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Chapter 1110 - Dragon Ascension Gate

This region was filled with a desolate air, a dusky sky and unstable space with spatial cracks occasionally appearing in the sky.

They stood on a hill, viewing the entire area.

The earth stretched beyond the hill and mountains could be seen in the distance, along with some ancient palaces.

Looking far away, they could vaguely see floating and desolate rock islands in the sky; however, all of them looked unmaintained, as if this region had been in silence for tens of thousands of years.

Mu Chen gently sniffed and exchanged a look with Nine Nether and Lin Jing, before their gazes turned grave. That’s because they could sense some remnant aura between the heavens and earth.

Those auras were subtle and hard to detect, only those with keen senses could vaguely sense them. Although those auras were thin, they still made them feel an indescribable pressure.

One could only imagine how many powerful experts that could move mountains with a single thought resided here. It was so much so that even the remnant aura left behind after so many years made them feel a little pressured.

“Truly deserving of the Ancient Haven Palace.” Mu Chen sighed in his heart, before looking at the Profound Black Sovereign and lightly smiled. “I wonder if anyone has any suggestions? If there’s none, then why don’t we look around? According to my speculations, we should be in the outer layer of the Ancient Haven Palace.”

The Profound Black Sovereign knew little of the Ancient Haven Palace and even he had no idea where they were at the moment. So when he heard Mu Chen’s suggestion, he felt a little awkward, so he dryly coughed and nodded his head.

The rest naturally had no objection and all of them nodded their heads.

Upon seeing their agreement, Mu Chen did not speak further and roughly determined a direction, then moved out towards those palaces with everyone else following behind him.

Along the way, Mu Chen’s party looked around and their senses abruptly trembled. They could sense innumerable abyssal areas on the ground that looked a little savage.

Those abyssal areas were definitely not natural. They had to have been caused by battles and there must have been an earth-shaking battle that took place in the ancient times.

Occasionally, ruins of old cities could be seen. They were all wrecked so Mu Chen’s party did not descend to investigate those cities.

When Mu Chen’s party reached their destination, it was already half an hour later. When they landed on a peak, they also noticed silhouettes descending on the other peaks.

Evidently, those silhouettes were from the other forces.

However, no one dared to make a move before they thoroughly investigated the situation. Thus, everyone had maintained their guards as they investigated around, minding their own businesses.

Mu Chen retracted his gaze and looked at a ruined palace. He could see some skeletons lying outside the palace. They were all positioned looking into the sky. He could even see the horror on the faces of those skeletons, as if they were witnessing something terrifying descending from the sky when they died.

“This should be the external defence of the Ancient Haven Palace.”

Mu Chen stood on the ground and he had also raised his head with a solemn expression. If he had not guessed incorrectly, the Fiend Clans should have descended from here and launched their attacks towards the Ancient Haven Palace and the Greatlaw Continent…

The outer defences of the Ancient Haven Palace should have been destroyed in an instant to the point that those guards couldn’t even flee before they lost their lives.

Mu Chen briefly looked around before crouching down and saw the lustre that was reflected from the hand of the skeleton. Opening the hand, he revealed a bronze token.

Picking up the token, he could see an ancient engravement on it and an azure wolf.

“Azure Wolf Token?” Just when Mu Chen was about to examine it, the token crumbled into ashes and drifted away.

Mu Chen was stunned as he looked at another skeleton and could see that the skeleton was also holding onto a bronze token. However, the engravement on that token was a white wolf.

“It should be something that symbolizes ranks.” Nine Nether spoke from the side.

Mu Chen nodded his head. He could see that the owner of the Azure Wolf Token should be slightly stronger than those with the White Wolf Tokens.

Since clues were limited here, everyone briefly investigated before shaking their heads, expressing that they did not have any harvest as well.

But Mu Chen wasn’t disappointed by this. He raised his head and looked into the distance. “Looks like we’re going in the right direction.”

He cast his gaze towards the mountain range and he could vaguely see the silhouette of a massive ancient palace.

“Let’s go.” Mu Chen did not dilly around and had immediately moved out, heading towards the mountain range. He could sense some Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from that direction.

Increasing their speed, they shot through the mountain range and saw a floating rock island in the distant sky.

Clearly, they’re getting close to the real Ancient Haven Palace.


Just before they’re about to descend, Mu Chen suddenly contracted his eyes with a chill down his spine. He immediately stopped and roared, “Stop!”

Nine Nether and Lin Jing stopped, but an Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign expert couldn’t react in time and flew out.


Mu Chen’s hand flew like a bolt of lightning and grabbed onto the shoulder of that expert, forcefully stopping his body.

The Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign suddenly stopped and looked half an inch before him with fear. He could see Spiritual Energy lines that actually covered the sky.

The lines didn’t look remarkable but unknowingly, everyone felt a chill in their hearts, as if they would be annihilated the moment they touched it.

Mu Chen pulled the Ninth Grade Sovereign back before he briefly pondered and retrieved a spear and threw it out.


The moment the spear came in contact with those lines, it was immediately sliced into several parts and was destroyed.


Everyone took in a cold breath. That spear was clearly a Middle-Rank Divine Artifact, but it was so easily destroyed.

If they charged forth, then even a Ninth Grade Sovereign wouldn’t be able to escape from death.

“How terrifying…” Lin Jing exclaimed with fear.

The Ninth Grade Sovereign was covered in sweat as he looked at Mu Chen with gratitude in his eyes. If Mu Chen was slightly later, then he would have been like the spear, reduced to nothing.

“This is a Spiritual Array…” Mu Chen looked at the dense lines in the sky and spoke with shock because he could sense a familiar fluctuation that also made his scalp turn numb at the same time.

This Spiritual Array was at least Scholar Grade, even Earth Sovereigns would be troubled by it.

“What should we do now?” The Profound Black Sovereign asked with a pale expression. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen, they would probably be filled with casualties by now.

“Search for the entrance.” Mu Chen calmly said. According to his estimation, this should be a defensive Spiritual Array outside the Ancient Haven Palace. Since that’s the case, then there should be a passage meant for disciples to enter.

Everyone nodded their heads and they looked at the massive Spiritual Array that seemed boundless. If they couldn’t find the entrance, then their steps would be stopped here.

With an objective, everyone started to carefully search.

While they searched, this place started to become lively. There were screeching sounds of the wind resounding as many streaks of light started to approach.

However, when those streaks of light approached, they issued shrieks, since some careless person had immediately slammed onto the Spiritual Array and was dissipated into nothing, which caused countless screams.

This region started to turn into chaos, but they swiftly noticed something as]nd they immediately backed off, no longer daring to approach the Spiritual Array and were searching for the entrance.

With so many people searching at the same time, Mu Chen’s party sensed something roughly half an hour later and they swiftly rushed over, then landed on a stone with countless people gathering over when they heard the commotion.

In just ten-odd minutes, this area was already filled with a multitude of experts.

Mu Chen swept his gaze over and lightly contracted his eyes because he could sense several pretty powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations amongst those silhouettes that were stronger than Xia Hong.

Evidently, this could be considered a gathering of elites.

As thoughts flashed in his mind, Mu Chen looked up ahead and saw a massive gate. The gate was extremely ancient, with countless profound runes engraved on it and three ancient, blurry letters on top.

“That’s…” Mu Chen looked at the ancient letters and narrowed his eyes.

The Dragon Ascension Gate?

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