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Chapter 1148 - The Fall of Xia Yu

When Mu Chen waved his fist, the violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation at this area immediately disappeared and the massive Emperor Celestial Body shattered.

As the Sovereign Celestial Body dispersed, the spectators were dumbfounded with disbelief in their eyes.

“He… he actually killed Xia Yu?!” Everyone gulped a mouthful of saliva as they looked at Mu Chen with fear filling their eyes. The decisiveness of the latter made them feel a chill surging in their hearts.

That was Xia Yu, the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire and also Xia Emperor’s Successor!

With Xia Yu’s importance, if the Xia Emperor knew that Xia Yu had fallen here, he would definitely not let the matter rest! Was the rage of Xia Emperor something a tiny Mu Chen could bear? That was naturally impossible…

Mu Chen calmly looked at the headless corpse in the midst of everyone’s shock. That fist not only destroyed Xia Yu’s head, the killing aura behind his fist even destroyed Xia Yu’s Sovereign Sea…

Thus, Xia Yu had completely fallen today.

Mu Chen knew that he would completely offend the Xia Empire regarding this matter but he still had no intention of going easy. That’s because Mu Chen was clear that Xia Yu was a sinister figure. Even if Mu Chen managed to force him to retreat, Xia Yu would definitely bite back at him if there’s an opportunity.

Furthermore, Xia Yu’s talent was good and according to Mu Chen’s estimations, if Xia Yu was given more time and with the resources of the Xia Empire, there’s a huge chance that he could make it to the Earth Sovereign Realm.

Since that’s the case, then there was even more of the need to kill him. After all, Mu Chen did not wished to be watched by a future Earth Sovereign.

After sorting out the reasons, had Mu Chen no longer hesitated to kill, and annihilated this successor of the Xia Empire.

“But this will completely offend the Xia Empire.” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. The Xia Emperor was a tyrant in the Greatlaw Continent and if the Xia Emperor decided to make his move, it would definitely be a disaster for Mu Chen. But fortunately, he had Mandala supporting him, so there’s nothing to fear.

“Looks like there’s an absolute need to help Mandala find her main body.” Mu Chen grinned. The Xia Emperor was also a Greater Earth Sovereign with a Middle Rank Saint Artifact. So his fighting strength could be considered as extraordinary amongst the Greater Earth Sovereigns. Even Mandala wouldn’t be confident about winning. Not to mention that Mandala still had an enemy that she must deal with, the ruler of the Demonic Saint Palace.

Therefore, as a guarantee, he had to help Mandala find her main body. Once Mandala fused with her main body, her strength would be restored to the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm. At that time, not to mention a Xia Emperor, Mandala’s strength could also be ranked amongst the top in the entire Greatlaw Continent.

Although he and Mandala were friends, he couldn’t always have her clean up his mess. So he had to do something for her as well.

Thus, he definitely had to complete the mission of finding Mandala’s main body.

Thinking about it, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and raised his head up to see a black jade seal floating in the air. It was the Mountain River’s Ruler Seal that was used by Xia Yu earlier.

Mu Chen stretched his hand out and took it. He was extremely interested in this treasure that could isolate the Sovereign Celestial Body. This time, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had perfectly executed the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch, he might have had to bring out the Wind God’s Fan in order to deal with the situation.

Mu Chen held onto the black jade seal and briefly sensed it before his brows furrowed. That’s because he realised that the Spiritual Energy within it had been completely exhausted from the last battle and if he wanted to use it again, he would have to spend a great amount of time to pour Spiritual Energy into it.

Tossing the seal in his hand, Mu Chen stored it. Although the Spiritual Energy in it had been completely exhausted, it was still an extraordinary treasure and there might be a use for it if he kept it.

Mu Chen waved his hand and a Golden Dragon Plaque appeared. It had previously belonged to Xia Yu. Mu Chen gently patted the plaque and saw lumps of light rising and floated before him, they were the Heavenly Lake Crystals, a total of 8 of them.

Evidently, those were Xia Yu’s harvest.

“That fellow’s efficiency was pretty good…” Mu Chen looked at the 8 crystals and couldn’t help being a little astonished. He had been bitterly setting traps here and only managed to obtain 13, which wasn’t much different from Xia Yu.

However, all these had benefitted Mu Chen in the end.

Thus, Mu Chen stored those 8 crystals without any hesitation under everyone’s greedy gazes. This way, he would have 21 crystals and as long as he could obtain 9 more, he would have reached the minimum requirement for the baptism.

After he stored the harvest, Mu Chen swept a glance into the distance. As the battle ripples dissipated, he could also vaguely sense some silhouettes approaching.

Those people were looking at Mu Chen with greed in their eyes.

Although Mu Chen had emerged victorious from the previous battle, he must have also greatly exhausted himself. The Great Solar Undying Body beneath his feet had already been recalled to save Spiritual Energy, but from the Spiritual Energy coming from Mu Chen, he was obviously much weaker than before.

Those experts had sensed Mu Chen’s exhaustion so they couldn’t help approaching with the intent to see if they had a beneficial opportunity. After all, the Mountain River Ruler’s Seal and Heavenly Lake Crystals that Mu Chen had obtained were tempting for them.

Facing those fellows, Mu Chen coldly cast a glance before retreating back into the fortress of Spiritual Arrays.

After entering the Spiritual Arrays, Mu Chen flicked his fingers and the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, which was the outer layer, started to move. Instantly, a boundless Spiritual Energy exploded forth with a powerful pressure spreading out.

Those silhouettes that tried to approach felt how terrifying the Spiritual Array was and their faces uncontrollably changed. They had felt an extreme danger coming from that Spiritual Array.

“That Mu Chen is truly not simple… To actually manage to set up such a formidable Spiritual Array. No wonder even Xia Yu did not dare to enter the range of it.”

“If Mu Chen had used his Spiritual Arrays in the previous battle, Xia Yu would probably lose even faster.”

“Forget it, that fellow is not a pushover. Let’s not provoke him…”


Those experts sighed before they decisively retreated. Facing Mu Chen, they had no advantage to take.

When Mu Chen saw this, he did not make any movements. Instead, he sat down in the Spiritual Array and swiftly recovered himself to his pinnacle state.

Seeing his actions, everyone could only leave. After all, they had to capture the Heavenly Lake Crystals as well, no one wanted to wait here. Furthermore, if Mu Chen managed to recover and come after them, then it would be a misfortune for them.

Thus, in just a few minutes, this region had quieted down with the lake water splashing, swiftly erasing the traces of battle there.

At the same time, in another location of the Heavenly Lake.

At that moment when Xia Yu was killed, Zhu Yan had narrowed his eyes. The outcome had exceeded his expectations. However, he did not speak a word as he turned around and left.

Xiao Xiao looked at his silhouette and chuckled, “Wait till I’m done with this, I will come and play with you.”

Her laughter was bewitching, but when Zhu Yan heard her words, he squinted his eyes. Evidently, he knew that obstructing Xiao Xiao had enraged her.

“I’ll be waiting.” In the end, he nodded his head and left.

“That Mu Chen is truly something…” Su Qingyin played with a crimson centipede before raising her head and smiled at Nine Nether. However, her smile was a little more grave. She had fought with Xia Yu in the past and knew how powerful Xia Yu was. Even she wasn’t confident in killing him, but Mu Chen accomplished it, which had evidently made her feel a little startled.

Nine Nether coldly looked at Su Qingyin, but she couldn’t be bothered to converse with her.

“Haha, rest assured. I will not take part in matters like this anymore. You guys have the advantage of numbers and even I am fearful of that.” Seeing Nine Nether’s cold expression, Su Qingyin lightly smiled before she waved her hand and controlled the azure lustre to leave.

Seeing her departure, only then did Nine Nether feel relieved. Su Qingyin was even stronger than her and if she didn’t have the Wind Summoning Art to drag the battle, she would be in a terrible state.

But fortunately, Mu Chen won…

Nine Nether raised her head into the distance with a smile on the corner of her lips.

Garuda looked at the mirror and saw how Mu Chen killed Xia Yu before waving his hand and stored the bronze mirror before he faintly said, “What a ruthless fellow.”

Although he had a calm expression, there were some ripples in the depths of his eyes. Evidently, the fighting strength displayed by Mu Chen had exceeded his expectations.

“If you want to find trouble with Mu Chen, be careful of being killed.” Lin Jing held onto the black pearl as she smiled with her eyes narrowed.

Garuda smiled as he crossed his ten fingers. “He and I will fight. But I will definitely kill him.”

Lin Jing’s brows lifted as she looked at Garuda. “Then you will die together.”

Garuda furrowed his brows, but he did not speak a word. He shrugged his shoulders before he turned around and left. “Perhaps…”

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