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Chapter 1115 - Challenging the Limits

When Su Qingyin looked at Lin Jing, everyone had shifted their gazes. Right now, practically every reputed expert had made their move, with Mu Chen’s party being the exception…

When Mu Chen heard her words, he could naturally tell that her interest was directed at Lin Jing.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t too bothered. He looked at the dazzling Dragon Ascension Gate and took a deep breath before taking a step forth.

As Mu Chen stepped forth, countless gazes were directed over and even Su Qingyin had shifted her gaze with a casual look. Evidently, she did not have much expectations of Mu Chen.

“I’ll go and give it a try.” Mu Chen looked at Nine Nether and Lin Jing as he smiled.

Nine Nether nodded her head, while Lin Jing waved her fist and chuckled, “Go for it, you must definitely get a Golden Dragon Plaque!”

She did not conceal her laughter, which caused countless experts to have a mocking arc on the corner of their lips. Even Su Qingyin was merely an Azure Dragon Disciple and Mu Chen was only ranked 20th. It’s probably hard for him to obtain a Golden Eagle Plaque, not to mention a Golden Dragon Plaque.

Facing those ridiculing gazes, Mu Chen wasn’t bothered. He simply looked at the Dragon Ascension Gate. His figure flashed and turned into a streak of light that shot forth.


When Mu Chen’s silhouette appeared before the Dragon Ascension Gate, a light swept out and devoured him.

When Mu Chen entered the Dragon Ascension Gate, noises resounded in this region, but everyone did not pay much attention to the Dragon Ascension Gate. On the contrary, they were looking at the three golden pillars with revere in their eyes.

Evidently, they didn’t hold any expectations for a 20th ranker and a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign.

The only two that were paying attention to the Dragon Ascension Gate were Nine Nether and Lin Jing. With their understanding of Mu Chen, they knew that his trump cards far exceeded the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Behind them, the experts of the alliance did not pay much attention as well. After all, even someone like Su Qingyin only obtained the outcome of an Azure Dragon Disciple, so they weren’t too confident with Mu Chen.

Mu Chen had no idea about their thoughts and when he was swept up by the Dragon Ascension Gate, he could sense the spatial fluctuations around him. When the intense light dissipated, he had already appeared on a massive stage.

This boundless horizon was filled with an ancient atmosphere with marks left on the ground, as if this place had undergone countless battles.

“This is the testing ground of the Dragon Ascension Gate?” Mu Chen looked at the plaza before suddenly looking far away.

He saw ten-odd stone pillars, each with a stone statue that looked extremely vivid, as if they were actual living beings that were vaguely emitting stunning Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

Mu Chen looked at the stone statues and knew what the test of the Dragon Ascension Gate was about. Looking from the right, his gaze started to turn grave. He noticed that the ones on the left were making him feel increasingly threatened.

Especially the statue on the most left, it even made Mu Chen’s skin feel cold.

That statue looked young. It held onto a long spear and was vaguely emitting a fearful domineering air that caused space to fluctuate.


While Mu Chen was looking at the stone statue, an unusual fluctuation spread out before Mu Chen sensed the plaza trembling.

“Challenger, Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. Challenge limit, White Eagle Disciple.” An ancient voice resounded in the plaza without any intelligence, sounding empty.

“This Dragon Ascension Gate is a Saint Artifact that possesses intelligence. But from the looks of it, it must have been destroyed…” Mu Chen’s heart lightly trembled at the hollow voice.

“Challenge limit, White Eagle Disciple?” Mu Chen repeated before raising his head and saw a statue moving before coming into life. It then burst out and landed before Mu Chen.

That statue was donned in a heavy armour that looked like an iron tower and a terrifying power was being emitted that caused the ground to tremble.

“Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign…” Mu Chen swept a glance and sensed the strength of that statue. He suddenly understood what was going on. It turned out that the Dragon Ascension Gate would limit the challenger based on their cultivation strength.

With his strength as a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign, his opponent would be a White Eagle Disciple at the Quasi-Ninth grade Sovereign Realm. If that’s the case, then Su Qingyin should have the limit of challenging a Dragon Disciple.

“Could it be that I have to fight them one by one?” Mu Chen muttered.


The iron statue roared before it threw a fist forth, leaving ripples in space.

The fist contained terrifying power as it swiftly expanded before Mu Chen’s calm-looking eyes. When the fist reached before him, only then did he take a step forth and jab out in response.


A dazzling golden lustre burst out from his body, accompanied by a vague draconic roar.


Mu Chen’s fist clashed with the statue’s fist and the ground trembled. Mu Chen’s body did not move, but there was a terrifying power gushing from his fist.

Under the terrifying power, the statue was blown back before reducing into sparkles.

He had instantly taken out the statue with a jab.

Mu Chen’s countenance did not change at the result. If he was troubled by a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign, then there’s no need to continue the challenge.

When the statue was instantly killed, the entire region briefly turned silent before a trembling sound rang out.

Mu Chen shifted his gaze upwards and saw a statue on the sixth pillar coming to life after it opened its eyes.

It’s a grey-robed man with a white Jiao-Dragon embroidered in his robes and the Jiao-Dragon was brandishing its talons, which was emitting ferocity.

“A White Jiao-Dragon Disciple?”

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes at this scene with a little astonishment, since he never expected his challenge limit to be suddenly raised so much. It had immediately rose to the White Jiao-Dragon Disciple. It looked like the Dragon Ascension Gate had probed that his strength had exceeded the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm from how he took out the White Eagle Disciple in a jab.

According to Mu Chen’s estimation, the strength of this White Jiao-Dragon Disciple’s strength should be at the pinnacle level of a Ninth Grade Sovereign, similar to Liu Gui, Wang Tong and the Profound Black Sovereign.

The White Jiao-Dragon Disciple flew down and appeared before Mu Chen. It had quickly raised its hands and a lustre condensed on his hands, which made it look like white jade. It was emitting a danger while looking gorgeous at the same time.

The white jade hands had suddenly formed seals before a lustre bloomed, vaguely forming into a white jade lion.

“Jade Lion Spiritual Seal!” An indifferent voice resounded from the mouth of that White Jiao-Dragon Disciple before jabbing forth.


A white light dominated the region before it transformed into a thousand-foot tall Jade Lion that pounced towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen remained composed before he stomped his feet and a golden light burst out. The Great Solar Undying Body had condensed behind him.

Eight blazing golden suns rose from the Great Solar Undying Body before they exploded into golden currents that swiftly condensed and formed into a profound wheel.

“Heavenly Eighth Solar Wheel!” Mu Chen roared. He did not hold back facing the all-out attack from the White Jiao-Dragon Disciple. He had used the perfect offensive and defensive move combined.


The Jade Lion pounced forth and clashed with the wheel. However, there wasn’t any stunning explosion because as the wheel revolved, the Jade Lion had suddenly turned about, tearing space, and pounced towards the White Jiao-Dragon Disciple.


A storm of Spiritual Energy dominated forth and under the assault of the Jade Lion, the White Jiao-Dragon Disciple collapsed before it turned into sparkles of light.

White Jiao-Dragon Disciple, defeated!

Mu Chen stood on the Great Solar Undying Body before the golden light gradually retracted from his body. He did not look at the dissipating White Jiao-Dragon Disciple, but narrowed his eyes in expectation.

He wished to know what challenging limits the Dragon Ascension Gate would be giving him next.

The silence lasted for ten-odd breaths before Mu Chen finally felt the ground trembling. He then raised his head and saw the third pillar from the left awakening.

The statue had a white dragon residing on his sleeves, which emitted a powerful pressure akin to waves and dominated the entire plaza.

This is… a White Dragon Disciple…

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