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Chapter 1116 - Heavenly Starcircuit Array

“White Dragon Disciple…” Mu Chen looked at the awakening statue and his gaze gradually turned solemn. Even his face had tensed up with powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations circulating around him. The space at his rear had also fluctuated before his Sovereign Sea vaguely appeared.

Although the White Dragon Plaque was only the lowest rank amongst the Dragon Disciples, the difficulty went without saying. Even someone as powerful as Qin Jingzhe only obtained the Golden Jiao-Dragon Disciple, so one could predict how difficult this challenge was.

In the Ancient Haven Palace, the status of a Golden Jiao-Dragon and White Dragon Disciple had a great gap and was also a threshold. As long as one managed to step through it, they would be able to obtain the status of a Dragon Plaque Disciple that far exceeded the Golden Jiao-Dragon Disciple. The resources that they could obtain was also the difference between the heavens and earth.

According to Mu Chen’s estimation, the strength of this White Dragon Disciple probably exceeded most Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereigns and it might even be able to confront Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns.

This was truly a powerful opponent. Mu Chen’s gaze turned grave as he narrowed his eyes and his hand quietly vibrated in his sleeve.


As thoughts circulated in Mu Chen’s heart, the White Dragon Disciple awakened with a powerful aura dominating forth with a long blade in its hand. A sharp air exploded and had actually left blade marks in the surrounding space.

The White Dragon Disciple fixed its hollow eyes at Mu Chen without any hesitation then soared into the sky like a great roc and the black long blade hacked down.


The black blade was akin to a current that roared through the horizon, splitting space in half and even left deep marks on the study plaza.

The black blade swiftly expanded in Mu Chen’s eyes as it approached. Mu Chen did not dare to delay and stomped his feet, summoning the Great Solar Undying Body with eight blazing suns rising up.

A golden lustre exploded and condensed into a wheel that protected him.


The blade struck against the wheel and wheel revolved with boundless lustre exploding forth. The blade was briefly stopped before it was turned around and shot back at the White Dragon Disciple.

However, the White Dragon Disciple had only casually slashed with his blade and cancelled the incoming attack. Grabbing onto the blade with both of its hands, it raised it above its head and made a heavy downward slash.

His movements looked slow but the space was akin to the ocean, being torn in half under the blade.


A black blade that was a few thousand feet in size pounced forth akin to a ferocious black dragon with unstoppable momentum, as if anything obstructing it would be torn apart.

When the black blade dominated forth, it clashed with the wheel. But this time, the wheel did not manage to send the attack back; on the contrary, the golden lustre was being swiftly extinguished before shattering into pieces.

Golden fragments swept back and Mu Chen looked at those fragments with his eyes narrowed. But this was the first time he had seen the Heavenly Eighth Solar Wheel fail. Furthermore, it had failed with the most barbaric method available.

The power behind that blade had far exceeded the limits of the Heavenly Eighth Solar Wheel, causing it to shatter.

Although the defences of the Heavenly Eighth Solar Wheel were perfect, it also had a limit to it…

The White Dragon Disciple stood in the sky with a hollow gaze, then it lowered its head towards Mu Chen’s Great Solar Undying Body before raising the blade in his hand once again as a black light condensed and it slashed down once again!

Rustle! Rustle! 

If the movements of the previous slash were slow, then this was akin to rumbling thunder.

The blade whistled with countless black blades raining down akin to a storm that enveloped a myriad feet around Mu Chen, sealing off his path of escape.

Mu Chen took a deep breath, then he tapped his foot on the ground and retreated. At the same time, he waved his hand and spiritual seals flew out, then fused with the sky.

Facing such a formidable opponent, even Mu Chen would feel that it was troublesome despite his cultivation at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. Thus, he had given up using his Spiritual Energy and resorted to a Spiritual Array.

Buzz! Buzz! 

The spiritual seals integrated into space and had interlinked, forming into massive Spiritual Arrays around Mu Chen, at least ten-odd defensive arrays that could even withstand an all-out attack of a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign.

Boom! Boom! 

When the blades swept over, they clashed with the arrays, which caused the arrays to collapse, and the blades pressed forth in search of their target.

Ten-odd breaths later, the final defensive array was broken, revealing Mu Chen’s silhouette.

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the silhouette in the sky, then sighed, “A White Dragon Disciple is truly well-reputed.”

Even Qin Jingzhe would spend some time to break his arrays, but before the White Dragon Disciple, it was so quickly destroyed.

“Even Low-Heaven Grade Spiritual Arrays can’t stop you…” Mu Chen squinted his eyes as he waved his hand. Instantly, a spiritual lustre swept out from his sleeves and formed into tens of thousands of spiritual seals that gushed forth.

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll have to ask you to help me test the might of a High-Heaven Rank Spiritual Array.”

Mu Chen smiled as the spiritual seals integrated into the atmosphere and a dazzling lustre exploded forth as they interlinked and swiftly formed into a myriad-foot wide Spiritual Array that appeared around Mu Chen and enveloped the White Dragon Disciple in it as well.

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the massive array that looked like a starry sky before looking at the White Dragon Disciple. Although the latter didn’t have any intelligence, he still slightly smiled and said, “This array is called the Heavenly Starcircuit Array, a High-Heaven Grade. I hope that you can give some advice about it.”

This Heavenly Starcircuit Array was the High-Heaven Grade Spiritual Array that could even slaughter a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign. Furthermore, even Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns would be wounded by it if they were careless.

Although the White Dragon Disciple did not have any intelligence, it seemed like it could sense how terrifying this Spiritual Array was. Immediately, it tensed up its body and slowly grasped the black long blade even tighter.


The black blade abruptly burst forth with a black lustre that gushed out, shattering space with its destructive powers.

The array suddenly circulated, covering the sky. The sky in the array had turned into a starry sky with countless stars hung high up, shining upon the array, making it look indestructible, as if a genuine star had descended.

The descending power could even destroy a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign.

The White Dragon Disciple raised its head and slowly lifted the black blade with the black lustre violently condensing by the edge that looked like a black hole.


The star had instantly appeared above the White Dragon Disciple.


The White Dragon Disciple suddenly slashed and the black hole abruptly expanded like a bottomless jaw.

The two silently clashed. The black light, along with the black hole, slashed the star apart.

But when the star was destroyed, the black lustre had also slightly dimmed a bit.

When the star was destroyed, Mu Chen remained composed and gently praised, “Truly well-deserving of a White Dragon Disciple.”

The power of that star could even slaughter an ordinary Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign, but it was slashed apart by the White Dragon Disciple.

Buzz! Buzz! 

Several stars started to move, before they suddenly descended towards the White Dragon Disciple, a total of four stars this time!

The heavenly Starcircuit Array could stimulate the descending stars and shoot them towards the trapped party, striking fear in anyone that was targeted.


The four stars descended and the White Dragon Disciple raised the blade with an indifferent expression. The black hole at the edge of the blade grew even more abstruse and fluctuated space before it slashed towards the descending stars.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! 

The blade whizzed, slashing the stars apart. Mu Chen watched this happen with a calm expression. He could sense that the black hole had started to dim when the White Dragon Disciple slashed apart the third star.

“It’s an unfair battle, sorry about that.” Mu Chen gently said and pointed with his finger. The fourth star had suddenly appeared behind the White Dragon Disciple and shot towards it.

The White Dragon Disciple slashed again; but this time, the black hole wavered before exploding under the fourth star.


The black hole crumbled, shattering the black blade and the White Dragon Disciple dissipated into sparkles of light.

Mu Chen looked at the fading White Dragon Disciple with a grave expression, since he knew that it was unfair for him to win with a Spiritual Array. After all, the White Dragon Disciple did not have any intelligence so he could easily trap it in the array. If it was someone else, then it wouldn’t be so easy.

“Just the White Dragon Disciple is so difficult…” Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. The White Dragon Disciple had already forced him to use the Heavenly Starcircuit Array and if it carried on, how difficult would it be?

Mu Chen slowly clenched his fist. It looked like… it’s time for him to make a breakthrough. Otherwise, his challenge would be stopped here.

With this thought in his mind, the plaza trembled once again and Mu Chen contracted his eyes. A domineering air burst forth from the first pillar and the statue gradually awakened.

That statue had the embodiment of a soaring golden dragon.

Mu Chen pursed his lips as his gaze turned extremely grave.

The Dragon Ascension Gate… had immediately given him the challenge of a Golden Dragon Disciple!

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