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Spiritual light glittered on the ancient parchment and turned into text before Mu Chen's eyes. "Number two on the List of Powerhouse, Su Qingyin, Peak Grade Nine. Pro-Disciple of Myriad Bugs Ancestor, Bug Master."

The message was simple. However, when Mu Chen saw it, he was shocked. How can a Bug Master be ranked number two on the List of Powerhouse?

The Great Thousand World was unusually profound. There were 3,000 paths toward the road of the masters, and no one could tell which was the most powerful. When practiced to the optimum, every path could bring one to the peak in the Great Thousand World.

Mu Chen, who was an Array Master and a war troop dispatcher, was similar to the Bug Master. Mu Chen recalled when he was in the Northern Spiritual Realm, he saw the remains of a Bug Master and had obtained a Bug Flute which had helped him a lot. He had never dreamed that he would meet another Bug Master after so many years.

A Bug Master was able to use special means to cultivate a powerful, ferocious Spiritual Bug. Some of these were comparable to Earthly Sovereigns. A Bug Master depended on the Spiritual Bugs to fight for him, and that was his primary means. As there were many species of Spiritual Bugs, it could catch one unaware.

This occupation was obscure, as there were only a handful of Bug Masters, and this was the first time that Mu Chen had truly come across one.

"I cannot believe that this person is the Pro-Disciple of Myriad Bugs Ancestor." Mu Chen looked at Myriad Bugs Ancestor's name and became more grave. He had stayed in the North Territory for some time and had heard of this name.

Myriad Bugs Ancestor was a formidable person in Tianluo the Great Six, and he was at the highest level among the Earthly Sovereigns. He had cultivated a powerful Divine Bug that could take on an Upper Earthly Sovereign. The leaders of the top forces in Tianluo the Great Six were wary of the Divine Bug, as fighting with it was equivalent to fighting with two powers. Its power was comparable to an Upper Earthly Sovereign's.

Given Myriad Bugs Ancestor's power, he could have set up a sect, but he chose to be on his own. He had only accepted a few disciples, one of which was Su Qingyin, who was considered to be the cream of the crop. Although Su Qingyin did not have a strong backing, it was more than enough to have Myriad Bugs Ancestor to back him up.

"Those on the list are no weaklings," Mu Chen exclaimed and had higher regard for Su Qingyin. It was not easy to get Myriad Bugs Ancestor to accept one as a disciple.

"Who is number one then?" Su Qingyin was so powerful, but he was only ranked number two. Mu Chen was curious to know who was ranked number one. He moved down lower where the spiritual light had gathered together to form text.

"Number one on the List of Powerhouse, Zhu Yan, Young Clan Leader of the Flame Spirit Clan. Complete Grade Nine, cultivated Fire God Celestial Body, which was one of the Supreme Celestial Bodies. Ranked number 34 on the List of Sovereign Celestial Bodies. Trained in Tianluo the Great Six, has never been defeated."

Mu Chen stared at the glittering text and after a long while, he took a deep breath and looked grim. Ranked number one was the Young Clan Leader of the Flame Spirit Clan. No wonder he was so powerful.

The Flame Spirit Clan was a powerful clan in the Great Thousand World, and it had a long history. There were many experts in the clan, and they had a strong foundation which surpassed any of the top forces in Tianluo the Great Six.

"Fire God Celestial Body." Mu Chen pursed his lips. So far, of all the Sovereign Celestial Bodies that he had come across, this was ranked highest on the list. If the Great Solar Undying Body had been ranked on the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies, it should be ranked around number 30, which was comparable to the Fire God Celestial Body.

"I am surprised that the Young Clan Leader of the Flame Spirit Clan has been trained in Tianluo the Great Six," Nine Nether exclaimed. Zhu Yan was indeed amazing.

"Are you referring to Zhu Yan of the Flame Spirit Clan?" Lin Jing asked, lifting up her head suddenly.

"Do you know him?" Mu Chen was shocked when he saw her reaction.

Lin Jing curled up her lips and said, "The Flame Spirit Clan and Ice Spirit Clan, where Aunt Bing comes from, cannot see eye to eye, and they have a lot of feuds. I know a little about them. To be exact, Zhu Yan is only one of the candidates for the Young Clan Leader and cannot be considered as the Young Clan Leader yet. He is now out of the clan to train himself up. I think he wants to speed up his training and break through to Earthly Sovereign so that he can return to his clan to compete for the position."

Mu Chen nodded. He had heard that Martial Ancestor from the Martial Border had two wives. One of them was Lin Jing's mother, whom Mu Chen had met before. She looked cold and beautiful. The other was Aunt Bing, Clan Leader of the Ice Spirit Clan.

"Although the Flame Spirit Clan has some means, they are not very powerful. Otherwise, they would not have lost their Clan Suppression Divine Fire to the Flame Emperor during the bet with him. Even if they had awakened their ancestors, they would not have been able to stop the Flame Emperor," Lin Jing said. It was apparent that she had a bad impression of the Flame Spirit Clan.

"Are you referring to the Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory?" Mu Chen suddenly recalled that Cai Xiao, whom he had met in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, was the daughter of the Flame Emperor.

"That's right." Lin Jing nodded. She then said with enthusiasm, "The Flame Emperor is amazing, and even my father says that he is profound."

"Have they exchanged blows before?" Mu Chen asked curiously. Martial Ancestor and the Flame Emperor were renowned figures in the Great Thousand World. It had been rumored that they came from the Lower Planes, and many Heavenly Sovereigns were put to shame by their achievements.

No one in the Great Thousand World knew which of them was more powerful.

Lin Jing shrugged and said, "They should have, but I do not know who won. The Martial Border guards the Southern Territory of the Great Thousand World, whereas the Endless Fire Territory guards the Northern Territory. These two territories are extremely important, thus father and the Flame Emperor would not have left them unguarded. They should not have much opportunity to spar with each other."

"Why?" Mu Chen was baffled.

Lin Jing looked at him and said, "This is because these two places connect to the Extraterritorial Race."

Mu Chen was shocked when he heard it and held the two of them in high esteem. Given their abilities, they could have found a huge prominent place at the center of the Great Thousand World, but they chose to establish their forces in faraway places. They did it deliberately, using themselves as barriers to prevent the Extraterritorial Race from invading the Great Thousand World.

"My father is from the Lower Plane. Back then, he was in the region that had been invaded by a Strange Demonic Race from the Extraterritorial Race. Aunt Bing has burned herself to help my father. After my father defeated the Strange Demonic Race, he came to the Great Thousand World. The Lower Plane became his base where he established the Martial Border. As he guards the Lower Plane, he prevents the Extraterritorial Race from invading the Great Thousand World, positioning himself as the barrier between the Great Thousand World and the Extraterritorial Race," Lin Jing said.

"Elder Martial Ancestor is amazing," Mu Chen exclaimed. Although he had heard about Martial Ancestor, it was not in such a great detail. He was amazed by what heard.

Many top powers in the Great Thousand World had gone through many battles with the Extraterritorial Race and made many sacrifices in order to protect the Great Thousand World. Martial Ancestor was able to defeat the Strange Demonic Race with the power of the Lower Plane. He also overcame the obstruction and came to the Great Thousand World. What he had done was amazing and filled one with fervor.

"Of course," Lin Jing said proudly. She idolized her father.

Mu Chen smiled and agreed that Lin Jing should be proud of her father. They could train and grow up peacefully in the Great Thousand World because of people like Martial Ancestor and the Flame Emperor, who had stayed put at the borders to keep the horrifying Extraterritorial Race at bay.

This alone made Mu Chen salute them.

From what Lin Jing had said, Mu Chen could indistinctly feel that there was a high level of protection at the top level of the Great Thousand World. This level of protection was from people like Martial Ancestor and the Flame Emperor, who were at the peak.

However, such information belonged to the high level. Ordinary top powers in the Great Thousand World would not have access to such information. That included Mu Chen, who did not possess such qualifications at the moment. However, he believed that one day, he would be able to reach that level, but he needed more time.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He then kept the parchment that was in his hand. He must get his hands on the means to evolve the Great Solar Undying Body if he wanted to embark on the journey to the peak.

As he rubbed his fingers against the rough parchment, he looked at the name of the most supreme person among the younger generation in Tianluo the Great Six and touched it gently.

A master had to surpass all the opponents that he met along the way. All these years, Mu Chen had overcome all the obstacles and had never failed. This time around, it would be the same.

Mu Chen looked down, and his eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

I shall show you, so-called supreme talents, that I, a nobody from the Northern Spiritual Realm, Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, and Daluo Territory, am capable of taking you on!

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