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Chapter 1129 - Great Harvest

The Azure Feathered Fan floated in Mu Chen’s hand. He did not bother with Zhu Yan any further after taking back the Wind God’s Fan and looked at Lin Jing and Nine Nether with a smile. “Now, it’s time for us to split up the treasures.”

He raised the Wind God’s Fan in his hand and announced with a natural smile, “Ladies first. If either of you wants it, go ahead and take it.”

Although it was a Saint Artifact, there wasn’t any unwillingness in him to part with it. After all, he had seen a Saint Artifact before. After all, he had given something as powerful as the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid to Mandala.

Nine Nether and Lin Jing looked at the Wind God’s Fan for a brief moment before shaking their heads. “You’re the one to use it to face the opponent. So it shouldn’t have any ill will against you, so you’re the most suitable to claim it.”

What they said wasn’t wrong, since he had obtained the controlling seals from the Wind God’s Fan, forming a link between them. So if he wanted to claim the Wind God’s Fan, the Saint Artifact probably wouldn’t reject him.

When Mu Chen heard their answer, he shook his head with a helpless smile. He did not refute their words and nodded his head, holding the Wind God’s Fan in his hand. “Then I’ll consider it my benefit, this time.”

“What about that?” Mu Chen pointed towards the floating jade scroll and the lake of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

“Let’s take a look at what those are first.” Nine Nether waved her hand and the jade scroll floated down, before landing in her hand. She closed her eyes and briefly inspected it before opening her eyes in astonishment. “This is a Lesser Divine Ability, known as the Wind Summoning Art. It can change Spiritual Energy into astral winds and can allow one to travel along with the wind with extremely… fast speed.”

As a Nine Netherworld Bird, Nine Nether’s speed was extremely fast, to begin with. So to have such compliments from her… it must be extremely terrifying.

Mu Chen was also a little startled. This Divine Ability seemed to be a supportive one. But compared to offensive Divine Abilities, the worth of this Wind Summoning Art was probably much higher.

After all, as long as anyone cultivated in this Divine Ability, they would have an assurance of their life and if they encountered any troublesome enemies, even if they couldn’t defeat their enemy, they could still escape.

According to Mu Chen’s estimations, if he cultivated this, then he might even be able to flee before a Lesser Earth Sovereign. This was definitely a treasure.

But since he had obtained the Wind God’s Fan, he no longer showed any greed over the Wind Summoning Art, so he left it to the two girls to make their choice.

“An escaping Divine Ability, too mediocre.” Lin Jing lifted her lips as she spoke with contempt. Clearly, she wasn’t too interested in this Divine Ability.

Nine Nether gave a grateful smile towards Lin Jing, since she knew that Lin Jing was letting her have this on purpose. But amongst the three of them, she was truly the most suitable with this Divine Ability. With this, her speed would be increased to such a terrifying height that even Mu Chen wouldn’t be able to catch up to her.

“Then any further refusal from me would be impolite.” Nine Nether cupped her fist and held the Wind Summoning Art in her hand.

“Then, the lake is mine.” Lin Jing lightly smiled as she flicked her finger and the Spiritual Frost Puppet flew out before using the spear to dig the lake out before Lin Jing waved her hand and took all the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in the end.

If refined, the lake should be worth a few ten-odd millions of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, which was definitely not a small amount. In the Great Thousand World, she could even buy a Divine Ability with that sum, so she wasn’t losing out in anything.

After they settled the distribution, Mu Chen nodded his head with satisfaction. They had a great harvest this time.

Thinking about it, Mu Chen couldn’t help casting a glance at Zhu Yan, who was still trapped in the storm. If that fellow did not barge into this, then it would’ve been more perfect.

“Let’s go, then.” Mu Chen looked at the empty building. It had already been emptied by them so there’s no further reason to stay there.

Nine Nether and Lin Jing evidently did not have any objection and nodded their heads.

At this moment, Zhu Yan was sitting in the storm with his eyes closed. He did not bother about Mu Chen’s group’s distribution of treasures and upon seeing this, Mu Chen also did not bother about him. He just left with Nine Nether and Lin Jing.

A brief moment after their departure, Zhu Yan slowly opened his eyes and looked in the direction Mu Chen’s group had left in with a faint smile on the corner of his lips.

“Mu Chen… what an interesting fellow. We will meet again, but at that time, I will take back all my loss. I hope that you will not disappoint me.”

Outside the Wind Mansion

A tiny crack was suddenly torn open in the Spiritual Array and three silhouettes slowly walked out, which the storm restored thereafter.

This island had clearly been noticed by many. The screeching sounds of wind constantly resounded. Evidently, they were here to search for treasures.

Occasionally, there would be a burst of joy sounding out. It looked like some lucky fellows had found some treasures left in the Ancient Haven Palace.

There were also some people watching outside the main hall but they were looking at the terrifying Spiritual Array that shrouded the building with fear. None of them dared to take a step forth.

Thus, when Mu Chen’s group of three walked out, everyone immediately looked at them with greed flashing in their eyes.

Anyone could tell that there had to be treasures in the building and since the three of them could walk out unscathed, then they must have obtained those treasures.

But the moment the greed rose in their hearts, a cold flash swept out with a terrifying chill, covering the ground in layers of ice.

Everyone was startled before they swiftly avoided that cold flash and looked at the puppet shrouded in cold aura standing before the group of three.

When they sensed the Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from the puppet, all of them changed their faces.

“It’s actually a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Spiritual Puppet…” Their hearts trembled at the sight of it and they decisively avoided them. A team that could possess a puppet of such level was not a group that they could afford to offend.

“Their noses are pretty keen.” When Mu Chen looked at the streaks of light in the sky, he sighed since he did not expect so many people to come to the Wind Mansion. After all, they hadn’t been in there for a long time.

But fortunately, the greatest treasures of the Wind Mansion were obtained by them. However, the only thing that did not go well for them was that they had offended Zhu Yan, which made Mu Chen helplessly fling his lips aside.

When Nine Nether saw his expression, she naturally understood what he was thinking and she couldn’t help smiling. “Looks like the Top 4 of the Elite Ranking aren’t friendly with you. You’re truly a troublemaker.”

Mu Chen mocked with self-ridicule because what Nine Nether said wasn’t false. He had crippled one of Xia Hong’s arms, so Xia Yu would definitely not let this matter rest so easily. As for Garuda, that person was even one of his greatest enemies that couldn’t be avoided. As for Su Qingyin, who did not reveal her thoughts, she was a moody person and now… he even had a grudge with Zhu Yan.

Anyone offending one of them would be terrified, but he had practically offended all of them. Even Mu Chen admired his ability to lure trouble.

But even if he was a little helpless, he did not regret it. Take Zhu Yan, for example, if there was another incident like this, Mu Chen would still not hesitate to take the same method.

He had offended many people in his cultivation path, but he had always been the one laughing in the end. All his past opponents have been tossed far away by him, and Mu Chen believed that it would still be the same…

Mu Chen lightly smiled as the fear dispersed from his eyes, replaced with sharpness and self-confidence. If he didn’t even have the confidence, then there’s no need to carry on walking down the road of a supreme expert.

“Let’s go, we’ll look for a place to rest, first.” Mu Chen looked at the two ladies and said. They had undergone a great battle and he suffered a great exhaustion of Spiritual Energy. He’s in a terrible state right now, not to mention that he even had to refine the Wind God’s Fan to prevent others from robbing it from him so easily.

Nine Nether nodded her head. She also had the intention of comprehending the Wind Summoning Art and Lin Jing naturally had no objections.

Thus, the three of them left the Wind Mansion’s island and searched for a remote island that didn’t have any Spiritual Energy protecting it. It’s an ordinary island that others definitely wouldn’t look at.

The three of them entered a tattered pagoda on the island and settled down. Mu Chen had immediately sat down on one of the levels and brought the Azure Feathered Fan into his hand.

Mu Chen stared at the Azure Feathered Fan and his gaze gradually burned. After the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, this was the second Saint Artifact that he had obtained. However, the power of this Wind God’s Fan was definitely inferior to the pyramid but Mu Chen wasn’t surprised. After all, the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid was left by the Forth Hall Master, while this Wind God’s Fan was left by the Wind Mansion Lord. Those two existences had a great gap in their status in the Ancient Haven Palace.

But this was also the reason why Mu Chen inwardly rejoiced. After all, he hadn’t broken through to the Earth Sovereign Realm, so powerful Saint Artifacts would be useless in his hand.

On the other hand, he should be able to barely use this Wind God’s Fan with his current cultivation.

As he thought about this, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and Spiritual Energy rose from his hand, akin to a flame that gradually enveloped the Wind God’s Fan… 

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