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Chapter 1126 - Fated with me

When Mu Chen held onto the fan, the Spiritual Energy in his body instantly surged and space fluctuated behind him. His Sovereign Sea could be vaguely seen and myriad-foot high waves swept along with rumbling noises.

Buzz! Buzz! 

Mu Chen’s body trembled as he sensed the Spiritual Energy in his body pouring out through his arm, and into the fan.

The small fan was akin to a bottomless pit and no matter how much Spiritual Energy Mu Chen poured in, the fan had completely devoured it without hesitation.

The suction made Mu Chen’s heart leap and he vaguely felt uneasy in his heart.

He seemed to have underestimated the massive requirement of a genuine Saint Artifact.

In his Sovereign Sea, numerous water geysers soared as they linked to a void space that seemed like huge dragons.

Under that suction, the sea level of his Sovereign Sea was also slowly dropping.

Nine Nether and Lin Jing were startled by that sight, but there was nothing they could do about it. That’s because they couldn’t pour their Spiritual Energy in, since the moment their Spiritual Energy lost control, it would cause great trouble instead.

Mu Chen’s face paled a little and his hand, which was holding onto the fan, constantly trembled. Evidently, he could also sense the changes in his Sovereign Sea. Judging from the looks of it, the Saint Artifact might really suck him dry if he wanted to use it.

Buzz! Buzz! 

A boundless Spiritual Energy roared around Mu Chen and as more Spiritual Energy poured into the fan, the lustre of the fan had also turned brighter and clearer.

On the other hand, the sea level of Mu Chen’s Sovereign Sea kept decreasing…

This was a pretty dangerous situation, if the Spiritual Energy in his Sovereign Sea was sucked dry, then his Sovereign Sea would lose the energy to support it and if anything happened at that time, his Sovereign Sea might even shatter, which would be disastrous for him.

“Damn it!” Mu Chen cursed in his heart. He had already been extremely cautious but he never expected that he would require such a terrifying amount of Spiritual Energy just to utilise a Saint Artifact, not to mention that he was already a Ninth Grade Sovereign with a step away from the Earth Sovereign Realm.

However… that step was harder to cross than a myriad-foot wide abyss.

Dizziness struck Mu Chen in his mind and if this continued, he would probably swiftly be turned into a mummy. Thus, he took a deep breath and roared with his teeth gritted, “Control yourself a little or I will have to forcefully break my connection with you and retreat from this place, leaving you behind to die with that fellow!”

He believed that the Azure Feathered Fan would understand him with its spirituality and that the reality was that case as well. When Mu Chen roared, the trembling from the Azure Feathered Fan had weakened down, but it still emitted an unsatisfied buzzing, as if it was blaming Mu Chen for being unable to fulfil its appetite.

“Get to work, since you have eaten!” Mu Chen spoke with his teeth clenched.

The Azure Feathered Fan slowly emitted an azure lustre that seemed gentle, yet Mu Chen could vaguely sense a destructive fluctuation that even made his scalp go numb. 

When the azure light blossomed, Mu Chen suddenly sensed a piece of information coming from the Azure Feathered Fan in his hand. It seemed to be several ancient seals. The Azure Feathered Fan clearly wanted Mu Chen to use the seals to coordinate with it. After all, it was a Saint Artifact, so it needed someone to control it in order to unleash its greatest power.

Briefly sensing the profundities of those seals, Mu Chen started to form them with his hand.

His movements were slow and unripe but he could sense that with every changing seal, the Spiritual Energy in his body would disappear by a huge chunk. Evidently, just forming those seals alone was a great exhaustion to his Spiritual Energy.

This made Mu Chen grit his teeth even tighter. The damnable fan was practically a pit. If he was still at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign, then he would have been completely drained by now.

But at this time, he could only endure this with his teeth gritted and circulate the remaining Spiritual Energy in his body to barely form the seals.


At the last moment when he formed the seals, the Azure Feathered Fan trembled before he slowly raised it up.

It wasn’t controlled by Mu Chen. He was being led by the Azure Feathered Fan.

Mu Chen held onto the fan and fanned it down towards the Wind Mansion Lord.

“Wind God’s Seal!” A solemn voice rang out from Mu Chen’s mouth and a myriad-foot wide azure lustre burst out from the azure fan. It was akin to a tornado and tore space apart in its path.

The tornado swiftly closed up and a terrifying gale swept past, shattering space into pieces along with a destructive fluctuation that spread out, which made Mu Chen’s scalp turn numb.

As a storm gathered, a head-sized deep azure lustre appeared and an ancient seal could be seen at the depths of the lustre.

The seal looked extremely profound, containing an endless storm, as if it was the primal storm born from the initial birth of the heavens and earth, filled with destruction despite looking gentle.

A massive suction force exploded from the seal, devouring the azure hurricanes and in just a few breaths time, the hurricane had completely disappeared with the light seal remaining in the sky.

The light seal lightly buzzed before it shot forth in the next instant.

When the light swept through, space exploded and turned into countless fragments. Those spatial fragments did not dissipate. Instead, they gathered around the seal and pounced towards the Wind Mansion Lord akin to a dragon.

Facing that terrifying attack, the Wind Mansion Lord roared upon sensing the destructive force behind it. Immediately, a black mist swept out and gathered before him. It turned into a hundred-foot wide black hole that looked extremely evil. It looked like it could devour and contaminate anything.

However, the azure seal wasn’t shaken by it and crashed against the black hole along with countless fragments of space.

In the instant of collision, the entire heavens and earth had briefly quieted down before a smear of azure light blossomed from the black hole along with an indescribable shock wave and exploded!


The shock wave blew out, causing the black hole to crumble at the same time with all the pillars in this building being wiped out. It even left cracks on the sturdy ground.

Mu Chen’s group of three had avoided this by moving far away, fearing that they would be swept up by the shock wave.

The violent shock wave lasted for a few minutes before it gradually resided and when calm returned to this place, only then did they direct their gazes over.

The entire place was in a wreck, but the Wind Mansion Lord remained in the sky. However, the black aura around him had been completely dissipated. He was standing on the sky with cracks covering the surface of his body and had soon enveloped his entire body.


Pieces of its body suddenly fell, akin to a mask falling off. When those fragments fell off, another Wind Mansion Lord was revealed…

But this time, the darkness in his eyes had disappeared and the evil aura had also completely disappeared.

At this moment, the Azure Feathered Fan flew over and revolved around the Wind Mansion Lord, emitting buzzing noises.

“Looks like this is the real Wind Mansion Lord…” Mu Chen instantly understood the situation. It looked like the evil aura had been completely dissipated, but judging from the transparent-looking silhouette, the current Wind Mansion Lord was merely a spiritual form and would soon fade.

Under their gazes, the Wind Mansion Lord’s eyes flashed with a flicker of clarity and he looked at the wrecked place before looking at the Azure Feathered Fan beside him and gently sighed.

He patted on the Azure Feathered Fan before making a bow towards the three of them, as if he was expressing his gratitude for freeing him from the evil aura and allowing him to regain himself.

After doing this, his body looked even more transparent with sparkles of light coming from his body, looking as if he would disappear at any moment.

The Azure Feathered Fan beside him mourned, since it also knew that its owner would soon disappear.

The Wind Mansion Lord’s face was calm. He then flicked his hand and three streaks of light flew out, landing on the back of their hands, forming into three azure tornadoes with a smear of an aura that belonged to the Wind Mansion Lord being emitted from them.

They should be the tokens of the Wind Mansion Lord and with them, they would be qualified to obtain the baptism of the Heavenly Lake.

“Thank you, Senior!” The three of them bowed, expressing their thanks to the Wind Mansion Lord.

The Wind Mansion Lord slightly smiled as his body shattered into sparkles of light.

When the Wind Mansion Lord disappeared, the lustre from the Azure Feathered Fan receded before quietly hovering in the air. Evidently, it had entered into a state without any master.

When Mu Chen’s group saw this, the three of them felt relieved. It looked like their choice was the right one and not only did they obtain the tokens from the Wind Mansion Lord, they even managed to obtain the treasures of the Wind Mansion.

Mu Chen took a step forward in preparation to take the Azure Feathered Fan away.

But in that instant, a fluctuation suddenly came from outside and a hand flowing with magma extended from space and grabbed ahold of the Azure Feathered Fan.

At the same time, a blazing and faint voice resounded, “Coming coincidentally, rather than coming early, looks like this Wind God’s Fan is pretty fated with me…”

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