a destructive fluctuation constantly spread out.

Blood veins crawled in Mu Chen’s eyes as he looked at the Emperor’s Fist that was shrouding him. There wasn’t a hint of emotions in his eyes because, at this moment, he had a self-sacrificial bearing around him.

Not to mention Xia Yu, even if it was a Heavenly Sovereign standing before him, Mu Chen wouldn’t hesitate to risk his life.

If the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch didn’t possess any self-sacrificial bearing, it would be impossible to execute it, nor could he unleash the might of it. Thus, at that moment when Mu Chen successfully executed it, he was already prepared to forgo his life.

Since he was no longer bothered with his life and death, what was there to fear between the heavens and earth?

Thus, under this fearless momentum, Mu Chen slowly waved his fist out. At that moment when he jabbed his fist out, this entire region had instantly quietened down.

Traces of black air enveloped his fist and aside from that, it didn’t look like anything unusual. Judging from the momentum itself, the might of Xia Yu’s Emperor’s Fist was clearly stronger than Mu Chen by several times.

However, Mu Chen looked as if he did not notice it. He calmly brandished his fist out and clashed with the descending Emperor’s Fist.

The Emperor’s Fist was roughly a thousand feet, enveloped with a spiritual lustre. It was so much so that even Xia Yu’s dignified face would intimidate ordinary experts to the point that they would lose their fighting spirit.

But compared to this fist, Mu Chen’s fist was drastically tiny in comparison.

However, in that moment of collision, everyone could see visible ripples urgently spreading out, which caused Xia Yu’s pupils to abruptly narrow.

That’s because he could see that when his fist clashed with Mu Chen’s fist, the latter wasn’t pushed away. He was akin to a boulder that looked on with absolute stability.

On the contrary, it was the massive fist that violently trembled.

A fearless bearing that wouldn’t even fear death spread out from the fist and smashed against Xia Yu’s heart, causing his heart to tremble and his face turned pale as he looked at Mu Chen.

That bearing made him understand that Mu Chen had already given up his life to engage in a life and death battle with him.

“Madman!” Xia Yu muttered. He was evidently intimidated by Mu Chen. That’s because, right from the beginning, he had no intention in fighting with Mu Chen with his life on the line. He was the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire with all sorts of protective treasures. So how could he be foolish enough to forgo everything and put his life on the line with Mu Chen?

The most important factor was to survive and this thought had caused intentions of retreating to rise in Xia Yu’s heart. He no longer wished to continue fighting with this madman.

However… it was already too late for such thoughts.

Mu Chen’s fist, which was shrouded in a black aura, caused fine cracks to appear on the Emperor’s Fist. Thereafter, the cracks swiftly expanded and in a few breaths’ time, it had already enveloped the entire fist.

When the cracks had completely spread out, Xia Yu’s attack, which had contained all his power, suddenly crumbled at this moment and dispersed into sparkles of light.

The spectators widened their mouths. Xia Yu’s strongest attack was so easily destroyed by Mu Chen?

While they were astonished, Xia Yu bore the brunt and the self-sacrificial aura that shrouded Mu Chen’s fist was transmitted into the depths of Xia Yu’s heart. Thus, not only was he heavily injured, even the fighting intent in his heart had been completely dispersed.

A mouthful of blood came out of Xia Yu’s mouth as he was blown back. The boundless Spiritual Energy that was being emitted from his body was swiftly diminishing.

Destroying the Emperor’s Fist, the blood veins in Mu Chen’s eyes grew even denser. Mu Chen did not stop there. He took another step, and appeared before Xia Yu, aiming his jab towards Xia Yu’s chest.

It was still a simple jab but the self-sacrificial aura was akin to a death god that enveloped Xia Yu, raising a fear in the latter’s eyes.

That’s because he knew that if he was struck by that attack, then he would definitely die!

“Mountain River’s Ruler Seal - Mountain River Barrier!” At the doorstep of death, Xia Yu had no choice but to recall the Mountain River’s Ruler Seal and use the last few limited chances of activating it. The Mountain River’s Ruler Seal appeared before him with a layer of barrier.

Mu Chen’s fist heavily slammed against the barrier and fresh blood splattered from his fist with his skin being torn. However, he wasn’t bothered about that. He threw more jabs with an indifferent expression.

Mu Chen’s fists crashed against the barrier, he wasn’t bothered about the injuries on his fists and had fixated his eyes on Xia Yu while violently brandishing his fists.

“Madman! Madman!” Xia Yu was terrified by Mu Chen’s attitude of disregarding his own life. Instantly, he roared, “Mu Chen, you’re ruthless and I admit my defeat this time! I will leave now!”

Although Mu Chen had activated his Divine Ability, he would evidently fall into a weakened state thereafter. At that time, Xia Yu could return and kill Mu Chen.

However, what exceeded Xia Yu’s expectations was that Mu Chen’s face still did not have any expression despite him admitting his defeat. Mu Chen continued to brandish his fists, even though his fists were covered in wounds.

Xia Yu finally felt fear at this sight. Facing Mu Chen’s terrifying fists, the Mountain River Barrier finally couldn’t bear the impacts and crumble apart.

When the barrier crumbled, Xia Yu spat a mouthful of blood with a pale expression before he watched in fear as Mu Chen raised his fist that was akin to the fist of a death god.

“Mu Chen, if you dare to kill me, my Imperial Father will never let you off! At that time, my Xia Empire will definitely make you pay a great price!” Xia Yu roared.

Hearing Xia Ru’s roar, Mu Chen’s fist briefly paused, which made Xia Yu rejoice in his heart upon this scene. Although Mu Chen was insane, he still knew about the consequences of offending his Imperial Father.

While he was rejoicing and making preparations to retreat, Mu Chen’s reddened eyes looked at him, in which Xia Yu saw a hint of ridicule.

“You’re speaking as if your Xia Empire will not come looking for me even if I let you off…” Mu Chen gently smiled. With the battle progressing this far, the Xia Emperor would definitely not let him off. Since that’s the case, then why should he be lenient?

With an indifferent expression, Mu Chen brandished his fist once more.

Xia Yu’s face was completely covered with fear and Spiritual Energy surged in his body, wanting to retreat along with bringing out all his protective measures.

However, Mu Chen’s fist had quickly penetrated through space and smashed Against Xia Yu’s head. A black light exploded, which caused even space to shatter like glass at this moment.

Space shattered along with Xia Yu’s head, which was covered with shock and unwillingness… 

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