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Chapter 1144: The Opening of the Heavenly River

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As the fire continued to rage, blazing flames swept across the universe and a terrible heat filled the air. Zhu Yan stood aloof in the sky, exuding an extremely horrible sense of domination.

Zhu Yan’s strike had revealed his powerful strength, and the oppression he released seemed to be even stronger than Garuda’s. He was undoubtedly number one on the List of Powerhouses.

However, even in the face of such power, Xiao Xiao’s expression didn’t change. Instead, she teasingly looked Zhu Yan up and down, then nonchalantly asked, “Are you sure you can bear the consequences, if my father actually went after the Flame Spirit Clan?”

Back when the Flame Emperor wandered the Great Thousand World, the Flame Spirit Clan was tormented so badly, they eventually had no choice but to wake their slumbering Ancestor. Even then, they still failed to capture the Flame Emperor.

So, they had been forced to watch helplessly, while he took their Divine Fire away. If the Flame Emperor was already so powerful back then, he must be even more powerful now!

If the Flame Emperor returned, even if the Ancestor was awakened again, he would be no match for the Flame Emperor. Moreover, back then, the Flame Emperor had no powers, but since that time, he established the horrible supreme power, the Endless Fire Territory!

Although the Flame Spirit Clan was also a supreme power of the Great Thousand World, having ancient roots, and far surpassed the Endless Fire Territory in terms of age and inheritance, in a battle between the two, the Flame Spirit Clan would most likely be extinguished from the Great Thousand World for good!

Zhu Yan understood this fact, so he let the spiritual flames that were filling the sky stagnate for a while. Although he was reluctant to admit it, he knew very well that the Flame Spirit Clan would not be able to bear the consequences of provoking the Flame Emperor’s anger.

Although the Flame Emperor was indeed a formidable force, Zhu Yan was equally extraordinary. After taking a deep breath, Zhu Yan said, “I am inviting you to be the Flame Spirit Clan’s guest. No harm will befall you.”

Zhu Yan knew that he could not actually harm Xiao Xiao, but if he could defeat her and bring her back to the Flame Spirit Clan, he would really become the Young Clan Leader!

“I’m afraid you’re not qualified enough for me to follow you back to the Flame Spirit Clan,” said Xiao Xiao, while smiling.

Even though she was facing the number one person on the Tianluo Continent’s List of Powerhouses, Xiao Xiao showed no fear. After all, her father was able to suppress the Flame Spirit Clan, so as his daughter, although she had yet to reach his level, she was at least capable of suppressing the supreme talent among the younger generation of the Flame Spirit Clan.

Zhu Yan’s expression became serious upon seeing Xiao Xiao’s calm demeanor. Knowing Xiao Xiao’s identity, he would be a real idiot if he thought she would be easy to deal with. Facing her, even a strong opponent like Zhu Yan would be extremely wary.

“I challenge you to a fight in this Ancient Celestial Palace,” said Zhu Yan in a low voice.

“As you wish,” Xiao Xiao said indolently, not at all worried by Zhu Yan’s challenge.

Eyeing Xiao Xiao, Zhu Yan didn’t say anything more, but took the initiative to retreat, landing on a nearby mountain.

“Don’t worry about him, I can handle this fellow! And I promise that he won’t have time to give you any trouble,” Xiao Xiao said to Mu Chen.

She could tell there was conflict between Mu Chen and Zhu Yan. Since Zhu Yan had challenged her, she could just deal with him. That way, Zhu Yan would not have time to trouble Mu Chen and the rest of the group.

Mu Chen and the rest could hear the unshakable confidence in Xiao Xiao’s nonchalant words. As a daughter of the Flame Emperor, she naturally had great pride.

The Flame Spirit Clan knew they could not avenge their shame by challenging her father, so they had challenged her instead. As such, she was ready to teach them a lesson!

Mu Chen and the rest nodded and smiled at Xiao Xiao’s words. Zhu Yan was strong indeed, but they had faith in the unpredictable Xiao Xiao.

After this interlude, they resumed waiting quietly. After an hour, another figure arrived hurriedly. The familiar figure was Su Qingyin, who Mu Chen and the rest had met once before at the Dragon Entrance Gate.

Su Qingyin was riding on a ferocious Four Winged Beetle at a very fast speed. Upon reaching the outside of the Heavenly River, she saw that Mu Chen and the rest had already arrived, which had surprised her.

“Oh, I didn’t expect you guys to be so fast!” Su Qingyin smiled and looked at Mu Chen, then swept her gaze over Lin Jing and Xiao Xiao, whom she had never seen before. The latter particularly made her heart tremble, as she sensed a dangerous aura emanating from her.

“Where did this guy recruit such a mysterious master?” Su Qingyin wondered. Lin Jing and Xiao Xiao were obviously not from the Tianluo Continent. Otherwise, they would be familiar to her.

Mu Chen merely greeted Su Qingyin with a calm nod. Although she had only become the disciple of the Azure Dragon back at the Dragon Entrance Gate, Mu Chen knew that, in a true life and death fight, this girl was a formidable opponent! Moreover, she was very temperamental, so Mu Chen did not intend to get any closer to her for fear of attracting trouble!

Su Qingyin noticed Mu Chen’s hesitant attitude, so she followed his lead. Pursing her lips, she also determined to not get any closer, then turned towards the mighty Heavenly River, her eyes sparkling.

Soon, another wave of people arrived. They were the people of the Great Xia Dynasty, who Mu Chen and the rest had confronted previously at the Dragon Island. The people seemed battered and exhausted, and their numbers had obviously decreased.

When Xia Yu appeared, he gave Mu Chen a malicious look, but the latter did not pay him any mind, his eyes remaining slightly closed all the while. Seeing Mu Chen’s apathetic response, Xia Yu snorted and glanced at Garuda, Zhu Yan, and the others, his eyes flashing slightly.

After Xia Yu’s arrival, a whooshing sound came from faraway. More and more figures had just arrived outside the Heavenly River.

These figures were all capable, as even the weakest among them had already entered the peak of the Grade Nine Sovereign. Moreover, many of them were masters, who had been fostered by the top forces of the Tianluo Continent. There were some unfamiliar faces as well, likely to have come from powers outside of the Tianluo Continent.

In two hours, the originally quiet area outside of the Heavenly River had started to become lively, with countless massive spiritual energy fluctuations rising high above the sky, indicating that the people who had just showed up here were no ordinary figures!

Splash splash splash.

With the gathering of more and more figures, the majestic Heavenly River seemed to have been drawn in, and gradually, the sound of water became clearer. The flowing sound of water made everyone’s internal spiritual energies vibrate. This phenomenon was an extreme longing of everyone’s spiritual energies to enter the Heavenly River to obtain purification and refinement.

Buzz buzz…

Just as the sound of water became clearer, Mu Chen suddenly felt the pledge from the Wind Mansion on the back of his hand gradually become hotter. It then turned into a beam of light, rising to the sky!

Whoop! Whoop!

In other places, beams of light also shot out from those who had obtained the pledges, and the light beams finally gathered at the outside of the Heavenly River to form a huge rune. Witnessing this scene, Mu Chen’s gaze revealed his utter joy. It seemed that all of the pledges of the Nine Mansion had been reunited!

As the ancient runes circulated, a beam of light was projected onto the seal outside the Heavenly River. The seal shook, and with a great churning of the spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth, the seal was gradually torn apart.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The slight crack in the seal was followed by a noise like a thunderstorm. Then, a mighty and shocking spiritual energy swept out, directly igniting the spiritual energy of the whole universe.

“Such pure spiritual energy!” Xiao Xiao and the rest were moved by the vast spiritual power that swept forth from the crack in the seal.

At this moment, they were all clearly sensing their spiritual energy, flesh and blood, and even the Sovereign Celestial Body that they fostered, releasing longing and eagerness. If one could get baptized in this river, one would be born again from the inside out, including their Sovereign Celestial Body!

Mu Chen involuntarily licked his lips, his eyes blazing. In the Daluo Territory, there was a Daluo Golden Pool. When he had first arrived in the Daluo Territory, his Sovereign Celestial Body had been strengthened by the Daluo Golden Pool. However, the Daluo Golden Pool paled in comparison to the Heavenly River that was in front of him now!

“If you can successfully get baptized, you will be able to lay a solid foundation for your promotion to a higher sovereign status.” Mu Chen said, as he looked at Xiao Xiao.

In the next millisecond, they simultaneously shot towards the crack in the seal. With the Heavenly River right in front of them, no one wanted to give up on this golden opportunity!


The actions of Mu Chen and the rest spurred on the other masters present, who had been waiting for an opening. Instantly, an overwhelming whooshing sound was heard as they all rushed towards the crack in the seal!

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