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Mu Chen's face became dignified, and his body turned stiff. He was surrounded by a powerful spiritual energy, and the space behind him was surging.

The White Dragon token amulet was at the lowest level of the dragon token amulets, but even then, Qin Jingzhe, who was extremely powerful, could only achieve the status of Disciple of the Golden Water Dragon. This revealed the extreme difficulty that attaining the White Dragon amulet entailed.

In the Ancient Celestial Palace, there was a huge ridge between the Disciple of Golden Water Dragon and the Disciple of the White Dragon. Once one crossed over the ridge, he would be considered a Dragon Disciple, which was a status far greater than the Disciple of the Golden Water Dragon. Even the resources one would obtain for training were far superior in comparison.

According to Mu Chen's estimation, the capability of the Disciple of the White Dragon in front of him had overstepped most of the Nine Grade invincible masters in their peaks. As such, this was indeed a strong rival.

Mu Chen's face was solemn. His eyes slightly downcast, but his hands, which were in his sleeves,were vibrating in silence.


The Disciple of the White Dragon had suddenly awoken with a tang of power, suspending in the air. He held a long blade in his hand, the power of its keen edge bursting into the surroundings, tearing the space apart.

His hollow and unconcerned eyes were locked on Mu Chen. Without hesitation, he dashed above the sky like a huge bird, the long black blade in his hand slashing down.


The blade passed across the sky like a black current. Everywhere it passed, the spaces were split in half. There was even a long crack that appeared on the square, which was firm beyond description.

The black blade ray enlarged rapidly in Mu Chen's pupils. He did not dare delay, but immediately slammed his foot down.

As he did so, the Great Solar Undying Body under his feet was not broken, but rather, it emitted shining golden rays. Along with the bursting of the golden rays, the Great Solar Undying Body turned into a golden skywheel once again.


The blade ray slashed heavily on the golden skywheel, causing it to reverse immediately, as rays and lights were emitted from it. After the black blade ray had stopped for a few seconds, it turned back, dashing toward the Disciple of the White Dragon.

Facing the backlash of the blade ray, the Disciple of the White Dragon simply gave it a smash, breaking it away effortlessly. He then held tightly to the handle of the blade with both his hands, raised it over his head, then brought it down in a slow, slashing movement. Although the momentum was slow, the space was still torn apart forcibly.


Suddenly, a huge black blade ray swept through like a ferocious black dragon. Anything that blocked it was shredded!

The black dragon-like blade ray swept over once again, cutting the golden skywheel. This time, the golden skywheel failed to reverse it, its own golden light being quickly annihilated instead. Quickly thereafter, it finally burst into smithereens.

Mu Chen watched the golden pieces scatter throughout the sky, its pieces slowly rolling back. His eyelids contracted, as this was the first time he had ever seen the Eight Sun Skywheel be broken. Moreover it had been cracked in the most brutal way!

The power of that knife had exceeded the upper limit of the reversal of the golden skywheel, which is why it had eventually broken. Although the Eight Sun Skywheel was equipped with the perfect offence and defence, it had its limits…

The Disciple of the White Dragon stood completely still in the air. His eyes were still hollow and empty, as he looked down at Mu Chen, who stood on the The Great Solar Undying Body. As he lifted the black blade again, the black rays condensed at the tip of the blade. He then slashed down again!

Flash! Flash!

The blade rays whistled, soon surrounding Mu Chen. He could not escape!

As the black blade shadow was sweeping over him, Mu Chen took a deep breath, then pointed his toes, and his body fell back.

Meanwhile, he swept his sleeves and the Spiritual seal emerged, blotting out the sky and land. Then, finally, it dissolved into the void just, like rain droplets.

It was obviously difficult for Mu Chen to overcome such a powerful opponent, especially using his Spiritual Energy, which was at a half-step Grade Nine Sovereign. Thus, he decided to use the Spiritual Array instead.


The Spiritual Energy integrated into the void, as they were connected to each other. All of a sudden, huge Spiritual Arrays formed, completely surrounding Mu Chen. In fact, there were at least 10 defensive Spiritual Arrays, the defensive power of which could only be slightly blocked, even by the strongest Nine Grade putting in all of their efforts.

Bang! Bang!

At that moment, the Spiritual Arrays collapsed rapidly. Then, after a few dozens breaths, the last layer of defensive Spiritual Arrays were finally broken. As they broke, the figure of Mu Chen, which had been hidden inside was revealed!

Mu Chen looked up and stared at the figure in the air. He sighed, then said, "It is just as I expected from the Disciple of the White Dragon...Even the low-level Heavenly Grade Spiritual Arrays were unable to block you..."

Mu Chen slightly squinted, then swung his sleeves. As he did so, the aura swept out of his sleeve, sending forth thousands of Spiritual Seals.

"If this is the case, could you please help me to test the power of the high-level Heavenly Grade Spiritual Array?" Mu Chen had a light smile.

As the countless Spiritual Seals quickly merged into the void, lights burst out with the sudden change of his seals. The lights were crossing each other, and soon, a huge Spiritual Array appeared near Mu Chen.

Mu Chen lifted his head, looking at the Spiritual Array, which was as large as the galaxy. He then shifted his gaze towards the Disciple of the White Dragon. Although he knew that the Disciple of the White Dragon had no spiritual intelligence, he still gave him a slight smile and said, "This is named the Cosmic Galaxy Array, with the High Heavenly Grade."

The Cosmic Galaxy Array was the Spiritual Array that Mandela had found for Mu Chen. It was considered to be the highest level of the Spiritual Arrays, and he had mastered it completely.

According to his guess, this High Heavenly Grade Spiritual Array was definitely equipped with enough energy to kill the top powers at the Peak of Grade Nine, perhaps even the Complete Grade Nine top powers!

Even though the Disciple of the White Dragon had no spiritual intelligence, it still seemed to have sensed the horror of this Spiritual Array in the air. Immediately, his body gradually tightened. He then slowly gripped the black blade in his hand.


A black blade ray suddenly burst out from the black blade. The black ray was unstable and contained a destructive power, which caused the space to shatter.

The big array suddenly started operating above the sky. The sky was covered, and the portion of it that was inside the Spiritual Array was instantly turned into a galaxy, with numerous stars suspended throughout the space. The brilliant shining stars made the huge array indestructible.

Above the sky, a star was shaking, as though it was going to fall. Suddenly, the lights of the stars were condensing, which caused the shaking star to eventually fall down. The fallen star immediately turned into a huge beam of starlight, which then rushed towards the Disciple of the White Dragon to give him a kick!

The Disciple of the White Dragon lifted up his head. As he slowly raised the long, black blade in his hand, the black color rays madly condensed at the tip of the blade. Then, the stars suddenly appeared above the Disciple of the White Dragon.


The black blade in his hand suddenly was brought downward in a decisive chop.


The two then collided with each other suddenly, but there was no sound. The black color blade ray swept over, finally breaking up the star forcefully. However, when the star was shattered, the black blade ray became noticeably dimmer.

Even though the star had been broken, Mu Chen's expression did not change. He just commented, "No wonder you are the Disciple of the White Dragon."

If he had been just an ordinary Peak of Grade Nine, he would definitely have died under the power of the fallen star. However, the Disciple of the White Dragon had overcame it with a single cut of his blade.

Buzzzz! Buzzz!

As Mu Chen was still in awe, several stars were vibrating in the sky. The stars finally fell down, rushing toward the Disciple of the White Dragon.

This time, all four of the stars has fallen...

Apparently, the Cosmic Galaxy Array was able to evolve into the Fallen Stars. With its incomparable power, it could destroy the top powers, who were trapped inside it. Such power was really frightening!


As the four stars were falling down, the blade rays of the Disciple of the White Dragon reemerged.

Tsh! Tsh! Tsh!

The blade rays whistled, one after another, smashing all of the stars. But, Mu Chen's expression remained calm.

"I was having an unfair advantage in the battle. I apologize." Mu Chen whispered, then pointed his finger, where four of the stars had immediately appeared behind the Disciple of the White Dragon.

Immediately, the stars slammed into him! At the same time, the blade ray of the Disciple of the White Dragon slashed out once again.

However, the black long blade in the hand of the Disciple of the White Dragon suddenly blasted apart. Under the impact of the stars, its body was also turned into sparkling light spots, which soon faded away.

Mu Chen looked at the place where the Disciple of the White Dragon, who had just disappeared into light spots, had just been. his expression was quite dignified, since he knew that he had just won the battle by the Spiritual Arrays.

That Disciple of the White Dragon was not easy to deal with…

Mu Chen was looking down. He was a bit disappointed that the Disciple of the White Dragon had forced him to use the Cosmic Galaxy Array, which he had never used before.

Mu Chen slowly gripped his palms together. This seemed to be the perfect moment for him to break through. Otherwise, his testing might stop here.

As the thought was flashing in Mu Chen's mind, the square vibrated again. Then, Mu Chen saw a domineering shadow that was gradually waking up above the first stone pillar. A huge golden dragon was rising from within the shadow's sleeve.

Mu Chen pursed his lips, his expression becoming serious. The Dragon Entrance Gate was allowing him to challenge of the Disciple of the Golden Dragon directly!

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