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Chapter 1136 - Suppression

Three golden draconic pillars soared into the sky, which radiated a hundred miles in radius and everyone was dumbfounded at the sight of the pillars with shock filling their eyes.

Golden Dragon Disciples were extremely rare and they had experienced the test first-hand. Therefore, they knew what being a Golden Dragon Disciple meant. That meant that those that could obtain it were elites of the elites, even in the Ancient Haven Palace that once dominated the Greatlaw Continent.

With the current Greatlaw Continent, according to everyone’s estimation, probably only those in the Top 4 could be qualified to become the Golden Dragon Disciple. But this scene before them made them feel disbelief, since all three of them weren’t familiar faces.

“The three of them are actually Golden Dragon Disciples?” The silence briefly lasted before countless exclamations counted out.

“How is that possible? How are Golden Dragon Disciples easy to obtain? Could it be that they had a way?”

“If there’s a way to bypass the Dragon Ascension Gate, then it wouldn’t result in the rarity of Golden Dragon Disciples.”

“The three of them are definitely not simple.”

There wasn’t any lack of doubt amongst the voices, but most of them chose to accept the reality, since they had all experienced the Dragon Ascension Gate and knew how powerful it was. So it’s not easy to find a flaw with it.

While the entire region went in an uproar, the party of the Xia Empire were dumbfounded. Xia Hong’s face turned ugly for a long while before he lost self-control and roared towards Mu Chen, “You? You can also become a Golden Dragon Disciple?!”

Back then, when he fought with Mu Chen, Mu Chen was only at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. Even if he had extraordinary fighting strength, he would still only compete with a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign and a Golden Dragon Disciple was at least a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign and only those with many trump cards could have the possibility of obtaining it.

The party of the Xia Empire turned silent as well, no longer having any of the domineering bearing that it had before. Facing three Golden Dragon Disciples, they had lost all their confidence.

“Silence!” Xia Yu cast a glance at Xia Hong and roared before looking deeply at Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing. At this moment, he felt a vague danger being emitted from those two ladies.

Not to mention Mu Chen, who appeared to only be an Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign. But with his keen perception, Xia Yu could sense that Mu Chen was probably the one that had hidden himself the deepest.

This time, he had truly kicked an iron plate.

Xia Yu’s face slightly twitched with regret in his heart. He was regretting why he didn’t make a move himself when he met Mu Chen in the spatial passage. If he did that, then there’s a possibility that he could kill Mu Chen in there.

But at this moment, Mu Chen had two mysterious helpers with him and facing the array of the other party, even he wouldn’t have any benefit if they fought.

The three golden draconic pillars lasted for a brief moment before fading away as Mu Chen, Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing stored their plaques before looking at Xia Yu’s party. “You still want our treasures, now?”

Xia Yu’s face turned dark with a flicker in his eyes before he gave a gentle smile towards Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing. “Ladies, I wonder where the two of you are from? I don’t seem to have seen the both of you in the Greatlaw Continent in the past. I am Xia Yu, the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire. This matter is between my Xia Empire and Mu Chen, so I hope that you two ladies can stand back from this matter. My Xia Empire will be grateful.”

Although Mu Chen was also a Golden Dragon Disciple, Xia Yu was still confident about dealing with him if the two girls stood by and watched. After all, he was also a Golden Dragon Disciple and he didn’t think that Mu Chen would be stronger than him.

Mu Chen did not stop Xia Yu; on the contrary, he watched with his eyes narrowed and a smile stretched on his face, as if he couldn’t be bothered about it.

Jin Ling suddenly recalled something. She took out a golden scroll from her sleeve and waved it. “So you’re the Xia Empire’s Crown Prince. Great, your Imperial Brother lost 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to me some time ago and said that I can come to the Xia Empire to ask for it.”

When Xia Hong heard this, his face had instantly turned pale.

The corner of Xia Yu’s lips twitched before he cast a glance at Xia Hong with an ugly expression. 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid? That would practically empty out most of the Xia Empire. Not to mention him, even his Imperial Father wouldn’t be willing to pay up.

“What? Your Xia Empire is going to renege on a debt?” When Lin Jing saw his expression, her face instantly turned unsightly.

Xia Yu took a deep breath and answered, “This amount is too great and I cannot make the decision. Miss can look for my Imperial Father for it.”

He would naturally not admit the debt. If Lin Jing really dared to show this IOU to his father, she would probably be dealt with on the spot. In the past years, there weren’t many that tried to extort from their Xia Empire.

When Lin Jing heard his words, she nodded her head as if she never thought of the meaning behind Xia Yu’s words. “Since that’s the case, then I will go to that Xia Emperor of the Xia Empire in the future.”

The corner of Xia Yu and Xia Hong’s lips twitched. They looked at Lin Jing with gazes akin to looking at a fool.

But when they looked at Lin Jing with those gazes, they suddenly realised that Mu Chen and Nine Nether were also looking at them with similar gazes, which caused them to be stunned and they vaguely felt that something was amiss.

Mu Chen naturally wouldn’t be interested in explaining it to them, since they would realise how foolish they were in the future when they find out about Lin Jing’s identity. Did those fools really think that no one would dare go to the Xia Empire to retrieve a debt?

If they dared to renege the debt of Martial Ancestor’s daughter, just a Senior from the Martial Realm would be sufficient to teach the Xia Empire how to behave.

“Does Brother Xia have any more tricks? If not, then we will be leaving.” Mu Chen smiled towards Xia Yu.

He had no intention of fighting with Xia Yu’s party, since the other party had quite a bit of people and if they fought, it would definitely take up quite a bit of time. Right now, the most important thing for them right now was to head for the Heavenly Lake and receive the Baptism. As for Xia Yu, there would definitely be a chance to deal with him in the future.

When Xia Yu saw Mu Chen’s smile, he clenched his fist even tighter with raging flames in his heart. The ant that he, Xia Yu, could easily squash was so unconstrained before him, but there was nothing he could do about it.

But no matter how much rage he felt, Xia Yu no longer dared to speak nor provoke, since he knew that if a battle did break out, they might not have the advantage.

The party of the Xia Empire kept their silence. Even Xia Yu did not dare to speak, so why would they dare?

When everyone in the surroundings saw this, they couldn’t help inwardly snickering. Xia Yu had an aloof attitude when facing Mu Chen in the past and thought that he could easily suppress him. But now, the situation had turned around, which made him look pitiful.

The gaze of everyone was noticed by Xia Yu but he could only accept it with an ashen expression.

When Mu Chen saw Xia Yu’s party remain silent, he gently smiled and couldn’t be bothered with them. He flew out with the three ladies following after him.

Everyone looked at Mu Chen’s leaving party, but this time, no one stopped them. It was so much so that they didn’t even dare to covet the treasures that they obtained from the Dragon Island.

The status of three Golden Dragon Disciples was sufficient to intimidate all of them.

Xia Yu’s party quietly watched Mu Chen leave, but no one dared to speak. Their domineering air had completely disappeared, looking akin to mashed eggplants.

“Imperial Brother…” Xia Hong was not resigned and opened his mouth. Initially, he thought that he could deal with Mu Chen himself to take revenge for his arm. But who could have thought that Mu Chen was so powerful that even Xia Yu was intimidated to the point that Xia Yu did not dare to make a move?

“Shut up!” Xia Yu’s face was pale as he cast a glance at Xia Hong. If it wasn’t for that fellow offending Mu Chen, how would they be in such a terrible situation?

Facing the formation of Mu Chen’s party, even someone as powerful as Xia Yu felt great pressure. He was confident that he could deal with Mu Chen, but he wasn’t confident he could deal with the mysterious Lin Jing and Xiao Xiao.

Being reprimanded, Xia Hong’s face alternated between green and white as he gritted his teeth. “Are we going to accept this? Imperial Father has said before coming that the reputation of our Xia Empire does not allow a mere Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign to trample us.”

Xia Yu’s face turned dark as he briefly looked in the direction of Mu Chen’s party before saying, “This matter will not be easily rested. Hmph, although I have no idea where that fellow got those two powerful helpers from, did he really think that this Prince doesn’t have any connections? I believe that Garuda and the rest will also have their guards up for the Golden Dragon Disciples that appeared out of nowhere. At that time, we can join forces with them and get rid of those outsiders.”

Thinking about it, Xia Yu’s face turned darker as he sinisterly said, “Since that Mu Chen actually dared to offend my Xia Empire, then let this Prince see how capable you are!”

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