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Chapter 1128 - The First Confrontation

“Since you don’t want to leave, then you can stay here.” When Mu Chen’s voice resounded, Zhu Yan’s face lightly trembled and he raised his head towards the massive Spiritual Array before looking at Mu Chen with a flash of solemnness in his eyes.

He never imagined that that unremarkable-looking fellow would have such means…

“You can control this Spiritual Array?” Zhu Yan slowly said, unable to conceal the fluctuation in his tone. He felt that it was somewhat unbelievable that Mu Chen could control this Scholar Grade Spiritual Array.

Mu Chen gently patted the pillar as he answered, “This pillar just so happens to control the Spiritual Array. I have previously sent my spiritual seals in and obtained a temporary control over it…”

Naturally, there was also another requirement to control the Spiritual Array, that was to obtain the acknowledgement of the Wind Mansion Lord, which the three of them just so happened to previously obtain. However, he did not reveal that fact.

He smiled towards Zhu Yan. “I have previously said that the one smiling till the end is not always the strongest one, but the lucky one. It just so happens that I have pretty good luck here.”

“Now… can you return that to us?” Mu Chen stretched his hand out towards Zhu Yan with a gentle smile.

Zhu Yan stared at Mu Chen for a long time before sighing, “This is my mistake, I shouldn’t have let you come in contact with that pillar.”

If he had made his move earlier, he might have been able to force Mu Chen to retreat. As long as he could get Mu Chen away from the pillar, then the threat would’ve been resolved.

Mu Chen smiled, but he did not speak. He only looked at Zhu Yan with an eye-piercing gaze.

Zhu Yan shrugged. “This situation is, indeed, not to my favour. But…”

His gaze instantly turned sharp as he continued, “But no one has ever taken anything from my hands in all these years.”

In that moment when he finished his words, space distorted behind him and his Sovereign Sea vaguely appeared. There were countless erupting volcanoes in his Sovereign Sea and an extremely violent Spiritual Energy gathered within.

A surge of terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure also swept out, causing space to fluctuate.

Zhu Yan stomped his foot and magma gushed out before he had turned into a fire flicker and soared into the sky, intending to charge through the Spiritual Array.

Evidently, Zhu Yan did not believe that Mu Chen could completely unleash the power of this Scholar Grade Spiritual Array. As long as there was a flaw in the Spiritual Array, it would be easy for him to break free and as long as he could leave this building, then he wouldn’t have to be afraid of Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen saw Zhu Yan’s intentions, he wasn’t surprised. If Zhu Yan would admit his defeat so easily, then he wouldn’t be the Overlord of the Elite Ranking.

Although Zhu Yan’s thoughts were right, he did not know that Mu Chen was a genuine Spiritual Array Master. Furthermore, perhaps his attainments might not be at the Scholar Grade, but it was sufficient for him to control the Scholar Grade Spiritual Array with the central pillar.

This time, Zhu Yan’s thoughts would probably fail.

Mu Chen indifferently looked at the fire flicker before gently patting the pillar again and his spiritual seals integrated into the pillar.

The moment he patted the pillar, the Spiritual Array that enveloped the building roared and azure tornadoes tore through space, shooting towards the fire flicker akin to awakened dragons.

The tornadoes contained such extremely terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations that even a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign would be reduced to ashes upon contact.

When Zhu Yan saw that tornado, his face slightly changed. He had also sensed the terrifying Spiritual Energy in the tornado. Even he would be reduced to ashes if he was slightly careless.

Thus, he had to stop his figure and flickered across the sky, dodging those tornadoes. 

Mu Chen looked at the silhouette in the sky with a little astonishment. That fellow was truly terrifying to be able to dodge such terrifying attacks.

However… if Zhu Yan thought that he could so easily avoid a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array, then he would be too naïve.

As this thought flashed in Mu Chen’s heart, an azure tornado formed behind Zhu Yan, akin to a whip, and lashed out.

The shattering space behind Zhu Yan gave him a chill down his spine as he waved his sleeve without any hesitation. Endless flames gushed from his sleeves, incinerating space to the point of causing space to distort the moment it appeared, even the air was burning up from the flames.

The flames gushed out, taking the form of a dragon and clashed with the tornado.

The tornado and flames clashed and exploded in the sky like fireworks. The flaming dragon only lasted for a brief moment before it exploded and the tail of the tornado heavily lashed against Zhu Yan’s back.

Zhu Yan instantly suffered a heavy impact as he fell from the sky, leaving a long mark on the ground before he could stabilise his silhouette.

But at this moment, he no longer had his earlier bearing and a sinister wound could be seen on his back. Magma was flowing on the wound, trying to restore it, but it was being blocked out by the azure Spiritual Energy.


Sensing the sharp piercing pain on his back, Zhu Yan sucked in a cold breath. This was a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array? It was no wonder why it could confront with Earth Sovereigns… If it wasn’t for his sturdy physique, he would have died by that attack.

“That fellow…” Zhu Yan knitted his brows as he raised his head and looked at Mu Chen, who maintained a composed expression. He had miscalculated this time, he never thought that the young fellow would be able to exhibit the might of this Spiritual Array to this level without any flaw. It’s been a long time since he had suffered this badly.

“Brother Zhu Yan, do you want to return it?” Mu Chen looked at Zhu Yan and smiled once again.

Without any expression, Zhu Yan circulated his Spiritual Energy to recover from his wounds while his brain swiftly circulated in an attempt to find a method to escape.

However, Mu Chen did not give him the luxury to do that. When he saw that Zhu Yan still showed no signs of giving up, he patted the pillar once again. A massive tornado descended from the sky and enveloped Zhu Yan.

The terrifying storm roared around Zhu Yan, containing a destructive force. As the storm roared, space shattered and countless spatial fragments were mixed in as well.

Zhu Yan looked at the tornado around him akin to a prison and the corner of his lips twitched. This Mu Chen was truly cautious, not giving him any chance.

The tornado had also cut off his path of retreat, forcing him into a tough situation.

“Hmph, you can carry on being arrogant!” Lin Jing felt extremely elated at this sight. That fellow actually dared to snatch their treasure with that attitude of his, which angered her to the point of gritting her teeth.

Initially, she was already planning to bring out all her trump cards to let that fellow pay a price. But she never expected Mu Chen to have such a formidable means.

“Mu Chen, you’re truly terrific!” In the midst of joy, Lin Jing heavily patted Mu Chen’s shoulders.

Mu Chen’s feet softened from her pat as he helplessly rolled his eyes. The Spiritual Energy in his body was still in an empty state from the Azure Feathered Fan and having to control the Spiritual Array. At this moment, the Spiritual Energy in his body was practically exhausted.

Seeing Mu Chen’s gaze, Lin Jing chuckled and took out some Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for Mu Chen to recover.

Mu Chen used one hand to absorb Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and looked at Zhu Yan, who was trapped in the storm, at the same time. “Do you have your answer now?”

Zhu Yan briefly looked at Mu Chen before retracting his gaze. Emotions couldn’t be seen on his face as he answered, “You’re the first to make me suffer this badly in recent years.”

“What an honour.” Mu Chen replied calmly.

Zhu Yan then said, “What do you want?”

“Hand the Wind God’s Fan over… I will set up the Spiritual Array so that it will gradually weaken upon our departure until you can break out yourself.” Mu Chen smiled.

Zhu Yan knitted his brows as he looked at Mu Chen without any emotion on his face. “Why should I believe you? What if you have trapped me here forever?”

“I believe that you don’t have the luxury of making a choice.” Mu Chen slowly replied as he continued, “Furthermore… I don’t think that even if I have gone against my promise, you will be trapped here forever.”

Although he didn’t understand Zhu Yan too well, he didn’t believe that the Overlord of the Elite Ranking would have no trump cards. The reason why Zhu Yan didn’t wish to resort to them was probably that the price of using them would be too great.

Zhu Yan pondered for a long while, before looking at Mu Chen and lightly smiled. “Interesting… I never thought that there would be someone like you in the Greatlaw Continent.”

“So, consider it your win this time… But if we encounter each other again, I will challenge you again.”

Finishing his words, Zhu Yan flicked his finger and the Azure Feathered Fan flew out without any hesitation.

Mu Chen made a grabbing gesture in the air and the Azure Feathered Fan appeared in his hand. He then spun it in his hand. “Thanks for letting me win.”

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