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Chapter 1119 - The Fourth Golden Dragon Disciple

There was a lone rock island that emitted an ancient aura, enveloped in ruins that proved the great battle that once took place there.

Fine footsteps resounded with a silhouette walking over from the side of the rock island. When the silhouette appeared, the temperature in this region suddenly boiled.

The horizon was crimson. The footsteps of that person had actually turned into magma with fearful destructive powers.

That person had fiery-red hair that looked like burning flames from afar. He stood on a lone peak and looked around. Suddenly, he exclaimed in surprise as he turned his head outside the Ancient Haven Palace and saw a golden pillar soaring into the sky.

He wasn’t a stranger to that pillar, as he had also obtained it before.

“Another Golden Dragon Disciple? Could it be Su Qingyin? She was willing to sacrifice her spiritual bugs?” He smiled with shock, but wasn’t too bothered thereafter. Stomping his foot, a pillar of magma soared into the sky and his silhouette disappeared.

At the same time, at a tattered stone pavilion in another corner of the Ancient Haven Palace, two silhouettes stood in confrontation with astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations being emitted, causing space to fluctuate.

It was a man and lady, the man had a slender silhouette and was wearing black robes. He had a stunning look, as if he was a carved scripture with abstruse eyes and a gentle smile that could charm many girls in the world.

At this moment, he was looking at the silhouette far away with a gentle gaze.

The owner of that silhouette wore a brightly coloured dress and had wavy long hair that made her look bewitching. She also had a slender and soft waist with flawless curves and long, charming legs. But she wore a veil on her face which covered her peerless beauty, but even so, she was still a bewitching beauty.

She emitted a cold and chilling aura, but the man wasn’t really bothered with her appearance. The fact was that she had also obtained the status of a Golden Dragon Disciple.

“Miss, I am Garuda of the Saint Demonic Palace. I wonder, where are you from? I have not heard of someone with such a stunning beauty as you in the Greatlaw Continent.” The black-robed man gently smiled.

Before this, his record as a Golden Dragon Disciple had been broken not long after by this mysterious beauty, which made him somewhat curious, and he followed her in an attempt to probe her identity and see if he could recruit her.

But facing his gentle words, the lady swept a cold glance at him and indifferently said, “If you continue to follow me, then you are starting a war with me.”

Hearing the uninterested tone from the other party, Garuda’s expression did not change, but just when he was about to say something, his expression suddenly changed and he looked at the golden pillar that soared into the far away sky.

“Another Golden Dragon Disciple? Could it be Su Qingyin? Or Xia Hong?” Garuda looked at the golden light with an unusual light in his eyes.

That mysterious lady had cast a glance at the golden pillar, but she did not pay much attention to it. She tapped her feet and intended to leave.

“Miss…” Garuda called out once again when he saw that she was about to leave.

But before he could finish his words, a coldness flashed in the eyes of the lady before she flicked her finger and a beam of light shot out, aimed towards Garuda’s forehead.

The sudden attack had caused Garuda’s eyes to narrow, but he did not dare to delay, knowing how mysterious the other party was. Immediately, he stopped his steps and a golden light burst from his body and enveloped him, making him look akin to being indestructible.


When the beam was half an inch away from his forehead, it was blocked by the golden lustre, but the terrifying force behind it had caused Garuda’s body to tremble. 

He couldn’t help having his expression to turn grave before he raised his head and saw that the silhouette was already far away in an instant.

“Interesting…” Garuda slightly smiled as he looked in that direction with a deep look. The mysterious lady had an unknown background and her strength was definitely not something any ordinary force could nurture.

However, he had no idea about her motive for coming to the Ancient Haven Palace. Let's hope that we won’t have any conflict, or it will be troublesome.

“Lord Saint Demon told me that I will most likely encounter someone that has cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body as well. As long as I can kill him, I will be able to obtain the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body.” Garuda stood with his hands behind his back and his black-robed fluttered in the wind as a coldness flashed in his eyes.

“Let’s hope that the one that has also cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body won’t be weak or it will be too pointless. My Great Solar Undying Body requires your fresh blood in order for it to be reforged.”

Garuda indifferently shook his head before taking a step forth and space trembled, before he disappeared…

The golden pillar had soared into the sky from the Dragon Ascension Gate, which had pierced through the heavens and earth and a huge dragon had coiled around it, unleashing an earth-shaking draconic roar.

Many people were dumbfounded at that sight and after a long time, they recovered from the shock and an uproar broke out.

“That is a golden dragon pillar?”

“How is that possible!? Mu Chen actually obtained the identity of a Golden Dragon Disciple?!”

“Something that not even Su Qingyin had accomplished, how was Mu Chen able to do it while being at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm?”

“He is truly a monster!”


Exclamations resounded and everyone had a shock in their eyes at this scene. The blow was too terrifying for them.

No one imagined that Mu Chen would accomplish something that Su Qingyin had not.

Qin Jingzhe, Liu Gui, Wang Tongxian and those high rankers of the Greatlaw Continent had stiff expressions with disbelief in their eyes.

Judging from the surface, all of their cultivations had exceeded Mu Chen’s, especially Qin Jingzhe, who was even a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign, but only obtained the evaluation of a Golden Jiao-Dragon Disciple.

They were briefly stunned before shifting towards Su Qingyin. At this moment, the latter had tightly clenched her fists with shock on her face.

She had also undergone the test of the Dragon Ascension Gate, so she knew how tough the test of the Golden Dragon Disciple was. Even she would have to pay a price, but she wasn’t willing to pay so she retreated and exited with the status of an Azure Dragon Disciple.

She never expected Mu Chen to surpass her and become a genuine Golden Dragon Disciple.

That also meant that Mu Chen must have a powerful trump card that could confront a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign!

“That fellow!” Su Qingyin gritted her teeth. It looked like she had misjudged this time. She initially thought that the girl should be the most fearful amongst Mu Chen’s party. She never expected Mu Chen himself to be so formidable as well.

“So he truly did obtain the Golden Dragon Plaque.” Lin Jing chuckled. She didn’t look too surprised. After all, even her own mother had sung praises about him. So Lin Jing didn’t believe that he could be troubled with getting the Golden Dragon Plaque.

Nine Nether smiled and nodded her head. She wasn’t surprised, either.

Behind them, every single expert of the Northern Region had their faces turn pale, as if they had seen a ghost. Although they knew that Mu Chen had lots of trump cards, no one thought that Mu Chen could really obtain the status of a Golden Dragon Disciple.

The Profound Black Sovereign swallowed a mouthful of saliva and his face turned stiff. If Mu Chen had truly obtained the status of a Golden Dragon Disciple with his own ability, that would mean that he had hidden his abilities too deeply and his true strength wouldn’t be the same as it was shown on the surface.

This fact made the Profound Black Sovereign drenched in sweat, since he was still fighting for the leadership position of the team. But right now, Mu Chen didn’t even have the intention to compete with him; otherwise, his strength that’s at Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign would definitely be insufficient.

Under countless shocked gazes, the golden light briefly remained before it gradually faded, revealing Mu Chen’s silhouette and a golden lustre condensed into a plaque before him.

Looking at the Golden Dragon Plaque, Mu Chen gently smiled before sweeping his gaze around. Under his gaze, everyone shifted their eyes away in avoidance, no one dared to look at him directly.

After that scene, everyone knew that Mu Chen was probably a hidden tiger. He could even be fearless with his strength facing a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign, not to mention a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign powerhouse.

In this world, the strong were always respected.

At this moment, no one dared to treat Mu Chen like a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign.

However, Mu Chen did not pay much attention to the thoughts of others and he also did not utilise the Golden Dragon Plaque to leave. Instead, he looked at Lin Jing and Nine Nether, then nodded his head towards them.

The two girls nodded their heads and they shot forth at the same time, turning into two streaks and charged towards the Dragon Ascension Gate…

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