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Chapter 1120 - Onwards to the Inner Section

Mu Chen looked at the two ladies that were entering the Dragon Ascension Gate and stood with his hands behind his back with a composed expression, waiting for them. He wasn’t bothered about the peculiar gazes fixed on him.

Everyone’s gazes flickered, albeit they were curious how Mu Chen obtained the Golden Dragon Disciple’s status, but no one dared to speak because Mu Chen was no longer the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign on the surface.

Su Qingyin smiled and said, “Brother Mu seems to have made a breakthrough? Congratulations, indeed.”

She could sense that the Spiritual Energy fluctuation being emitted from Mu Chen had grown stronger, which meant that he had made a breakthrough in the Dragon Ascension Gate, and entered the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Normally, a fresh Ninth Grade Sovereign wouldn’t pique her interest, but if it involved Mu Chen, then it would make her a little fearful.

Su Qingyin was certain that that wasn’t the reason why Mu Chen could defeat the Golden Dragon Disciple… he should have other trump cards in his hand.

Hearing Su Qingyin’s voice, Mu Chen smiled and nodded his head. “Thanks.”

Su Qingyin wasn’t bothered by Mu Chen’s response. Instead, she smiled with her eyes narrowed. “The Golden Dragon Disciple in the Dragon Ascension Gate is not easy to deal with. I wonder, how did Brother Mu defeat it?”

Qin Jingzhe, Liu Gui and the rest had piqued their ears at her words, before Mu Chen calmly replied, “I’m just lucky.”

The Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was his trump card, so he naturally wouldn’t reveal it. If his opponents knew about it, then they definitely wouldn’t give him the time to set up the array.

“Who are you bluffing!” Everyone cursed in their hearts at his reply. It was rubbish that he could defeat the Golden Dragon Disciple by luck, but they couldn’t do a thing to him.

Su Qingyin also smiled. She didn’t expect Mu Chen to reveal his trump card from the beginning. But after this event, her evaluation of Mu Chen was raised. If someone truly relied on luck to obtain the Golden Dragon Disciple’s status, then there must’ve been something extraordinary about him, which was something that Su Qingyin, who had fought with the Golden Dragon Disciple, knew well.

After this event, the entire region briefly turned silent before people started to charge towards the Dragon Ascension Gate.

Mu Chen stood with his hands behind his back and maintained a composed expression, waiting for the two girls. But as time passed, he saw a lustre soar into the sky with a silhouette within, it was Nine Nether.

Before Nine Nether, the light had condensed into a plaque with a Golden Jiao-Dragon on it.

That’s a Golden Jiao-Dragon Plaque.

Another uproar burst out as everyone looked at Nine Nether with shock. After all, the latter only looked to be at the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, but she had actually obtained the Golden Jiao-Dragon Plaque. Qin Jingzhe was the only one that had obtained it before. As for Liu Gui and the rest, they could only obtain the White Jiao-Dragon Plaque.

That meant that Nine Nether’s strength had exceeded Liu Gui, Wang Tongxian and the rest.

Mu Chen inwardly nodded his head, since he wasn’t surprised. After Nine Nether had obtained the inheritance of the Primordial Undying Bird, she had also obtained instructions from the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign herself. Thus, she naturally had a powerful trump card as well, which was the reason why Mu Chen wasn’t surprised by the fact that she could obtain the status of a Golden Jiao-Dragon Disciple.

“I wonder what Lin Jing will get?” Mu Chen looked at the Dragon Ascension Gate with interest. Even he couldn’t fully probe the mystery of Lin Jing. She possessed countless treasures and could even bring out a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Spiritual Frost Puppet. Although Lin Jing had not fought, Mu Chen didn’t believe that the daughter of the Martial Ancestor, the Princess of the Martial Realm, would be weaker than him.

He did not wait for long. Roughly ten-odd minutes later, another pillar soared into the sky with a roaring golden dragon, a Golden Dragon Pillar!

Everyone was dumbfounded once again and their expressions became extremely brilliant. Evidently, they never expected another Golden Dragon Disciple after Mu Chen!

Could it be that the difficulty of the Dragon Ascension Gate has dropped?

Everyone had this thought flashing in their hearts, but it was then suppressed. After all, there were many powerful people that were entering the Dragon Ascension Gate and judging from their results, it was the proof of the Dragon Ascension Gate’s difficulty.

Everyone raised their heads, looking at the golden pillar and a light condensed into a silhouette with exquisite beauty. Whose else could it be aside from Lin Jing?

“It’s her…” Everyone narrowed their eyes, filled with shock. Although they had witnessed Lin Jing summon a powerful Spiritual Frost Puppet to confront Su Qingyin earlier, as well as knowing that she wasn’t simple, no one expected her to get the Golden Dragon Disciple’s status as well.

That simply meant that there were two Golden Dragon Disciples and one Golden Jiao-Dragon Disciple in Mu Chen’s team alone? This fact simply made everyone have their eyes turn red from envy.

In the current Ancient Haven Palace, all the forces in the Greatlaw Continent were present; but evidently, no one could fight with the group of three.

When Su Qingyin saw this, her gaze narrowed with fear flashing in her eyes as she looked at the three of them. If they were alone, perhaps she wouldn’t fear any of them. But with the three of them together, even she would have to avoid fighting them.

“Formidable.” Mu Chen raised his thumbs at Lin Jing and smiled.

Lin Jing looked at the Dragon Ascension Gate with lingering desire. “Pretty good, even my Spiritual Frost Puppet couldn’t deal with that fellow and I had to do it myself.”

Mu Chen knew that she was probably speaking of the Golden Dragon Disciple, and according to his guesses, even if Lin Jing brought out the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign, it would be hard to defeat the Golden Dragon Disciple. It looked like… Lin Jing had to make a move herself in the end.

Thus, he could infer that her fighting strength was definitely comparable to a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign. The Princess of the Martial Realm was truly unfathomable.

After Nine Nether and Lin Jing’s challenges, they stood beside Mu Chen and the Northern Region’s alliance had finished their challenges. But their results were rather ordinary. Even the strongest, the Profound Black Sovereign, merely obtained the status of a White Dragon Disciple, which was far in comparison from Mu Chen, Nine Nether and Lin Jing.

“Since we have all obtained our status, let us get going.” Seeing that everyone had obtained a status, he no longer intended to stay put.

After he had obtained the Golden Dragon Plaque, no one in the alliance had anymore doubt about Mu Chen. Even the Profound Black Sovereign had withdrawn his pride and looked courteous at this moment.

Thus, when they heard Mu Chen’s words, all of them had nodded their heads.

Mu Chen nodded his head towards Nine Nether and Lin Jing before turning his head and cupped his fists towards Su Qingyin. He then grasped the Golden Dragon Plaque. A golden lustre burst out from the plaque, which enveloped him, and shot through the array and entered the inner section of the Ancient Haven Palace with the rest following after.

Mu Chen’s group had left under the sighs of everyone. Even Qin Jingzhe, Liu Gui and the rest had sighed, since they knew that after this, the names of those three would definitely resound in the Greatlaw Continent.

With the strength shown by Mu Chen and Lin Jing, they could even fight Su Qingyin, Xia Yu, Garuda, those monstrous fellows.

This confrontation in the Ancient Haven Palace would definitely be intense.

Su Qingyin watched as Mu Chen’s group disappeared before she stretched her body and muttered to herself, “Mu Chen… what an interesting fellow. We will definitely meet in the future and at that time, let me experience how you have obtained the status of a Golden Dragon Disciple.”

Finishing her words, she had also lost her interest in staying there and tapped her feet. A buzzing noise came from the spiritual bug beneath her and the Azure Dragon Plaque turned into an azure lustre, which brought her into the Spiritual Array.

With those top-tiered characters entering the Ancient Haven Palace, everyone had grasped the time and swiftly enter the Dragon Ascension Gate, obtained their plaques and rush into the Ancient Haven Palace as well.

Only by entering the inner section, could they be considered to have entered the Ancient Haven Palace. At that time, if they were fortunate enough, then they might be able to leap through the dragon’s gate and ascend. Who knows, they might even be able to catch up to those monsters and have their fame resound in the Greatlaw Continent.

Thinking about it, countless streaks of light flew in this region and charged into the massive Spiritual Array.

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