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Chapter 1145 - Intense Battle

The lake water flowed backwards and the endless divine seals flew towards the direction of Xia Yu.

“Bastard!” Looking at his attacks being reversed, Xia Yu couldn’t help cursing as he gritted his teeth. He clearly never expected that Mu Chen could take his attacks so easily.

And facing the divine seals that flew back to him, even Xia Yu did not dare to underestimate the power, since he clearly knew that if those seals struck him, even he would have to pay a price.


Thus, he stomped his foot and the Emperor Celestial Body opened its mouth wide to roar and a visible shock wave rippled out.

“Emperor’s Roar!” Violent shock waves caused countless cracks to appear in space and those divine seals crumbled upon contact with those shock waves.

In just a few breaths’ time, the divine seals were all wiped out and the surrounding lake water was riddled with holes that took a long while to recover from.

When the spectators saw such destructive prowess, their faces changed. The strength that Xia Yu had displayed wasn’t something that could be comparable to a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign.

“This Sovereign Celestial Body that you have cultivated is of the same origin as Garuda’s!” Xia Yu darkly looked at Mu Chen. He was able to confirm that Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body was the same as Garuda’s through the previous confrontation.

The rising suns and power were practically the same.

However, Garuda’s Sovereign Celestial Body was in a darker shade akin to a black hole, deep and unfathomable. While Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body was as blazing and majestic as the sun.

Mu Chen’s face was calm when he heard this. Xia Yu had evidently fought with Garuda. So he would naturally have seen the latter’s Sovereign Celestial Body.

“Hand over the cultivation method of your mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body and I can offer you a satisfying price for it. Furthermore, you can also become a friend of my Xia Empire.” Xia Yu looked at Mu Chen with blazing eyes. In the past, the reason why he was defeated by Garuda was due to the mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body that the latter had cultivated, which was more tyrannical than his own. According to his estimation, the might of that mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body could even reach the Top 30!

That was a terrifying ranking. Even in the Xia Empire, the most powerful Sovereign Celestial Body was only his father’s, the Rightful Emperor Celestial Body, which was only at the 40th.

If he could obtain the mysterious cultivation technique of Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body, he would be confident about surpassing Garuda, and even Zhu Yan, and become the Overlord of the young generations in the Greatlaw Continent.

Furthermore, the moment he crossed into the Earth Sovereign Realm, the power of his Sovereign Celestial Body would be truly unleashed. The more powerful the Sovereign Celestial Body, the more terrifying it would become.

Thus, he had to get that mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body!

“How is it? No matter what price it is, my Xia Empire is willing to pay!” Xia Yu fixed his gaze on Mu Chen.

However, facing Xia Yu’s greedy gaze, Mu Chen did not speak. He stomped his foot without any expression. A golden lustre floated on the palm of the Sovereign Celestial Body, which had turned into a massive golden sceptre in a blink of an eye.

“Sky Splitting Seven Solar Sceptre!” Mu Chen’s finger pointed out and the sceptre pierced through space, akin to a golden storm that shot towards Xia Yu’s Emperor Celestial Body.

Evidently, this was his response.

“Stubborn! Since that’s the case, I will cripple you before interrogating the cultivation technique out of you!” When Xia Yu saw this scene, his face had instantly turned savage.

He formed seals with both of his hands and his Sovereign Sea appeared behind him with a boundless Spiritual Energy gushing into the Emperor Celestial Body.

“Sovereign Ability - Emperor’s Sceptre!” A powerful Spiritual Energy burst out with countless beams shooting out from the Emperor Celestial Body, turning into a sceptre that emitted an endless lustre.

The Heavenly Lake was torn apart as the two massive attacks clashed.

At that moment, the noise produced was akin to an endless raging thunder as the violent Spiritual Energy shock wave swept out, lifting myriad waves in the surrounding Heavenly Lake.

When the spectators saw this ferocious confrontation, they were dumbfounded with shock, especially when they realised that the Sovereign Celestial Body beneath Mu Chen’s feet was still dazzling with golden lustre without the slightest diminish.

“Mu Chen can actually fight with Xia Yu to this step?!” Someone couldn’t help exclaiming. After all, Xia Yu had practically brought out all his strength and even his Sovereign Ability. But even so, he couldn’t obtain any advantage.

“His Sovereign Celestial Body is definitely extraordinary!” There were keen eyes that could tell from the look of this fight. With the strength in the Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign, one of the major reasons why Mu Chen could fight with Xia Yu to this step was due to that mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body of his.

“If this carries on, and Xia Yu doesn’t have any more means, then I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Mu Chen…” Someone sighed as they looked at Mu Chen with shock in their eyes. After all, to be able to fight with Xia Yu on equal footing with the cultivation of an Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign, that spoke of how powerful Mu Chen was.

“After this battle, the fifth spot of the Elite Ranking will definitely belong to Mu Chen.”

While Mu Chen and Xia Yu fought, a golden beam streaked over from the distance.

Garuda stood on the Golden Dragon Plaque with his hands behind his back and a bronze mirror in his hand. Spiritual light flickered from the bronze mirror, which showed the battle between Mu Chen and Xia Yu.

“The Great Solar Undying Body he has cultivated is different from mine. Looks like this Great Solar Undying Body is truly profound, since two similar cultivation methods could refine different Sovereign Celestial Bodies.” Garuda looked at the Great Solar Undying Body in the bronze mirror as his gaze flickered.

“Looks like Xia Yu should need some time in order to deal with Mu Chen. When that fellow’s Spiritual Energy is completely exhausted, I can make my move and kill him.” Garuda lightly smiled. He had no intentions to fight with Mu Chen fair and square. He was intending to kill Mu Chen the moment he was weakened.

He wasn’t bothered about public opinion, since only the strong could be proclaimed as the winner in this world.

As this thought flashed in his mind, Garuda controlled the Golden Dragon Plaque, rushing towards the battlefield before Xia Yu killed Mu Chen.

However, Garuda’s gaze suddenly turned cold at this moment and two fingers tapped out in the sky towards the space before him as a longsword, shrouded in a terrifyingly cold aura, broke through the sky.

His fingers clashed with the longsword, which caused the longsword to shatter into fragments. At the same time, a silhouette had mysteriously appeared in the air.

“Spiritual Puppet?” Garuda looked at that silhouette with his brows knitted together before he shifted his gaze towards the distance. There was someone standing on the Golden Dragon Plaque that appeared before him a brief moment later.

Seeing the arrival of that person, Garuda’s brows twitched, since he realised that it was the mysterious girl beside Mu Chen, Lin Jing.

“Hey, behave yourself and search for your Spirits of the Heavenly Lake, don’t run about.” Lin Jing tossed a black pearl in her hand that was covered with ancient runes as she glanced at Garuda and spoke.

Garuda narrowed his eyes and looked at Lin Jing, before stopping his gaze on the black pearl and narrowed his eyes even further.

That’s because he could sense a subtle dangerous aura coming from that pearl.

That pearl is actually a Saint Artifact?! Who is this girl? Why would something she tossed out be a Saint Artifact!?

Garuda’s gaze flickered as he stopped the Golden Dragon Plaque and smiled. “Even if you stop me, he will still die.”

Xia Yu was not an easy opponent that even with the Great Solar Undying Body, Mu Chen would probably still not be his opponent.

Lin Jing grinned as she smiled, “Why don’t we make a bet?”

“Haha.” Garuda smiled but he did not answer. Evidently, he wasn't interested in the bet, but he had stopped moving, since he knew that by the time he broke through the obstruction of this mysterious girl, the battlefield would have been settled.

“Even if you obstruct me, none of you can help him… Xia Yu has invited people to help him earlier.” Garuda raised his head as he looked at the distance with a profound meaning.

At this moment, in another two locations of the Heavenly Lake, Zhu Yan appeared before Xiao Xiao, but he did not make a move,. He only stopped Xiao Xiao from going to Mu Chen’s direction.

On the other hand, Nine Nether’s face was cold as she looked at Su Qingyin, who appeared before her, and the latter shrugged her shoulders. “Xia Yu spent a great amount to have me obstruct you. I don’t want to kill you, so I’ll have to trouble you to stay here temporarily, alright?”

Nine Nether’s gaze was filled with a chill but she did not make her move in the end. She just stared at Su Qingyin. “Xia Yu will die!”

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