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Chapter 1122 - Breaking the Array

“This is the location of the Wind Mansion?” Nine Nether and Lin Jing looked at this unremarkable island with a flash of doubt in their eyes.

The Nine Mansions had a high status in the Ancient Haven Palace that was only inferior to the Palace Lord and Hall Lords. Compared to the current forces, then it would be equivalent to top-tiered forces of the Greatlaw Continent. So how could the mansion look so ordinary?

“That’s what’s indicated on the map.” Mu Chen shrugged before approaching the rock island and a Spiritual Energy shot over. But when the Spiritual Energy was a hundred feet away from the rock island, space fluctuated and a barrier appeared, erasing that Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen approached and placed his hand on the barrier with his eyes closed. Visible ripples spread out from his palm and started to unlock the Spiritual Energy that enveloped the rock island.

It took a long while before he slowly opened his eyes and smiled towards the two ladies. “This Spiritual Array is extremely hard to deal with. But fortunately, there are also flaws on it left by the mark of time. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us with our strength.”

Finishing his words, he gently patted the Spiritual Array and a crack appeared.

“Having a Spiritual Array Master is truly convenient.” When Lin Jing saw how easily Mu Chen unlocked the Spiritual Array, she gently smiled. If they were doing it, they would probably have to forcefully break it, which would waste a lot of their time.

“Please.” Mu Chen smiled and directed them with his hand. Nine Nether and Lin Jing exchanged a glance with a smile before they strode into the crack with Mu Chen closely following behind them.

When the three of them stepped through the crack, they realised that the mist before them had disappeared. They looked up ahead and realised a massive change.

The rock island that initially looked unremarkable had turned into a massive island with countless buildings on it. There was a stone tower that stood at the centre of the island with an azure palace, enveloped with a storm around it that even caused space to distort.

The three of them exchanged a look and cautiously flew towards the island before stopping in midair and looked down at the island.

What left them somewhat surprised was the fact that there weren’t any ruins on the island. The buildings looked as if nothing had changed for the last tens of thousands of years.

However, they had soon found something unusual. They discovered many skeletons that should have been from those experts of the Wind Mansion. All of them maintained a posture of looking upwards with fear lingering on their faces.

The expressions had frozen on their faces before their deaths. Mu Chen raised his head as well. The interior of the island didn’t affect his sight. Thus, they noticed a thin black mark on the horizon and vaguely felt that the Fiend Clans should have descended from there during the ancient times…

There had to have been a terrifying existence from the Fiend Clans that descended down, instantly killing everyone there.

“It was said that there was a powerful Monarch that invaded the Greatlaw Continent and the status of that Monarch wasn’t low. I’m afraid that they were killed by that Monarch personally.” Lin Jing’s voice resounded.

Mu Chen nodded his head. The Ancient Haven Palace was the territory of the Heavenly Emperor, who was a pinnacle powerhouse in ancient times, ranking with one of the nine emperors that could be considered pillars of the Great Thousand World at that time. So if the Fiend Clans did not send out any Monarchs, then it would be impossible for them to invade the Greatlaw Continent.

“After that battle, the Heavenly Emperor disappeared with the destruction of the Ancient Haven Palace. Looks like the Fiend Clans had succeeded in the end.” Nine Nether sighed.

“The Monarch that came here must have been extraordinary…” Lin Jing knitted her slim brows as she continued, “I vaguely heard from my father that the Monarch was top-ranked amongst the Monarchs of the Fiend Clans. But fortunately, that Monarch had disappeared along with the Heavenly Emperor. I believe that they must have died together. Otherwise, the Great Thousand World would have paid a greater price from the war.”

Lin Jing no longer mentioned the past. She swept her gaze out and changed the topic, “This Wind Mansion seems to have been cleanly swept. If the Wind Mansion Lord also died, it shouldn’t be tough for us to obtain the token. But the evil aura of the Fiend Clans is known to be domineering and could invade the consciousness of someone. The moment the evil aura invades their consciousness, then they would be turned into vicious beings. So let's pray that the Wind Mansion Lord hasn’t been demonised…”

“Let’s hope that we’re not that unfortunate.” Mu Chen flung his lips aside. No matter what, the Wind Mansion Lord was still a Lesser Earth Sovereign and even if he had been corrupted by the evil aura for tens of thousands of years, he was still powerful. So if they encountered him, then it would definitely be a headache for them.

“Let’s go to that hall, it should be the main hall.” Mu Chen looked far ahead and fixed his eyes on the centre of the island, at the azure palace that was enveloped in a storm. If he had guessed correctly, they would have a higher chance of looking for the token of the Wind Mansion Lord from that place.

Nine Nether and Lin Jing nodded with no objections, before Mu Chen flew out. However, he had taken an extremely weird pace as he would alternate between fast and slow. Sometimes, he would even route around a region. He could sense the chaotic Spiritual Array fluctuations. If they stepped in them, they might activate the defensive Spiritual Array and attract unnecessary trouble onto themselves.

“This is a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array.” Mu Chen stopped before the hall and looked at the deep azure storm because it wasn’t a normal storm but one formed by a powerful Spiritual Array.

According to Mu Chen’s estimations, it should’ve been a genuine Scholar Grade Spiritual Array.

When Nine Nether and Lin Jing heard his words, their countenances changed. This was truly the Ancient Haven Palace, even a Spiritual Array outside the main hall had reached the Scholar Grade.

“Can you break it?” Nine Nether asked. With their strength, it’s naturally impossible to forcefully break it, so they had to rely on Mu Chen’s insight in Spiritual Arrays.

Mu Chen looked at the Spiritual Array and remained silent for a long while before answering, “It’s impossible to break it. Even after tens of thousands of years, this is still a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array. But I can try to deduce the changes to it to see if we can go in. Otherwise, we can only give up.”

His words were decisive. After all, they couldn’t forcefully break it or they would have to pay a great price. Rather than that, it would be better for them to look for the eight other mansions.

“Guard me.” Mu Chen said to the two ladies as he sat down and constantly flicked his fingers, sending spiritual seals flying out.

When those spiritual seals were a hundred feet before the hall, they had integrated into space and vaguely emitted an unusual fluctuation.

When the two ladies saw this, they stood behind him and Lin Jing even summoned the Spiritual Frost Puppet. The three of them had formed into a semi-circle formation and enveloped Mu Chen.

Under their protection, the condensing of Mu Chen’s spiritual seals grew faster and constantly integrated into space.

His actions had soon caused a commotion. The storm seemed to have been drawn by something and rumbling noises started to resound, along with vague and violent thunderous claps.

At the same time, there was a powerful pressure with astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations that enveloped it, which made Nine Nether and Lin Jing’s faces turn more solemn. If they launched attacks towards the array, then they would probably be in a pathetic state at this moment.

But fortunately, the storm did not sweep towards their direction under their anxious stares and the commotion lasted for a brief moment before it calmed down.

At this moment, they saw Mu Chen open his eyes with a grave expression and tapped with his finger. A trace of blood appeared before he gently swiped the air before him.

A line of blood appeared with countless spiritual seals around it and the two ladies saw an azure lustre opening up a crack outside the hall.

“Let’s go!” Mu Chen barked as he flew out, entering the crack with the two ladies following after him.

The moment the three of them entered, the crack had gradually restored to its initial state.

However, not long after the three of them entered, space suddenly fluctuated and a lava foot stepped out from the space.

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