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Chapter 1124 - Lin Jing’s Means


When Mu Chen roared, he shot forth with the crimson spear in his hand trembling. He had instantly poured a vast amount of Spiritual Energy into it, turning it into a beam that was a hundred feet long and shot it towards the chest of the Wind Mansion Lord.

With the enhancement of the spear and armour, Mu Chen’s attack was greatly increased. This attack could even tear a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign into pieces.

The beam rapidly expanded in the eyes of the Wind Mansion Lord, before a boundless black lustre exploded from the Wind Mansion Lord that seemed like rising smoke from afar, which looked unusually sinister.

The Wind Mansion Lord stretched his black hand, which was enveloped with evil aura, out, making a grab towards the spear, causing the space before him to shatter in the process.


Space fluctuated with resounding buzzing noises. However, the spear that could pierce through a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign with ease was grabbed by the black hand and wouldn’t budge.

Mu Chen’s gaze sank when the saw that the beam was so easily obstructed. That’s because he could sense the terrifying power that was contained in the hand.

The hand was akin to a black hole and no matter how violent the Spiritual Energy was, it wouldn’t budge as the power behind that completely dissipated.

The Wind Mansion Lord looked at Mu Chen with his sinister eyes and revealed a mocking smile before tightening his grip and the beam was actually destroyed by the Wind Mansion Lord.

The Wind Mansion Lord raised his fist then threw it towards Mu Chen with the black aura circling around it, causing the air before him to explode.

A black lustre appeared before Mu Chen at an unprecedented speed and slammed against  Mu Chen’s chest.

As if Mu Chen had suffered a heavy blow, he was blown away, reducing the pillars in his path into ashes.

Mu Chen was sent over a thousand feet back before he managed to stabilise his body. The Spiritual Energy in his body surged before he lowered his head and saw a portion of the armour on his chest caved in.

This scene made Mu Chen feel fearful. The Wind Mansion Lord was simply too powerful. If he did not have the Crimson Dragon Armour, he would have probably been heavily injured by that fist alone.

But even so, his insides were a wreck with a hint of sweetness in his throat.

Mu Chen took a deep breath to suppress the rising sweetness and his expression turned unusually grave. Through the previous exchange, he could vaguely sense the latter’s strength. The Wind Mansion Lord didn’t seem to possess the strength of an Earth Sovereign anymore, but it still surpassed Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns. According to his estimation, the strength of the Wind Mansion Lord should be between those two realms.

It seemed that the tens of thousands of years had greatly weakened the Wind Mansion Lord, which made Mu Chen feel relieved. Fortunately, the Wind Mansion Lord was no longer an Earth Sovereign or they would definitely not be able to defeat it, even with the Spiritual Frost Puppet in their fray.

When Mu Chen felt relieved, he suddenly narrowed his eyes and saw space shattering before him before a black lustre charged out from the fractured space. The Wind Mansion Lord had actually appeared before him in that instant. The black hand of the Wind Mansion Lord looked akin to the talons of the death god as it headed towards his forehead.

“Be cautious!” Lin Jing’s yell resounded before a cold aura swept over. An ice-blue sword had appeared above Mu Chen’s head and clashed with the palm of the Wind Mansion Lord.


The moment the ice-blue sword comes in contact with the palm, it had shattered into fragments and only managed to stop the palm for a brief moment.

But when it fell towards Mu Chen’s head, it had passed through Mu Chen’s silhouette. He had already turned into an afterimage. He had swiftly dodged the attack under that moment of obstruction.


A dazzling golden lustre exploded from Mu Chen’s body and a massive silhouette appeared behind him with golden suns rising from the Great Solar Undying Body.


The palm of the Great Solar Undying Body flowed with golden liquid that contained massive power, casting a huge shadow and attacked the Wind Mansion Lord’s silhouette.

That palm contained the terrifying force from both Mu Chen and the Great Solar Undying Body.

The golden light exploded before the Wind Mansion Lord, causing him to be pushed back and the black lustre on his body flickered in waves. But evidently, even facing such a powerful attack, it did not cause any great injuries to the Wind Mansion Lord.

Sizzle! Sizzle! 

When Mu Chen launched his counterattack, crystallised flames swept over and enveloped the Wind Mansion Lord. The terrifying temperature had caused the evil aura around the Wind Mansion Lord to evaporate as a vague roar resounded.

When Nine Nether saw the effects of her flames, she was slightly overjoyed. It looked like her Undying Flames could slightly suppress the Wind Mansion Lord.

But the joy had only briefly appeared on her face before a torrential black lustre gushed out from the Wind Mansion Lord’s body, akin to ink, causing the horizon to turn black and extinguishing the flames on his body at the same time.

When Mu Chen and Nine Nether saw this scene, their brows knitted together. This Wind Mansion Lord was simply too difficult to deal with.

A torrential black lustre surged before it slashed down, akin to a massive black blade, towards Nine Nether.

“Xiao Bing, block him!” Lin Jing barked and the Spiritual Frost Puppet appeared above Nine Nether before a cold air condensed into a thick armour.

Lin Jing clenched her fist and several talismans appeared in her hand before she tossed them over. Those jade talismans stuck onto the Spiritual Frost Puppet, forming into layers of jade lustre that enveloped the Spiritual Frost Puppet.


The black blade struck against the Spiritual Frost Puppet and the layers of jade lustre started to shatter. But with the disintegration of every layer, the blade lustre would weaken as well. By the time it reached the Spiritual Frost Puppet, it merely left a deep mark on the armour.

When Mu Chen and Nine Nether saw this scene, they sucked in cold breaths. They were startled by the fact that the Spiritual Frost Puppet managed to resist that move and wasn’t destroyed. It was… actually all due to those jade talismans.

“Those are… protective jade talismans?” Mu Chen’s eyelids uncontrollably twitched as he looked at those talismans.

He could naturally feel how powerful those jade talismans were. Every single one of them could resist an all-out attack from a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign. Those talismans could be considered as consumables. The method of forging them was extremely troublesome, so their price was extremely considerable. If an ordinary person could possess one of them, they would properly save it as their trump card. But for Lin Jing, she actually used them by the dozen…

Those extravagant actions even made Mu Chen feel heartache for them.

Lin Jing was extremely composed regarding this and casually said, “I made proper preparations this time… You guys will make all-out attacks and I’ll use the Spiritual Frost Puppet to defend. I refuse to believe that we cannot exhaust it!”

When Mu Chen and Nine Nether heard her words, both of them remained speechless for a long time before accepting the fact wholeheartedly and the both of them said in unison, “What a money bag!”

With such a money bag joining the battle, the situation started to change. Mu Chen and Nine Nether had gone all-out without any regards, launching attacks in every direction towards the Wind Mansion Lord, causing deep roars to come from him.

Facing the attacks of the Wind Mansion Lord, the Spiritual Frost Puppet managed to resist them every time, but the price would be the consumption of those powerful protective talismans.

The Wind Mansion Lord didn’t possess any intellect, so it didn’t know how to avoid the Spiritual Frost Puppet. Thus, the Wind Mansion Lord had been chasing after the Spiritual Frost Puppet without caring that the latter was shrouded in layers of talismans like a tortoiseshell.

Thus, as Lin Jing constantly consumed those protective talismans, even someone as powerful as the Wind Mansion Lord couldn’t endure the exhaustion and the black lustre around him was already tottering, which was caused by Mu Chen and Nine Nether.

Under this situation, the Wind Mansion Lord might really be exhausted by them.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged a look and inwardly felt relieved. None of them expected that the intense battle would turn into this comedy.

As time passed, under Mu Chen and Nine Nether’s constant attacks, the Wind Mansion Lord finally sensed something amiss. He suddenly came to a stop before retreating, giving up on chasing after the Spiritual Frost Puppet.

When Mu Chen saw the Wind Mansion Lord retreating, he was briefly stunned before his countenance underwent a drastic change. He saw the Wind Mansion Lord retreating towards the location of the Azure Feathered Fan.

A surge of unease enveloped his heart.

While Mu Chen was feeling uneasy, the Wind Mansion Lord had already appeared on the stone pillar and stretched his hand out. He grabbed ahold of the Azure Feathered Fan.

Immediately, a terrifying storm exploded from the Azure Feathered Fan, as if it wanted to tear the entire space apart.

That was a genuine Saint Artifact!

Mu Chen, Nine Nether and Lin Jing’s faces drastically changed. None of them had expected that the Wind Mansion Lord would suddenly go for the Saint Artifact.

With the strength of the Wind Mansion Lord, it would definitely be as strong as a genuine Earth Sovereign once it had the Saint Artifact boosting his prowess!

At that time, it would be futile, no matter how many protective talismans Lin Jing possessed.

Mu Chen knitted his brows as he sighed, “This is troublesome, now.”

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