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Chapter 1134 - The Heaven Swallowing Python

“If it’s the Spiritual Array, leave it to me.” Mu Chen spoke as he formed seals with his hands. As a spiritual lustre surged, spiritual seals were refined and shot into the air, integrating with the atmosphere.

This Spiritual Corpse Array wasn’t simple and according to his estimation, this could be considered a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array if it's in a completed state. But fortunately, it was already damaged due to time with flaws in it. This was also the reason why he was confident in dealing with it.

As spiritual seals constantly integrated into the Spiritual Array, it gradually fluctuated and some of the spiritual lines suffered disruption then gradually fade away.

Mu Chen did not destroy this Spiritual Array completely, since it would exhaust too much time. He chose the most efficient method, which was to destroy some of the cores of the Spiritual Array, causing it to be disrupted. It would lose the balance and collapse by itself.

As this Spiritual Corpse Array fluctuated, Xiao Xiao’s eyes lit up as she looked at Mu Chen with a smear of astonishment. Evidently, she did not expect Mu Chen’s attainments in the path of Spiritual Array to reach this height.

Trembles came from the Spiritual Array as distorted Spiritual Energy fluctuations constantly came from the Spiritual Array. In the end, the Spiritual Array couldn’t hold on any longer and shattered with an explosion.

Spiritual Energy swept out in the sky and the deathly aura had also swept out along with the destruction of the Spiritual Array, causing the heavens and earth to instantly turn cold.

But fortunately, they were prepared and circulated their Spiritual Energy to guard their bodies, allowing the deathly aura to hit them.

The deathly aura shock wave lasted for several minutes before dissipating. The three ladies looked up ahead with joy. This Spiritual Corpse Array had completely faded.

“Not bad, not bad. I haven’t seen you for some time and I have to look at you in another light.” Xiao Xiao gently smiled. She was very satisfied with Mu Chen’s means. If she was to do it, she would probably have to resort to the most troublesome method and forcefully break the Spiritual Array. But the efficiency of it was too great and if she accidentally destroyed the Spiritual Dragon Pearl, then she would suffer a loss.

“There’s still the Exotic Corpse Dragon.” Mu Chen pointed at the dragon on the ground. That was a troublesome existence, since the deathly aura was extremely domineering. If the deathly aura invaded their bodies, it would definitely cause great damage.

“Let me handle it myself.” Xiao Xiao slightly smiled, making her look extremely gorgeous, akin to a portrait that added to the beauty in the heavens and earth, and stretched her hand out. She put the seven-coloured snake down and gently patted its head.

The seven-coloured snake instantly straightened up and turned into a rainbow streak, appearing above the dragon in the blink of an eye.


Although the dragon had already died, it still had its instincts so it unleashed a deep roar and opened its mouth. A grey deathly aura gushed out, causing the region that was swept by the deathly aura to turn dark.

However, the seven-coloured snake did not move when it faced the deathly aura. When the deathly aura enveloped the snake, it then slowly opened its mouth and a black light condensed within.

Although the mouth of the seven-coloured snake wasn’t big, it was akin to a black hole. A terrifying suction force burst out, devouring the torrential deathly aura into its body in a single gulp.

After devouring the torrential deathly aura, the seven-coloured snake showed no signs of corrosion. It remained lively.

When Mu Chen, Lin Jing and Nine Nether saw this scene, they were startled, since they did not expect the seven-coloured snake to be so formidable to the point that it could even devour deathly aura.

After devouring the deathly aura, the seven-coloured snake opened its mouth with hissing sounds and the black hole rose with a black lustre coming out from the black hole and tied itself to the dragon before a suction force exploded, slowly pulling the dragon up and into the black hole.

Although the dragon had violently struggled, it couldn’t break free after losing its intelligence. On the contrary, as it struggled, the force got stronger before being pulled into the black hole.

The dragon had instantly disappeared after being pulled into the black hole before the seven-coloured snake opened its mouth and swallowed the black hole as well. The snake let out a burp before it slowly floated back and landed on Xiao Xiao’s hand, before burrowing into her sleeve.

Mu Chen and the rest were dumbfounded as they watched this scene. It had only just been a few minutes and the Exotic Corpse Dragon was dealt with? Although that Exotic Corpse Dragon did not have any intellect, it could definitely be compared to a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign. If they were dealing with it, they would have to spend some time on it, but it was so easily dealt with by the seven-coloured snake?

“What Divine Beast is this?” Mu Chen couldn’t help popping the question.

“This is a Seven-coloured Heaven Swallowing Python… It is not a Divine Beast of the Great Thousand World, but when it grows up, it will be able to be comparable to a top-tiered Divine Beast in the Great Thousand World.” Xiao Xiao answered.

Lin Jing spoke with curiosity in her tone, “I have heard from my father that one of the Mistresses of the Endless Fire Territory has a mysterious snake that could devour the heavens and earth. She has also devoured a Greater Earth Grade Sovereign… and it’s further rumoured that even those of the Dragon Clan would be extremely fearful if they met her.”

“That is my mother.” Xiao Xiao revealed a bright smile as she continued, “But my mother’s snake is even more terrifying. The reason why mine could devour the Exotic Corpse Dragon so easily was that it didn’t have any intellect and didn’t know how to dodge. Otherwise, it would be easy for it to avoid the devouring range.”

This was the first time Mu Chen had heard of the Heaven Devouring Python but judging from its power, it would definitely be a world-shaking existence once it grew up.

The Endless Fire Territory was truly extraordinary, just a Mistress alone would be so terrifying. Mu Chen wondered how terrifying that Flame Emperor would be.

The Flame Emperor should’ve been able to be considered amongst the top-tiered even amongst the Heavenly Sovereigns.

After Xiao Xiao dealt with the Exotic Corpse Dragon, she walked towards the throne and stretched her hand out. The Spiritual Dragon Pearl slowly fell into her hand.

The Spiritual Dragon Pearl laid on her hand before the seven-coloured snake burrowed out once again and devoured the pearl. Thereafter, Mu Chen and the rest could see a boundless lustre emanating from the snake and the runes on it gradually became brighter.

After devouring the Spiritual Dragon Pearl, the Heaven Summoning Python seemed to have exhausted quite a bit of energy, so it burrowed into Lin Jing’s sleeve, exhausted.

Mu Chen looked at this scene and was inwardly startled. He could vaguely sense that after devouring the Spiritual Dragon Pearl, even Xiao Xiao’s Spiritual Energy fluctuation seemed to have grown stronger.

It looked like there should’ve been a miraculous link between Xiao Xiao and the Heaven Swallowing Python, which strengthened her own Spiritual Energy as well.

A satisfied smile appeared on Xiao Xiao’s face. It looked like the effect of the Spiritual Dragon Pearl was pretty good. She had lifted her hand and saw a light token on the back of her hand. The token was in the shape of a dragon, which should clearly be the token of the Dragon Mansion Lord.

“Congratulations.” Mu Chen smiled. With the Dragon Mansion Lord’s token, that would mean that Xiao Xiao had obtained the qualifications for the baptism.

“Thanks to you.” Xiao Xiao smiled as she faced Mu Chen. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen, she would still be fighting with Lin Jing and even she couldn’t predict the outcome. After all, Lin Jing was the Princess of the Martial Realm and no one would believe that she didn’t have any trump cards.

“Let’s go, since we have obtained the treasure, then let us head for the Heavenly Lake.” Mu Chen said. Although he had not seen the seven other Mansions, he had no intention to search for them. After all, it’s useless for them to obtain more tokens and it might even attract the enmity of the other forces. If they caused a public rage, then it would definitely be a troublesome matter. After all, every single group here had a genuine Earth Sovereign standing behind them and if they provoked too much, even Mandala would be in trouble.

The three ladies nodded their heads. Since they had already obtained the tokens, then they definitely wouldn’t be greedy with the intention of obtaining the treasures from the other Mansion Lords as well.

Thus, the four of them immediately moved and soared into the sky, passing through the dense poisonous mist as they left.

More and more people had gathered outside the Dragon Island. After all, there were too many floating islands in the Ancient Haven Palace and it would be too time-consuming if they searched them one by one. Since this Dragon Island had been revealed, then they would naturally gather here.

On another corner of the island, there was a huge party that occupied a location close to the island and even formed a line that blocked out anyone from approaching them.

Although everyone was unhappy with their actions, there was nothing they could do. That’s because the formation of this party was too dazzling and shocking.

In the group of dozens, there were at least nearly ten at Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign and all of them were well-reputed in the Greatlaw Continent, ranking in the Top 50s.

Especially the golden-robed man amongst the party. He had a handsome face with a calm bearing. As he smiled, there would be a powerful pressure being released that made others cower.

That person was the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire, Xia Yu!

“Crown Prince, are we going to go in?” Someone spoke beside Xia Yu.

When Xia Yu heard the words of that person, he gently smiled. “Let others do the investigation. If anyone manages to come out, then we’ll invite them over to have a talk.”

When that expert heard Xia Yu’s reply, they suddenly understood in a flash, since Xia Yu was truly ruthless. Just by guarding here, any treasures from the Dragon Island would fall into their hands.

Since that’s the case, then let those unfortunate fellows do the work of investigating it.

Xia Yu smiled and just when he was about to speak, his heart suddenly shook and he narrowed his eyes while looking at the dense mist. He could see some movements before a silhouette flew out.

When Xia Yu saw that silhouette, he was first stunned before a mocking smile rose on the corner of his lips.

It was actually that brat Mu Chen… It looked like the luck of that fellow wasn’t too good.

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