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Chapter 1125 - Retaliation of the Saint Artifact

The Wind Mansion Lord stood in the sky holding on the Azure Feathered Fan with a destructive storm gathering on the Azure Feathered Fan that caused space in this region to fluctuate, seemingly on the verge of shattering.

“This is troublesome, now.” The three’s faces turned unsightly, since they knew the power of a genuine Saint Artifact. It was something that even Earth Sovereigns would be greedy over.

If the Wind Mansion Lord really controlled the Azure Feathered Fan, then his fighting strength would soar into a terrifying height. Although it was still inferior to the peak of his time, it could still be comparable to those that had stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm and they weren’t confident in facing such an opponent.

Even the protective talismans that Lin Jing had been using would be futile, since the protective prowess would no longer be able to resist the Wind Mansion Lord’s attack.

“What should we do?” Lin Jing and Nine Nether’s expressions turned solemn as they looked at Mu Chen the same time.

Mu Chen pulsed his lips before his face turned dark. However, he was a decisive person and so he immediately made his decision. “Get prepared to retreat!”

This situation had already exceeded their control and if they went head-on, then they would pay a great price.

Although treasures were tempting, the most important thing in Mu Chen’s heart was their lives. Therefore, he did not hesitate to make the decision to retreat.

Although Lin Jing and Nine Nether were somewhat unwilling with that decision, they still nodded their heads, since they knew that Mu Chen was making a wise decision.

“I’ll use the Spiritual Frost Puppet to cover us.” Lin Jing said. Judging from her appearance, she seemed to be intending to sacrifice the Spiritual Frost Puppet to buy them time.

Mu Chen gently sighed, since they have miscalculated this time. Not only did they not obtain anything, they even paid the price of a valuable Spiritual Frost Puppet.

But he knew that this wasn’t the time to hesitate, so he nodded his head and the three of them started to retreat.

The Wind Mansion Lord sensed their movements and immediately fixated his sinister gaze over and waved the Azure Feathered Fan towards the three of them.

When Mu Chen saw this, his face changed and increased his speed while the Spiritual Frost Puppet charged out under Lin Jing’s control in an attempt to block that attack.

Buzz! Buzz! 

A torrential black Spiritual Energy violently gushed out of the Wind Spiritual Lord. However, just when he was about to launch an attack, something happened.

A glittering lustre swept out of the Azure Feathered Fan. The azure lustre fluctuated and dispersing the evil aura coming from the hands of the Wind Mansion Lord.


A roar akin to a beast resounded from the throat of the Wind Mansion Lord. It was as if he was in pain as he clenched his hand tighter, looking like he wanted to tightly hold onto the Azure Feathered Fan.

However, the Azure Feathered Fan seemed to possess spirituality. It had forcefully flown out from the hand of the Wind Mansion Lord and blew an Azure Feathered Fan towards the Wind Mansion Lord.


An azure storm appeared, akin to a wind dragon that brandished its talons to tear space apart and crashed against the Wind Mansion Lord.

A huge noise was produced upon the impact and the Wind Mansion Lord was blown back and heavily slammed against the wall, which caused the entire building to jolt.

The attack from the Azure Feathered Fan was clearly extraordinary. The black lustre around the Wind Mansion Lord had dimmed a bit after suffering an attack. Even the boundless black mist from before had slightly faded away.

When Mu Chen’s group of three, who were retreating, saw this, they came to a stop and blankly watched this scene with splendour on their faces.

Lin Jing rubbed her eyes, even Nine Nether had stuttered as she said, “This… what’s going on here?”

They couldn’t understand why the Azure Feathered Fan would suddenly launch an attack towards the Wind Mansion Lord…

Mu Chen was stunned for a long time, before he quickly figured things out with joy flashing on his face. “Looks like the Wind Mansion Lord has suffered the retaliation of the Saint Artifact!”

“Retaliation?” Nine Nether was stunned.

Mu Chen heavily nodded his head. “Saint Artifacts are spiritual items that know how to reject the evil and also know how to differentiate it. The Saint Artifact does belong to the Wind Mansion Lord, but that was before he was demonised. So, speaking from a certain degree, the current Wind Mansion Lord is the culprit for his own death due to the demonification. So how could the Saint Artifact be willing to let a sinister existence control them?”

Nine Nether and Lin Jing understood what was going on from Mu Chen’s explanation. The current Wind Mansion Lord was corroded by the evil aura and lost his intelligence, and the Saint Artifact knew how to recognise its owner, so that was the reason why it retaliated.

“Looks like there’s no need to us to retreat for the time being.” Mu Chen smiled. He had clearly felt relieved. After all, how could they accept losing the Spiritual Frost Puppet without taking anything?

Nine Nether and Lin Jing nodded their heads. Looking at this current situation, it seemed like they could safely watch the battle and they might even be able to reap a great reward.

As the three of them spoke, the Wind Mansion Lord broke free from the wall. It had been enraged from the retaliation of the Saint Artifact. The Wind Mansion Lord unleashed a furious roar as it clenched it’s hand and hundreds of black hands appeared above the Azure Feathered Fan in an attempt to grab ahold of it.

The Azure Feathered Fan unleashed another Azure Feathered Fan once again in response to the Wind Mansion Lord’s attack and an azure storm blew out, tearing those hands apart.

Mu Chen inwardly smacked his lips at this sight. Was this a genuine Saint Artifact? To be able to unleash such fearsome attacks despite having no one to control it.

According to his estimations, even a Perfected Nine Grade Sovereign would have to avoid that storm.

When the Wind Mansion Lord saw that his attacks had been blocked, he grew even more furious with torrential evil aura gushing out, akin to the descent of a demon and the evil aura swept towards the Azure Feathered Fan in the form of beams.

The Azure Feathered Fan counter-attacked without hesitation. It seemed to loathe the evil aura to the extreme. Thus, the Azure Feathered Fan had unleashed an all-out counter-attack and every Azure Feathered Fan would release a massive tornado with every fan that dispersed the evil aura and shattered space at the same time.

Thus, when the battle broke out in the building, Mu Chen’s party was excluded. The battle became one between the Wind Mansion Lord and the Saint Artifact…

Mu Chen’s group of three, which was in the battle earlier, had become spectators with burning eyes as they watched this intense battle.


The destructive battle continued to spread out, which had turned numerous pillars into ashes. The destructive force even made the corner of Mu Chen’s eye twitch.

“Who will win if this carries on?” Lin Jing moved closer to Mu Chen and couldn’t help asking.

Mu Chen turned silent before he continued, “Although that Saint Artifact is powerful, it doesn’t have anyone controlling it, so I’m afraid that the battle won’t last much longer.”

Even if the Saint Artifact was powerful, it could only unleash its true power under the control of someone. Right now, the Saint Artifact was only relying on itself to battle and the moment it exhausted too much Spiritual Energy, then it would either sink into a deep slumber or choose to die together.

“Then, what about us?” Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen. If the Saint Artifact decided to die together with the Wind Mansion Lord, then it would be a great loss to them; after all, it was a genuine Saint Artifact!

“We’ll make our move after it exhausts itself a little more.” Mu Chen smiled. He naturally did not want to see the Saint Artifact being destroyed or his heart would really ache.


Another stunning clash occurred in the building before the Saint Artifact and Wind Mansion Lord shot out in a terrible manner, causing pillars to crumble in their paths.

The Saint Artifact hovered in the sky, even the lustre had dimmed down by quite a bit. Evidently, it had also suffered considerable exhaustion from its battle with the Wind Mansion Lord.

It tottered before flying towards Mu Chen’s group of three.


The Azure Feathered Fan had quickly appeared before Mu Chen with the handle facing towards him as it slightly trembled.

Mu Chen was stunned at this scene and couldn’t help taking a deep cold breath in. This Azure Feathered Fan wanted him to go? Did that fellow want to borrow his Spiritual Energy?

Mu Chen was a little flustered since he knew how much Spiritual Energy he would need to use a Saint Artifact. Back then, the reason why Mu Chen gave the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid to Mandala so decisively was because it would have turned him into a mummy if he had dared to use it.

Buzz! Buzz! 

The Azure Feathered Fan trembled even more urgently before Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s gaze changed. Saint Artifacts were spiritual items and if he rejected its help, then he would probably lose a great opportunity and might even suffer its counter-attack if he forced his way.

Thus, he could only make a decision at this moment.

But fortunately, Mu Chen was not a irresolute person. He had swiftly made his decision with a flash in his eyes.

He was now a Ninth Grade Sovereign, much stronger than he was when he obtained the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid. Thus, he refused to believe that this Azure Feathered Fan could suck him dry!

Mu Chen no longer hesitated and took in a deep breath, then slowly stretched out his hand and held onto the Azure Feathered Fan.

Thereafter, he could sense the Spiritual Energy in his body violently surging.

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