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Chapter 1117 - Breakthrough

The stiffness of the statue swiftly receded and in a few breaths of time, it had revealed a black silhouette holding onto a black longspear with ancient runes engraved at the tip, causing space to tremble from the lustre.

The silhouette quietly stood on the pillar but it did not speak, except for the fact that there was a domineering air sweeping out.

Mu Chen sensed the awakened domineering aura and the corner of his eyes twitched. This was the Golden Dragon Disciple? Truly formidable and estimating from this aura, it should have reached the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Taking another step further would be the Earth Sovereign Realm!

Mu Chen slowly clenched his hands in the sleeves with an extremely grave expression. He could sense his pores tightly close up and his skin was tense; his entire body was in an alert state.

Evidently, Mu Chen had felt greatly threatened by this Golden Dragon Disciple.

“Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm…” Mu Chen sighed in his heart. Facing an expert at this level, even he would find it tough to deal with. But fortunately, he wasn’t truly helpless.

“Let’s try the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array…”  Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. Although it was incomplete, it was still a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array. If he could set it up, then it should be sufficient for him to deal with a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign.

However the array was not easy to set up and despite studying it for a long time, he had multiple failures without a single success.

However, he was also gradually perfecting the flaws, deepening his insight into the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array. According to his estimations, as long as the Spiritual Energy in his body was slightly thicker, then he would have some confidence in setting up the array.

Back in the Divinity Sea, he already possessed the ability to break through to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm; however, he had forcefully suppressed it since he wished for a sturdy foundation.

But now… the time was right for him to break through.

Without any expression, Mu Chen took a deep breath and waved his hand. A boundless amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid swept out and enveloped around him, filling the atmosphere with boundless Spiritual Energy.

As he breathed, a white mist rose and a suction force surged out. The boundless amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid split into creeks, transforming into boundless Spiritual Energy and entered this Sovereign Sea.

Mu Chen had actually chosen to make a breakthrough at this moment!

The Golden Dragon Disciple, which had gradually awakened on the pillar, held onto a black longspear without any ripples in its gaze. It had not sensed any enmity coming from Mu Chen, so it chose to not make a move.

After all, the Dragon Ascension Gate was used to examine the potential of disciples. So if any disciples chose to make a breakthrough here, the Dragon Ascension Gate would not disturb them as per the rules; on the contrary, it would even protect them.

Mu Chen knew of this fact; thus, he had chosen to make his breakthrough here.

Time swiftly passed and the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid that had enveloped Mu Chen gradually thinned down, since the Spiritual Energy within had been completely refined by him.

The sea level in his Sovereign Sea had evidently been raised. Furthermore, the sea looked even more abstruse with boundless Spiritual Energy exploding forth and rolled about.

At the same time, the pressure emanating from Mu Chen’s body had also been strengthened to a stunning degree.

Roughly ten-odd minutes later, the last drop of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid had been absorbed by him and the entire region turned silent with only Mu Chen quietly standing like a boulder without any movements.

The Sovereign Sea behind him had also receded. Mu Chen looked deep and calm without any ripples.

But it was always the calm before the storm. So after the silence lasted for ten-odd minutes, Mu Chen’s tightly shut eyes had abruptly opened.


Spiritual light beamed from Mu Chen’s eyes with a boundless shock wave of Spiritual Energy sweeping out, causing space to vibrate and rumbled akin to thunder.

A powerful pressure of Spiritual Energy spread out with Mu Chen in the centre.

Mu Chen slowly clenched his fist, sensing the rolling powerful Spiritual Energy in his body with a satisfied smile on the corner of his lips.

The Spiritual Energy that he had been suppressing for months had finally broken through and had risen to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm!

Although it was just half a step, it was also a great enhancement for Mu Chen.

That’s because only by stepping into the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm could he use some of his most powerful trump cards… Take the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, for example.

“Cultivator, have you finished your breakthrough?” When Mu Chen was rejoicing at the increment of his strength, a faint voice had resounded throughout this region.

Mu Chen was startled, then he raised his head and saw the Golden Dragon Disciple lowering its head to look at Mu Chen. The latter’s eyes weren’t as hollow as others and looked to have some intelligence.

It looked like this Golden Dragon Disciple was different from the rest.

Mu Chen was somewhat startled, before he smiled and lightly nodded his head.

“Since that’s the case, then start the challenge. As long as you can succeed, then you will be able to obtain the highest Golden Dragon Disciple of my Ancient Haven Palace. If you fail, you will be graded as a White Dragon Disciple.” The Golden Dragon Disciple pointed its spear at Mu Chen and a black lustre flashed at the tip of the spear. Even at such a distance, Mu Chen could still feel the coldness on his skin.

“So failure would mean that I’m not qualified to be an Azure Dragon Disciple…” Mu Chen muttered. It seemed like this Dragon Ascension Gate was no longer the Saint Artifact that it once used to be with such a flaw in the rules.

But Mu Chen wasn’t too bothered about it. If he couldn’t obtain the status of a Golden Dragon Disciple, then getting a White or Azure Dragon Disciple would be the same to him.

However, according to his estimations, only the Golden Dragon Disciples might be able to obtain the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body. Therefore, he had to do his best to seize this status.

With this thought, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and took a deep breath before he formed some seals. A spiritual lustre gushed forth with countless condensed spiritual seals that flew out and integrated into the atmosphere.

With a grave expression, Mu Chen constantly refined the spiritual seals until the amount had already exceeded the High Heaven Grade Spiritual Array that he had set up earlier.

The Golden Dragon Disciple stood on the pillar but it did not make the first move. According to the rules, it needed to receive the strongest move from the challenger and give out a final evaluation.

It was waiting and giving Mu Chen sufficient time to make his preparations.

As more spiritual seals flew out over a few myriad feet in radius, they fluctuated with spiritual lines that spread out and interlinked together, forming into a massive array.

As the form of the Spiritual Array gradually became perfected, Mu Chen’s forehead became covered in beads of sweat. At this moment, only now did he realise how time-consuming this task was.

If he hadn’t made his breakthrough, then it would probably be extremely hard for him to succeed in laying out this array no matter how long he studied and comprehended it.

The array slowly formed with profundities that could make anyone not well-versed in Spiritual Arrays to have the Spiritual Energy in their bodies boil over.

Even the Golden Dragon Disciple’s gaze had turned extremely grave, even the domineering air around it had been suppressed and was constantly shrinking in size.

Beads of sweat dripped from Mu Chen’s forehead as he fixated his gaze on the Spiritual Array and carefully manipulated it, fearing for any mistakes. If he failed, then he wouldn’t be able to try anymore for a period of time and that would mean his failure in the challenge.

But fortunately, Mu Chen had tried multiple times in the past, so the array was slowly being perfected and was vaguely emitting an indescribable pressure.

Mu Chen looked at the forming Spiritual Array but he still wasn’t relieved. Waving his hand, several white lights shot into the Spiritual Array, they were the dragon bones!

Each of those dragon bones emitted the might of a dragon and they took the core position of the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array.

Buzz! Buzz! 

When the dragon bones entered the array, the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array trembled and a boundless spiritual light fluctuated, then it violently gathered towards those dragon bones.


A boundless spiritual light soared, forming into a massive and horrifying dragon in the array.

Mu Chen looked at the dragon and felt relieved with joy in his eyes. He had finally succeeded in setting up the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array!

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