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Chapter 1143 - Fighting Xia Yu

“Get lost!” Mu Chen coldly barked and under the envelopment of his Spiritual Energy, he sent out waves on the lake water.

Everyone spectating this avoided the waves as they looked at Mu Chen with a peculiar gaze.

They clearly never thought that when facing someone like Xia Yu, Mu Chen would reply in such a crude and barbaric manner without sparing any face for Xia Yu.

That was Xia Yu! The Crown Prince of the Xia Empire and someone ranked 4th!

Even in the entire Greatlaw Continent’s younger generation, there were only a few that could surpass Xia Yu. Furthermore, Xia Yu’s reputation did not come from his identity, but his past blood battles.

Facing such a figure, even Garuda, Su Qingyin and the rest would have to face him seriously.

“This Mu Chen is too domineering…” Some experts couldn’t help speaking in soft voices that contained ridicule. Although Mu Chen had been in the limelight lately, he was still lacking a little when compared to a veteran like Xia Yu.

“Yeah, but Mu Chen is also not simple, since he was able to come this far at his age.”

“Haha. How can he be simple when he obtained the Golden Dragon Disciple’s identity? If Xia Yu really wants to fight, I think that it would be hard for the outcome of the battle to be determined.” There were some experts that did not like Xia Yu, so their opinions tilted towards Mu Chen.

“How laughable, how can Mu Chen’s identity as a Golden Dragon Disciple be comparable to Xia Yu? I think he might even have gotten lucky with cheap means.”


Xia Yu stood with his arms folded as he looked at Mu Chen, before he slowly retracted the smile on his face.

“It’s been so long since I met someone so arrogant.” Xia Yu narrowed his eyes as he faintly said.

“Then you have met one now.” Mu Chen casually replied. Xia Yu had targeted him numerous times and even attacked him once. If it wasn’t for the fact that he wanted to obtain the Baptism of the Heavenly Lake so swiftly, he would have long made his move against Xia Yu. And since that fellow wanted to come and rob him of his Heavenly Lake Crystals, then Mu Chen would definitely not let it go so easily.

A cold light flickered in Xia Yu’s eyes before he nodded his head. “Fine. Since you’re courting death, then let me fulfil your wish. At that time, I will also deliver your corpse to the Great Havenlaw Domain.”

“It’s still not certain who will be sending whose corpse.” Mu Chen smiled as he refuted.

“Looks like these Spiritual Arrays have given you some confidence.” Xia Yu mocked. In his view, the reason why Mu Chen dared to provoke him was due to the heavy layers of Spiritual Arrays. But didn’t that fellow know that the opponent had to be in the Spiritual Array for the might to be unleashed?

Facing a Spiritual Array Master that had set up his Spiritual Arrays, anyone with brains wouldn’t be foolish enough to step in. If Mu Chen was intending to provoke him and make him step in, then Mu Chen would probably be disappointed.

Especially the Spiritual Array in the outer layer. It made even him fearful. If he entered, no matter how prideful he was, Xia Yu didn’t feel that he could easily break the Spiritual Arrays.

Facing Xia Yu’s ridiculing smile, the corner of Mu Chen’s lips also revealed a similar smile. “Since you dare to come and provoke me, why are you being a coward now? Isn’t this Crown Prince title of yours a little too pitiful?”

Xia Yu’s face turned cold as he looked at Mu Chen with a blade-like gaze, as if he wished to tear Mu Chen apart.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t bothered by it and faintly smiled. “Since the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire is so weak, then let me take the disadvantageous position. In case someone says that I bullied you with my Spiritual Arrays.”

Finishing his words, the Golden Dragon Plaque beneath his feet floated out of the Spiritual Arrays.

Mu Chen wasn’t overestimating his own abilities to exit the defences of the Spiritual Arrays. That’s because he knew that Xia Yu didn’t have the guts to enter, which was the reason why he had been dragging for time. But Mu Chen naturally didn’t wish for that to happen, since time was precious. So he had to grasp every minute and second to capture the Spirits. Furthermore, he also wasn’t sure if he could protect the Spiritual Arrays. If he forced Xia Yu too far and caused him to resort to vicious means by attracting some Spirits over to crash against the Spiritual Array, then Mu Chen would definitely be the one to lose.

Thus, he would rather take the initiative to step out and leave the Spiritual Array fortress behind him as a safeguard.

“Tsk, tsk. That Mu Chen actually gave up the Spiritual Arrays… He’s overestimating himself.” When the spectators saw this, they couldn’t help exclaiming out. After all, stepping out of what Mu Chen was good at to face his enemy, he did seem a little too gutsy and confident.

“It’s because Xia Yu is being too petty. He’s the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire and yet, he’s being such a coward. It’s no wonder why he’s inferior to Garuda, Su Qingyin and the rest.” Someone spoke as he shook his head.


Evidently, Mu Chen had gotten the praises of many, while Xia Yu was being insulted.

When Xia Yu heard those voices, his face turned a little green, since he never thought that Mu Chen stepping out would place him in such a hateful spot.

Even if he won this battle, others would probably say that he did not deserve his win. And if he lost, he would become Mu Chen’s stepping stone. No matter what the outcome would be, he had already lost half of the battle.

“What a scheme!” Xia Yu’s face was dark, since he never thought that his slight hesitation would make him fall into Mu Chen’s rhythm. Although Mu Chen wasn’t old, he was as cunning as a fox. It was no wonder why even Xia Hong fell by his hands and was even scammed an IOU.

Mu Chen lightly smiled. Since you want me to give up my trump card, then you naturally have to pay the price for it as well.

Although the public’s opinion wasn’t favourable to him, Xia Yu was also not an ordinary figure. Thus, he took a deep breath to suppress the rage in his heart before indifferently looking at Mu Chen with dense killing intent flashing in his eyes.

Evidently, he had already planned to cripple him here.

Xia Yu hung both of his hands down and a boundless Spiritual Energy erupted from his body, akin to a volcano with the Spiritual Energy sweeping out with the lake water being pushed out, emptying the area around him as he emitted a powerful Spiritual Energy pressure.

When the spectators felt the Spiritual Energy pressure, their faces changed a little. The level of that pressure was in the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm and was even close to the highest level.

This Xia Yu was truly worthy of being one of those that could make it to the Earth Sovereign Realm. It looked like the situation wasn’t looking too favourable for Mu Chen.

“I will let you know that all sorts of schemes are jokes before true strength.” With an indifferent expression, Xia Yu straightened his hand before he slammed it down towards Mu Chen from afar.

When Xia Yu’s hand descended, boundless Spiritual Energy gathered beneath his palm and formed into a huge dragon that emitted a noble air, as if it was the sovereign here.

“Xia Empire - Son of Heaven’s Palm!” That palm was condensed with the dragon aura of the Xia Empire, akin to an emperor that ruled the world. Even an ordinary Ninth Grade Sovereign would have his courage shattered by this palm.

Evidently, Xia Yu had revealed his powerful strength the moment he made his move.

The huge dragon turned into a Dragon Seal that shattered space and was pressing towards Mu Chen, looking noble and domineering at the same time.

Mu Chen raised his head. Xia Yu’s palm might seem simple, but the power gathered was something that not even a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign would dare to face head-on.

“A puny Empire dares to proclaim itself the Son of Heaven?” Mu Chen’s face was calm. If the Xia Empire could dominate the entire Greatlaw Continent, then the ruler’s aura would be terrifying. But it was a pity that the Xia Empire could only be considered as a local tyrant in the Greatlaw Continent.

Mu Chen clenched his fists and a dazzling golden lustre burst from his body before everyone saw a True Dragon and Phoenix shadow appearing behind Mu Chen. When they appeared, an indescribable might had spread out.

This was the might that belonged to the True Dragon and Phoenix, the Emperors of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans. They were existences that overlooked the entire Great Thousand World, residing at the peak. Thus, their might was even more terrifying than the so-called “Ruler’s Aura” from the Xia Empire.

“Dragon-Phoenix Palm - True Domination.” A True Dragon and Phoenix resided in Mu Chen’s pupils as he pushed a palm forth before the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits behind him gathered towards his palm and they shot out in a manner of a golden beam.

The two palms flew across space with each of them having a dragon in it, both emitting a noble air as they clashed together.

Two terrifying forces clashed together as the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits pounced forth, clashing with the opposing dragon.

The lake fluctuated, but Xia Yu’s face turned a little unsightly. He could see that when facing the attacks of the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits, his dragon was swiftly being weakened.

The dragon that he had cultivated might be powerful, but it was clearly weaker than the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits. If it wasn’t for his Spiritual Energy exceeding Mu Chen’s, his dragon would have collapsed long ago.

“I never imagined that you would possess the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits!” Xia Yu’s face grew dark but in the depths, there was a smear of greed. If he could obtain the True Dragon Spirit and allow his dragon to devour it, then it would definitely be a surge to his fighting strength.

“This Mu Chen must die today!” Xia Yu’s eyes flashed with killing intent as he waved his hand, swiftly recalling the weakened dragon back before stomping his feet. A myriad lustre burst out behind him before a massive figure was swiftly condensed.

That figure wore a golden emperor’s robe with a royal crown, akin to a ruler that emitted a noble air.

When the spectators saw this, their eyes suddenly narrowed as they exclaimed, “That’s… the Emperor Celestial Body?”

Ranked 45th on the 99 Rankings of  Sovereign Celestial Bodies, the Emperor Celestial Body!

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