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Chapter 1114 - Three Golden Dragon Disciples

Dazzling golden light emitted from the Golden Jiao-Dragon Plaque, which made Liu Gui and Wang Tongxian’s White Jiao-Dragon Plaque dull in comparison.

“Heavens, it’s actually the Golden Jiao-Dragon Plaque!”

“Qin Jingzhe is truly formidable, to be graded as a Golden Jiao-Dragon Disciple!”



There was an uproar and many people praised him with envy in their eyes. Before this, there were a countless wolf and eagle plaques, but the appearance of this Golden Jiao-Dragon Plaque naturally suppressed everyone.

However, Qin Jingzhe’s countenance wasn’t too good, in contrast to those startled gazes. He looked at this Golden Jiao-Dragon Plaque not with joy, but dissatisfaction.

He, Qin Jingzhe, was the most outstanding disciple of the Azure-Lotus Sword Sect in the past few hundred years with innumerable elites defeated by him. He possessed the potential of becoming the youngest Earth Sovereign in the history of the Azure-Lotus Sword Sect. But before the Dragon Ascension Gate, his strength and potential were merely graded as Golden Jiao-Dragon.

Although it was high and eminent for others, it still wasn’t enough for him.

But no matter how unresigned he was, there was nothing he could do about the result, so he could only shake his head with a dark gaze.

Liu Gui and Wang Tongxian were rather calm, since this result must have been in their expectations. In addition to the fact that had Qin Jingzhe only gotten the Golden Jiao-Dragon Plaque, it was also a comfort for them.

After all, they were ranked much lower than him.

The three of them stood in the sky, but they did not immediately enter the Ancient Haven Palace. Instead, they chose to stand around.

Evidently, they wished to see if there was anyone that could obtain an evaluation of a Dragon Plaque Disciple!

At the same time, they looked at Su Qingyin’s direction. If anyone there had the highest chance of obtaining a Dragon Plaque, it would probably be her.

As the three of them shifted their gazes towards Su Qingyin, everyone also did the same. They probably had the same thoughts as well.

Even Mu Chen, Nine Nether and the rest were looking at Su Qingyin.

“There’s a high possibility that this Su Qingyin can become a Dragon Plaque Disciple.” Nine Nether spoke in a low voice. Although she detested Su Qingyin, her strength was unquestionable.

Mu Chen had also nodded his head. The only question was which Dragon Plaque colour could she obtain. White, azure or gold?

Under all the gazes, Su Qingyin looked at the Dragon Ascension Gate with curiosity in her eyes.

Evidently, she also had the same thoughts herself.

Thus, she gently smiled and tapped her feet, then the four-winged bug flew out without any hesitation, turning into a black streak of light and appeared before the Dragon Ascension Gate before being swept in.

Su Qingyin’s disappearance had caused the heavens and earth to turn quiet. Everyone had widened their eyes at the Dragon Ascension Gate. They had a premonition that Su Qingyin would create a powerful record.

“I wonder what the Dragon Ascension Gate is testing…” Nine Nether looked at the Dragon Ascension Gate as she spoke.

Mu Chen shook his head. “This Dragon Ascension Gate is a Saint Artifact from the ancient times, so the test wouldn’t be simple.”

Nine Nether nodded in agreement, but this Saint Artifact had clearly suffered heavy damage when the Ancient Haven Palace was destroyed. Otherwise, it would have more than the performance of an evaluation.

“Let’s wait…” Mu Chen quietly looked at the ancient stone gate.

The silence lasted ten-odd minutes, which far exceeded anyone before her.

Suddenly, the gate trembled and everyone’s hearts jolted before they focused their attention towards it.

Buzz! Buzz! 

A lustre swept out from the Dragon Ascension Gate before the tightly shut gate slightly opened up and a boundless lustre swept out.

The density of that lustre was stronger than anyone else’s.


A dazzling pillar of light soared into the sky with a dragon coiling around the pillar as it roared, which resounded between the heavens and earth.

Everyone narrowed their eyes at this scene. Su Qingyin had truly become a Dragon Plaque Disciple!

The lustre swiftly condensed and a silhouette appeared. Su Qingyin stood in the sky and was looking before her. The lustre had condensed into an ancient token with a dragon coiling on it, a deep azure dragon.

The Azure Dragon Plaque?!

Everyone contracted their eyes and took a deep breath before many people praised her. They never expected that Su Qingyin could obtain the evaluation of a Dragon Plaque, and an Azure Dragon Plaque at that!

This achievement could be outstanding, even in the Ancient Haven Palace.

Su Qingyin’s fame was truly well-reputed to be ranked 2nd.

Qin Jingzhe, Liu Gui and the rest looked at the dazzling Azure Dragon Plaque and inwardly sighed. It looked like there’s a huge gap between them and Su Qingyin.

“The Azure Dragon Plaque?” Mu Chen also focused his attention on her, but he wasn’t too surprised. After all, he had already estimated this result beforehand.

“But even she was not able to obtain the Golden Dragon Plaque?” Mu Chen sighed, since he had no idea how difficult the test in the Dragon Ascension Gate was.

Feeling the countless revered gazes, Su Qingyin looked at the Azure Dragon Plaque before her and slightly knitted her brows. Just when she was about to speak, her countenance suddenly changed and she abruptly raised her head to look into the distant horizon.

Mu Chen and the rest had also sensed something and they looked towards that direction as well. A golden pillar of light soared into the sky with a golden dragon coiling around it.

“The Golden Dragon Plaque!” Exclamations resounded. Did someone obtain the Golden Dragon Disciple at another Dragon Ascension Gate?

“I must definitely be Zhu Yan!” Someone spoke without any hesitation. Amongst the elites of the Greatlaw Continent, Zhu Yan was probably the only one with that qualification, since he was the Overlord of the ranking board.

“What a formidable fellow.” Mu Chen’s face had turned grave as well. This was probably the first Golden Dragon Disciple after the destruction of the Ancient Haven Palace.

Just when Mu Chen’s voice finished, another golden pillar soared into the sky in another direction that could be vaguely seen in the distance.

Everyone was dumbfounded before another uproar broke out. Another Golden Dragon Disciple appeared?

If the previous one was Zhu Yan, then who was this? After all, even Su Qingyin had merely gotten the Azure Dragon Disciple.

Mu Chen looked at the second pillar and his instincts told him that it should have been Garuda.

Despite being ranked 3rd, Mu Chen refused to believe that someone possessing the Great Solar Undying Body would be inferior to Su Qingyin.

According to his estimation, the strength of this Garuda shouldn’t be weaker than Zhu Yan.


As this thought circulated in his mind, his eyes suddenly narrowed and everyone saw another golden pillar appear.

The third golden dragon pillar! The third Golden Dragon Disciple!

In just less than ten-odd breaths, there were three Golden Dragon Disciples!

This region went silent with disbelief all over their faces. Even Su Qingyin’s expression wasn’t too good. That meant that there were three others that surpassed her, so how would that look on her, the 2nd ranker?

Although she was at a disadvantage, since she had to depend on Spiritual Bugs, the outcome was still the outcome and she only obtained the Azure Dragon Disciple.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged a look. If the second pillar represented Garuda, then who was the third? Could it be Xia Yu?

Mu Chen and Xia Yu had a brief interaction and he knew that the latter wasn’t simple. But it’s probably still insufficient for him to obtain a Golden Dragon Disciple’s identity.

So who was this third Golden Dragon Disciple?

Su Qingyin retracted her gaze then hatefully looked at the Dragon Ascension Gate and cursed, “Damnable gate!”

Although she was unhappy, she wasn’t dejected, since she knew that if it wasn’t for her Spiritual Bugs suffering heavy injuries in the test, her achievement would be higher.

With two gates having Golden Dragon Disciples, only their gate was the exception, which definitely didn’t look good on them. If that’s the case, then wouldn’t the quality of their group be the lowest?

Probably not everyone here would agree to that.

Thinking about it, Su Qingyin shifted her gaze onto Mu Chen’s group before she lightly smiled. “Brother Mu, you guys have been standing watch for so long. It’s time for you guys to make a move…”

Although her words were directed at Mu Chen, her gaze was looking at Lin Jing. In her view, if anyone here had the chance of becoming a Golden Dragon Disciple, it would definitely be the mysterious Lin Jing.

As for Mu Chen, he wasn’t qualified to be in her eyes…

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