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Chapter 1133 - Meeting Xiao Xiao Again

The rainbow-dressed lady stood on the rock with her wavy hair emanating a bewitching air, which made her even more attractive, coupled with her appearance. The seven-coloured snake was coiled on her shoulder, which gave her another flavour of beauty.

However, when Mu Chen looked at that bewitching appearance, his eyes slowly widened and his expression turned weird.

That’s because that appearance was familiar to him… it was Cai Xiao, who Mu Chen had met in the Dragon-Phoenix Haven… or should he say Xiao Xiao.

The rumoured daughter of the Flame Emperor, whose background was as intimidating as Lin Jing’s.

Mu Chen never thought that the troublesome person that Lin Jing met would be her!

This was truly a clash of someone close who failed to recognise each other!

Mu Chen was dumbfounded as he looked at Xiao Xiao. The latter also clearly saw him at this time and was stunned before a flavourful smile appeared on her face.

“Hey, Mu Chen, what are you doing?” When Lin Jing saw that Mu Chen did not move, she spoke out in doubt.

Xiao Xiao gently caressed the snake on her shoulder and teased, “Tsk, tsk. We haven’t seen each other for a year, Mu Chen, so when did you start to work as a hired fighter?”

Hearing her words, Lin Jing and Nine Nether were stunned before both of them looked at Mu Chen. “You know her?”

Mu Chen bitterly smiled. “She is also my friend. We went to the Dragon-Phoenix Haven together.”

When Lin Jing heard his words, she couldn’t help widening her eyes. Although she did not speak, she was definitely feeling awkward in her heart. After all, this situation was really too awkward and she did not know what to say.

She retracted the boundless Spiritual Energy around her. Since this lady was a friend of Mu Chen’s, then there’s no need to fight. Lin Jing was also someone from an unordinary birth. Although she was a female, she was also generous, and thus, she wouldn’t hold grudges against Xiao Xiao.

Mu Chen felt relieved at this scene. The two of them were friends of his and if they fought, it would definitely be a headache for him.

Xiao Xiao approached as Mu Chen gave her a smile before introducing her to Nine Nether, “This is Nine Nether, who is with me in the Greatlaw Continent and she’s an old friend of mine.”

He then pointed at Lin Jing. “This is Lin Jing… the Martial Ancestor is her father.”

Finishing his words, he then said towards Nine Nether and Lin Jing, “This is Xiao Xiao… the Flame Emperor is her father.”

When Mu Chen finished his words, the three girls were startled as they looked at each other in shock. The Martial Ancestor and Flame Emperor were existences that could tremble the entire Great Thousand World with a stomp of their feet. However, those two powerhouses rarely showed their faces, so who could have expected that their daughters would meet each other with this method?

“So you’re the daughter of the Martial Ancestor… Even my father holds the Martial Ancestor in high esteem, it is truly fate that I can meet the Princess of the Martial Realm today.” Xiao Xiao’s face was truly a little startled. After all, the reputation of the Martial Ancestor wasn’t any weaker than her own father’s and she knew that the Martial Ancestor was one of those in the Great Thousand World whom even her father held with high esteem.

Lin Jing’s eyes beamed as she spoke with some excitement, “So the Flame Emperor is Big Sister’s father. I have also heard my father talking about Senior Flame Emperor. He’s my idol and if I knew of Big Sister’s identity earlier, then I would have definitely let you have the Spiritual Dragon Pearl.”

Lin Jing was proud of her father ever since she was young, so she naturally revered the Flame Emperor who could stand on the same height as her father. So the excitement on her face at this moment wasn’t fake.

Xiao Xiao slightly smiled. She felt fortunate in her heart that Mu Chen came in time. Otherwise, if anything happened and both of them pulled out their trump cards, then both sides would definitely suffer injury.

No matter how she looked at it, it wasn’t worth it to form an enmity with the other party just for a Spiritual Dragon Pearl.

Mu Chen looked at the two ladies who were getting along well, and felt heavily relieved. Both of them had unordinary births so even if they had different characters, they were extremely prideful deep in their bones. Therefore, Mu Chen was worried that they would still fight and if that’s the case, he would be sandwiched between the both of them.

But fortunately, the two of them still had their manners and weren’t like those petty girls.

Mu Chen then looked at Xiao Xiao and said with astonishment, “Why are you in the Ancient Haven Palace?”

“The Ancient Haven Palace was founded by the Heavenly Emperor. It just so happens that I came out of my cultivation so I came to take a look. Initially, I wanted to go to the Northern Region to look for you, but I believed that you wouldn’t miss such an event so I immediately came here instead.”

Xiao Xiao smiled as she glanced at Mu Chen and spoke in a startled voice, “Your strength rose pretty quickly.”

When they were in the Dragon-Phoenix Haven, Mu Chen’s cultivation was only at the Third Grade Sovereign Realm. Not even two years have passed and he had already stepped into the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. Such a cultivation speed even left Xiao Xiao somewhat startled in her heart.

“Not as fast as you.” Mu Chen shrugged. When he came here, Xiao Xiao did not hide her strength and her cultivation wasn’t weaker than Zhu Yan’s, a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign, and she might even be amongst the top even in that realm.

“This is the Spiritual Dragon Pearl?” Mu Chen looked at the crystalline pearl above the throne. That had to be the reason why Lin Jing and Xiao Xiao fought.

Lin Jing and Xiao Xiao exchanged a glance before the both of them nodded their heads in embarrassment.

“So how are the both of you going to split that?” Mu Chen asked, since there was only one Spiritual Dragon Pearl and only one of them could have it. However, he was obviously not going to make a decision to distribute it.

When Lin Jing heard his words, she smiled and spoke first, “Let Big Sister Xiao have it. She hasn’t obtained a token yet and this is also not that important to me.”

Although the Spiritual Dragon Pearl was precious, what treasure had she not seen before with her status? In her eyes, a Spiritual Dragon Pearl was still insufficient, at least compared to forging a good relationship with Xiao Xiao.

When Xiao Xiao heard Lin Jing’s choice, she briefly hesitated before showing a smile of gratitude. “Then thank you, Little Sister Lin Jing. This is still quite useful to me and if we encounter any treasures, later on, I will reimburse you with them.”

The seven-coloured snake crawled out from her shoulder and spat its tongue towards the Spiritual Dragon Pearl with excitement.

“Big Sister Xiao is too polite, go ahead and take it.” Lin Jing chuckled.

Xiao Xiao nodded her head and strode out towards the throne. But just when she was about a hundred feet away from the throne, Mu Chen suddenly appeared beside her and stopped her.

“Mhm?” Xiao Xiao was stunned and looked at Mu Chen with doubt. Lin Jing and Nine Nether also followed up, looking at Mu Chen with puzzlement.

“There’s a problem?” It was still Nine Nether that understood Mu Chen the best. She knew that Mu Chen would definitely not be tempted by this Spiritual Dragon Pearl and since that’s the case, then there had to be another reason why he stopped Xiao Xiao.

When Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing heard Nine Nether’s words, their eyes narrowed.

Mu Chen stared at the throne and gently nodded his head. “It’s a little weird…”

When Xiao Xiao was approaching, he could vaguely sense a subtle fluctuation that was so hidden that even Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing did not sense it.

Mu Chen kneeled down and placed his hand on the ground, then closed his eyes. When the three ladies saw this, they split up and made a protective formation with him in the centre.

Mu Chen remained in this position for a good while before he suddenly opened his eyes and a spiritual light flickered in his palm, “There really is a problem.”

When he finished his words, he abruptly slammed his palm down and a visible Spiritual Energy fluctuation spread out from his palm.

Explosions resounded as countless rocks shattered and the ground seemed to have started to collapse.

As the ground collapsed, the three ladies could see spiritual lines appearing on the ground and that they interlinked into a massive Spiritual Array with the throne as the foundation.

Furthermore, what made their pupils shrink was the fact that they saw a white dragon on the collapsed down, shrouded with a deathly aura without any vitality in the eyes of that dragon.

The dragon laid there without any vitality. It was no wonder why the three ladies couldn’t sense it and the reason why Mu Chen could. It was due to it being a Spiritual Array.

“It’s actually an Exotic Corpse Dragon…” The ladies looked at the white dragon shrouded in the deathly aura and spoke in astonishment.

They weren’t too afraid of this Exotic Corpse Dragon, but it was the Spiritual Array that made them feel threatened.

“What is this Spiritual Array?” Xiao Xiao asked in puzzlement. If she had stepped into the Spiritual Array without any preparation, then she would probably suffer considerably.

“It’s a Spiritual Corpse Array. If you step in, your Spiritual Energy will be suppressed and judging from the deathly aura gathered in there, even a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign would be reduced to be roughly at the Seventh Grade Sovereign.” Mu Chen answered.

Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing were startled. If their cultivation got suppressed to Seventh Grade Sovereign, then they would definitely be devoured by the Exotic Corpse Dragon. However, they never expected something so lethal would be hidden there.

“What should we do now?” Xiao Xiao knitted her brows. If she forcefully broke that array, then it would probably affect the Spiritual Dragon Pearl as well.

When Mu Chen heard her worries, he lightly smiled, “If it’s the Spiritual Array, leave it to me.”

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