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Chapter 1144 - Emperor Celestial Body

A boundless noise swept out from the depths of the Heavenly Lake, lifting heavy waves. A domineering Sovereign Celestial Body condensed behind Xia Yu that caused the lake water to be swept up in a manner akin to a water tornado.

A pressure that would send a chill down the spine of others spread out that caused spectators to have fear on their faces.

That’s because that silhouette was the Sovereign Celestial Body that Xia Yu cultivated, the Emperor Celestial Body. Even amongst the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies, it was ranked 45th.

Even amongst those powerful forces, such a Sovereign Celestial Body could be treated like a sect’s treasure. So one could imagine how terrifying it was.

“Xia Yu is truly the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire, the Xia Emperor treats him a little too well!” Someone couldn’t help sounding out in envy with jealousy flashing in their eyes. In terms of worth, such a Sovereign Celestial Body could probably be comparable to genuine Divine Abilities!

Xia Yu stood before the Emperor Celestial Body as he coldly looked at Mu Chen. The moment when he summoned his Sovereign Celestial Body, his own power had also reached an extremely astonishing height.

At this moment, he could annihilate a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign with just a flip of his hand and not even a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign would dare to face him.

For all these years, he had experienced numerous blood battles so even opponents that were slightly stronger than him could only retreat when facing the might of his Emperor Celestial Body.

After all, being ranked as high as the 45th, that was sufficient to prove how powerful it was.

Sensing the domineering air from the Emperor Celestial Body, even Mu Chen couldn’t help briefly squinting his eyes. Judging from the latter’s bearing, it wasn’t something that those ordinary Sovereign Celestial Bodies that he had encountered in the past could be comparable to.

Xia Yu was truly extraordinary for being able to be ranked 4th amongst the Elites of the Greatlaw Continent and could be considered as a powerful opponent.

Xia Yu indifferently looked at Mu Chen but he did not bother to speak. He stomped his foot and the Emperor Celestial Body fixated its domineering eyes onto Mu Chen.

The Emperor Celestial Body had quickly stretched out its hand that was so massive that it covered the sky as it aimed for Mu Chen.

There weren’t any fancy tricks behind that palm because the power behind that alone could heavily injure ordinary Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns. Thus, all fancy moves were futile before absolute strength.

When the palm enveloped down, the lake water was suppressed in patches and swiftly emptied out.

Mu Chen raised his head as the palm enveloped a thousand feet in radius, which practically sealed off all his escape routes. However, he still remained composed without any panic.

Mu Chen took in a deep breath before space fluctuated behind him and his Sovereign Sea appeared. Thereafter, he had even taken a step forth under countless startled gazes.

A powerful Spiritual Energy gushed out from his Sovereign Sea before a golden lustre blossomed between the heavens and earth. Along with that, a massive golden silhouette was condensed behind Mu Chen.

That golden silhouette had a sun floating behind its head. Although it wasn’t as overbearing as the Emperor Celestial Body, there was a mysterious feeling that was emanating from it, which made others feel unfathomable.

When the golden silhouette appeared, it had waved its palm out and Spiritual Energy gathered before its palm, forming into a myriad-foot wide golden light that clashed with the palm of the Emperor Celestial Body.

In the moment of contact, it was akin to the heavens and earth-shattering. An ear-deafening noise rang out, which enveloped the entire region with water geysers rising in the surroundings, soaring into the sky.

A violent shock wave made everyone narrow their eyes. They were shocked to see that the Sovereign Celestial Body behind Mu Chen wasn’t injured when it received the palm from Xia Yu’s Emperor Celestial Body.

“How is that possible?! What Sovereign Celestial Body did Mu Chen cultivate? Why is it so powerful?!”

“Judging from the might of it, it’s not inferior to the Emperor Celestial Body. This Mu Chen truly does have trump cards!”

“But why is this Sovereign Celestial Body so unfamiliar…?”


An uproar broke out. After all, Sovereign Celestial Bodies that could be comparable to the Emperor Celestial Body were extremely rare. That’s because any of those that could surpass the Emperor Celestial Body were so rare that not even top-tiered forces possessed them.

Xia Yu’s eyes fixated on the Sovereign Celestial Body behind Mu Chen with shock filling his eyes.

Although Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body was somewhat unfamiliar, Xia Yu also felt that it was somewhat familiar for some reason, as if he had seen it somewhere.

“This Sovereign Celestial Body…” Xia Yu’s eyes flickered as his heart suddenly jolted. “It looks similar to the mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body that Garuda has cultivated.”

He had once fought with Garuda and had seen the latter’s Sovereign Celestial Body. But right now, he had witnessed a similar Sovereign Celestial Body on Mu Chen.

However, Xia Yu only had his suspicions. Although Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body was somewhat similar to Garuda’s, the bearing of it was different.

“It should be a similar Sovereign Celestial Body!” Xia Yu’s face changed as he suppressed all the impossible thoughts. He didn’t believe that with Mu Chen’s background, he could possess such a powerful Sovereign Celestial Body.

Furthermore, even if it was a similar one, Xia Yu wasn’t afraid because even similar Sovereign Celestial Bodies would show different mights in the hands of different people.

Could Mu Chen be comparable to Garuda? That was naturally impossible in Xia Yu’s thoughts.

Xia Yu gradually retracted the shock on his face as he glanced at Mu Chen with killing intent brewing in his eyes. “If this is your confidence, then I can tell you that it’s insufficient.”

“Then come and give it a try.” Mu Chen remained composed.

Xia Yu coldly snorted before his gaze turned sharper. In the next moment, his silhouette moved and appeared on the shoulder of the Emperor Celestial Body before he heavily stomped his feet.

Ripples spread out beneath his feet and entered the Sovereign Celestial Body.

Peculiar light runes appeared on the massive Sovereign Celestial Body before it opened its mouth and unleashed an unusual roar with visible soundwaves. Every soundwave had formed into a divine seal of roughly a hundred feet.

Those divine seals were akin to kings, extremely overbearing with the might that could even suppress mountains.

Every single divine seal could kill a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign and at such numbers, even a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign might be killed if they were careless.

“Undying Seals of the Emperor!” Xia Yu roared and the divine seals shot forth, akin to a storm that enveloped Mu Chen.

Xia Yu’s gaze was cold. There were many that fell to this attack of his in the past years. Even Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns were killed by him.

Because the Undying Seals of the Emperor were extremely profound, they would even reform by themselves upon being destroyed and launch incessant attacks, unless they were destroyed all at once, but it was something clearly Mu Chen was unable to do.

Therefore, Mu Chen had to die!

Normally, Xia Yu wouldn’t easily use this even when facing ordinary Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns. However, Mu Chen was too unusual to him, which made Xia Yu decide to do some overkill.

Destructive fluctuations enveloped the sky as Mu Chen’s gaze narrowed. That’s because he could sense an endless fluctuation from those divine seals.

If he was enveloped by that attack, then he would be dead. If he chose to retaliate, then he would be exhausted to his death.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered before he stretched his hand out and formed seals with a single hand.

Golden suns rose from the Sovereign Celestial Body before they exploded, forming into liquid and flowed out.

The Great Solar Undying Body stretched out its hand and the golden current swiftly gathered, forming into a golden wheel before it with ancient runes engraved on it.

“Heavenly Eighth Solar Wheel!” Mu Chen roared in his heart as an endless golden lustre instantly gushed out from the wheel.

Since I can’t confront it, then let’s send it back. Let Xia Yu have a taste of his Undying Seals of the Emperor!

The divine seals clashed against the golden wheel as the wheel spun counterclockwise, as if time has been stopped at that moment.

Xia Yu abruptly narrowed his pupils before he was shocked to witness that the divine seals that were initially targeted Mu Chen suddenly turned around and flew in his direction with an even more ferocious momentum!

“Damn it!” Xia Yu’s face had instantly turned pale.

Just when Mu Chen utilised the Heavenly Eighth Solar Wheel to attack Xia Yu.

In another area, Garuda, who was capturing Spirits, suddenly raised his head and looked at their direction.

“The Eighth Solar?” Garuda toyed with a Heavenly Lake Crystal in his hand before the corner of his lips rose an arc without any expression. He then turned around and flew towards the direction of Mu Chen and Xia Yu.

“Time to get rid of him now.”

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