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Chapter 1130 - Dragon Island

The flames rose, enveloping the Azure Feathered Fan in an instant. The blazing temperature had caused the surrounding space to distort and even space was giving off a burning scent.

But facing the blazing flames, the Azure Feathered Fan wasn’t bothered, not even the azure lustre had rippled. It’s as if the flames were nothing to it.

Mu Chen wasn’t surprised about this. If a Saint Artifact could be refined so easily, then he would have to suspect if it was a genuine Saint Artifact.

Furthermore, if it wasn’t for this Wind God’s Fan being in an unclaimed state, Mu Chen would probably suffer the retaliation from the fan itself if he had used the flames to burn it…

Staring at this Wind God’s Fan, Mu Chen waved his hand and a creek of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid appeared around him and a boundless spiritual mist rose, filling up this level of the pagoda.

It’s not easy to refine the Wind God’s Fan, so Mu Chen had to use a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to aid him in refining it.

Finishing his preparations, Mu Chen gradually closed his eyes and strands of Spiritual Energy from the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid as it flowed and entered through his nose, replenishing the exhausted Spiritual Energy in his body.

Thus, time slowly flowed while he continued his refinement. He had no idea how long it had been since the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid around him started to thin down, even the flames have turned hazy without him knowing. The fan was in the centre as the mist rose and a tiny, deep azure tornado appeared.

The tornado was extremely exquisite but when it appeared, this entire area jolted and a violent gale vaguely whistled with sands fluttering in the sky…

Mu Chen’s closed eyes opened and he looked at the tiny tornado that appeared with a flash of joy in his eyes.

This tornado should be the core of the Wind God’s Fan with a strand of the Profound Yellow Gale that would only be born in the nine heavens after a myriad year. This was one of the greatest reasons that the Wind God’s Fan could become a genuine Saint Artifact.

If he wanted to refine the Wind God’s Fan, then he would have to leave his own imprint behind in the Profound Yellow Gale.

Mu Chen took in a deep breath, then bit on his tongue and a blood essence shot out that contained an extremely purified Spiritual Energy. When the blood gushed out, Mu Chen’s face instantly turned paler. This had clearly exhausted him.

Blood essence such as this was extremely precious. After all, it was nurtured with his Spiritual Energy. If he lost too much, then it might even affect his Spiritual Energy foundation. If it wasn’t needed for refining this Saint Artifact, Mu Chen would definitely not be willing to do this.

The blood flew towards the Profound Yellow Gale, but it did not integrate into it. It seemed to be blocked out by something, hovering outside.

When Mu Chen saw this, his face became calm and he closed his eyes once again. He then started to control the flames to unleash a blazing temperature that burned the Profound Yellow Gale.

It was also under this slow burning that the blood essence managed to slowly fuse with it.

But this process needed some time, so Mu Chen wasn’t impatient. He slowly waited. As long as the blood essence could completely fuse into the Profound Yellow Gale and leave his imprint within it, then this Wind God’s Fan would be under his control. At that time, even if this was seized by someone else, unless it was someone that was several grades higher than him in cultivation, it’s impossible for them to erase his imprint.

It was so much so that Mu Chen could even control the imprint within it to destroy the core of the Wind God’s Fan, detonating this Saint Artifact. Even genuine Earth Sovereigns wouldn’t have a good time.

This was the reason why Mu Chen wanted to exhaust so much time and effort to refine the Wind God’s Fan… After all, the temptation of a Saint Artifact was too great.

With all the procedures completed, he only needed to wait…

While Mu Chen was refining the Wind God’s Fan, Nine Nether stood in the sky outside the pagoda. She quietly stood in the sky with her eyes closed. The surrounding Spiritual Energy fluctuations around her had dissipated before she stretched her hands out to circulate the chant of the Wind Summoning Art.

As she comprehended it with her eyes closed, strands of a gale started to condense in the sky and gradually gathered around her.

Under the strands of the gale that had gathered, Nine Nether could seem to sense the weight of her body lightening. That feeling was akin to soaring in the sky, akin to the omnipresent wind.

A ripple fluctuated in her heart. This Wind Summoning Art was merely a Lesser Divine Ability that even slanted more towards being the supportive kind. However, the profundities were extremely stunning. If she could succeed in cultivating it, then she might even be able to compare with Earth Sovereigns.

Even someone as powerful as Zhu Yan, who was under the Earth Sovereign Realm, could only eat her dust and couldn’t even touch her.

Thinking about this scene, Nine Nether’s heart rose with expectations.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether were busy with their matters while Lin Jing had nothing to do. After circling the island and not noticing any treasures, she could only return in anger.

When she returned, she saw that Mu Chen and Nine Nether were still busy with their own matters and couldn’t be disturbed. So she waited for a brief moment before she quietly left the island with her temper. She intended to stroll around and see if she could come across any other opportunities.

Exiting the island, Lin Jing travelled without any objective and would occasionally encounter groups. When those people saw that she was alone, they couldn’t help the ill thoughts in their hearts. But the moment those thoughts rose in their hearts, they saw a silhouette enveloped in cold aura following behind Lin Jing like a shadow. The cold aura being emitted from that silhouette made them feel a chill down their spines, freezing all those thoughts of theirs and avoided her.

Under the protection of the Spiritual Frost Puppet, Lin Jing’s path was unobstructed. There wasn’t anyone that dared to make a move against her and under this situation, she managed to obtain some harvest on several islands. But compared to her harvest together with Mu Chen, they paled in comparison.

She was dissatisfied. Ordinary treasures weren’t worthy in her eyes, so as she searched around, there wasn’t anything interesting to her.

But fortunately, she had also obtained some information in the process regarding the location of the Dragon Mansion.

The Dragon Mansion was also one of the Nine Mansions that was also rumoured to be ranked one of the tops amongst the Mansions or even stronger than the Wind Mansion Lord that they had previously encountered.

Upon obtaining that information, Lin Jing changed her direction without hesitation and flew towards the direction of the Dragon Mansion’s island.

When Lin Jing reached the Dragon Mansion’s island, she was a little startled to see that there was a multitude of experts outside the Dragon Island with streaks of light constantly flying over. Evidently, they must have also obtained information and rushed here as well.

This place was much more lively than the Wind Island.

However, Lin Jing realised that although there were many people around, no one dared to casually enter. On the contrary, most of them stopped outside and did not dare to enter.

Lin Jing swept a glance and nodded her head with a flash of understanding. She realised that the island was covered in a faint mist. The mist wasn’t strong, but Lin Jing could easily recognise it.

“It’s actually the Dragon Breath Poison… No wonder no one dares to enter.” Lin Jing exclaimed and clicked her tongue. The so-called “Dragon Breath Poison” was a highly toxic poison that belonged to the Dragon Clan, refined with the breath of a dragon so it’s extremely overbearing. Even Lesser Earth Sovereigns would be in a pathetic state if they breathed in too much and if they were careless, they might even lose their lives.

However, Lin Jing wasn’t depressed due to this. On the contrary, she lightly smiled. This poison could obstruct others but it’s still insufficient to stop her.

Thinking about this, she waved her hand, storing the Spiritual Frost Puppet, then clenched it. An exquisite white jade gourd appeared in her hand and a white lustre gushed out, enveloping her body.

Finishing that, Lin Jing walked towards the island, swaggering under countless astonished gazes.

At the moment that Lin Jing entered the Dragon Island, a silhouette casually walked over from another corner of the island. That silhouette was donned in a rainbow-coloured dress that outlined her impressive figure. She had a soft waist and an appearance that made the throats of others dry. There was a veil covering her stunning face.

This lady was covered in a bewitching mystery that made others feel intoxicated just by looking at her.

When she entered the Dragon Island, a small rainbow snake crawled out of her shoulder and it sucked in the poison. This poison, which even the Dragon Clan would avoid, was actually nothing before this snake…

As the snake sucked in, the bewitching beauty slowly walked towards the depths of the island.

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