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Chapter 1118 - Wear it down


The massive Spiritual Array enveloped the plaza before a massive dragon gradually took shape at the core of the Spiritual Array. It resided in the array with a storm of Spiritual Energy that dominated forth as it breathed.

The dragon was dark-yellow in colour without any intelligence in its eyes, but it was emitting a powerful Spiritual Energy and Mu Chen could judge its power by sensing the Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

It was in the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm!

Sensing the power, Mu Chen felt heavily relieved. This Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was truly a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array. Even in its incomplete state, the power that it could unleash was still extremely astonishing.

According to Mu Chen’s guesses, if this Nine Dragon God-Killing Array could be completely unleashed, it should be able to summon out three to four Perfected Nine Grade Sovereigns. But at the moment, Mu Chen clearly couldn’t accomplish it so he was already satisfied that he could summon one.

“If it’s the completed state of the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, it would be nine Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign dragons and with the coordination from the array, even Lesser Earth Grade Sovereigns would have a headache.” A smile appeared on the corner of Mu Chen’s lips. This Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was truly extraordinary.

After summoning forth the huge dragon, only then did Mu Chen feel relieved. He raised his head and look at the Golden Dragon Disciple. “Please.”

The black-robed silhouette’s countenance turned grave. It could sense the power of the Spiritual Array.

“As you wish.” Raising the longspear and pointing it towards the dragon, its silhouette turned into a black beam of light in the next moment and charged into the Spiritual Array. A myriad foot-long light burst out from the spear and shot towards the dragon.


The dragon roared and pounced forth without any fear of death with a violent Spiritual Energy current sweeping towards the Golden Dragon Disciple.


The two clashed, producing an earth-shattering sound and a violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation swept out, causing the space to constantly fluctuate.

Mu Chen was also looking at the confrontation with a grave expression and realised that he had underestimated the strength of this Golden Dragon Disciple. Even with the dragon that he had summoned with the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, which was akin to a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign, the Golden Dragon Disciple still vaguely had the upper hand.

On the contrary, if Mu Chen didn’t supply the dragon with Spiritual Energy, it wouldn’t be able to last for long and would be pierced through by the Golden Dragon Disciple.

“A Golden Dragon Disciple indeed.” Mu Chen sighed as he stomped his foot. Countless spiritual seals flew out and formed into the Heavenly Skycircuit Array.

Buzz! Buzz! 

The stars flickered before descending down towards that Golden Dragon Disciple.


When the stars descended, the Golden Dragon Disciple had to slow down its attacks against the dragon before shattering those descending stars.

Thus, under Mu Chen’s attacks, the Golden Dragon Disciple endured the constant attacks and the situation turned into a deadlock.

Since Mu Chen had tied the Golden Dragon Disciple up for the moment, his gaze flickered and he sat down before he waved his hand. Another flow of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid appeared around him.

Judging from the amount, it was at least a million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

“How difficult to deal with. I’m afraid that I can only be slightly underhanded.” Mu Chen lowered his head and looked at the Golden Dragon Disciple before he lightly smiled. His seals changed and some spiritual seals swept out once again.

While Mu Chen was swiftly exhausting himself to condense the spiritual seals, the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid around him poured into his body to replenish his exhaustion.

As the spiritual seals swept out, another massive array slowly took form, which was another Nine Dragon God-Killing Array!

But the second Nine Dragon God-Killing Array took a longer time to form, since he had to borrow an external force. Thus, it took him double the time to set up.

When the second Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was formed, the dragon in the first array had shrunk down by half and had clearly been heavily injured by the Golden Dragon Disciple.

When Mu Chen saw this, his gaze flickered before the dragon roared and pounced forth without any fear for death. It clashed with the Golden Dragon Disciple before it exploded.


A violent shock wave swept out and the first Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was destroyed, causing the Golden Dragon Disciple to suffer a considerable injury. The powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation in his body had greatly weakened.

But before the Golden Dragon Disciple could recover, another draconic roar resounded and a talon charged towards the Golden Dragon Disciple from the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array.

Looking at another dragon pouncing forth, the countenance of the Golden Dragon Disciple grew brilliant since it had never expected to encounter such an underhanded challenge…

Mu Chen clearly wanted to wear it down!

Facing this means, despite the extraordinary fighting strength, the Golden Dragon Disciple would also be completely exhausted, while Mu Chen only had to fork out Sovereign Spiritual Liquide to endlessly set up the Spiritual Arrays.

And under this environment, there wasn’t anyone that could cause any disturbance to Mu Chen.

Thus, this tough battle had turned into a comedy. As the challenger, Mu Chen showed no signs of risking his life before hiding far away and constantly prepared Spiritual Arrays.

He couldn’t control two Nine Dragon God-Killing Arrays at the same time, so he could only control the second after the first one was destroyed.

Although this was quite underhanded of him, it was still within the rules so Mu Chen wasn’t forbidden from doing it. As time passed, the Spiritual Energy around the Golden Dragon Disciple had started to weaken as well.

When the fourth dragon exploded, the Golden Dragon Disciple was covered with cracks and light was seeping out from those cracks.

When Mu Chen, who was covered in sweat saw this scene, he couldn’t help feeling relieved, since his hands were constantly trembling. Evidently, it was also a great exhaustion for him to be constantly setting up Spiritual Arrays.

He was already feeling dizzy at this moment. After all, setting up so many complicated Spiritual Arrays wasn’t just exhausting his Spiritual Energy, if he had exhausted too much, then he would quickly faint.

“Sorry for that.” Mu Chen waved his hand, dispersing the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array that he had set up halfway. Looking at the state of the Golden Dragon Disciple, it was already a spent force and couldn’t pose any danger.

Reaching so far, his challenge could be considered a success.

Now he knew that Su Qingyin should have also possessed the ability to obtain the Golden Dragon Plaque; however, she would have the pay a great price with the death of her powerful spiritual bugs, which she was clearly unwilling to allow.

The Golden Dragon Disciple had also cupped its fist towards Mu Chen. “Congratulations on becoming a Golden Dragon Disciple of my Ancient Haven Palace.”

The Golden Dragon Disciple’s silhouette dispersed into light and an ancient token was condensed before Mu Chen with a golden dragon on it, emitting a powerful pressure.

The Golden Dragon Plaque!


Mu Chen looked at the Golden Dragon Plaque and felt his body become paralysed. He had immediately dropped down and could feel all of the muscles in his body twitching. Setting up several Nine Dragon God-Killing Arrays had been a great burden to him.

Furthermore, he had paid a price of nearly three million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

But it was all worth it since he had obtained the status of a Golden Dragon Disciple.


Outside the Dragon Ascension Gate

This region was still enveloped with a commotion but this time, many people had looked at the Dragon Ascension Gate with astonishment as they had realised that Mu Chen had taken too long inside, far longer than anyone else.

They pondered what could have happened to take such a long time, but no matter how they guessed, the thought of Mu Chen becoming a Golden Dragon Disciple never crossed their minds…

Only Su Qingyin had slightly furrowed her brows and she felt uneasy in her heart.

Buzz! Buzz! 

While everyone was guessing in their hearts, the Dragon Ascension Gate finally moved and a dazzling lustre burst forth, which formed into a slender silhouette. It was naturally Mu Chen.

But when they swept their gazes at Mu Chen, they suddenly contracted their eyes, since they saw a massive golden pillar suddenly soar into the sky from Mu Chen’s body and pierce through the heavens and earth with a golden dragon coiling around the pillar.

The commotion turned silent with many people having frozen up. After a long while, dense disbelief surged in their eyes.

“He’s a Golden Dragon Disciple? How is that possible?!”

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