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Chapter 1128: Owner of the Wind Mansion

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When the three stepped through the dark azure palace door, light condensed before their eyes. When they once again gazed at it, an ancient and majestic main hall appeared before them.

The inside of the hall was paved with green stones, and there were many stone pillars supporting the entire hall. The pillars were engraved with images of storms. In the center of the hall was a pool of water with water lilies blooming on the surface. There was a curl of smoke rising from the pool, spreading around the hall.

Nine Nether, Lin Jing, and Mu Chen inhaled the smoke, and their eyes became focused, for they found that the smoke contained an extremely pure and majestic spiritual energy.

“The pool of water…” Mu Chen’s eyes were bright as he stared at the pool, and he could not help but lick his lips.

Nine Nether couldn’t help but exclaim, “That pool is made of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid!” There was amazement in her beautiful eyes. Obviously, she was impressed by the Wind Mansion’s opulence. Turning Sovereign Spiritual Liquid into such a pure pool of water would take at least hundreds of millions of drops.

Although the water in the pool had become much shallower, if extracted into Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it would not be less than 50,000,000 drops… This amount, even for today’s Daluo Territory, was not a small number.

“It’s worthy of being one of the Nine Mansions, indeed. How rich.” Mu Chen sighed, but did not begin hurrying to collect the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Instead, he lifted his head and continued to scan the whole hall.

His gaze probed the depths of the hall where there were two stout pillars, and at the top of the pillars, there was a ray of light. There were two things in the light, a green feather fan and a green jade scroll.

Mu Chen’s gaze immediately focused on the green feather fan as his eyes narrowed. “That is… a Sacred Artifact?!”

Although the feather fan was unusually quiet, Mu Chen could still detect a palpable wave emitting from it, which no Quasi-Divine Artifact could possess. Thus, this object must be a true Sacred Artifact!

The green jade scroll must also be something extraordinary. Otherwise, it would not have been beside the feather fan.

“The Ancient Celestial Palace is worthy of its name.” Nine Nether sighed. In the owner of the Wind Mansion’s lifetime, he had only been a Lower Earthly Sovereign, but he had possessed a true Sacred Artifact, and that alone was enough to make the most powerful rulers of the forces of the North Territory jealous. After all, even Mandela had obtained a Sacred Artifact from the Fourth Hall Master only because of Mu Chen.

“It looks like it’s a big harvest this time.” Lin Jing’s eyes were bright as she smiled cheerily.

“The treasures are good, but I’m afraid they are not that easy to get.” Mu Chen shook his head, and his fingers pointed behind the Spirit Pool. There were layers of stone ladders. As the stone ladders extended up, both sides of the stone ladders had many seats, upon which sat many figures.

These figures’ robes were embellished with a variety of runes. Some were the Azure Water Dragon, some the Golden Water Dragon, and even two were White Dragons and an Azure Dragon…

Apparently, these people were the Sovereigns of the Wind Mansion. One of the highest ranking was a Disciple of the Azure Dragon. Looking at its position, it obviously had had a high status in this Wind Mansion.

Their bodies were so much more intact than the skeletons outside. Their flesh could be seen, but they still had a frozen look of fear on their faces. When the Extraterritorial Race appeared on that day, the evil energy poured in. They had obviously been aware of it, but before they could put up any defense, that terrible evil energy took their lives away.

“They are just dead people.” Lin Jing was not concerned. With a wave of her hand, a strong wind of spiritual energy howled and swept past. As the wind swept through, those figures were instantly turned into smoke, dissipated, and vanished. In just a few short moments, the hall became empty.

However, the faces of the three grew more solemn at this time, for their gazes were fixed on the end of the steps, and they saw that a figure had appeared on the stone pedestal. He was dressed in a green robe and seemed middle aged, with a touch of majestic authority in his expression. An extremely powerful spiritual energy fluctuation slowly radiated out of his body.

The three looked at this green-robed, middle-aged man as their eyes twitched. Seeing his position and momentum, the identity of this person was evident… He should be the owner of this Wind Mansion.

Inside the hall, there was silence, and the three were motionless. They stared at the owner of the Wind Mansion, for they were a little uncertain whether the man in front of them was dead or an evil entity infected by evil energy.

After a long time, the Wind Mansion’s owner’s body seemed to tremble slightly, and then his eyes, which had been closed for thousands of years, slowly opened. His eyes were pitch-black with a spot of crimson red, which was incredibly sinister.

“Pfft.” Lin Jing rolled her large doe eyes.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at her exasperatedly as they said, “You have such a crow mouth. Whatever bad things you say come true.”

Before entering, Lin Jing had said casually that hopefully the owner of the Wind Mansion wasn’t turned into an evil entity by evil energy.

“Do we run then?” Lin Jing pouted.

Mu Chen pondered for a moment before saying, “We’ll try first?”

His eyes glanced at the spiritual pool, the dark green feather fan Sacred Artifact, and the inexplicable jade scroll. He could not help licking his lips. With these treasures in front of his eyes, even a true Earthly Sovereign would be tempted, let alone him. They had entered the Ancient Celestial Palace to look for opportunities to enhance their power. Such an opportunity was now in front of them. If they gave up easily, it would be a pity.

“Heh heh, then let’s try!” Lin Jing said, the desire to try burning in her beautiful eyes. Obviously, with her personality, she did not want to be frightened away.

Nine Nether also gently nodded. Since they did not want to retreat, then they would try together. Hopefully, the Wind Mansion’s owner’s strength had weakened to below that of an Earthly Sovereign.

When the three reached a consensus, the Wind Mansion’s owner’s eyes, which were like black holes, locked onto Mu Chen. He lifted his foot and stomped it.


A black storm burst out of his feet and then tore through the space, surging as fast as lightning towards Mu Chen and the two ladies. Where the storm passed, the space crumbled.


As the storm was about to rush towards the three, a cold light suddenly appeared, and Lin Jing’s Ice Spiritual Doll stood in front of the storm. The cold ice sword in his hand swung down. The cold aura, 100 feet in size, rose like a python, directly clashing with the black storm.


Between the brutal clashes, the space seemed to break apart. Visible shockwaves raged as the space thundered.


The Ice Spiritual Doll’s body was shocked and flew out directly under that terrible counter shock force, slamming into a huge stone pillar, instantly reducing the pillar to powder. With just one move, the Ice Spiritual Doll, which was comparable to a Complete Grade Nine, was clearly at a disadvantage.

Looking at this scene, the faces of the three changed drastically. Obviously, the power of the Wind Mansion’s owner was beyond their expectations.

According to their estimate, although the Wind Mansion’s owner had retained his body because of the erosion of evil energy, he had also experienced the passage of thousands of years, so his own strength was bound to decline greatly. However, they did not expect that, even if it had been weakened, his power was still far beyond an ordinary Complete Grade Nine.


Mu Chen took a deep breath, and then a cold glint shined in his eyes. He clenched his fist as a light surged in his palm. A scarlet spear appeared in his hand, while a set of ferocious and bright red armor appeared and rose from his body. There seemed to be a red dragon on that battle armor.

They were the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear and the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor Mu Chen had acquired from Xia Hong. It was a set of Quasi-Divine Artifacts, and it was also the first time that Mu Chen had used them since he had obtained them.


The battle armor enveloped Mu Chen as the spear pointed diagonally. Magnificent spiritual power erupted around Mu Chen, and a fierce spiritual oppression radiated. Even a real Complete Grade Nine would have some fear.

The Ice Spiritual Doll was also slowly rising, suspended in mid-air, the cold ice sword pointing at the owner of the Wind Mansion.

A clear crystal flame surrounding Nine Nether was ablaze, and the temperature of the whole hall skyrocketed. Even the space was twisted.

Lin Jing’s face also became a lot more serious at this time as her slender hand emitted a glittering white light, and one by one the rays of light condensed in her palm. They transformed into ancient strange runes, emitting a palpable wave.

A rather strong sense of oppression burst out from the three of them and the spiritual doll, and the pressure that had emanated from the Wind Mansion’s owner’s body dissipated.


Facing this kind of line-up, even if the Wind Mansion’s owner had no spiritual intelligence, he was still instinctively aware of danger. He immediately roared, and the evil energy on him grew more exuberant.

Mu Chen felt the mighty power in his body surge like a flood, and his eyes glowed with the desire to fight. He did not hesitate. He stomped his foot, and his body charged forward like a flash of light.


The sound of his violent roar reverberated like thunder through the hall.

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