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The ancient area was desolated. When the sky darkened, the space remained precarious, with spatial cracks occasionally appearing.

Mu Chen and the rest stood on a hill, looking around the ancient space that the entire Tianluo Continent was eyeing. A vast piece of land was outside the hill. Within it, they could see mountains, with ancient halls situated upon their peaks.

If they looked even further, they could see rocky islands hanging in the sky. However, these rocky islands were deserted, as this place had been dormant for a long time.

Mu Chen looked at the deserted space and sniffed. He then looked at Nine Nether and Lin Jing, his face turning grave. The entire trio could sense some eerie auras that had been left behind.

These auras were faint, and only those who were extremely astute could detect them. Although the auras were faint, Mu Chen and his companions could still feel an indescribable oppression coming from them.

During the Primordial Age, many powerful masters had existed in this place. Just one simple thought from them could shake the heavens and the earth. In fact, their auras were so strong, they could even linger and oppress after all these thousands of years!

The Ancient Celestial Palace is indeed amazing! Mu Chen exclaimed within himself. He then looked at Xuan Ming Sovereign and said with a smile, "Do you have any suggestions? If not, shall we move on? If I am not wrong, this should be the outer ring of the Ancient Celestial Palace."

Xuan Ming Sovereign did not have much information about the Ancient Celestial Palace, so he certainly did not know where it was. So, when Mu Chen sought his advice, he was embarrassed and simply nodded his head. The rest of the people also nodded in agreement to Mu Chen's suggestion.

Mu Chen then shot out toward the halls on the mountain peak, the rest of them following closely behind. When they were all flying in the sky, they lowered their heads to look around. They were shocked to see many dark abysses on the ground. These abysses separated the land and looked hideous!

They had not been formed naturally, but had been caused by fierce fights. It was apparent that, during the Primordial Age, an earth-shattering fight had taken place there.

As they traveled further, once in a while, ancient ruined cities could be seen. These cities had been utterly destroyed. Thus, Mu Chen and his company did not even attempt to check them out.

As they were travelling at full speed, by the time they reached the mountain peak, only one hour had passed. When they landed on one of the peaks, they saw some other people scattered around on some of the other peaks as well. Apparently, those people were from the other forces. As it would be foolish to act without first checking the situation out, all of the forces were on guard, trying to steer clear of one another.

Mu Chen turned to look at the ruins of a hall that was before him. His eyes were met with some skeletons, all of which were looking up to the direction of the sky. They seemed to look shocked, as though they had seen some horrifying objects falling from the sky.

"These must be the skeletons of the people who were defending the outer ring of the Ancient Celestial Palace." Mu Chen lifted up his head to also look up at the sky.

If he had guessed correctly, the Extraterritorial Race must have landed on this spot during the Primordial Age on their way to invade the Ancient Celestial Palace and the Tianluo Continent. The Extraterritorial Race had destroyed the defense in the outer ring, and the guards had not even had the opportunity to run for their lives.

After looking at the scene for a while, Mu Chen squatted down. He then saw a light coming from one of the skeleton's palms. When he opened it up, he saw that the palm was holding a medal.

Mu Chen took the medal, then turned it over, seeing that the image of the Celestial Palace was carved on it, along with a green wolf.

Green Wolf Medal? Mu Chen wondered in his head.

As Mu Chen attempted to get a closer look at the medal, it suddenly disintegrated into powder! Mu Chen was shocked, so he quickly looked at the other skeletons to see if they also held a medal. He found that they did, but that their medals had a white wolf carved on them!

"The medals must have represented certain statuses," Nine Nether observed aloud.

Mu Chen nodded. The owner of the Green Wolf Medal must have been more powerful than those with the White Wolf Medals.

There were not many leads in this place, and after searching around for a while, they gave up trying to find any more. However, Mu Chen was not disappointed. He lifted up his head and looked in the distance, saying, "We must be going in the right direction! Let's keep going!"

Mu Chen immediately shot toward the next mountain range, feeling some spiritual energy fluctuations coming from the area as he went. The group increased its speed and whizzed past the mountains, keeping the rocky islands in sight. Apparently, they were getting nearer to the Ancient Celestial Palace.


Just as the group was about to step into their desired region, Mu Chen was suddenly taken aback and became very tense. He immediately shouted, "Stop!"

Nine Nether, Lin Jing, and the rest immediately stopped, but one of the top powers, who was a Grade Nine Sovereign, did not react in time and shot straight ahead...


Mu Chen stretched forth his hand and quickly grabbed his shoulder. The Grade Nine Sovereign froze and looked fearfully at the spot right in front of him. There, numerous Spiritual Energy light beams filled up the entire area.

The beams inflicted great fear in the top powers' hearts. In fact, they all felt as if they would die if they were to touch them!

Mu Chen slowly pulled the Grade Nine Sovereign back from the brink of the light, and after pondering for a while, he took out a long spear and threw it out. When the long spear came into contact with the Spiritual Energy light beams, it shook and turned into light spots, then disappeared into thin air!

When the top powers saw this, they gasped. After all, the long spear was a sturdy Middle Grade Divine Artifact, yet it had been destroyed so easily!

"This is horrifying…" Lin Jing exclaimed, looking more than a little fearful.

The Grade Nine Sovereign broke out in a cold sweat and looked back gratefully at Mu Chen. If Mu Chen had not caught him in time, he would have disappeared just like the long spear!

"This is a spiritual array…" Mu Chen said. He looked at the Spiritual Energy light beams and was stirred.

He noticed a familiar fluctuation coming from the Spiritual Energy light beams, which made his hair stand. Only an Ancestral Master could set up such an array, which even the Earthly Sovereigns could not counter.

"What shall we do?" Xuan Min Sovereign asked, looking pale. If Mu Chen had not discovered the spiritual array in time, they would have all suffered severe casualties.

"Let's look for the entrance," Mu Chen said calmly.

He presumed that this was the outer ring protection array of the Ancient Celestial Palace. As such, there must be a path for the disciples who were on guard to move around somewhere nearby.

The rest of the top powers nodded in agreement. A large area had been surrounded by the array, so they had to look for the entrance in order to get in. Since they had identified their target, they treaded carefully along the border of the spiritual array, beginning their search.

The area was soon bustling with people. As the people went nearer, some of them started to scream. Some of the more rash among the group had apparently gone straight into the spiritual array! They had turned into light spots and disappeared into thin air, causing fear among the people.

The area was in a chaos, but once the rest of them discovered the spiritual array, they quickly moved away from it, continuing their search for the entrance. After about an hour, Mu Chen and his company noticed something and quickly went over to a boulder. Many other top powers moved toward the same spot, as they must have noticed it as well.

In about 10 minutes, the area was packed with people. Mu Chen looked around, his turning grave. He noticed that the spiritual energy fluctuations from the top powers were comparable to Xia Hong, if not even stronger. This informed him that this place was packed with geniuses.

Mu Chen turned to look straight ahead of him and saw a large ancient stone door on a mountain. Mysterious runes were carved on the door, using some blurred ancient text.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes to look more closely at the ancient text on the stone door.

Dragon Entrance Gate?

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