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Chapter 1121 - Nine Mansions

When the Golden Dragon Plaque brought Mu Chen through the Spiritual Array that enveloped the Ancient Haven Palace, he could clearly sense the intense fluctuation of space as a light flashed before his eyes. Looking up ahead, the scenery before him had already changed.

Mu Chen stood in the sky as he looked over the scenery. Ancient heavens and earth were revealed before his eyes with an additional majestic aura that was incomparable to the outside.

The entire region was covered in sharp mountains and despite being desolate for tens of thousands of years, this place was still filled with Spiritual Energy. Thus, one could see what cultivation treasure land this place was.

Vaguely, countless halls could be seen on those mountains with a giant waterfall akin to a dragon pouring down with rumbling noises resounding between the heavens and earth.

Especially, the sky, there were countless floating rock islands filled with halls that showed how flourishing it once was.

Mu Chen looked at the majestic scene before him and uncontrollably sighed. Compared to this, the Greatlaw Sky of the Great Havenlaw Domain looked pitiful in comparison.

“This is the real Ancient Haven Palace?” Lin Jing’s curious voice sounded from behind as she looked around and exclaimed. Even as the Princess of the Martial Realm, she had a high evaluation of this place.

Mu Chen nodded his head as he swept his gaze around. He could sense various Spiritual Energy fluctuations rippling in this region, which should belong to those treasure hunters that came into the Ancient Haven Palace.

The silence here that lasted for tens of thousands of years had been completely shattered.

Those that entered the Ancient Haven Palace were akin to greedy thieves, as if they couldn’t help flipping the entire place over. After all, even a fool would know how terrifying the foundation of this powerful force that once ruled the Greatlaw Continent was. As long as they obtained an opportunity, then they would be able to leap through the dragon’s gate and have their name resound in the Greatlaw Continent.

Mu Chen turned back to look at the alliance. At this moment, everyone was looking at the huge treasure trove with excitement, as if they couldn’t wait to start searching for opportunities.

“Everyone, if you guys want to search for treasures independently, you can leave for the time being. If there’s any danger, then ask for help from us.”

Mu Chen smiled. Their alliance was pretty loose, so there’s no need to bind everyone together. If he did that, not only would it make everyone unhappy, it would also make things troublesome if they encountered any treasure.

Thus, it would be best for them to temporarily split up and all they needed to do was to stay in contact.

Those experts that were itching to move had joy on their faces and all of them nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

Mu Chen smiled before reminding everyone, “Although there are many treasures in the Ancient Haven Palace, judging from how massive the Spiritual Energy here is, there might even be some hidden Spiritual Energy fluctuations in other places. So stay cautious and do not come in contact with any foreign Spiritual Energy.”

Everyone gratefully nodded their heads and left.

“Without those burdens, it will be easier on us.” The corner of Nine Nether’s lips lifted when she saw everyone leaving. Among those, aside from the Profound Black Sovereign, the rest were useless if they encountered any powerful foe and would be a burden instead. So it would rather be better for them to split up. After all, they had the Earth Sovereigns of the Northern Region standing behind them. Otherwise, it would be insufficient for their Great Havenlaw Domain to deter the other top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent.

Mu Chen smiled. This was the reason why he wanted everyone to split up. Two genuine companions were more than sufficient.

“What should we do now?” Lin Jing asked in excitement. She was clearly urging to do something.

Mu Chen cast his gaze out and briefly pondered. “The Ancient Haven Palace is too vast. Furthermore, it is also extremely unusual for it to disappear back then, so we have to be cautious…”

“According to my estimation, the first level of the Ancient Haven Palace should be the Nine Mansions and after that would be one of our main objectives, the Heavens Lake!”

The Ancient Haven Palace was split into the Nine Mansions and Five Halls, and this should be the region of the Nine Mansions.

Hearing the two words ‘Heavens Lake’, Lin Jing’s eyes, which were filled with spirituality, brightened as she said, “I wonder if the Heavens Lake of the Ancient Haven Palace is as mysterious as it was…”

“You know about it as well?” Mu Chen was astonished, but he understood briefly after. With the status of her father, the secrets of the Ancient Haven Palace naturally couldn’t be kept away from Lin Jing.

Lin Jing nodded her head as she answered, “I have once heard my father talking about it. The Heavenly Emperor was one of the reasons why the Ancient Haven Palace could become the ruler of the Greatlaw Continent, but the Heavens Lake was another one. Back then, the objective of many elites joining the Ancient Haven Palace was to obtain the baptism of the Heavens Lake.”

“It was rumoured that the baptism of the Heavens Lake could transform one’s body and refine the Spiritual Energy at the same time. It was so much so that it could also nurture the Sovereign Celestial Body, causing it to gain a promotion from the baptism. And Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns could even immediately break through to the Earth Sovereign Realm.”

Nine Nether’s gaze lightly shook. As she got closer to the Earth Sovereign Realm, only then did she know how difficult it was to break through to that level. Many Ninth Grade Sovereigns had failed to take that step and one could see how difficult it was to make the breakthrough.

Perhaps the rumours that Lin Jing had spoken about were a little too exaggerating but it proved the wonder of the Heavens Lake.

Mu Chen lightly smiled. “But not just anyone can obtain the baptism. According to the Ancient Haven Palace’s rules, only disciples that have obtained the acknowledgement of the Nine Mansions and obtained the tokens of the Nine Mansions could enter them.”

“Although the current Ancient Haven Palace has greatly changed, I’m afraid that the rules still exist, just like the Dragon Ascension Gate… Therefore, we need to search for the Nine Mansions and see if we can obtain the tokens of the Nine Mansions.”

Nine Nether nodded her head. With so many elites in the Ancient Haven Palace, all of them would want to go to the Heavens Lake as well. Since the demand exceeded supply, they had to make their move faster.

Mu Chen had also thought of this, so he did not speak any further and waved his hand. “Let’s go, we should get moving as well.”

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the vast heavens and earth before he turned into a streak of light and shot towards one of the floating rock islands with Nine Nether and Lin Jing closely following behind him, starting their adventure in the Ancient Haven Palace.

They did not have any harvest in the first rock island, since many places were in ruins. Although they could find some artifacts, all of them were dimmed and broken.

But judging from the environment of that rock island, Mu Chen guessed that there had to have been a startling battle that took place here.

In the end, their first venture ended in failure, but they weren’t disappointed. They continued to move on and investigated around.

As they moved deeper, Mu Chen found something that left him with a headache. Those rock islands were enveloped in a Spiritual Array. Although the Spiritual Arrays weren’t too powerful, it could block their sight so unless they broke the Spiritual Array, they wouldn’t know what the interior of the rock island looked like and there were so many floating islands in the Ancient Haven Palace, thousands upon thousands.

If they search them individually, how much time would they have wasted?

The three of them were helpless against this, since they could only investigate the islands one by one. But fortunately, their disappointment did not last for long. They had obtained a harvest on an unremarkable island.

Mu Chen found a jade strip beside a skeleton, recorded with an ordinary map. But in his eyes, this map was akin to a treasure.

That’s because this map had clearly divided the regions of the Ancient Haven Palace with the location of the Nine Mansions and Five Halls recorded on it.

With this, they would be able to avoid the countless islands and head towards the Nine Mansions.

“Mu Chen, you’re truly capable!” Lin Jing rejoiced. She was also getting depressed from the empty islands.

Mu Chen grinned before he swept a glance at the map, then looked towards the northwest. “According to this map, the Wind Mansion should be in that direction, we can go search there.”

The Wind Mansion was one of the Nine Mansions with a Lesser Earth Sovereign as the Mansion Lord, so there had to be genuine treasures there.

“Let’s go!” Mu Chen’s gaze blazed as he turned into a streak of light and flew towards the direction marked on the map without any hesitation.

Under the indicated location, Mu Chen’s party only travelled for ten-odd minutes before they came to a stop and an unremarkable rock island appeared before them.

Furthermore, no one could expect that this unremarkable-looking island would be one of the Nine Mansions, the Wind Mansion!

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