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Chapter 1135 - Enemies on a Narrow Road

When Mu Chen travelled through the dense poisonous mist, the first thing he sensed was a sharp gaze staring at him and he furrowed his brows before he raised his head to meet his gaze with Xia Yu.

Xia Yu had a smile hung on the corner of his lips but he did not conceal the ridicule. Evidently, he also felt a little ‘surprised’ by seeing him here.

Mu Chen first felt surprised when he saw Xia Yu before returning back to his calm demeanor; however, there was a sharp flash in the depths of his eyes.

Xia Yu held ill intent in the passage to the Ancient Haven Palace and tried to destroy their passage, killing them in the space turbulence which was truly vicious.

“Haha, Brother Mu, looks like you have obtained a harvest in the Dragon Island. I wonder if you can come and have a chat?” Xia Yu looked at Mu Chen from afar with a gentle smile.

The dozens of people around Xia Yu looked at Mu Chen with ill gazes, as if they were looking at a prey that fell into their trap.

Naturally, the reason why they had such confidence was because of their formation, which was a little terrifyingly powerful, with nearly ten amongst the Top 50s of the Elite Rankings with strengths at Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign. Not to mention an even more terrifying Xia Yu, who was ranked 4th with the strength of a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign, a top-tiered existence amongst the younger generation in the Greatlaw Continent.

Mu Chen was just an Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign, which could be easily dealt with.

Standing behind Xia Yu, Xia Hong viciously looked at Mu Chen with joy filling his eyes. He was already thinking about how to deal with Mu Chen.

In the other corners of the island, when everyone saw this, they inwardly shook their heads and looked at Mu Chen with pitiful gazes. That fellow was truly unfortunate. He had immediately barged into Xia Yu’s party.

With Xia Yu’s character, it didn’t matter if Mu Chen had obtained anything from the Dragon Island, he would definitely suffer greatly.

Mu Chen smiled towards Xia Yu before shaking his head. “I don’t know you too well, forget it.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s reply, Xia Yu was stunned before he shook his head and laughed.

“You fool, did you think that Brother Xia is asking for your opinion?” A man with a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him looked at Mu Chen with a ferocious gaze and sinisterly smiled. “Since you aren’t going to obediently come here, then let me ‘invite’ you over.”

A powerful Spiritual Energy exploded from that man and judging from that level, he had reached Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign. Furthermore, this person was not a pushover. He was ranked in the Top 50s of the Elite Ranking.

The man took a step and he appeared before Mu Chen with a spiritual light surging on his palm and the light became a hundred-foot wide as it flew over with the intention of capturing Mu Chen.

When this man made his move, it had caused a commotion in this region. “That’s the 50th ranking, Great Spiritual Hand - Lu Qiu.”

“Lu Qiu’s physical body was extremely powerful. He once smashed three Ninth Grade Sovereigns to death with his fist.”

“That brat also doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens to actually dare to refute Xia Yu. This time, I’m afraid that even if he hands over his treasures, he would still be crippled.”

Under the exclamations, Mu Chen also raised his head to look at the hand with a cold light flickering in his eyes. In the next moment, a golden lustre gushed from his body and a dragon roar and phoenix cry resounded. The True Dragon and Phoenix appeared on his right arm with the talons of the dragon and wings of the phoenix stretched out, enveloping Mu Chen’s five fingers.

A terrifying force exploded akin to a torrent from Mu Chen’s arm. Mu Chen threw a fist forth without any expression and a golden lustre soared into the sky, clashing with the palm that was flying over.

“You’re courting death!” When Lu Qiu saw that Mu Chen actually dared to clash with him, he revealed a savage smile but immediately after, his eyes suddenly narrowed.

That’s because he realised a terrifying force was sweeping out from that brat’s fist and he could vaguely hear a draconic roar and phoenix cry as well.

A visible Spiritual Energy shock wave exploded in the sky, enveloping a thousand feet in radius. Many people watched the source of the impact and had changes in their expressions, as if they saw something unbelievable.

That’s because they actually saw Lu Qiu’s silhouette suffering a heavy impact and was blown out in a pathetic state!

Lu Qiu was actually blown away by Mu Chen, who was only an Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign, with a fist!

“How is that possible?!” Many people changed their expressions. They couldn’t believe that this scene before them was real. They expected Mu Chen to be the one being crippled by Lu Qiu!

However, no matter how much disbelief they felt, Lu Qiu’s silhouette was blown out and Xia Yu also narrowed his eyes at this scene. Immediately, he stretched his hand out without any emotion and Lu Qiu’s figure looked like he was held by a huge hand and couldn’t move back any further.

“Haha, truly formidable…” Xia Yu faintly smiled towards Mu Chen. But there weren’t many ripples on his face, since Mu Chen still wouldn’t be able to escape from this current situation.

Although Lu Qiu was pretty capable, there were a few at the level of Mu Chen in their party.

“Hand over the treasures from the Dragon Island and cut an arm off. Then, I can let you leave.” Xia Yu drooped his eyes as he casually spoke out.

Mu Chen lightly smiled in response to this, but he did not speak. However, his attitude had spoken his decision instead.

A cold lustre gathered in Xia Yu’s eyes and in his view, Mu Chen ws extremely foolish. He couldn’t see his current situation and wanted to put up a confident attitude, which was definitely him courting death.

He raised his hand and intended to have the others do the job. That’s because he didn’t feel that Mu Chen was qualified for him to make a move himself.

But just when Xia Yu raised his hand, the poisonous mist rippled again and three silhouettes flew out and stopped beside Mu Chen.

“Tsk, tsk. Mu Chen, your ability to attract trouble is too powerful. You’re just a step ahead of us and you got into trouble again?” A chuckle resounded when those three silhouettes appeared.

The three ladies caused the Xia Empire’s party to be stunned, but they felt a little assured after seeing the three ladies.

“Heh, so there are also three beauties. Brat, do you think that they can protect you? Why don’t you hand over the treasures from the Dragon Island?” The eyes of a sharp-nosed man lit up when he saw the three girls.

He had only just spoken and a flash of cold light flickered across Xiao Xiao’s eyes before she quickly raised her hand and fanned in the air.


Space fluctuated and in the next moment, the man that had just spoken suffered a slap with a bloody handprint on his face, causing him to spin half a circle from the slap.

“You!” When the experts of the Xia Empire saw this, they furiously looked at Xiao Xiao, since they did not expect hat the latter would dare to make a move against one of their under this situation.

However, only Xia Yu had slightly contracted his eyes when he saw how mysterious that slap was despite looking casual.

That beauty was definitely not an easy opponent.

“Hehe, we obtained the treasures of the Dragon Island through our effort, why should we give them to you?” Lin Jing lightly smiled.

Xia Hong, who had an arm destroyed by Mu Chen, eerily smiled behind Xia Yu. “Why should you? Because we’re stronger than you. My Imperial Brother is a Golden Dragon Disciple of the Ancient Haven Palace!”

That speech had caused a commotion and many people looked at Xia Yu with a slightly respected gaze. That’s because anyone that came here had obtained an identity plaque, so they knew what status a Golden Dragon Disciple had in the Ancient Haven Palace.

Xia Yu did not speak as he stared at Mu Chen’s group of four. Vaguely, he felt a little uneasy.

Mu Chen’s group looked at Xia Yu with some surprise, since they clearly did not expect that Xia Yu could obtain the status of a Golden Dragon Disciple, which was higher than Su Qingyin…

However, the four of them were only briefly started. They weren’t like others with respect in their gazes. On the contrary, they exchanged a glance with strange expressions on their faces.

“Golden Dragon Disciple?” Lin Jing was the first to laugh and Mu Chen knew that she was about to ruthlessly slap their face from this smile.

Indeed, as he had expected, a golden lustre flickered on Lin Jing’s hand and she gently waved it. Instantly, a golden pillar soared into the sky with a golden dragon coiling around the pillar.

The golden pillar caused the experts of the Xia Empire to be stunned before they recovered and looked at the golden plaque in Lin Jing’s hand with astonishment.

Even Xia Yu couldn’t help changing his expression.

“That… that’s a Golden Dragon Disciple’s Plaque?!” Many people exclaimed. Who could have expected this beautiful lady to obtain the status of a Golden Dragon Disciple?!

Xiao Xiao blinked her eyes at this scene and gave Xia Yu a bewitching smile before a golden plaque appeared in her hand along with a golden pillar soaring into the sky.

Seeing the actions of those two, Mu Chen couldn’t help smiling. He saw Xia Yu’s expression, which was turning more unsightly, and felt the joy of beating a dog while it’s down. Thus, he flicked his finger and a golden plaque appeared as well.

Three golden pillars soared into the sky from Mu Chen’s party and the commotion it caused was extremely shocking.

On the other hand, the party from the Xia Empire was stunned. Even Xia Hong’s face had turned pale. He only thought about wanting to use the status of a Golden Dragon Disciple to slightly suppress the morale of the other party, but who could have expected that not only was the other party’s morale not affected, they even took out three Golden Dragon Plaques…

Mu Chen smiled as he looked at the paled Xia Hong before looking at Xia Yu’s unsightly face and revealed a gentle smile. “A Golden Dragon Disciple? What a coincidence, we are also one as well…”

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