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Chapter 1147: A Bountiful Harvest

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Mu Chen stood on the Golden Dragon Token Amulet as he looked at the lively Heavenly River. However, he did not remain in place, but directly controlled the Golden Dragon Token Amulet and went deeper into the Heavenly River. He was going to try to see if the idea in his mind was feasible.

The Heavenly River, due to its vast spiritual power, was full of terrible spiritual power oppression, and the deeper one ventured, the greater the spiritual oppression was. An ordinary Disciple Token Amulet would not be able to explore further, but fortunately, Mu Chen had the highest-ranking Golden Dragon Token Amulet, which allowed him to swim freely in the Heavenly River.

As Mu Chen went deeper into the Heavenly River, the people around him became increasingly scarce, and he stopped after selecting a quiet spot. He sat down on the Golden Dragon Token Amulet again, then wiggled his fingers gently. Suddenly, a trail of spiritual seals emerged from his fingertips and surged out, melting quickly into the void.

In a few moments, a spiritual array appeared in front of Mu Chen. This spiritual array did not have any lethal power because it was just a Spirit Convergence Array. This was Mu Chen’s bait, and the fish, naturally, were the Heavenly River Spirits.

In his previous observations, Mu Chen had found that every Heavenly River Spirit appeared where the spiritual energy of the Heavenly River gathered. Thus, it was obvious that the Heavenly River Spirits instinctively went to these places full of spiritual energy. They were driven to constantly absorb spiritual energy to strengthen themselves.

In that case, Mu Chen no longer had to struggle to find the Heavenly River Spirits. He could build a place full of spiritual energy and then lure the Heavenly River Spirits to come automatically. Of course, where there was bait, there must also be a net.

Mu Chen looked at the Spirit Convergence Array and smiled. Spiritual seals condensed on his fingertips again and then shot into the array, fusing quickly into it. A continuous stream of spiritual seals shot out as the spiritual array rapidly took form. However, Mu Chen did not activate it, but instead, hid it, and then continued to cultivate spiritual seals, laying out layer after layer outside the Spirit Convergence Array.

These spiritual arrays were just heaven-level, so Mu Chen had to achieve his goal by using a massive quantity of them. Of course, it was not enough to deal with the Heavenly River Spirits, which were comparable to Complete Grade Nines. Thus, after laying out more than a dozen layers of heaven-level spiritual arrays, Mu Chen took a deep breath, and his face grew grave.

Countless spiritual seals surged out from his hands like flying butterflies, melting into the void. They gradually built up outside the peripheral layers of the spiritual arrays. The process of setting up spiritual arrays took a lot of time, because this was an incomplete Ancestral Master rank spiritual array, the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array.

When the last spiritual seal melted into the void, and they began to connect to each other, Mu Chen breathed a sigh of relief. His palm fell, he looked ahead, and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Although it seemed calm there, only he knew that it had been built into a perilous arena. Even if a Complete Grade Nine entered it, they would face inevitable death.

Now, let’s see if this works. A look of anticipation flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes as he flicked his finger. This activated the Spirit Convergence Array at the innermost circle, and as light bloomed, a suction force erupted.


The surrounding waters of the Heavenly River rippled as spiritual energy visible to the eye poured in and rapidly converged towards the Spirit Convergence Array.

Due to the vastness of the spiritual energy in the Heavenly River, the effect of this spiritual array was surprisingly good. However, in just a few moments, the river water in the Spirit Convergence Array had started to show signs of condensing into crystal shards of spiritual energy. Traces of spiritual clouds were also emitted. The spiritual energy in it was obviously more pure and powerful than the rest of the Heavenly River.

Mu Chen looked at the scene and nodded slightly. The bait had been successfully arranged, and all that was left now was to see if the fish would take the bait. If not, he could only choose the most primitive but inefficient way of achieving his goal.

Mu Chen sat quietly on the Golden Dragon Token Amulet with his eyes closed. He set up a spiritual array that hid his spiritual fluctuations from being detected by the Heavenly River Spirits.

Deep in the Heavenly River, there was silence, but there were also occasional waves. Time passed slowly, but there was still no movement around him. Mu Chen frowned as his brows knit together. Has my plan failed?

I should wait a while more. Mu Chen suppressed his impatience and was ready to continue to wait.

He waited about ten minutes more, but there was still no movement in his surroundings. He was gradually disappointed, and just as he was considering giving up, there was a ripple of movement in the river in front of him. He suddenly looked up.


The river rippled as a ray of light appeared in the distance and then quickly floated over. Joy emerged in Mu Chen’s eyes, for that ray of light was a Heavenly River Spirit.

The Heavenly River Spirit came rapidly with its light flickering unsteadily, as if it were in a hurry. It came straight to the Spirit Convergence Array, which was its apparent goal.

Glee surfaced in his heart as his speculation had been right, indeed. The Heavenly River Spirit swayed as it quickly appeared at the outermost spiritual array layer. It slowed down suddenly, as if it had noticed something. Mu Chen’s heart jumped as the Heavenly River Spirit seemed to detect strange fluctuations in the surrounding river.

The Heavenly River Spirit lingered outside the spiritual array, hesitating somewhat. To it, the mighty power that emanated from the spiritual array was like the most delicious food that it longed for.

The Heavenly River Spirit wandered for a while, but its simple spiritual intelligence was such that it could not give up the temptation before it, and it rushed head first into the Spirit Convergence Array.


It perched on the Spirit Convergence Array, devouring the insanely powerful spiritual energy within as it buzzed and shook cheerfully. As the Heavenly River Spirit devoured the spiritual energy with gusto, a smile emerged on Mu Chen’s face. Now that the fish was finally hooked, it was time to reel it in!


As Mu Chen was thinking this, layer upon layer of hidden spiritual arrays suddenly exploded outside the Spirit Convergence Array. Spiritual array runes appeared, transformed into layers of spiritual arrays, and enveloped the Spirit Convergence Array. The sudden burst of spiritual energy fluctuations shocked the Heavenly River Spirit as it immediately shot out into a stream of light and tried to escape.

At this point, however, it was obviously too late.

The Heavenly River Spirit hit the first level of the spiritual array, and the heaven-level spiritual arrays were almost instantly broken. It then hit the second layer and the third layer in quick succession.

Mu Chen was gobsmacked upon seeing this. Thank goodness he was well prepared, or he would not have been able to trap the Heavenly River Spirit.

Boom! Boom!

Layers of spiritual arrays continued to shatter under the violent impact of the Heavenly River Spirit. However, its speed also gradually slowed down as the heaven-level spiritual arrays wore it down.

In a mere minute, the heaven-level spiritual arrays had shattered completely. However, Mu Chen was not worried, because his killing move was the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array at the outermost layer.


When the Heavenly River Spirit rushed to the outermost level, the power of the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array began to erupt. The vast spiritual power turned directly into a massive dragon that materialized and violently collided with the Heavenly River Spirit.


The strong collision set off a huge wave as it rolled and spread. The Heavenly River Spirit met obstruction for the first time as it was brutally pushed back. The bright light surrounding it dimmed significantly. Clearly, this Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array was much more powerful than the spiritual arrays before it.

Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief as his heart also settled down. The Heavenly River Spirit was already trapped, and it was impossible for it to escape.

Boom! Boom!

For the rest of the day, the Heavenly River Spirit was still in a frenzy as it continued its frantic collision, but it was still unable to compete with the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array. Its light grew dimmer as it was knocked back again and again. By the time the last impact was completed, the Heavenly River Spirit had shrunk in size by half.

Mu Chen also stood up at this time and appeared above the Heavenly River Spirit. With a blow of his palm, magnificent spiritual strength swept out, wrapping around the Heavenly River Spirit layer by layer. With the clench of his palm, the Heavenly River Spirit shrank rapidly and finally turned into a clear crystal stone as the river flowed in it.

The Heavenly River Spirit Crystal rose up and fell into Mu Chen’s hands. He grasped it lightly and smiled contentedly as countless spiritual seals swept out of his sleeve. The spiritual arrays that had been destroyed by the Heavenly River Spirit before were set up again, for he had sensed that in the distance, there was also a Heavenly River Spirit rapidly approaching.

In the next hour, the area where Mu Chen was began to become extremely lively. One after another, the Heavenly River Spirits came from the depths of the Heavenly River and at last were like hungry wolves pouncing on their food, charging into the Spirit Convergence Array that was full of traps.

In the face of the multitude of traps laid out by Mu Chen, these unintelligent Heavenly River Spirits were all captured. Thus, in just an hour, Mu Chen had acquired up to 13 Heavenly River Spirit Crystals!

With this kind of harvest, even with Mu Chen’s composed personality, he could not help but smile. According to this efficiency, obtaining 30 Heavenly River Spirits should not be difficult.

However, when Mu Chen was harvesting the Heavenly River Spirits, the spiritual energy fluctuations were also spreading, which attracted the attention of some powerful people.

When they saw Mu Chen easily capture those difficult Heavenly River Spirits with the help of spiritual arrays, their eyes widened because of amazement, and desire appeared in their gazes.

However, although they coveted Mu Chen’s catch, they did not lose their rationality completely. They clearly felt the power of the layers of spiritual arrays, and even the Heavenly River Spirits, which were comparable to Complete Grade Nines, could not escape, not to mention those onlookers. Thus, even if they were jealous, they would only look in the distance and not dare to approach.

However, not everyone was so reluctant.


Mu Chen struck and captured another exhausted Heavenly River Spirit. He waved his sleeves and put it away, but he did not continue to strike. Instead, he stood up and stared coldly into the distance. A golden light cut through the river as it appeared before him in the next moment.

The Token Amulet at the person’s feet radiated golden light as golden dragons emerged. Obviously, this was a Golden Dragon Token Amulet. A familiar figure stood above the Golden Dragon Token Amulet with his hands behind his back.

It was Xia Yu.

Xia Yu stood on the Golden Dragon Token Amulet and looked at Mu Chen with a smile. He gently clapped and praised Mu Chen saying, “I did not expect you to think of this way to capture the Heavenly River Spirit. How eye-opening.”

Mu Chen stared at Xia Yu expressionlessly and did not respond.

Seeing the situation, Xia Yu was not angry, but he said with a slight smile, “Share half of the Heavenly River Spirit Crystals you got with me, otherwise, I will act and destroy your spiritual arrays so that you can no longer continue.”

Upon hearing this, a smile bloomed on Mu Chen’s emotionless face, and then he raised his finger and pointed into the distance.


In the face of Xia Yu’s threat, he gave the simplest and rudest answer!

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