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The ancient stone arc stood silently between the vast sky and earth, as if it had been there from the beginning of time. Beyond the stone arc, elites from all over the world watched the arc with burning gazes, and excitement filled their eyes. This ancient stone arc was the threshold before entering the Ancient Sky Palace. Only those who passed through the arc could enter the Ancient Sky Palace.

Time passed as the elites stared eagerly, then finally someone came forward and broke the silence. "Ha! Since everyone is being so cautious, then let us, the Mountain Moving Sect, have a fresh taste of the Dragon Entrance Gate!" Along with loud, echoing laughs, several rays shot up into the sky and stopped in mid-air, hovering in front of the Dragon Entrance Gate.

Everyone's gazes were fixed upon them.

Mu Chen's gaze followed them as they moved. At the very front of these gray-robed figures was a tall and muscular man in a gray shirt. Lines of glowing gray runes covered his skin, making him appear frighteningly heavy. It was as if he were not a person, but rather, a mountain standing tall.

A thought came to Mu Chen's mind when he noticed this man. Lin Jie of the Mountain Moving Sect, Grade Nine Sovereign, Ranked 28th on the List of Powerhouse.

Lin Jie was not a mere nobody. To qualify for the List of Powerhouse was enough to speak for his fame on the Tianluo Continent.

Lin Jie would have been at the center of all spotlights if it were any other occasion. However, there were too many elites gathered there today, so the appearance of top individuals like Su Qingyin dimmed Lin Jie's shine. However, there was nothing to question about his strengths.

Lin Jie emerged mid-air, his heated gaze fixed on the enormous ancient stone arc. He took a deep breath and hesitated no more. With a swift movement, he transformed into a shot of bright light aimed toward the stone arc.

No one could take their eyes off of him.


Lin Jie appeared in front of the Dragon Entrance Gate under everyone's gazes. Suddenly, a bright light swept out from the top of the gate. Brilliant light showered Lin Jie, and then he disappeared into the Dragon Entrance Gate.

Everyone watched as he disappeared, all waiting anxiously.

As the entire space fell silent, everyone held their gazes on the arc. The arc became quiet and still after sucking Lin Jie into it.

However, it did not remain silent for long.

Whoom! Whoom!

The ancient arc suddenly started to emit small noises of vibration, followed by a ray circulating above the stone arc. Mysterious glowing runes boiled on the arc.


The door that had been tightly shut was now ajar. A bright ray of light sprayed out, and a vague struggling shadow appeared. It was Lin Jie who had appeared in the sky and charged abruptly into the Dragon Entrance Gate just now.

After Lin Jie emerged, the light swiftly condensed in front of him and then transformed into an ancient-looking medallion.


Countless eyes turned immediately to the medallion, watching closely.

Mu Chen was also focused on the medallion when a green hawk appeared in the sky.

"It is the Green Hawk Medallion!"

The elites indeed had sharp eyes, and many of them cheered in excitement. Some of them were shaken a little, not because they were impressed with Lin Jie's achievements, but because even with Lin Jie's strength, he could barely qualify as a disciple of the Green Hawk.

According to the rankings, the Medallion of the Green Hawk was only considered a middle rank. Lin Jie was one of the top 30 elites. He could qualify as a core member and be given enormous investments in training in any force within the Tianluo Continent.

"Isn't the appraisal to enter the Ancient Sky Palace too difficult?" Some of their faces turned green as they realized they qualified below Lin Jie and would probably only get a Medallion of the Wolves at best. That was the lowest rank in the Ancient Sky Palace.

"Seems like it will not be easy to be a disciple of the Dragon," whispered Mu Chen with a stern expression after he exchanged gazes with Nine Nether.

"Don't mention the disciple of the Dragon. I'm afraid that it will be difficult even just to get a Water Dragon Medallion. After all, the Ancient Sky Palace once ruled over the entire Tianluo Continent," Nine Nether said with a helpless smile.

Mu Chen noded, but he wasn't too surprised about all of this. With the Ancient Sky Palace's reputation, even the most excellent elite might end up as an ordinary disciple. Only the very gifted and talented top individuals would excel in such a test.

Facing all the exclamations from the crowd, Lin Jie smiled bitterly as he looked at the Green Hawk Medallion hovering in front of him. He was seemingly displeased with the result of the assessment. However, when he thought of the challenges he had just gone through in the Dragon Entrance Gate, he could only let out a sigh.

Lin Jie extended his palm and held out the Green Hawk Medallion. The medallion instantly emitted green rays. The rays then embraced him and transformed into a glaring green array. The array seemed to be filled with countless spiritual rays. The rays faded away when the green light touched them, allowing Lin Jie to pass and disappear into the array.

"Did he enter?"

Everyone had their eyes wide open as they saw this happen, and excitement colored their faces. It seemed that it was true that once a person had obtained the medallion, they could pass through the spiritual array.

From how Lin Jie had vanished, they could see that all of this was an illusion, and the true Ancient Sky Palace could only be perceived after passing through the array. The atmosphere heated up immediately, and the rest of the elites exhaled in relief.


The Mountain Moving Sect elites who followed Lin Jie did not hesitate another moment and charged into the Dragon Entrance Gate. They stayed a much shorter time in it, and in merely less than 20 seconds, they were spat out from the gate. They looked like a hot mess, but all of them had been awarded with the Green Wolf Medallion. It was obvious that the result of their assessment was far from Lin Jie's.

These elites form the Mountain Moving Sect could only smile bitterly. They then grabbed the Green Wolf Medallions and disappeared into the spiritual array in the green rays' embrace.

Swishh! Swishh!

After witnessing most of the people from the Mountain Moving Sect passing through the array, other clans felt much less anxious now. Moments later, the space was suddenly filled with the loud sound of rending air. Countless light rays exploded, aimed at the Dragon Entrance Gate.

Whoom Whoom.

Bright light kept surrounding the Dragon Entrance Gate, and anyone who went close to it was sucked into it. Many now crowded before the Dragon Entrance Gate. Challengers kept entering the gate and were spat out from the gate in white, green, and even golden rays.

Watching all of this, Mu Chen realized that the highest level of medallion that had appeared was just the Golden Hawk Medallion. The owner of the Golden Hawk Medallion ranked 21st on the List of Powerhouse, merely one rank below Mu Chen.

Mu Chen scratched his head and chuckled softly as he joked, self-deprecatingly, "If I am to predict according to my rank, I'm afraid I could only qualify as a disciple of the Golden Hawk."

"Stop pretending…" Nine Nether couldn't help rolling her eyes at him towards his self-deprecating joke. She knew Mu Chen's cards better than anyone, and those cards could stand a chance before the Grade Nine Sovereigns and even Complete Grade Nine Sovereigns.

Lin Jin who was watching with keen interest said abruptly, "Finally, someone worth watching."

Hearing that, Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked and saw that Liu Kui, who was ranked 17th, Wang Xiantong, ranked 16th, and Qin Jingzhe, ranked fifth, had simultaneously entered the Dragon Entrance Gate.

It seemed they could wait no longer.

As the top ranking elites in the world, their actions attracted much attention, and the eyes of every force were focused on them.


Three of them disappeared before the Dragon Entrance Gate at the same time. The Dragon Entrance Gate quieted down after the three people vanished into it. The other elites stopped entering, anticipating the results of the three top ranked individuals' assessment.

Time quickly slipped by.

The duration of this assessment seemed to be much longer than that for those who had entered before them. This sent goosebumps up other elites' spines. Did this mean one of them would qualify beyond the Golden Hawk Medallion?

Whoom! Whoom!

Just when everyone was busy with their own thoughts, the Dragon Entrance Gate seemed to respond a little. Then, a thick ray of brilliant light exploded from the gate. Three rays swiftly condensed mid-air into the shape of three people. It was Qin Jingzhe and the other two.

They immediately looked to their front after emerging as the rays condensed into three medallions before them. Countless gazes were surprised then they saw the medallions, and they started to murmur among themselves in awe.

An ancient medallion appeared before Liu Kui. A white water dragon was carved into the medallion, emitting strong powerful waves of valiance from within.

Someone exclaimed, "The White Water Dragon Medallion! Liu Kui qualified to be the disciple of the White Water Dragon!" Finally, someone had passed the assessment as the disciple of the Water Dragon!

"Wang Xiantong is also the disciple of the White Water Dragon!" Someone noticed the medallion before Wang Xiantong, and it was also a medallion with a White Water Dragon carving.

"What about Qin Jingzhe, then?" People focused their gazes before Qin Jingzhe. They could see the token amulet hovering before him. The medallion was surrounded by golden rays, forming the shape of a ferocious Golden Water Dragon.

"Isn't that…" Mu Chen couldn't help squinting as he stared at the golden medallion.

"The Medallion of the Golden Water Dragon!"

Even with such outstanding talent, Qin Jingzhe could only qualify as the disciple of the Golden Water Dragon, barely touching the lowest rank of Dragon.

The threshold of this Dragon Entrance Gate assessment was unbelievably high!

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