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Chapter 1127 - Zhu Yan

When the magma hand shuttled through space and grabbed ahold of the Azure Feathered Fan, Mu Chen’s face completely turned cold, since he never expected that there would be a day when someone would fish benefits from them…

“Which sneaky rat is it? Come out!” Nine Nether’s face had turned cold as well. If anyone that saw their harvest that they had fought so hard for benefitting someone else, they wouldn’t feel good either. Thus, she had immediately made a move and a purple feather appeared before her, blazing with transparent flames and a blazing fluctuation spread out, causing the surrounding space to intensely distort.

The purple feather burst forth and bolted towards the magma hand.

When the purple feather approached, space fluctuated once again and another magma hand appeared, grabbing ahold of the transparent flames. As the magma flowed, it burned with the transparent flames; but in the end, the magma hand was stronger and extinguished the transparent flames in the end.

“Mhm? Such profound flames… it’s actually so powerful.” Although the transparent flames were extinguished, an exclamation resounded. Ordinary flames wouldn’t pose any lethality to him, but those transparent flames from before had made him feel a slight threat. If it wasn’t for the owner of those flames being inferior to him in terms of cultivation, it probably wouldn’t be that easy for him to suppress those flames.

As space fluctuated, a crimson silhouette slowly appeared and Mu Chen’s group of three directed their gazes over and saw a silhouette with crimson burning hair and magma flowing over his body, akin to a volcano with a violent and blazing fluctuation being emitted from him.

Furthermore, there was also an extremely dangerous aura.

When Mu Chen saw that silhouette, his eyes slightly contracted. The threat that he felt from that person had far exceeded Su Qingyin, whom he had previously met. In the entire Greatlaw Continent, there was probably only one person that could have such an overpowering pressure that was incomparable to Su Qingyin…

“I never thought that the Overlord of the Elite Ranking, Zhu Yan, would be someone that likes to fish from someone else.” Mu Chen’s indifferent voice resounded without any hesitation.

Nine Nether wasn’t surprised. She had also long guessed the other party’s identity.

The crimson man slightly smiled while holding onto the Azure Feathered Fan, “This treasure is fated with me, since it went into its unclaimed state the moment I came here. That proves that this is fated with me, so it’s natural for me to take it away.”

“Tsk, why is everyone from the Fire Spirit Clan so thick-skinned?” A cold sneer resounded. Lin Jing looked at Zhu Yan with displeasure filling her eyes.

“Xiao Bing, beat him up!” Finishing her words, she waved her hand and the Spiritual Frost Puppet quickly shot out with a cold aura sweeping behind it. It appeared behind Zhu Yan with its spear acting akin to a venomous snake, and aimed at the back of his head.


But when the spear was about to pierce through Zhu Yan, Zhu Yan threw a palm backward and a volcano appeared in his palm, before a terrifyingly blazing Spiritual Energy gushed out.


The cold spear was instantly dissolved and the Spiritual Frost Puppet had also suffered a heavy injury, before it was blown a thousand feet away before the puppet could stabilise itself. However, there were charred portions on its arm.

Zhu Yan revealed his terrifying power the moment he made his move, forcing back a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Spiritual Frost Puppet with a single palm.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes. Zhu Yan’s strength was truly terrifying. It was no wonder why he could dominate the Overlord position of the Elite Ranking, suppressing countless elites of the Greatlaw Continent. According to his estimations, Zhu Yan was probably no longer at the peak of the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, he’s probably just half a step away from the Earth Sovereign Realm and even Mu Chen was also intimidated by that strength.

“Mhm? A Spiritual Frost Puppet? You’re from the Ice Spirit Clan?” Pushing the Spiritual Frost Puppet back with a palm, Zhu Yan’s face changed as he looked at Lin Jing in astonishment.

He knew that only the Ice Spirit Clan could refine the Spiritual Frost Puppet and as someone of the Fire Spirit Clan, he knew that unique cold aura the best.

“What has it got to do with you?” Lin Jing’s face wasn’t looking good. Her face was knitted up, which showed how dissatisfied she was.

Zhu Yan wasn’t bothered by her glare and lightly smiled. “Although the Spiritual Frost Puppet is powerful, it’s still lacking if you want to use it to fight with me.”

As he spoke, he looked towards Mu Chen’s group of three and lightly smiled. “Looks like the three of you aren’t ordinary fellows. Perhaps I have benefitted from this event. I wonder if the three of you can give me this face?”

“Then this face of yours is really big.” Nine Nether sneered. The worth of a Saint Artifact was at least hundreds of millions of Sovereign Spiritual Liquids. Even emptying a top-tiered force might not be able to take that sum out. So Nine Nether was thoroughly enraged when Zhu Yan wanted to take it from them.

If it wasn’t for the fear of the opponent’s strength, she would have made her move by now.

“You really think that there’s nothing I can do about you?” Lin Jing’s cold face had turned calm as she stared at Zhu Yan in a composed manner.

Zhu Yan was briefly stunned as he looked at Lin Jing. For some reason, he could sense a subtle danger emanating from that lady.

He narrowed his eyes with a light flickering in them before he faintly said, “If the three of you insist on stopping me, then you guys can try.”

No matter what trump cards the three of them had, Zhu Yan was the future Young Patriarch of the Fire Spirit Clan with pride filled in the depth of his bones. If it wasn’t for him seeing that the three of them weren’t ordinary, he wouldn’t have bothered speaking to them and would have just left with the treasure.

But at this moment, Mu Chen stretched his hand out to obstruct Lin Jing. She looked at him but she did not speak as she knew that with Mu Chen’s character, it’s definitely impossible for him to cower before Zhu Yan’s fame.

“Leave it to me.” The reality also did not disappoint her. Lin Jing smiled at his words.

Lin Jing briefly hesitated at his words because she understood Mu Chen’s strength. If they really fought, then Mu Chen might not be Zhu Yan’s opponent. After all, Mu Chen had just broken through to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, whereas Zhu Yan was in the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

But Lin Jing still nodded her head in the end, since she knew that Mu Chen wasn’t someone that would try to show off. Since he had spoken this way, then he should have the confidence to accomplish it.

Zhu Yan also looked at Mu Chen with his crimson pupils, as if there were flames blazing in his eyes. He examined Mu Chen before he gently shook his head. “You’re still not my opponent.”

There wasn’t any intention of contempt in his tone. He was merely stating the facts.

Mu Chen wasn’t angered by his words; on the contrary, he smiled and casually patted a pillar that was before him, which was the only remaining pillar in the entire building.

“Friend, if you put that item down right now, then I can still consider it as nothing has happened and you can also leave here unscathed.” Mu Chen smiled.

Zhu Yan looked like Mu Chen as if he was a joke and shrugged his shoulders. “I feel that I should be the one speaking those words.”

He felt that it was hilarious that someone at the Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm would speak those words to him. He hadn’t seen such a situation for a long time, which he found funny.

“Then, you reject my proposal?” Mu Chen grinned.

“Yeah, I reject.” Zhu Yan nodded his head casually.

Mu Chen helplessly smiled while gently patting the pillar. “What a pity, then… you are truly powerful; but at many times, the one that can remain smiling, in the end, is not always the strongest.”

“Oh?” Zhu Yan smiled as he looked at the magma flowing between his fingers, “Then, what kind of person could remain smiling till the end?”

A smile appeared on Mu Chen’s stunning face as he answered, “A lucky person.”

Zhu Yan furrowed his brows in response to Mu Chen’s words, but Mu Chen did not continue speaking. He simply patted on the pillar beside him once again. But this time, Zhu Yan saw a flicker of light in Mu Chen’s palm as it integrated into the pillar.

Before he could figure that out, he could sense the entire building trembling and the roof had started to collapse.

Zhu Yan was startled by these sudden changes and he immediately raised his head to look at the roof. He saw that cracks were starting to spread before the roof collapsed towards them, revealing the sky and the massive array that enveloped this entire building.

That Spiritual Array had obstructed him for a long time and if it wasn’t for the fact that he came prepared, he might not have even been able to enter this building.

It was also at this moment that he seemed to have figured something out and his face started to change.

That’s because he could sense a miraculous link between the Scholar Grade Spiritual Array and Mu Chen.

Mu Chen had also raised his head and looked at Zhu Yan and said with a faint voice, “Since you don’t want to leave, then you can stay here.”

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