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Chapter 1146 - Mountain River’s Ruler Seal

Violent Spiritual Energy shock waves wreaked havoc across the Heavenly Lake and every shock wave would even cause those Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereigns to feel their scalps turning numb. They knew that if they were struck by that attack head-on, they would die, even if they used all their means available to them.

Thus, one could see how terrifying Mu Chen was despite being only an Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign…

Many people sighed in their hearts as they looked at the violent battlefield. At this moment, there were two massive Sovereign Celestial Bodies emitting powerful Spiritual Energy with numerous Spiritual Energy attacks flying towards the other party.

Those attacks were extremely earth-shaking, which also exhausted a great amount of their Spiritual Energy. In the beginning, when Xia Yu saw that he couldn’t swiftly defeat Mu Chen, he had already given up speed and chose to exhaust his opponent.

After all, he was at the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm with only a step away from the Earth Sovereign Realm. In terms of robustness, his Spiritual Energy was stronger than Mu Chen’s.

Thus, as time passed, he believed that he would be able to exhaust Mu Chen.

However, as time passed, he gradually realised that the Great Solar Undying Body beneath Mu Chen’s feet was still emitting a dazzling lustre and the latter’s Spiritual Energy seemed endless and comparable to his own.

“How is that possible?!” Xia Yu’s face turned ashen. He wouldn’t know that after integrating with the Undying Flames, Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy would possess a never-dying characteristic. So the difficulty of exhausting Mu Chen had far exceeded Xia Yu’s imagination.

“That fellow’s Sovereign Celestial Body is too powerful and with his physique, it’s even more terrifying. If I want to kill him, then I will have to separate him from his Sovereign Celestial Body and kill him!”

But Xia Yu was not an ordinary figure. He could still find a way even at this time. One of the main reasons why Mu Chen could fight with him as an Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign was more due to his mysterious Great Solar Undying Body.

As long as he could separate Mu Chen from his Great Solar Undying Body, Xia Yu believed that it wouldn’t be difficult for him to kill Mu Chen.

But he would have to exert some means in order to separate Mu Chen from his Sovereign Celestial Body, which left him in hesitation. He had initially wanted to use that on Garuda, but if he used it now, then it would be noticed by Garuda.

His hesitation lasted for a brief moment before Xia Yu decisively wiped his hesitation away. As long as he could capture Mu Chen and obtain Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body, the harvest would be worth it.

With a decision made, Xia Yu sinisterly looked at Mu Chen before he bit his tongue and a mouthful of blood gushed out with a pitch-black light being emitted from that blood.

The pitch-black light swiftly expanded into a black jade seal with mountains and rivers engraved on it. It was emitting a powerful heaviness that even crumbled space.

“That’s… the absolute treasure of the Xia Empire, the Mountain River’s Ruler Seal?” When the spectators saw that black jade seal, their faces were covered with shock as they exclaimed.

“How is that possible?! The Mountain River’s Ruler Seal is a Middle Rank Saint Artifact that can only be controlled by an Earth Sovereign. Furthermore, that is the treasure of the Xia Emperor, why would he give it to Xia Yu? If Xia Yu loses it, then it would definitely be a great blow to the Xia Empire’s strength!”

“That is not the genuine Mountain River’s Ruler Seal! It should be a replica refined by the Xia Empire. Although the usage is limited, the might of it is comparable to a Low Rank Saint Artifact!” There were keen eyes that distinguished that fact.

“Even if it’s a replica, the might of it is still terrifying. Looks like Xia Yu has decided to kill Mu Chen and even brought out this trump card!” Someone sighed. Xia Yu had really hidden this deep down; but right now, he was forced to bring it out.

When the commotion rang out, Mu Chen looked at the black jade seal before he squinted his eyes. So it’s the absolute treasure of the Xia Empire? A replica of the Mountain River’s Ruler Seal?

Sure enough, Xia Yu had a trump card in his hand!

“You can be proud to force me to go this far!” Xia Yu darkly looked at Mu Chen. Then, in the next moment, he had formed seals before the black jade seal lightly trembled. The engravings on the seal turned into a realistic portrait, looking like a statue.

“Mountain River’s Ruler Seal - Mountain River Barrier!” Xia Yu flicked his finger on the jade seal and a crisp buzzing noise resounded. Thereafter, everyone witnessed the portrait of the statue fly out into a barrier that descended from the sky and enveloped the Great Solar Undying Body.

At that moment when the barrier enveloped him, Mu Chen could sense that his connection with the Great Solar Undying Body was being cut off.

Thus, the boundless Spiritual Energy that emitted from Mu Chen had greatly weakened.

Mu Chen’s gaze turned grave at this moment. The barrier was too peculiar. Even though he had his guard up, the barrier still penetrated through his guard and enveloped the Great Solar Undying Body.

“He’s using a Saint Artifact that especially targets the Sovereign Celestial Body?” Mu Chen was stunned. This was the first time he had seen such a Saint Artifact; thus, he could tell how powerful the Mountain River’s Ruler Seal was. If he fought with his opponent, and sealed off the opponent’s Sovereign Celestial Body, then he would practically be invincible.

It’s no wonder the Xia Emperor’s reputation in the Greatlaw Continent was so great, it turned out that he possessed such a powerful Saint Artifact… Even a replica was so powerful, so it was hard to imagine how powerful the genuine Mountain River’s Ruler Seal would be.

“Mu Chen, it’s too late for regrets!” Xia Yu looked at Mu Chen’s countenance turning grave and couldn’t help eerily smiling. At this moment, Mu Chen could no longer escape from his hands.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. Although the situation had changed, he did not have too much panic in his heart. The Mountain River’s Ruler Seal was truly powerful, but he also had the Wind God’s Fan with him. If he brought out the Wind God’s Fan, he would be able to erase the barrier.

However, Mu Chen did not use it, since it was his trump card. He did not wish to use it here, but was saving it for Garuda.

As thoughts circulated in Mu Chen’s heart, Xia Yu did not hesitate and stomped his foot. The Emperor Celestial Body beneath his feet burst out with a myriad spiritual lustre with boundless Spiritual Energy pouring into his body. His body expanded by a fold, looking like a miniature giant. Furthermore, the surface of his body was covered with runes with a terrifying fluctuation rippling out.

Xia Yu slowly clenched his fist and an ear-piercing crackling resound. Looking at Mu Chen, a sinister smile appeared on his face. Mu Chen had lost the support of his Sovereign Celestial Body while he could still rely on his Emperor Celestial Body. Thus, both of them were no longer on the same level.

The victory could already be seen as Xia Yu smiled and burst forth, turning into a streak of light as he shot towards Mu Chen. Afterimages constantly appeared, which caused an ear-piercing sonic wave.

“Emperor’s Fist!” Xia Yu roared as he jabbed forth with boundless Spiritual Energy gushing out. At this moment, he was akin to a blazing sun that was emitting a terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure with a prestigious face that appeared on the sun, akin to an emperor.

The terrifying pressure enveloped down, which made Mu Chen feel a stinging pain all over his body. The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits wandered on the surface of his body, unleashing roars as well. Evidently, they had also sensed danger.

If Mu Chen was struck by that move, even with his powerful physique, he would still be fatally injured.

Everyone sighed. All of them thought that Mu Chen would fall here.

The Emperor’s Fist swiftly expanded in Mu Chen’s eyes and the deathly aura caused Mu Chen’s eyes to narrow. However, it was unexpected that Mu Chen did not retreat. On the contrary, he remained in the same position without moving.

“Heh, now you’re scared out of your wits!” A ridiculing smile appeared on the corner of Xia Yu’s lips.

Mu Chen wasn’t bothered by it. He felt the deathly aura before closing his eyes, as if he had given up resisting.

“He has given up.” Many people sighed. After losing his Sovereign Celestial Body, clearly, Mu Chen knew that he couldn’t fight with Xia Yu.

However, while all of them had such thoughts, Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes and, at this moment, blood veins crawled all over his pupils.

An unimaginable killing aura violently condensed within Mu Chen’s body. Mu Chen had felt the deathly aura again from Xia Yu’s fist.

If he wanted to break through this situation, then he would only have to fight for his life!

Mu Chen slowly clenched his fist and a torrential killing aura gushed out from his body. At this moment, even the Heavenly Lake looked like it was dyed crimson by the killing aura.

Mu Chen raised his fist before he slowly jabbed forth.

When he jabbed forth, the lake water in the Heavenly Lake had suddenly exploded and an aura of sacrificing himself turned into a demon that rose into the sky.

Sacrificing my body to annihilate the present and past!

Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch!

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